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  1. Thanks Quatschmacher, I've PM'd him
  2. I bought the Smooth Hound device about a year ago, late summer 2017. I rang Chris at Smooth Hound around 4pm, asked if he could get one posted quickly, he told me to order it online straight away and he'd get it in the post, it arrived the next morning! It was really easy to set up and there is a way to set the latency to 5ms which I did and haven't touched it since. I've never tested it but can honestly say I've never noticed any difference to playing my bass with a 6m cable. Then our lead guitarist tried it at rehearsal and liked it, so he bought one too. We both use them all the time, rehearsal and live and neither of us has ever had any issues at all. The receiver unit is velcro'd to my pedal board and sits on the floor, never had any issues, even when I wander right out onto the dance floor during sound check to set the levels of the digital desk with my iPad. So we are running three 2.4GHz devices including the desk wifi, as well as two UHF radio mics (Shure) and two sets of Shure UHF IEMs (all on free UHF channel) - never had any conflicts with any of them. I've recommended the device to guitarists in other bands, a couple of whom have bought them and they haven't had any issues with them either, they're really pleased with them. The only thing I've had to do is replace the small piece of 'sticky pad' that holds the transmitter onto the guitar body because I have used it so much. I found a product online called NanoHold for a couple of quid and I have cut a replacement piece from that and given a sheet to our guitarist too - I now keep my transmitter unit in a small plastic freezer bag to keep the sticky pad clean. Apart from that, I've been really pleased with my unit and strongly recommend it if you want to lose the cables and have a bit of freedom to move around the stage and dance floor with your bass.
  3. Thanks for that info Al Krow, I have two of the 112MNT's already; I use a single one for rehearsal and a single one in small gigs, but sometimes find one is a bit quiet; but two cabs is awesome on a bigger stage or at an outdoor festival type gig. So I wondered if getting a single 210 would be a good in-between cab for say a pub gig where I want to save space - I also have to get the PA in the car, but want a bit more volume behind me while playing.
  4. Hi, Would one of these cabs sound louder than a single Vanderkley 112 cab (also 600 Watts 8 Ohm)? I'm guessing a 2 x 10 would be moving more air than a 1 x 12, but wonder if there would be much difference in volume. I would be using an Eich T900 amp.
  5. Did the Fender Jazz Select sell? I'd be interested if it's still available, thanks.
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