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  1. The bass tone

    Oh dear, what have I started? I just wanted to sound good in a band situation 😎
  2. The bass tone

    Sounds just like how I spend most of the time in with the band
  3. The bass tone

    Thank you for all your useful remarks. I play different places on 3 different amps/cabs. I play "party-rock" in one band (Creedence, Georgia Sattelites, Free, Steppenwolf etc) on a modded up Behringer 450 and a 4x12" EBS Proline. I also play bluesrock on a EBS Classic 450 head + Trace Elliot cabs. At home I use a EBS Reidmar and EBS Neoline cabs. I don't know much about Hz, but do you suggest cutting the bass and boost the low mids? Thanks for helping out 😉
  4. The bass tone

    Hi there. I wonder a bit about the tone. When I sit at home and practice, my EQ (Amp+bass) are set comletely flat. I like it like that. When I play with the band, it just doesn't feel like the same. The bass sounds "thinner" and drowns in the mix. How do you change YOUR sound from your bedroom to your practice room? Does your bass lay down the fat foundation in the band, or do you lock in with the bass drum and give it cool fiils? Sorry I couldn't explain it better 😉
  5. EBS Neoline 210

    I have the Reidmar set up with a Neoline 110" with a Neoline 112" on top. Weird, I know, but I like it that way. The sound is amazing. I also have EBS Classic 450 top connected with a 4x12" Proline, when I need to break down a wall or two. Huge massive sound
  6. 2 jacks or 1 speakon

    I got the head second hand for something like £60. I had 36 components upgraded for £75. Now it really sounds good - not the 450 watts anymore - somewhere between 350-380 I think. Sounds way better than I expected.
  7. EBS Pro Line 4x12"

    Tried a modded up Behringer head with the 4x12 cab tonight. Very different tone, pleased with the sound, so the EBS Classic head will have to be used somewhere else
  8. 2 jacks or 1 speakon

    The head is a modded up Behringer 450 watt, but that should not matter. BTW: That Behringer Sounds pretty good, after upgrading 36 internal bits and pieces
  9. 2 jacks or 1 speakon

    Got a new head to my two cabs. The head has 3 cabinet outputs - two jacks and one speakon. Will there be any difference in: A) head to cab one via speakon, and link cab one to cab two via the link/speakon on the cabs? B) head to cab one via Jack. Head to cab two via another Jack in the head? Will the power and ohm be the same?
  10. EBS Pro Line 4x12"

    Will try that out, I have a different rig I will try out in various setups
  11. EBS Pro Line 4x12"

    Hello fellow bassplayers. At the moment I am playing an EBS 450 Classic + EBS Pro Line 4x12". I think the cab has a rather dark or muffled sound. Does anyone else have experiences with that cab (or head)? I'm thinking of getting another cab - or maybe even another head. What would you say? I play rock, pop and 70's rock
  12. https://m.thomann.de/gb/fender_stealth_string_retainer_bass.htm
  13. New Zoom B3n vs Old Zoom B3

    I have the smaller MS60B on my pedalboard, and the B3 is my home toy. I like both a lot, but feel no need to upgrade to B3n
  14. Bass Soul Food

    I play with a pick as well as just the fingers. I have several basses with standard pickups (Fender, Sandberg, Yamaha, Ibanez - and a very VERY cheap Harley Benton), and my amps are both EBS (450 Classic with a 4x12 and Reidmar with a 2x12). After a A/B test of BSF/Mojomojo my personal taste is the Mojo. Just the warm sound I like, with a hair of overdrive
  15. Bass Soul Food

    Swapped the Bass Soul Food for a Pigtronix Philosopher Rock compressor, and bought the Mojomojo. I hated the Mojomojo at first, but after a day I discovered that "my tone" was dialed in like this. Now I like that thing a lot