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  1. Humans have an arrogant way of assuming they are the most important significant thing to have existed, ever! ( even made in the image of 'gods' etc ) Some "notable person" in the late Victorian era declared that, everything of significance has now been invented ! ..any era probably believes it's the pinnacle of development. sure we could press a few buttons and destroy much of life on earth this afternoon if desired, but I guarantee within that 1000 years or however many thousands of years it takes, the planet would be going " yeah whatever" so to speak, and growing new stuff, with new life evolving from whatever remained.. it's a circle that's way bigger than we are. ps. I don't reckon anyone / anything will be listening to the Beatles in 1000 yrs time
  2. Seriously !!?.. I absolutely decline to get into a heated debate, but I think you'll find that's always occurred on this planet.
  3. Humans are survivors if nothing else, doom has been prophesied from time immemorial, and usually doesn't come to pass! I'm sure there will be people around in 100 and 1000 years time, what their civilization / society will be like is however anyone's guess !
  4. I'd definitely rather try the strings upside down lark than attempting to play left handed.. It'd certainly make you think up some different riffs or lines, so might be a fun composing thing....
  5. Of course, what was i thinking ! You'd have to be the one that says... "We just haven't got a clue w-what to do.." etc
  6. The only thing I ever bought back was an Austin Metro, that I had 3 times in the end, as it was passed around a group of mates.. It was a good little motor in fact, even survived being rammed by some idiot in a merc... I just bolted a new wing on, job done 👍
  7. Hmm 1000 yrs?....I don't hear much stuff from William the conqueror's time being played these days, tho to be fair the cassette decks they had then were Shite....
  8. My mum mainly had classical records, the only single i recall was "concrete and clay" by unit 4 plus 2... and there was some 'orrible lp by the Seekers...
  9. Of course if you also wore the wig for the occasion, alarm bells may have started ringing for your Mrs... !
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