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  1. What a great bass, interesting to see another Jazz necked P bass, these have been a subject of discussion on another thread for a bit. Very nice indeed 👍
  2. I bet there's not a lot of Actual rum in a bar of old Jamaicky though !... I used to like the old Xmas favourite liqueur chocs when I was a kid, the old folks weren't bothered if I scoffed a load of those, they did appear to be proper alcohol in them at the time.
  3. How much duty, taxes and fees do they skin you for, (over and above the purchase price) importing these from Oz then ?
  4. I looked on you tube in vain for the Old Jamaicky advert with the pirate, "Ole Jamaicky from Cadburys, Arrrr.." but couldn't find it, most disappointed ! Still, brilliant that you can get bars of it again... 👍
  5. Good to know ! I have no doubt they'll be streets ahead of the random ones I have "in stock"! 👍
  6. Just read thru your thread, v. interesting, liked the extra 45° screws idea too....pity the sound bite vid was so short, would have been good to hear some more of it being demo'ed... Great job sir !
  7. Certainly worth bearing in mind as I've got enough bits and bobs to bludgeon another one together too.. 👍
  8. I can strongly recommend buying several bars.
  9. I'll have a squint at your build with interest..👍
  10. I've got a few random cheapo unknowns in the junk box, but I've got the Maia Vale set coming courtesy of Waveydavey, it'd be rude not to bung them in !
  11. Having had another trial fit and a re measure, this time with a nice posh 2ft steel rule, I reckon if it trim the ar$e end of the body pocket to the line of the mint grn scratchplate where it naturally wants to sit, it'll be ok....I wasn't bearing in mind the fact that the saddles are unlikely to want much forward adjustment, generally they go sharp as you play up the neck so the whole shebang won't need to go back as far as I first thought. Apologies for a doubtless dull as fk 'build' it's probably just handy therapy for me 'thinking aloud' . .. this project, thus far, is fuelled by innumerable mugs of v. strong black coffee and (so far) 2 bars of Cabury's Old Jamaica chocolate... Remember those from the 70s ? I'm delighted to say they've brought them back again, and being a greedy bastard I've got a catering size box of 18 bars.
  12. Not hugely interesting, and really just bolting stuff together rather than a proper "build" , tho may include a bit of violence.. A jolly 'Fester Red' P bass body from the finest plywood our far eastern brothers could manage back in the 80s/90s ( by the looks) and a bunch of random stuff from the spares boxes, topped off by an extravagantly purchased NW gtrs Jazz maple neck ( I figured I can re-use the neck for something else if it turns out to be shite ) I had a P bass with a Jazz neck before and I liked it, plus NW didn't have any P necks left so applied the random factor and got a J. the pocket in the body was a bit small so out with the emery cloth on a wood block to ease the 'walls' a bit, it was really just the thickness of a coat of laquer that needed coming off, got a nice snug fit, tho the butt end of the neck has a bit more of a curve than the body, but wasn't too fussed as a scratchplate would cover it anyway.... All good thinks I, but just thought i'd show it the tape measure, the 12th fret to bridge saddles ( middle average position) is about 10mm further than nut to 12th fret ! That'd be a bit flat up the dusty end so good job I looked. if I desperately needed the thing for a gig tonight I'd just bolt it up and shunt the bridge forward a bit, but I suppose to make a half way decent job of it I'll have to get the dremel out and carve a chunk of body away to get the neck further back (FFS).. one of the scratchplates I have, a nice mint green job which may be a pukka Fender one, seems to want to sit further back too, so looks like I've a bit of butchery to do... any suggestions or comments are most welcome btw ( even "burn the b'astard" ) I'll add more as I "progress"
  13. Unfortunately does not seem to be easily available in the UK at the mo..
  14. Zero Glide, that was the one ! ....Many thanks 👍
  15. Wondering if anyone knows the name of the replacement nut kits that include a Zero fret. I lost the link I had and can't remember what they were called. They were a straight swap type thing for a normal nut on Fender style necks.
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