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  1. I may subscribe just to have the pleasure of unsubscribing.
  2. Longview by Green Day? Down in the tube station at midnight by The Jam. (Are The Jam mod or punk?)
  3. Has anyone on here actually benefited from the exposure of 90,000 (or however many) plays in terms of more punters at gigs, better paid gigs or better festival slots? I could suck up the pittance per play if it actually translated into more gigs or better paid gigs.
  4. Lovely looking mic - I occasionally wander into the Talkbass Nadine thread and then have to remind myself that I don't to buy a mic that costs more than my bass.
  5. XTC - Making plans for Nigel. Apart from no-one born in the last 20 years being called Nigel, 'he has his future in British Steel'.
  6. Thwaites in Watford and The Double Bass room in Kent both have stocks of old eastern European basses around the £1000 mark. If you're buying new, then Stentor, Strunal and the Thomann '2' (actually rebadged Strunals) basses are all perfectly decent basses for the money. I use a Stentor Student 2 in our rehearsal studio and I've played one of the Strunal/Thomann basses - I'd happily have either if I didn't already have enough basses. I'd avoid the £500 laminate basses you see on Gear4music, etc. Our singer's missus has one and it's not great. It can be made playable, but the sound is pretty insipid.
  7. TheRev


    That was fun - kinda like a Bob Ross episode but with a headstock instead of a painitng.
  8. https://www.themusicinn.co.uk/bass-guitars/electric-bass/jedson-short-scale-bass-pre-owned https://reverb.com/uk/item/578786-jedson-telecaster-bass-1969-75-sunburst https://reverb.com/uk/item/1701501-jedson-short-scale-telecaster-bass-sixties-3-tone-sunburst https://thebassgallery.com/products/jedson-short-scale All £300 + Although, no idea how much much the Bass Gallery one went for, but the fact that it sold means that someone paid actual money for it, which is still ridiculous.
  9. My first bass was a short scale Jedson tele stye thing that I paid about £40 for in 1984. If I could have bought any other bass, I would have, but it was all that was available in my remote corner of Ireland. It was bad- so bad that when I eventually replaced it with a Marlin Swidewinder, it was a significant improvement. Those Jedson basses regularly go for £300 plus on ebay and gawd knows how much more on Reverb. Utterly bonkers. You could spend a third of that on a new Harley Benton and get a bass that was three times better.
  10. The 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, etc sizing of a double bass refers to the scale length, with a 3/4 bass being around the 41" (104cm). The full length of the bass, measured from the bottom of the body to the top of the scroll isn't the best indicator of scale legnth as body and scroll size will vary from maker to maker. Having said that, my 41", 3/4 size basses are about 180cm, top to tail, which would suggest (assuming the same measurement points) that the bass in question is smaller than a typical 3/4 size bass.
  11. Another cheap option would be to buy a second hand set of decent strings from the for sale forum.
  12. That's a neat solution. Does the gooseneck bend around enough to sit just above and between the bridge legs?
  13. The scale length for a 3/4 size double bass is around 41", but its not a universal standard and will vary from maker to maker. My Eminence is 41"
  14. I posted this in the 'items wanted' forum but it may get more views here: I'm looking for a hardwood bass tailpeice to modify into a floating tailpiece for my EUB - if you have one doing nothing, even if it's been damaged, let m eknow. Churrz!
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