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  1. Ah, tell me more about the Veyron - been looking on that. Good sound etc?
  2. Looking for a new bass head, around 350-500 watt and around £300 (Give or take). I take care of the bass in a rock band, so the Hartke LH500 could be a contender - some say it sounds fat and oldschool....some say it sounds dull. Any other suggestions around that price would be very much appreciated - what alternatives should I look at too?
  3. Not really familiar with that graphic EQ - or that level slider. Is there a link to that manual you refer to?
  4. I think this one has got a fan, not sure about the weight
  5. Can anyone spot what model, wattage etc. this is - good or bad? Thanks
  6. What do you use for the pickups then?
  7. Can I get THIS online in Europe? Those $12 brass gadgets will cost me around $60 to import to Denmark
  8. Thank you for clearing this up. Sire has cut a few corners, and here are two of them. Nice to know I’m not the only one seeing this as a problem
  9. I am curious if there are foam under the pickups, to push up the pickups when adjusting them. I have tried to raise the pickups in my Sire V7, and it doesn't feels like anything is pushing them up.
  10. I actually wrote Sandberg to hear if nail polish would damage the pickup/poles. It should not damage anything, and they were interested in how it worked out for me. I was hoping nail polish would stop the click sound when strings hit the poles. Any experiences with that?
  11. I would really like to cover up the poles on my pickups, but I don’t feel comfortable to goof around with raisong the covers. I was thinking about nail polish, maybe that will do the trick? The problem is the “click” sound when the strings hit the poles. Anyone tried the nail polish thing? Will it damage the pickup poles? Better solutions? Thank you from Denmark
  12. Anything different than the normal 3mm from pole to string, on the BB1024?
  13. I am messing around with the Zoom B3n, and sometimes when I go from one patch to another the volume get crazy high, and if I do it when I’m with the band, everybody runs for cover. Should I adjust every single effect/patch to an even volume, or is there a simple way to do it? Thanks a lot guys Steen
  14. Right. I use only a very small amount of distortion when I play, I think it ruins the way my bass supports the music
  15. Playing with my amp, I thought one way to get that sound, was to cut the mids all the way (directly the other way of Lemmy's sound).
  16. I grew up on bands like Overkill, Exodus, Anthrax etc. and always liked the way the bass sounded on many thrash bands - a "ringing" clanky tone. Anyone knows if it's the amp settings, effects or string action that brings out that tone? Tommy Goober from Toy Dolls has his own way of getting a very unique sound, very low string action 😉
  17. Thank you for clearing that up completely
  18. Hi I am looking for a protective thingie for my amp. What term should I be using when looking something online - a rack, a case (some cases are explained as 2u or 3u - I just want a cheap way of protecting my amp when I tranport it to a gig etc.
  19. Got a lot of good old Trace Elliot stuff, so I am trying various combinations. If anyone already has tried to match different cabs, what are your experiences putting two cabs together? Currently I have a EBS head linkes to three TE cabs, but the TE head can’t go under 4 ohm - so two cabs is the limit with the TE HEAD
  20. The price are almost identical, so what say ye: Mooer Tender Octaver or the TC Electronics SUB ‘n’ Up? Main focus is the to - a nice warm bass tone is essential
  21. Thanks guys, will be looking into the Line6 and Boss gadgets
  22. Experiences with the budget options like Harley Benton Airborne, Joyo JW2, XVive U2, Line6 G10 and other plug/play stuff? I value convenience, price and performance.
  23. isteen

    Bass soul food

    Maybe I should just hang on to my BSF and forget about the Scrambler and Bass Juice
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