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  1. New soul. 6/8 with swing 16ths, straight 16ths and triplets I get a bit irritated when 36,524 producers get credit in the liner notes, but not one musician is mentioned... Leela James - My joy | Bass Transcription
  2. The bass is completely scratch and dent free. 🙄
  3. Somebody took the time to make Spotify playlist of all the transcriptions in the donator packs. 98% of these are also on my website Transcription pack 1 https://open.spotify.com/user/jaypratt1/playlist/7zv2DxEh4AtT3QRic98Bxy?si=ORBzRVdkS76947xeq1i8eA Transcription pack 2 https://open.spotify.com/user/jaypratt1/playlist/3LjX3TD3X22p7nxqXcj6P5?si=8gBsnsCfR0GxGdY6TEAP3Q
  4. Thank you for all the transcriptions!
  5. Did you know this model was named after Prince's bass player's wife Cora Coleman?
  6. New transcription online Free Nationals - Beauty & Essex | Bass Transcription | Jose Rios
  7. Funky Fusion time. Includes the bass solo Christian McBride - ...Or So You Thought | Bass Transcription | Christian McBride
  8. an oldie with Ronnie Baker on bass Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - I Miss You | Bass Transcription | Ronnie Baker
  9. Have a groovy 2020 everyone! Tom Misch - Disco yes | Bass Transcription | Tom Misch
  10. Ritter prices went up on 1 January, so this bass has become cheaper :)
  11. The complete Dr. John - Desitively Bonnaroo album can now be downloaded in PDF on my transcription page
  12. Is this still called laid back playing or annoying people with your timing?? Eliza - Wasn't looking | Bass Transcription
  13. OK, I get it. You need something more, a little push How about some extra side dots, completely free
  14. I have no more Funk beans left, so switching to... Instant Funk - I got my mind made up | Bass Transcription | Raymond Earl
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