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  1. I like the look of. 😀 The solution was a saw all the time.
  2. No, and it's not the end of the road for you either. Just another challenge you will meet, just like the endless challenges you have already surpassed in your life. Learning how to walk, how to read and write, all significant challenges you face, conquer and move on to the next. In the sphere of music alone you can learn perseverance and adaptability from the likes of Tony Iommi , sawing off the ends of his fingers in his teens, Django Reinhardt losing two fingers, Pete Townshend impaling a tremolo arm all the way through his hand and in later years just about being able to hold a pic. Rick Allen drumming with only one arm, Beethoven composing whilst being deaf, Jeff Healey playing guitar whilst being blind. That's just off the top of my head. I have no doubt if you keep fighting and adapting, you will find a way.
  3. A truly amazing collection. Although I have to say my first thought was for your back 😋
  4. I don't understand the negativity against what he is trying to do. He is doing something he believes in and is trying to grow his business like anyone else would. If you don't see any benefit from joining, then just ignore it. Swat it away with the all the other unsolicited offers that you receive everyday.
  5. I would be interested. I will send you a PM. Jason
  6. Hi. If you still have it for sale Iwould be interested. I have sent you a PM. Jason
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