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  1. In my experience, this isn't limited to the BBC. ..
  2. TheRev

    Italia Bass

    The Rimimi bass I bought from Old Horse Murphy. I bought it for a project that never really got off the ground, but quite liked the bass do I held on to it.
  3. TheRev

    Italia Bass

    I have an Italia Rimini. Design wise there's a definite nod to the Rickenbacker 4005, no idea if it sounds like one though, I'm rubbish at comparing the tone of basses. Strung with flats, it does that plummy 60s sound (think Day Tripper), but with rounds and a pick it does a nice agressive punk noise. The weak point (for me) are the tone controls, they're kind of all or nothing with the sound only changing at full on or full off. I keep meaning to get some decent pots for it but never got around to working out what I need.
  4. He normally plays USA MM Sterlings, but looks like he wants a Fender Mark Hoppus.
  5. I think you should buy it. The gold hardware actually looks good on it.
  6. If the neck and fingerboard are undamaged, you might be able to flog it to someone for an EUB build? Even the fingerboard on its own is worth trying to sell, if it's ebony.
  7. Out of the new(er) breeds of strings, D'addario Evah Pirazzi weich and Pirastro Perpetuals seem to tick a lot of boxes. I switched to the Perpetuals from Spiro weich, they're a bit warmer and softer sounding than the Spiros and they don't have that nasal E thing that Spiros do. My arco is scratchy regardless of the strings involved so I can't help you there I'm afraid.
  8. Back in March, I was in a similar position to the OP, in that, in the absence of gigs, my band needed to start working remotely to do some videos for virtual festivals, stand alone music videos and demos for our next album. We have a bloke who does our video editing so myself and the singer just needed audio recording capability. Although I have an old version of Cakewalk, I'd never really learned to use it properly, but Audacity was simple enough for both of us to use with a minimal learning curve. We both bought the Behringer Uphoria UM2 interface and that combination has been enough to do recordings across 4 different locations, for a bunch of videos, virtual festivals and a 'lockdown' EP. The final track mixing and mastering was done by our drummer using Pro Tools, so I'm not suggesting that Audacity alone will produce a slick sounding album... but if the OP just needs something to allow him to record bass to audio files that other band members send by email or whatever, and do basic mixes, then Audacity will do that just fine with no need for an understanding of what aux sends or audio busses are. Our singer can record himself using Audacity, and the nearest he gets to technical expertise is plugging the mic XLRs into the PA. It's really that simple.
  9. Our original guitarist had a habit of threatning to quit when band votes didn't go his way. We usually had to spend a couple of days, talking him down and get him to agree to whatever it was that we had voted to do (which he would then deny agreeing to when the gig was due). The last straw was when he stropped off 10 days before we were due to leave for a small tour of the North west USA. This time, we didn't try to talk him round, just called up the guitarist of a Canadian band who'd played with us a few times and flew him to Oregon for the tour. The tour went great, we had a whale of a time, lined up a new guitarist for when we got home and I never had to speak to the whinging [email protected] old guitarist ever again.
  10. Two basses, three amps and one cab. No problem. Im pretty sure I have actually done a dep gig with all BC sourced gear, I've certainly turned up to rehearsals with the Italia/Markbass/BFM Omni-10 combination
  11. TheRev

    Bass ID

    Ohh, I like the one on the right, very Surfcaster--ish.
  12. Im sure it will be fine, just ensure that the tail wire holes in the tailpiece are nice and straight and theres enough space above the holes to fit the nuts.
  13. I have a set of old (and probably a bit knackered) spiro weich you can have - if nothing else, you'll find out if you like the feel/tension or not. PM me.... Personally I think it's always a good idea to try a set of Spiros at some point in your playing carreer, ther's a good reason why they're (probably) the most popular double bass string. Plus, if you don't like tham, you'll always be able to sell them on.
  14. Any decent quality braided stell cable will do. The only taile wire I would't buy again is the Wittner one with the threaded ends that insert into the holes in the tailpiece - the one I bought snapped at the threads after about 6 months, though It's entirely possible that was caused by the slightly wonky holes in my tailpeice rather than a problem with the cable. I had it replaced with a standard braided steel cable and a cable clamp and it's been fine ever since. https://gollihurmusic.com/tailgut-tailpiece-hanger-replacing-with-stranded-cable/ Metal tailpieces are fine until you start mounting things on them, like pickup jacks or preamps, when they are prone to all sorts of annoying buzzes and rattles. I have a Stentor with a metal tailpiece inthe rehearsal studio and I have to stuff all sorts of bits of foam between the pickup jack and the tailpiece to stop it rattling.
  15. Currently in the van on the way to our first gig in 6 months. Had a mega rehearsal last night so we're not too rusty and we have 2 brand new, never played live songs to debut, which is nice. The crowd will mostly be made up of the regulars of the festivals we put on and who we haven't seen since February. It'll be great, as long as everyone behaves....
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