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  1. isteen

    Ashdown: ABM 500 vs MAG 600

    Really? You prefer the MAG? I can get the MAG 600 for a third of what the AMB 500 cost. I have horrible stories og the MAGs blowing fuses constantly, anything you have experienced? Thanks for your input
  2. Thinking of replacing my bass head with an Ashdown. I have two offers to choose from, the ABM and the MAG. Price is almost the same. I will be playing through a Trace Elliot 1x15 and a 2x10. Can you help me pick the best head of the two (or maybe point my interest towards a GK instead)? I play blues, rock and hard rock Thanks
  3. isteen

    Trace Elliot BLX combo

    I have a TE GP12 combo with 4x10" Very heavy, but I am wondering about if I should take out the head, and make 4 10" cabs instead. Then I can use whatever is needed in various occasions
  4. isteen

    Zoom B3 factory patches

    Thanks mate. I have No idea why I didn’t see that myself, but thank you
  5. isteen

    Zoom B3 factory patches

    Looks like Zoom company has pulled down the default patch list for the B3, because the B3 is replaced by the B3n. Does anyone have a PDF/image/link to the original patch list? Thanks a bunch in advance
  6. isteen

    Hughes & Kettner, please enlighten me

    There are a Bassbase 600 head available there too, I just have to try that out. Thanks for the info guys
  7. Anyone knows this cab? I have been offered to play with a band on that cab, but can’t find any information about it anywhere. I guess it might be a discontinued bass cabinet, but it could very well be good anyway. Can anyone enlighten me a bit? And their amps (Bassbase?), is that good? It's a German company as far as I know, and it looks like they don't make bass cabs anymore
  8. isteen

    Is this a good trade (Sire vs Peavey)?

    Because I bet that would cost almost the same as a new bass
  9. isteen

    Is this a good trade (Sire vs Peavey)?

    Thank you very much, you have all been very helpful 💪
  10. isteen

    Is this a good trade (Sire vs Peavey)?

    Thank you very much, you have all been very helpful 💪
  11. I have a Sire V7 fretless, and I have been offeret a Peavey BXP in a trade. Can’t find much information about the Peavey, are they in the same price range? I found a link where the Peavey were ridicously cheap - under half the price of the Sire, but cannot determine if this is a normal price. Can you help figure out if they are on the same price racket, or I am being screwed either the Peavey? Fretless isn’t my thing, but I might get a fretted neck instead for the Sire
  12. isteen

    EQ: Artec or Boss?

    Been looking at that Caline 10-band, but because of danish customs rules, it will cost me a fortune to order it outside the EU. The seller from UK doesn't ship to Denmark 🙄
  13. isteen

    EQ: Artec or Boss?

    Artec vs Boss Any experiences with the Boss or Artec EQ pedals? Noisy, good or bad? I can get 3 Artec for the price of 1 Boss
  14. isteen

    Calling EBS Classic amp users

    On a completely different note, I hear the new Harley Benton Bass Expander are a copy of the Microbass II for 30% of the price
  15. isteen

    Calling EBS Classic amp users

    No worries dood, your input is always appreciated