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  1. We use Ampband. https://ampband.co.uk/
  2. I do often wonder if some FOH engineers mix by numbers...i.e 'the bass drum has a gate and isn't clipping or feeding back so it must be OK', rather then using their actual ears to work out whether it sounds OK in the mix or not.
  3. I have 4 SGC knobs in a drawer from when I replaced the stock pickups & electronics with EMGs. Can post them to you if you want them? Dave
  4. Try telling that to the Amazonians.
  5. My 301 had the bridge with the square saddles - I think it was Gotoh, not Hipshot.
  6. Ha! Same here. Always fancied a Jazz but couldn't get on with what felt like a stretched out body. I ended up with an EBMM Sterling....
  7. I'm 5' 4" and although I've tended to choose smaller bodied basses because I find them more comfortable to play, I never gave my height: bass size ratio a moment's thought. My main instrument is double bass, which is 6" taller than I am - never gave that a moment's thought either. As @obbm pointed out, Suzi Quattro spent most of her career dwarfed by a Precision but was still the coolest bassist on the planet at the time.
  8. The original PJB Briefcase models could run off a laptop battery, though they didn't come equipped with the battery. Later models switched to an internal transformer and a standard IEEC cable, so unless you can find a used original model (the Briefcase is no longer produced), the only battery powered thing out there, specifically for bass is the Roland micro cube. There are tiny battery powered offerings from Blackstar - but IME they're glorified headphone amps and not powerful enough for busking. I have the Roland and It's OK, not amazing, but will do the job as long as you're not expecting too much tone-wise and your drummer isn't a nutter.
  9. Luckily, most of them are on Talkbass where they're easily avoided.
  10. They're still part of the MM catalogue. You'll probably have to order one from a dealer if you don't want to wait for a used one to turn up. Edit. There's a used natural 4 string for sale at The Gallery in London.
  11. I suppose a lot of electronic dance music could be considered instrumental music despite the use of virtual instruments? That stuff definitely gets played on the radio.
  12. I lent one of my basses to the bassist from a band that were flying over from Belfast to play our festival in Somerset. I'd met the band at a previous festival, so they weren't complete strangers but I wouldn't say that I knew them well. Anyway, they were traveling light, literally flying from Belfast to Bristol, drive to the festival, play their set and fly out first thing the next morning, and asked if they could borrow guitars and a bass for their gig. I offered up my Musicman or my Italia - bassist chose the Italia, which was fine, I would have been happy for him to use the Musicman. I wasn't there for the gig - I was managing the other stage, but I was close enough for him to personally hand my bass back to me, along with a pint, after his gig. I doubt I would have offered my basses if I hadn't met the band previously or if they were playing a festival that I wasn't working/playing. I have lent amps and cabs out to touring bands who are on our 'scene' that I've never met and not attending their gigs and it's always been fine.
  13. Oh yes. Mostly does living room duties these days.
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