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  1. More challenging transcriptions coming very soon, but for now 7/12 Dr. John - Mos' Scocious | Bass Transcription | George Porter Jr.
  2. Any good reggae tips? Been a while since I transcribed some reggae
  3. 7 of 12 is now online! BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Mind playing tricks | Bass Transcription | Chester Hansen Many older transcriptions have been updated with chords and/or Tabs
  4. more fretless bass from the 80s Elton John - Nikita | David Paton
  5. I gave the IMEI to the police. It was the 1st generation OnePlus One. You needed an invite to get it (was not so difficult). His had the exact same finish as mine.
  6. No, Android. Google couldn't find it. There was a functioo to wipe the phone on re-activation. I activated that. Strange coincidence, that neighbour had the same phone...
  7. Yesterday I told that same neighbour that my name was engraved on the bass, and now he's the one that found everything. I don't know... the police will want to talk to him
  8. A neighbour found most of my things (except my phone) dumped a few miles from here!!
  9. My home was broken in to and one of the things that's stolen is my Ritter R8 4-string. If you see anything anywhere,please contact me! Serial number#1219 with a laser engraved backplate that has my name on it.
  10. Pino, functional playing, but always that little bit extra. And that tone! Chris de Burgh - The Lady in Red | Pino Palladino
  11. N° 6 out of 12 is a simple 12/8 ballad Dr. John - Me minus you equals loneliness | Bass Transcription | George Porter Jr.
  12. More from Australia Little River Band - Happy anniversary | Bass Transcription | George McArdle
  13. I played many Toto songs over the years. Not this one, though. I expected more improvised parts, but still a good bass line Toto - Somewhere tonight | Bass Transcription | Mike Porcaro
  14. 5 of 12 is now online Dr. John - Quitters never win | Bass Transcription | George Porter Jr.
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