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  1. I did watch that some while back, but I'll definately give it another look as it was very well done and worth seeing again๐Ÿ‘
  2. Here's another cracker from Joe Meek. Note the bass player using a single index finger throughout on his groovy Burns bass.. (Ok I know they're miming, but presumably thats how he played it ) Apparently he was the brother of the excellent Honey Lantree on drums too
  3. Telstar vid indeed featuring Heinz Burt with the rather "bright" hair ! Sadly died in 2000 apparently, only in his mid 50s.
  4. So do you sell sea shells by the sea shore then ?
  5. It's surprising how nice and deep a sound you can get with the thumb compared to a normal finger.. Indispensable for dub type sounds ๐Ÿ‘
  6. I seem to remember some punk stuff on the lightning label back then too.. I'll have to go back thru the thread and have a listen to what you've been posting as not been on basschav much !
  7. Unless you had blagged the hotel as a freebie, you coulda' saved a pile of dosh and crashed at our flat in Islington back then ๐Ÿ‘
  8. I have yes, I just traced a thin paper template of the headstock in real size, cut the shape out with scissors, drew round it on the actual headstock, and trimmed the wood to suit. This assumes you've got enough extra wood to do this, the one I did was a chinese cheapo neck that the headstock was oversize in the right places, so was easy enough to re shape to the fender design, just needed a bit off the bottom and accentuate the "curve" a bit.
  9. Picato, 98700 ground nylon banjo 19 19 set 87NY. is what's marked on the packet. ( I didn't use the 5th short drone string as I just play 'em as a 4 string like some of the old ragtime mob did ! ) You may have to hunt round as nylon banjo strings seem fairly rare in uk for some reason, tho picato strings are uk made allegedly. i thought they immediately sounded much nicer than steel strings, but it's obviously all down to personal preference and what you want to play on it.
  10. Top man ! Wish I'd have known about this at the time as I was often around Shoreditch in 2015 and would have happily come and hurled things at you !
  11. This isn't Klezmer, but if you're interested in historical Jewish music, check out this group. This track is a favourite of mine, having a bit of a Sephardic connection myself.
  12. That's a coincidence, as I've just changed some steel strings over to nylon ( effectively gut equivalent) on the banjo i was putting together, as I preferred the sound, the very old banjo I've got has always had non-steel strings so I was aware they're quite different, and gets away from the bluegrass type sound !
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