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  1. New Zoom B3n vs Old Zoom B3

    I have the smaller MS60B on my pedalboard, and the B3 is my home toy. I like both a lot, but feel no need to upgrade to B3n
  2. Bass Soul Food

    I play with a pick as well as just the fingers. I have several basses with standard pickups (Fender, Sandberg, Yamaha, Ibanez - and a very VERY cheap Harley Benton), and my amps are both EBS (450 Classic with a 4x12 and Reidmar with a 2x12). After a A/B test of BSF/Mojomojo my personal taste is the Mojo. Just the warm sound I like, with a hair of overdrive
  3. Bass Soul Food

    Swapped the Bass Soul Food for a Pigtronix Philosopher Rock compressor, and bought the Mojomojo. I hated the Mojomojo at first, but after a day I discovered that "my tone" was dialed in like this. Now I like that thing a lot
  4. Deleted

    Post deleted
  5. Bass Soul Food

    Thanks, that's about the same settings I have dialed in on my pedal. I must admit I like the tone better in a band situation, than when I play alone at home (and I just ordered that Mojomojo earlier today 🤔)
  6. Bass Soul Food

    Thanks mate. What I really cant her used to is the boosted miss, when Drive is just turned past 12 o' clock
  7. Bass soul food

    Haha. Discovered I had posted something the wrong place, so I posted it in "effects". Couldn't figure out how to delete this original post 😚
  8. Bass Soul Food

    I have received some food for the soul! First impression was a disappointment, quite big even - but when i sat down and turned the knobs back and forth, I was happy again. The first impression was that it sounded like a bee in an empty pot, but as I turn down Drive, Blend and Treble the harsh midrange disappears and a warm and subtle crunch appears. What settings do you use?
  9. Bass soul food

    Moved to "Effects"
  10. Zoom B3/MS60B compressors vs dedicated pedals

    Can’t remember, but dont they all have a blend knob?
  11. Zoom B3/MS60B compressors vs dedicated pedals

    After playing with it (B3, nothing else, I swear) I find I like the 160 with just a hair of gain from the Xotic BB. I can post the settings of anyone is interested
  12. Zoom B3/MS60B compressors vs dedicated pedals

    This thread is just what I have been looking for. I have both the Zoom B3 and the Zoom MS60-B. I was thinking of getting an actual compressor, but them remembered the options the Zooms gave me. As an always-on compressor, which of the Zoom-simulations would you pick? I am not slapping or popping, just looking for an even sound and tone - but fattening up the tone a little bit, wouldn't hurt anyone. Hope to find a useful simulation, so I could spend the money on strings instead of an actutal compressor pedal. Thank you
  13. Big Muff - learning to use it at last

    I also were a bit tired of my nano muff, and thought of replacing it with a Bass soul food. Can the Muff actually be used as a subtle “ crunch” like the soul food? Having my board in the rehearsal room, I can’t fiddle with it right now. Should I stop thinking of the Bass Soul Food, and learn to tweak my Muff instead?
  14. Zoom MS60B new v2.0 firmware update now available

    Any links as to how to update the firmware - sorry for not being so tech minded
  15. I have been looking very close in the Fender Mustang lately, everything looks great except the price. I can get 3 Squier Jaguar for the price of a Fender Mustang, has anyone had a chance to play both? In playability and tone, is the Fender worth the extra money? Hope someone can help me out. Thanks