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  1. I have to vote lakland 55-01....i just bagged a mint one in black with maple neck for £450....very good platform for upgrades....pickups/preamp, also, even though it has a 35" scale it is still very manageable.
  2. Just bought a bartolini preamp from Wayne!....top bloke and an absolute pleasure, would not hesitate in dealing again.
  3. Lovely bass, and in lovely condition... GLWTS
  4. ebenezer

    Stingray copies

    WOW, that bacchus looks the nuts!!.....where and how much??
  5. The two band is better by far.....which is why i have a john east pre waiting to be fitted to my three band ray!......
  6. I had the sr 2405 and have to say, it did not do it for me, the aguilar super doubles to me didn't sound as good as the nordstrand big singles....if it were me, i would look for a nice sr 1200 and look to pay £450-600
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Stunning that is!....is it a three piece neck or one piece?... does it have graphite reinforcement?
  9. Lovely rig that is!.....being the super redhead, way more powerful than the earlier models...a favourite among the pros.... glwts
  10. ebenezer


    Like the look of that....a certain understated menace.
  11. ebenezer

    MB1 Feedback

    Sold Martin my stingray, great comms and couldn't wish to meet a nicer guy....top basschatter and highly recommended thanks again......Mark
  12. Got a set of Nord big splits...as to what preamp, I am undecided.
  13. I had the 55-02, now have the 55-01....as good as the 02 and also much more upgradeable!... great the 02, but a modded 01 is the nuts nuts.
  14. the weight of the bass is 4.45kg.....not the lightest, but certainly not the heaviest....balances well on a strap I bought the bass with the neck already fitted serial number is E 74935....should be able to look it up.
  15. Up for sale is my lovely stingray 4......the bass has been fitted with a status graphite neck which in my opinion improves the tone, harmonics sound better along with much improved sustain, also tuning stability seems better than a wood neck......the fit of the neck is excellent, there is a nice tight neck pocket with no gaps The bass is in very good condition, bar a few dents here and there. You can see and hear the same type of bass here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfW-Z8Nz-s0 Many people think the two boost only band pre is better than the three band...i would agree. Shipping is included (uk only) with the asking price.....musicman case included (with keys)
  16. Fabulous basses these, which is why i have one and will not part with it.....build is up there with the best..... Deep 6 bolt neck pocket for stability and tone transfer Three piece neck, again for stability Great quality hardware 34 inch scale and 19mm spacing someone will get a great bass.....glwts
  17. What a stunner, you must be gutted having to part with that beauty..... anyways glwts
  18. Love the look of the bass!...and being a Sandberg, great build quality..oh, and the sadowsky knobs look the nuts.
  19. Bought a 112 custom made bass cab from Stevie....small light weight and just the ticket!!... Stevie is an all-round top chap and a pleasure to deal with.... thanks again 👍
  20. I have a trb5, slapcut and absolutely love it!..... possibly the treble is a little noisy when fully boosted but rolled back slightly, it's fine!....l too, had the trb5 ii and didn't gel with it, also on the heavy side where my series 1 is 4.2 kg.
  21. ebenezer


    Stunning, if I hadn't just forked out for a sadowsky mv5 I would have snatched this!!!!....think hard, very hard.
  22. Great basses these, would be good value at twice the price and when you bare in mind Cort make basses for other noted brands!... glwts
  23. Just bought some strings from Dan, great Comms and an all round top geezer... even stuck an extra string in free gratis.... highly recommended basschatter👍
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