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  1. I have been looking very close in the Fender Mustang lately, everything looks great except the price. I can get 3 Squier Jaguar for the price of a Fender Mustang, has anyone had a chance to play both? In playability and tone, is the Fender worth the extra money? Hope someone can help me out. Thanks
  2. Hartke LH500

    [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1504181187' post='3363197'] Not knocking the LH500 but it's of its time. You could do better, i.e. smaller, lighter and er... 'soundier'. [/quote] Like in what amps? Thinking tone/value as in LH500
  3. Hartke LH500

    Years ago I used a LH500. As far as I remember, the tone was really warm and fat. Actually thinking of getting one as a backup for my EBS amp. Connected to 2 12" EBS cabs - how do you feel about the LH500? From the user manual: [i][font=MyriadPro][size=2]The LH Series rear panels have 1/4-inch EFFECTS SEND and RETURN for connecting external effects processors, plus 1/4-inch and Speakon connectors for connecting your bass cabinet or cabinets. [/size][/font][/i] The LH500 does not have Speakon connectors, or am I wrong?
  4. EBS Reidmar 500

    [quote name='Conan' timestamp='1494573387' post='3297012'] [i][color=#231F20]"With two amps together, connected through the Effects loop (Send from one to Return on the other), you can drive two 4 ohm cabinets, getting a separate volume control for each cabinet while using the EQ from the one you plug in to"[/color][/i] [color=#231F20] [/color][color=#231F20] [/color] [color=#231F20]What an odd suggestion! Why would anyone wish to do such a thing? [/color] [/quote] Stereo
  5. Don't avoid giving the little 250 watt Reidmar a chance, or the heavy but nicely warm sounding Hartke LH 500
  6. Any users out there, who want to talk about this thing? Every time I use this at home, I think it sounds pretty "thin" due to the light material it's buildt with. Been thinking about stuffing some "stuff"inside it, to get a fuller/beefy tone. Then every time I use it in a rehearsal or at a small gig, I'm amazed how good thing thing plays at 50% volume. Kick in the compressor, and it actually shakes my trousers. It plays so much better when volume is turned up, than at home where I don't play so loud. Anyone tried to place some kind of isolation/dampening material inside?
  7. EBS Reidmar 500

    It's a new smaller version of the old 250 watt Reidmar, and I have the power I need in that small package
  8. Light weight set to replace my EBS rig

    [quote name='hamfist' timestamp='1494142263' post='3293509'] Agree here too, that is assuming you already love your amp. [/quote] I do. I have tried A LOT of stuff. The stack I love most is my Reidmar going into 2 12" CL also from EBS
  9. Effects after Vintage Microtubes ?

    Actually I use my VM into a Bass Muff Nano. My board is Tuner-Vintage Microtubes-Bass Big Muff Nano - Zoom MS-60B I use the VM to color my tone, and adding just a bit overdrive. In guitar solos etc. I kick in the Muff, for a fat sounding drive in my bass. The Zoom is just my toy for playing around with.
  10. I am looking for a lighter set (300-500 watt)to replace my curtent set-up - a 500 watt EBS Classic + 4x10 EBS CL). I am thinking of an Hartke LH500 (NOT very light weight) and possibly a 2x12. What good sounding cab would go nicely with that Harke Amp? What else could you suggest, for a pop/rock band?
  11. I use a Darkglass Vintage Microtubes as an always on mild drive. Does any of you use anything in combinstion with it (reverb, chorus etc.)?
  12. New Zoom B3n multi effect

    I look forward to hear their Darkglass versions of B3k and B7k
  13. Harley Benton

    Anyone Got one of those cheap HB basses? Thinking of getting a really cheap (half price of the Squier) Harley Benton fretless jazz bass, and replicerer tuners and perhaps pickups. Any first hand experience with them?
  14. I use my iPad for chords and lyrics. I use the Onsong app, that use files in .txt format (Words can be used, too). I have started a group on Facebook where people can share and get files for that purpose, so if you are interested in sharing your files, or getting them, feel free to join. There are around 1000 songs with chords and lyrics at the moment. [url="https://www.facebook.com/groups/chordsandlyrics/"]www.facebook.com/groups/chordsandlyrics[/url] Hope to see you there Steen
  15. Fender MX vs Fender MX?

    [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1475335905' post='3145167'] The one with the blocks looks to me like the Fender Classic 70s Jazz. Take a close look at the pickups and on this one the bridge pickup should be a tad closer to the bridge than on the other one. When both pickups are selected this one should have more of a "bite" to the sound. [/quote] Thanks for the information