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  1. Looking for a lh violín hofner with tinny neck. Must be affordable so made in Germany ones are out for the time being Opinions?
  2. If I can go 95-75-55 that would be great. I would not like to go above 100-80-60
  3. The bass is 34" scale and I tend to prefer light gauge strings so, ¿which is the lightest you would go for this configuration?
  4. I have got a bass finished in satin purple. Also the back of the neck. Although satin finished, the neck still feels a little sticky. I want to give it a little sanding to make it smoother but retaining the colour if possible and I was wondering if that little sanding would take the color off or I will be fine? Thanks
  5. Yes, thanks!. That is pretty much standard except for the Ric which is only 1cm wider at 12th. but that is because is very wide at the nut. 44mm for a 4 string...ouch!
  6. Sometines I wonder why the neck gets wider as it gets to the body and if it wouldn't be better if it had the same width all over. Seems to me that the Hofners could be close to that. Any info would be appreciated
  7. BELA

    ACG beauty

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of a flat fingerboard?
  8. horses for courses. If I buy the P5 it will be for the roasted maple, satin finish neck, lol
  9. It may be the first time that I (lefty bass player) have and advantage over right handed players, as there are a couple of lefty P5s available in my hometown
  10. The web has a lot of videos of people loving this bass and/or complaining about the lack of availability but I cannot seem to find a lot of info in Basschat. Any of you own or have tried this bass? Thoughts? Is there a specific forum in here that I have not found?
  11. Gracias Andruca! Yo también soy de Madrid! Me llamo Victor.
  12. Sorry if this is not the right forum but I did not know where to post. I have a 5 string bass that has no pickups because I removed them and put it in another instrument. And then I have a set of J pickups designed for a 4 string bass. I do not want to spend the money on a new set for the 5 string, for the time being, so I was wondering if I can put the 4 string pickups in the 5 string bass should they be wide enough. Can it be done? What would I miss/lose in comparison to the "real thing"? Thanks
  13. That can be an issue if the bass comes fitted with 45-105 for example and you go to 30-90. If the change is not so drastic, I do not think it can cause a problem. Anyways, if you decide to go the light route on a permanent basis, consider changing the nut if needed. I also think it will depend on the bass, as a lot of them come from the factory with the nut cut too high.
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