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  1. The wonderful Willie Weeks on this Live Marvin Gaye cover Donny Hathaway - What's Going On | Bass Transcription | Willie Weeks
  2. And a new one! Nicholas Payton - Three | Bass Transcription | Andrew Randazzo
  3. Tight playing, excellent sound and sits well in the mix... when pop music was still interesting... ABBA - One of us | Bass Transcription | Rutger Gunnarsson
  4. Simple, catchy pop tune Michi - Still feel u | Bass Transcription
  5. Rhythmically one of the most challenging transcriptions I have made so far Planet X - Midnight Bell | Bass Transcription | Jimmy Johnson Guitar outro: The guitar part has patterns of different lengths within the sextuplets. The rhythm of the bass and drum is based on these groupings. For ex. The first bar has Lydian patterns of 5 notes.
  6. Some recent music from the UK Easy life - Skeletons | Bass Transcription | Sam Hewitt
  7. This one is over half a century old. Bettye Swann - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye | Bass Transcription
  8. Excellent music and a minor scale exercise all in one. Kimberose - Pull me down | Bass Transcription
  9. The 4-song EP is now available as a PDF download https://basslessons.be/transcriptions.php
  10. There are now 21 George Porter Jr. transcriptions online of which 9 with The Meters. The Meters - A Message From The Meters | Bass Transcription | George Porter Jr.
  11. Not my favorite EW&F song, but Verdine's bass lines are always a joy to transcribe and play Earth, Wind & Fire - Devotion | Bass Transcription | Verdine White
  12. This starts with the A part from "Autumn Leaves" and a bass line that could be a year 1 improv exercise. A nice song nonetheless with some interesting chord changes. Mild High Club - Homage | Bass Transcription
  13. Those are groups of three 16ths. 4x3 = 12 = 3 beats
  14. 2nd transcription from the Texas Sun EP Khruangbin with Leon Bridges - C-side | Bass Transcription | Laura Lee
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