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  1. Can we get a pic of the back? I was wondering about hooking up a 15” to my TE Combo for more beef
  2. I was worried If it was loud enough - I know now it is plenty loud. Kept up with a drummer and two guitars playing hard rock. Sounded good as well.
  3. Been looking at that Elf, too! I have heard nothing but good things about it, but have doubts it will be loud enough
  4. Would be nice if I could add a 2x10" on top of it, for more power
  5. I cannot find any info on this combo, can you TE experts tell me about it - good or bad etc?
  6. Ah, tell me more about the Veyron - been looking on that. Good sound etc?
  7. Looking for a new bass head, around 350-500 watt and around £300 (Give or take). I take care of the bass in a rock band, so the Hartke LH500 could be a contender - some say it sounds fat and oldschool....some say it sounds dull. Any other suggestions around that price would be very much appreciated - what alternatives should I look at too?
  8. Not really familiar with that graphic EQ - or that level slider. Is there a link to that manual you refer to?
  9. I think this one has got a fan, not sure about the weight
  10. Can anyone spot what model, wattage etc. this is - good or bad? Thanks
  11. What do you use for the pickups then?
  12. Can I get THIS online in Europe? Those $12 brass gadgets will cost me around $60 to import to Denmark
  13. Thank you for clearing this up. Sire has cut a few corners, and here are two of them. Nice to know I’m not the only one seeing this as a problem
  14. I am curious if there are foam under the pickups, to push up the pickups when adjusting them. I have tried to raise the pickups in my Sire V7, and it doesn't feels like anything is pushing them up.
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