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  1. A simple ballad from the 70s The Manhattans - Kiss and say goodbye | Bass Transcription
  2. More Duck Johnnie Taylor - I'm trying | Bass Transcription | Donald "Duck" Dunn
  3. New transcription online! Genesis - Follow you, follow me (Live) | Bass Transcription | Mike Rutherford
  4. 8th Dunn transcription Johnnie Taylor - Can't Trust Your Neighbor | Bass Transcription | Donald "Duck" Dunn
  5. More Kravitz Lenny Kravitz - Fly away | Bass Transcription | Jack Daley
  6. 6th of the Super Fly soundtrack Curtis Mayfield - Eddie You Should Know Better | Bass Transcription | Joseph Lucky Scott
  7. More Ron Carter Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised | Bass Transcription | Ron Carter
  8. Not sure who plays bass on this. Could be Lenny himself Lenny Kravitz - Eleutheria | Bass Transcription | Tony Breit
  9. And a new one Gary Clark Jr. - Grinder | Bass Transcription | Johnny Bradley
  10. 2 key changes, some tempo changes and almost 40 years old Dexys Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen | Bass Transcription | Giorgio Kilkenny
  11. Transcription 475 and 5th of the Super Fly album Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love | Bass Transcription | Joseph Lucky Scott
  12. Apparently 'Acoustic' now means: 'Look, real musicians!' Nice song and fun bass line Sabrina Claudio - Problem with you | Bass Transcription
  13. If for example a tenor sax plays a C (position), you'll hear a Bb. So, if you write for tenor sax ( a Bb instrument), transpose the score up a major 2nd and all will sound fine. practical example. A song is in C - Piano reads in C - Bass reads in C (sounds octave lower than written) - Tenor sax reads in D (sounds major 2nd lower than written) Quiz: Alto sax is an Eb instruments, so the score needs to be transposed by what interval? Up or down?
  14. At the end of 2nd verse there's 2 measures of C#. You could use a 1st and 2nd ending there. The repeat and fade at the end is just C# All the rest seems good.
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