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  1. Nope, that's a Tune Bass Maniac. The lower horn on a Bass Collection is stubbier and curves downwards and the Tune headstock was longer, narrower and pointier than the Bass Collections' The Bass Collection bass was a copy of the Bass Maniac,so the designs are very, very similar.
  2. Aesthetics aside, I'd love to have a go on a Wish Bass.
  3. There's no benefit in keeping a bass in an 'unplayable' state, either financially or historically. Having a new-to-you bass set up to your preference is absolutely the norm for double bass players. The only barriers would be if the bass is already in such a bad state that the cost of getting it to a playable state is greater than the cost of a new bass or if the person you pay to do the work has no idea of how to do the work properly. If it's a nice bass inn good condition and the only issue is a high action I wouldn't hesitate for a moment have the bridge re cut or replaced and the fingerboard shot. There are normal occurrences in the lifespan of a double bass and don't detract from their value all if done correctly.
  4. I find the Gage Realist to be far too bass heavy to use without some sort of high pass filter in the signal chain. If you don't have a high pass filter on your preamp (I use an FDeck HPF3) then you could try swapping the pickup element to the treble side of the bridge to reduce the bass bias. In my experience, the Realist is sonically more suited to arco than pizzicato.
  5. This was what greeted us after a 5 hour drive through 4 different countries across the flattest landscape I've ever seen. No hills for 5 hours, not a single one...
  6. 52 last year. 51 the year before that. Much like @Cat Burrito, we explored new opportunities, including a decommissioned nuclear power station in Germany and Stoke.
  7. On Weymouth quay at midnight. Buzzing crowd and very few fights (for Weymouth).
  8. Im doing a big outdoor gig on the quay in Weymouth. Im not sure we thought this one through...
  9. Beese's riverside bar in Bristol. Lovely old place with a great beer garden right on the river. It does actually have a car park but its about 40ft above the pub, which you reach by 60-odd uneven steps. If you dont fancy the steps, then you can take a water taxi but only if your set finishes before 10 so you can get the ferry back across the river to the ferry car park before it closes.
  10. I have four between today and Sunday....
  11. We'll be doing one of our two Christmas parodies -- either 'Cider night' or 'all I want for Christmas is booze'.. Probably 'Cider night' as it's basically a 12-bar and we won't have time to rehearse it before Thursday's gig.
  12. A Girl Like You - Edwyn Collins She Sells Sanctuary- The Cult
  13. We like this one a lot. The quality isn't great, but it definitely captures the moment. Taken at Dingwalls in Camden last December.
  14. Mine sounds better with the E siide plugged and the G unplugged.
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