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  1. BassedinBucks

    1 X Vanderkley MNT210 cabs (new pics)

    Thanks for that info Al Krow, I have two of the 112MNT's already; I use a single one for rehearsal and a single one in small gigs, but sometimes find one is a bit quiet; but two cabs is awesome on a bigger stage or at an outdoor festival type gig. So I wondered if getting a single 210 would be a good in-between cab for say a pub gig where I want to save space - I also have to get the PA in the car, but want a bit more volume behind me while playing.
  2. BassedinBucks

    1 X Vanderkley MNT210 cabs (new pics)

    Hi, Would one of these cabs sound louder than a single Vanderkley 112 cab (also 600 Watts 8 Ohm)? I'm guessing a 2 x 10 would be moving more air than a 1 x 12, but wonder if there would be much difference in volume. I would be using an Eich T900 amp.
  3. Is this still for sale?
  4. BassedinBucks

    USA Fender Select Active Jazz - ****SOLD****

    Did the Fender Jazz Select sell? I'd be interested if it's still available, thanks.