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  1. I am afraid I can not test it. It is in another country
  2. I have been considering a "retro" bass like these ones for a while and I think the time has come. I am lefthanded and want an affordable short or medium scale so not too many options. Which of these ones would you choose and why? Right now I could get the Ibanez second hand but the Hagstrom has to be new, so the price would be double, although that has not to be decisive. Thanks for your help
  3. In addition to the headless, the bass is 32" so I have to use single ball strings. I will try the g clamp, thanks
  4. Knobs are metal. Regarding the bridge...I don't know. Not too many headless 5 string bridges available I presume.
  5. I have got a headless 5 string bass that counter neck dives or bridge dives (if those expressions do exist). When the bass is on a strap is very noticeable but when you play it while seated is much worse. I spend more time trying to return the neck to horizontal than actually playing the thing. I hate it. I do not want the neck to be horizontal to the ground, but more than 45 degrees to the sky... I think is too much. Any way to weight the nut or do something about this? I like the bass a lot but seldom play it because of this issue. Help!!!
  6. I think it is the other way around. The earlier ones were the ones with vynil, as far as I know
  7. And I have just noticed that the 15" speakers that have the letters, have a much smaller central dome than the ones that don't have the printed letters. Curious.
  8. Hello, I have recently bought a Trace Elliot 1153 cabinet from the SMX era. Vynil covered and two ports. I have seen a lot of pictures of cabs from that era that have "trace elliot" printed on the speakers. Mine does not. The cab is in very good shape and works fine, but I am wondering if the speaker could be the original or if it has been replaced. The guy I bought this from says he did not replace the speaker, but he was not the first owner anyways. Could you help me?
  9. I could always buy some other brand PJ pickups, but the thing is that there are not too many options for a 5 string and the think that I like about this EMG is that they do not need to be soldered. Plug and play.
  10. @whavenot the Geezers but the active version. That is another thing I need to sort out. Where to put the battery.
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