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  1. Bass Transcriptions

    The Happy "300th transcription" song Otis Redding - The Happy Song | Bass Transcription | Donald "Duck" Dunn Dutch band BLØF with ex-hooverphonic vocalist Geike Arnaerts BLØF - Zoutelande | Bass Transcription | Peter Slager

    I'm guessing by the tags in your post that this is the song you're talking about?
  3. Bass Transcriptions

    One of the best albums from the late 90s Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop | Bass Transcription
  4. Bass Transcriptions

    It's almost always an Eb. The key signature has 3 flats (Bb, 1 Eb & Ab). The song is played on a 5-string bass, the (low) Eb on the B-string (4th fret) There are 5-string tabs on the bottom of the page.
  5. Bass Transcriptions

    Ritter endorsee LaMarquis Jefferson on bass TLC - Waterfalls | Bass Transcription | LaMarquis Jefferson
  6. Bass Transcriptions

    And a new one... The war on drugs - Holding on (Live) | Bass Transcription | David Hartley
  7. Bass Transcriptions

    Mick Karn definitely had his own style Japan - Cantonese boy | Bass Transcription | Mick Karn
  8. Bass Transcriptions

    Beautiful ballad Luther Ingram - If loving you is wrong | Bass Transcription
  9. Bass Transcriptions

    Some soulful blues (11th James Alexander transcription) Albert King - I'll play the blues for you | Bass Transcription | James Alexander
  10. Bass Transcriptions

    And another from Donald Sam and Dave - I thank you | Bass Transcription | Donald "Duck" Dunn
  11. Any Ritters Out There?

  12. Bass Transcriptions

    Don't forget that retailers and multi-nationals have convinced your partner that you have to spend money tomorrow Dr. Hook - When you're in love with a beautiful woman | Bass Transcription | Jance Garfat
  13. Bass Transcriptions

    There are quite a few versions of this song. The one by the Temptations is probably the best known. My favorite is this one in 12/8 Al Green - I can't get next to you | Bass Transcription | Leroy Hodges
  14. Basic Drum MP3s for Practice

    It used to be completely free. Should've checked before posting
  15. Basic Drum MP3s for Practice

    You might find what you're looking for @ https://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack.php