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  1. Me! Me! I'm in Bristol mind, so not uber close to Chard. I have a gig in Cerne Abbas on Saturday, which is a bit closer. I'd be interested to hear how it compares to my Mike Arnapol cabs.
  2. Except that Wormley and The Dread Pirate Druzil (his real name is actually Drew Sexsmith) have left and been replaced by Aled Jenkins (ex Smokey Bastard) on mandolin with Leroy (aka Seamus O'Flanaghan in previous incarnations of the band) covering fiddle and acccordian duties. Fang (AKA Uncle Touchy) occasionally plays with my band as Vinnie Blue (on accordian or mandolin or whatever he's into on that particular day) and stepped in on guitar for a small USA tour when our guitarist flounced off in a huff 10 days berore the tour started.
  3. TheRev

    Gear fads

    Auralex Gramma pads. I bought one, used it a buch of times. left it backstage at a festival somewhere, never bothered to replace it.
  4. @BigRedX 🤣 Good point...luckily anyone we've used has been happy to dress up and neck cider.
  5. Yep, this. If you have paid gigs and a professional approach then you can find professional musicians to get the job done. When our guitarist threw his toys out of the pram 10 days before a small tour in the USA, we called up a guitarist that we knew in New York, sent him the songs and flew him to Portland, Oregon to start the tour. This wasn't even a big money tour - it was classic punk style, relying on mates & other bands to supply gear and drive between dates, sleeping on floors and in s**tty motels. It can be done. Stop worrying about a stable lineup and look for people who actually want to play gigs (money helps...). In the circles my band moves in, there are bands who have had 6 different drummers in 10 years, or will have 3 bass players who know the songs and they use whoever is alailable.
  6. I usually refer to them as 'FOH sound' as in "Is James doing FOH sound on our stage again this year? I've also used 'sound bloke/dude' (when it's a bloke/dude) and 'that grumpy c**t' (when it's a grumpy c**t).
  7. I quite like having a stage name - it's like an alter-ego that gives you that allows you the freedom to be a different persona on stage, cmpared to your day job. In a previous band I was The Rev (hence the user name), in the current band it's Magners O'Magnersson: http://skimmityhitchers.co.uk/who-we-arr/
  8. Rothko had two, possibly three.
  9. After 30+ years of playing in bands, I am still surprised at the number of people in bands who don't actually want to be in a band. The trick is spotting these joy sponges before they rip all your enthusiasm out.
  10. We've done a handful of gigs in the past year, each time we've been asked by the promoter to bring our own mics. Before plague, when I've worked as a stage manager at festivals, there would be people wanting to use their own mics for hygiene reasons. The FOH and monitor engineers didn't have a problem with that, as long as the mic wasn't cheap rubbish, which yours isn't. Asking to use your own mic in the current situation isn't an unreasonable request - the promoter might even insist on it.
  11. Ohhh, that is nice.
  12. I hadn't even heard of Oceansize until 7 years after they split up. Still don't know why they passed me by, they were exactly the sort of music I was listening to in the late 2000s.
  13. I have a set of Velvet Garbo and a set of Velvet Blues. The Garbos are pretty old and have been on and off various basses many times. The Blues are on better condition. The green silks are the Garbos, the blue silks are the Blues.
  14. I may subscribe just to have the pleasure of unsubscribing.
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