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  1. Any Ritters Out There?

  2. Bass Transcriptions

    Smooth 80s soul. 2nd from the Rapture album Anita Baker - Caught up in the rapture | Bass Transcription | David B. Washington
  3. Ear Training and Intervals

    Maj 6th: The days of wine and roses melody: Min 9th: bass beginning Minor 2nd: strings in intro Flat 5: when the lead sings Maria (40sec into the song)
  4. Bass Transcriptions

    8th transcription from the Album "I wanna get funky" A funky classic that should be on every bluesband's setlist Albert King - Crosscut Saw | Bass Transcription | James Alexander
  5. Bass Transcriptions

    Some good old soul music Johnnie Taylor - Who's making love | Bass Transcription | Donald "Duck" Dunn
  6. Ritter R8 5-string (Price drop)

    A happy new year bump
  7. Bass Transcriptions

    7th transcription of this funky, groovy blues album Albert King - I wanna get funky | Bass Transcription | James Alexander
  8. Bass Transcriptions

    Just a quick one before the end of the year. Some nice transcriptions planned for 2018 Eurythmics - I need a man | Synth Transcription
  9. The Art of Walking Bass - 'Sequences'

    I know what a step traditionally refers to, and I understood what @Steve Woodcock was saying. I just replied with what I meant with "step" in this particular case. English isn't my first language and "step" was the best I could come up with. Any suggestions for replacing the word "step" here?
  10. The Art of Walking Bass - 'Sequences'

    @Steve Woodcock It's not an interval of a second, but from one triad note to another, e.g. C to E = 1 step, C to G = 2 steps
  11. That's not a 6/8, but a swing or shuffle feel. That's not the same thing. The pattern you hear in both songs is 1/8 rest followed by 7 8th notes, in swing feel
  12. The Art of Walking Bass - 'Sequences'

    It's not about intervals, but the notes from a triad. He makes a sequence with the notes from a particular triad, C in the examples. The brackets in the examples show the sequences. Let's number the notes in the triad C = 1 E = 2 G = 3 C = 4 Ex1 G C - E G - C E here it's a 2-note sequence. You take one note of the triad en play the next note of the triad after that. Then you start on a different note of the triad followed by the next note, etc 3 4 - 2 3 - 1 2 G, 1 step up => C E, 1 step up => G C, 1 step up => E Ex2 A 4-note pattern G E C G - E C G E 3 2 4 3 - 2 1 3 2 G, 1step down => E, 2 steps up => C, 1 step down => G E, 1step down => C, 2 steps up => G, 1 step down => E Ex3 Again a 4-note pattern E C G E - C G E C 2 4 3 2 - 1 3 2 1 E, 2 steps up => C, 1 step down => G, 1 step down => E C, 2 steps up => G, 1 step down => E, 1 step down => C Hope this helps
  13. Bass Transcriptions

    5 years since I posted Stevie Wonder - What Christmas Means To Me | Bass Transcription | James Jamerson Time flies... Here's another in the holiday spirit Diana Ross - Reach out and touch | Bass Transcription | James Jamerson
  14. Ritter R8 5-string (Price drop)

    a bump for the best sustain I have ever heard
  15. Bass Transcriptions

    Freddie Washington! Anita Baker - Sweet Love | Bass Transcription | Freddie Washington