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  1. Lovely! I bet that's fun to play and there's a queue of people waiting to talk to you about it when you come off stage! From the serial number on the Jazz neck, it was made at Fullerton USA in 1977-78 - CBS era. What is the Strat neck please? And the pickups for both if known? The electrics look interesting too, there are two jack inputs, two volume controls and two three-way selector switches; is there any tone control please?
  2. Yep, that's a good demo of what these do, save your speaker cones and give more power to your useful tonal range, but don't impair the sound in any way. There are some good demo's as well with Markbass speakers; with the yellow cone surrounds you get an even more dramatic visual result.
  3. These are brilliant, I bought one about 18 months ago and wouldn't ever play without it. You won't notice the difference in the sound, but it removes all the very wasteful bottom end below 38Hz and allows all the power of your amp to be used above that, will also save your speaker cones from damage from too much movement. Look at the demo videos and you will see how it stops the cone from over-working but keeps the bass sound completely intact. GLWTS.
  4. Price Drop! - Now reduced to only £1045 You get a superb 5 string with all of the custom add-on options of ebony fretboard, matching headstock, abalone dot markers. Now effectively half price!
  5. Thanks to all who have posted the kind messages above, this is indeed a fabulous bass that I have thoroughly enjoyed owning and playing. There has been a lot of interest on this as you can imagine and several good offers. I have now sold it so will close this posting out as 'Sold'. I have also listed on this forum a lovely 5 string Sandberg TM5 with an ebony fretboard, if that catches anyone's interest please make me an offer!
  6. Mike Lull PJ4 Precision Custom bass with flamed/roasted neck and gig bag Mike Lull Custom bass, four string with Mike Lull gig bag. The bass is in very good condition but has some small chips to the paintwork on the rear of the body and a couple on the edge of the guitar body. These marks were on it when I bought it from its previous owner but they have never bothered me, they don't affect its sound or playability and you can't see them when you are playing it. From the front is looks great, most importantly it sounds superb. The high quality craftsmanship you would expect from Mike Lull. This model is currently £3,000 new in the UK. This bass is black with a 3-ply tortoiseshell scratch plate; it has a flamed/roasted maple neck and fretboard, the fretboard looks birds-eye as well. It is fitted with lightweight USA Hipshot tuners and also a drop-D tuner which stays in tune perfectly, also Schaller locking strap lock studs. The pickups are Nordstrand with an NP4 (precision) at the neck and a Dual Coil p'up at the bridge. This is a passive bass. The neck is slim and fast and is 43mm at the nut; the bass weights exactly 8lb on digital scales, so is nice and light. Currently fitted with new La Bella flat strings giving that great Precision sound. No fret wear. Comes with Mike Lull gig bag. I will post for £12 (UK) and it will be well protected in cardboard outer layer. If you would like to come and look or play let me know and we can arrange a Covid-safe visit (Bucks). Any questions, please ask. Also advertised on an auction site
  7. Sandberg California II TM5 plus Sandberg gig bag Lovely bass in immaculate condition, ebony fretboard on maple neck, matching high gloss black headstock, abalone dot inlays, five strings. New 3-ply mint pick-guard. No fret-wear. Delano power humbucker at the bridge and Delano jazz pickup at the neck. Sandberg two band electronics, active and passive modes. The bass weighs 8lb 15oz and has a slim fast neck which is 44.4mm at the nut and 62.8mm at the twelfth fret. The B string is completely usable along the length of the neck, the action is set low and there is no buzz or flat spots. The usual excellent sounds and tone from Sandberg. Fitted with Schaller locking strap buttons and new DR Lo-Rider nickel strings. The gig bag is in very good condition. Selling because I just don't play 5 strings any more otherwise I'd be keeping it. I’m happy to post this and it will be well packaged in a cardboard case for £12 (UK), insurance will be extra if you want it. Any questions please ask. If you live near Bucks and want to look or play it, happy to arrange a Covid-safe visit. This is also advertised elsewhere on an auction site 😊
  8. I have an identical Sadowsky to that; I have owned many bass guitars including a lot of top end ones over £3k and this is the best I've had (mine's a Metro, not NYC). I have the Metro Jazz as well, also wonderful, both have fabulous finish, sound, looks. GLWTS.
  9. These are £3 on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/41-Detent-Click-6-0mm-D-Shaft-Solder-Lug-16mm-Linear-Potentiometer-B100K-DSL41/113045299730?hash=item1a52066212:m:mdzrhkGNZqLsXhQTDfNmilA There's also a company in Spain does them for £7 on eBay
  10. Great playing! Sounds lovely. What's the make of the round-wound strings you have on it, they do sound like flats. I'm interested in the bass as I was born in '61 and always wanted a year-of-birth Custom Precision.
  11. Thanks Quatschmacher, I've PM'd him
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