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  1. Was it not jack Bruce who said "the drummer's job is to make the bass sound good"?
  2. Can I be the first to ask if it goes up to 11?
  3. [quote name='allighatt0r' timestamp='1435934385' post='2813797'] Combine it with a pair of these (cheap Chinese earphones that get top audiophile reviews): http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00S5P7S16 [/quote] "Mrice E300 Minimalist industrial design in recent years has become the mainstream property, Mrice Capsule headphones is the essence of the design ideas - "simple, not monotonous," the interpretation of the unimaginable proportions, I believe the time Capsule headphones at first sight will be attracted by its unique qualities, smooth, smooth and graceful lines (A fine line) Simple oval cell shape, with a 9mm high performance CCAW voice coil drive unit. Closed-ear, let the music directly into the eardrum, sound full and natural. Very flexible with deep and powerful bass IF reached a good listening experience. Unique sound field design, musical instruments structured to win the sense of hearing" Excellent!
  4. I think he mean's "those they're hands"
  5. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1424186443' post='2693593'] The best live sound I've heard...Rockabilly band we did a tour with. Their sound checks were a complete eye-opener. Instead of starting with the drums, they started by getting the vocals as clear and loud as they could and then mixed in all the other instruments underneath. The instrumentation was fairly complex - drums bass, two guitars, sax and three-part vocals, but everything had its own space and the vocals were load and clear without feedback. [/quote] Played a gig with Steel Pulse many years ago and they did this. By the time they got down to bass it was perfectly balanced, then they added drums and it exploded into awesomeness. The sound at the gig was wonderful but the souncheck was perfect :-)
  6. I've been away for a while. It seems much the same except that threads seem to get locked more readily. Perhaps I've missed some unpleasantness thats necessitated this zero tolerance but I do feel nostalgia for a bit of banter and abuse. Most missed posters? TBBC and Dr Dave, pair of ***** as they are :-)
  7. Really sounds like Duck Dunn, but Wikipedia thinks not. Anyone know for sure?
  8. William Orbit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00nhmnf he deplores the loudness war, but the Madonna records he's been involved with have been some of the loudest CDs I've ever heard.
  9. [quote name='Mr Arkadin' timestamp='1392476823' post='2369207'] I have no idea how much my Rick weighs, I have no weighing devices in the house at the moment, but I am enjoying the fact that it's 2014 and not a single post has been in metric! [/quote] My Bitsa P weighs 370 [i]šiqlu.[/i]
  10. Excellent, thanks! I love that they're saddles to just add to an existing bbot. I can do my own pre. Did you buy direct from USA? Thanks again.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a bitsa P that I've fitted with a cheapo piezo bridge http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Four-String-Bass-Piezo-Bridge-B41-/141171427966?pt=UK_Guitar_Accessories&var=&hash=item20de790a7e and I really like it - much more 'organic', 'woody', 'mwah' [insert popular desirable attribute for a fretless] than the magnetic pickup, that I don't use at all. Only problem is that there's a bit of variation between strings. No way to get at the individual transducers to adjust levels, and I wouldn't really expect much for the price. Can anyone recommend a better quality bridge? I thank you!
  12. Frank Zappa: Jazz isn't dead; it just smells funny http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/3092-jazz-isn-t-dead-it-just-smells-funny
  13. [color=#000000]In the landscape of extinction, Precision is next to godliness.[/color] [color=#000000] [url="http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/s/samuel_beckett.html#G1IFrKEiEUshSWaA.99"]http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/s/samuel_beckett.html#G1IFrKEiEUshSWaA.99[/url][/color]
  14. [color="#000000"]can we delete this cos I spelled his name wrong?[/color]
  15. We played Iron Claw to Lee Perry. I was scared.
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