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  1. Christmas bump for this lovely bass. Will probably remove it next week and keep it if there are no takers, it's one I can certainly live with.
  2. Hi @Noisyjon, it's a great bass, surprised it's still here at this price but there has been a lot of interest.
  3. Thanks @samkeen, not really looking for trades, trying to reduce the basses I have (somehow, they just keep turning up though) 🤣
  4. Apologies, I replied to the wrong post! Doh!
  5. Fender American Ultra Precision PJ bass with hard case and all case candy - new and unused I bought this new in August 2020; it is an exceptional bass, is wonderful to play and sounds awesome. It has been played for less than 20 minutes at home and still has the plastic film on the pickguard; the Fender sticker and the removable plastic instructions for the electronic knobs are still in place. I am only selling because I received a gift of another guitar at the same time and don't need both. The bass and case are in immaculate, new condition and there is not a mark on either. This bass comes with all of the case candy and the hard case which is also unused. Neither the bass nor the case have been outside the house. I am not rehearsing nor gigging now till next April at the earliest if Covid permits by then. The cheapest I can find this bass online is £1799 so this is an absolute bargain for someone. Watch the demo videos on Youtube and you can hear just how good they are. The full specs are easy to find online. The neck is slim, straight and fast and the bone nut is the 41mm width. It has both active and passive electronics with three band EQ and a toggle switch to change from active to passive. In addition to the noiseless precision pickup, it has a noiseless vintage J pickup too so you can dial in the full range of tone from old school Motown P bass thump to modern hifi jazz/slap tone. I have the receipt of purchase and there is a three year guarantee with this bass. I will post in the UK only (no international) and I still have the original packing box it was delivered in so it will arrive safely. You are welcome to come and inspect it and play it in a Covid friendly setting in High Wycombe, it will not disappoint. Couriered postage will be only £12, I never try to make money on the postage. Grab a bargain for Christmas! Also advertised on an auction site
  6. Lovely! I bet that's fun to play and there's a queue of people waiting to talk to you about it when you come off stage! From the serial number on the Jazz neck, it was made at Fullerton USA in 1977-78 - CBS era. What is the Strat neck please? And the pickups for both if known? The electrics look interesting too, there are two jack inputs, two volume controls and two three-way selector switches; is there any tone control please?
  7. Yep, that's a good demo of what these do, save your speaker cones and give more power to your useful tonal range, but don't impair the sound in any way. There are some good demo's as well with Markbass speakers; with the yellow cone surrounds you get an even more dramatic visual result.
  8. These are brilliant, I bought one about 18 months ago and wouldn't ever play without it. You won't notice the difference in the sound, but it removes all the very wasteful bottom end below 38Hz and allows all the power of your amp to be used above that, will also save your speaker cones from damage from too much movement. Look at the demo videos and you will see how it stops the cone from over-working but keeps the bass sound completely intact. GLWTS.
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