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  1. I have an Eminence - that part should just be a standard 6.35mm (1/4") mono socket like this: https://cpc.farnell.com/neutrik/nj3fc6c/neutrik-1-4-jack-socket/dp/CN02846 This particular model (Neutrik) is much fatter than the original fitting so the black plastic clips that attach the barrel to the brass plate probably won't fit, but if you measure the diameter of the one you have, you should be able to find a direct replacement easily enough.
  2. That's pretty sickening. Surely it would have been better to recycle the parts, donate or give them away rather than just smash them up.
  3. Already? It's only been 13 years. i hope they haven't rushed it.
  4. Excellent. Like that a lot.
  5. At $60 a set, it's worth a punt. The premium set look interesting - Kevlar core G and D, steel core A and E.
  6. I've never used weed whackers, but I did try a set of the Superior Bassworks 'dirty guts' which are similar to weed whackers. Personally, I found them pretty good for slapping like a demented goblin but useless for any other style of playing, particularly anything that requires notes of a discernible pitch. if you're going to be an occasional slapper, then I'd suggest Presto Nylonwound Lights or Innovation silver/golden slaps as you can still get a useful note out of the A and E (though I sometimes struggle with the E on both these sets). An interesting option, which I never get around to exploring, is a downtuned (i.e orch. tuning) set of Thomastik Superflexible solo guage - by all accounts you get the low tension needed for slap but enough note definition from the A and E to play a bloody tune.
  7. I've never owned or even played one, but every time I've been faced with one when I'm doing sound engineering I've always been very impressed by the sound. If I was ever in the market for a P bass it would top of my list.
  8. Is that a strap button in the back of the neck? It reminds me of Sloth from The Goonies.
  9. It does vary from bass to bass though. I didn't like the Presto A & E at all on my ply bass but they work well enough on my carved bass. Having said that I reckon I'd struggle with the E if the carved bass was my gigging bass.
  10. Presto Nylon Lights have less tension than spiro weich (IME) so the Presto ultralight would definitely be lower. I'd suggest trying just the light/ultralight G or G and D with your existing Spiros as there is much better definition on the Spiro A and E strings compared to the Presto A and E.
  11. I wouldn't go so far as to call it snobbery, these guys have reputations to protect and if it's perceived (incorrectly or otherwise) that they're doing weird stuff to double basses, it could have a detrimental effect on their business. If you haven't tried the f-hole plugs, give it a go, it may dampen the resonance enough for your needs. Otherwise it's a DIY sound post job.
  12. Exactly. In my experience, most double bass luthiers are entirely focussed on setting up instruments for unamplified classical or jazz playing - unsurprising as these genres will represent 95% of their clientele, and as such, are completely unaware of some of the modifications that are common among rockabilly players. Someone emailing a traditional luthier asking for a second soundpost would probably be regarded as a bit of a nutter, asking for something that goes against what a double bass is supposed to do, i.e. resonate as much as possible to produce tone and volume. If you haven't already, a bit of explanation about why you want a second soundpost may help, even better, vist the shop and speak to them personally so that they can see that you're not taking the pee.
  13. It may be a bit of both.... I had trouble finding a luthier who was willing to glue one end of my soundpost in place (a couple of recent stage invasions had resulted in my bridge being knocked over and the soundpost falling down). The person who did finally consent only did so on the condition that I never tell anyone it was them.
  14. We use two TS112s and a TS315 as our monitors. The 112s are at the front and take vocals and guitar and bass if needed. The 315 is next to the drummer and takes bass, drums and a bit of guitar and vocals. We've only had the 315 for a few gigs but pretty happy with it so far.
  15. Mr Wolf's in Bristol might be big enough to accommodate you. Or try the Crofters Rights and The Exchange, though both are regular mus8c venues and may well be already booked for August bank holiday.
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