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  1. The price are almost identical, so what say ye: Mooer Tender Octaver or the TC Electronics SUB ‘n’ Up? Main focus is the to - a nice warm bass tone is essential
  2. Thanks guys, will be looking into the Line6 and Boss gadgets
  3. Experiences with the budget options like Harley Benton Airborne, Joyo JW2, XVive U2, Line6 G10 and other plug/play stuff? I value convenience, price and performance.
  4. isteen

    Bass soul food

    Maybe I should just hang on to my BSF and forget about the Scrambler and Bass Juice
  5. isteen

    Bass soul food

    I guess people hang on to it, when they find out it's what they need 😉
  6. isteen

    Bass soul food

    Never really found out what the buffer/not is - and what the difference is. Can someone enlighten me, please?
  7. isteen

    Bass soul food

    I have both (Bass Soul Food + MojoMojo) on my board. I prefer the BSF because I think the Mojo is pretty dark and "Motown-sounding". The Mojo is nice in its own way, but if I should pick just one ....
  8. isteen

    Bass soul food

    Love my Bass Soul Food, but looking at the EHX Battalion as well at the moment. Any experience with that?
  9. isteen

    Bass soul food

    Got one, and I really like it. Looking for something just like that for another pedal board - doens't have to get wilder than this....and the blend function is essential. Any suggestions?
  10. JHS has discontinued their mod, so is it possible to make it at home? https://www.jhspedals.com/products/discontinued-rare/bass-soul-food/ Do you have a link to the schematics?
  11. Me neither, but it's a place to start, before I take a longer drive to a store that has both basses in store
  12. Been looking for a new P-bass, and are focusing on the Steve Harris bass...or maybe even Nate Mendel bass. From Youtube comparisons I like the SH tone better than the NM. Any comments, experiences etc? Thanks
  13. Thanks guys, I will go and try one in a shop - and might take it home, too 😁 Thanks for your time
  14. I think I am falling in love with this bass. Okay, this roadworn thing is getting out of hand, but the 61 jazz with 64 pick ups - I want one. Anyone tried to play it?
  15. Can't really figure out what that "Level" knob in the back of the amp is good for, never seen something like that
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