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  1. Pick 95% of the time, exclusively the old Jim Dunlop grey nylon .73 ( tho I did have some JD .88s that I modded a bit with sandpaper ! ) The exception to the above being low dub stuff ( for which the thumb works best for me)
  2. If the garage is dry I wouldn't see a problem, especially for the bass in a hardcase. I seem to recall it being recommended that you store cased guitars standing upright on end, like "soldiers" if that makes sense. Do you not envisage having a more "indoors" area to live / sleep in then ?
  3. Doing some stuff with Andy Gill ( gang of four) would've been good, because he was a properly innovative guitarist
  4. Ukulele, Banjo and suitcase obviously... 👍
  5. S'all right Doc, I've gots Oxy Acetylene and a 12" Stihl disc cutter.. Oh, and lots of hammers.. I sometimes ask girls if they'd like to come and see my collection of hammers... 😈
  6. I'm still awaiting the goat body parts for the big banjo, plus I've ordered some extra long skinny bolts to assist with tightening it down on the rim, the lil' hooks that come with the banjo wouldn't be long enough to make a start on pulling the goat skin into place, so I'll have to do a bit of bodging and cheating (as always) i'll do some pics etc of all that when i've got the bits and made some progress. ...hopefully your banjo is behaving itself Mr S.. ?
  7. Trust me, you can never have too many G clamps !
  8. Some pics of the little banjo I'm fixing up, as you see the body had come apart and required gluing plus every G clamp I could find. The back was missing entirely so i carved a disc out of an old drawer bottom and glued it on, having a back makes the body pot much more rigid the neck had dots missing and a bit of a crack in fingerboard, sorted with CA glue, I made a wedge by laminating layers of thin veneer with glue to heel of the neck ( to get a usable neck angle when strung eventually.) the drum head assembly was easy enough to work on as it comes out seperately, for goat skin mounting purposes !
  9. That's more than a little sh!tty to say the least, they should've honored the sale despite the fact they obviously thought "oops we've priced that too low" or whatever.. Sounds like they're a place you're best going to in person rather than taking a risky punt buying online. Obviously this is only viable if you live within reasonable distance.
  10. Excellent idea, I could then flog 'em down the lane on Sunday... ..."Lovely fresh souls.. Only 2 bob a 'pahnd..."
  11. You not bolted that lot together yet ? ...that jazz neck I thought looked absolutely spot on, and as mentioned I had it on a body strung up for a bit and it stayed straight & bang in tune just leaning in the corner, never even needed to touch the truss rod ! Clearly the one Nibody got was from a dodgy consignment in some way.. NE were out of stock of many bass necks when I got mine, which was from their existing stock.... perhaps they sourced the next batch from a different factory to get some necks in asap, who knows ?
  12. I'm more likely to lead them well astray from the path of righteousness
  13. When there's quite a few on the page it takes so long to load em on this crappy tablet thing arrghh...
  14. Blimey I've become a "Mentor" now.. I'll have to find a suitable pic for that. According to the Internets ( so it must be right) A mentor is a seasoned professional who informally helps guide a lesser experienced person in their endeavors
  15. I think I mentioned before, I'm fixing up a little mandolin banjo thing for someone else, I'll try and get some pics of that too ( again it's still 'in progress' ).. It had pretty much fallen to bits and the 'body' de-laminated, which I glued back together, and seems fairly solid now, that one had my "goat skin fettling" applied as well, the drum head is on a seperate metal unit that screws into the body. I made a wedge to set the neck at a reasonable angle too otherwise youd never get a bridge under the strings ! Will be interesting to hear what it sounds like with 8 strings (doubled strings like a 12 str. guitar type thing)
  16. Through ebay it's coming from the "not as described" angle then...ebay are very much biased towards the buyer these days, which is handy in this case !... keep us informed as to how it goes 👍
  17. You didn't fancy doing a bit of fettling of the wood with a dremel or something to make a bit of room under the plate ? Sometimes you only need to take a little bit off or enlarge the slot a bit.. Are the pots full size as opposed to mini pots btw?
  18. Not 9 grand or whatever it was the last time actually looked at the listing again and it's got 7000 reserve on it !
  19. A crappy pic of the major bits ( this tablet effort takes rubbish blurry pics) The metal pot thing was quite corroded and has polished up quite well considering, the little hooks and nuts were rusting and had a soak in vinegar and a scrub with a brass wire brush to get the worst off. The drum head was knackered so I've ordered a slice of goat, like wot I dun on the olde one. It's a bit tricky stretching a soaked skin and bullying it in place, but I've done a couple before so may be easier this time. The experts will prob say "you should have a remo drum type head on a banjo like this".. but someone's always bucking the system eh. I'll prob do steel strings on this as the old one has nylon, it'll sound totally different anyway. I'll also need to make a wedge shim type thing where the neck joins the body, the fit here is rubbish with a gap you can see thru, and you really need a nice fit with full contact where they join. These things look fairly thrown together originally tbh and it should be poss to do much better I'd hope !
  20. Thats a bummer to put it mildly, frankly I'd still be on to them demanding recompense, it's clearly not of " merchantable quality" or "fit for purpose" The fact you've prepared it for use I don't think waives them of responsibility.. I'd not just leave it at that personally, either way what's to lose ? I'd be phoning them and try to speak to the manager in the first instance.
  21. Where do i go when I transcend "experienced" I wonder
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