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  1. SOLD PedalTrain Jr and Diago Powerstation SOLD

    Pedaltrain Sold
  2. SOLD PedalTrain Jr and Diago Powerstation SOLD

    Diago Powersation Sold
  3. Older style Pedaltrain Junior, recent acquisitions mean i have had to upgrade to a PT 2 therefore this is available comes with softcase, used but never gigged. £50 Postage could be arranged at £5 otherwise collection from Manchester area. SOLD Diago Powerstation also available, includes 2.5mm and 2.1mm center positive, and 18V adaptors, used but never gigged. £30 or £35 posted. SOLD
  4. Expression Pedal

    Cheers for the input guys, went for a mission one in the end will update when it arrives and have tried it out.
  5. Acrylic Fretless Bass

    If the body is actually acrylic it'll be bloody heavy
  6. Expression Pedal

    Been looking into getting an expression pedal and am interested by the ones advertised as being able to control multiple devices, has anyone had any experiences with these or have any recommendations for exp pedals they use.
  7. My nephew is interested in learning drums but obviously mum and dad aren't too keen on the noise associated, but very happy for him to learn (his sister is learning guitar). Therefore i am after some recommendations for beginner electronic kits budget likely to be around £300 and i think they would be open to buying second hand.
  8. Selling my darkest driving as i need the board space, its a brilliant overdrive and is fantastic condition. Never been gigged, velcro on bottom. EDIT: Pictures added, notice one slight chip in paintwork whilst taking pictures. Have added a close up of this. Looking to £150 + £5 postage or collection in manchester area. Will post pictures in the coming days when i can get some taken. For the minute here are some links to further details and reviews. [url="http://www.pedal-of-the-day.com/2014/10/20/fuzzrocious-pedals-darkest-driving-overdrive/"]http://www.pedal-of-...ving-overdrive/[/url] [url="http://www.effectsdatabase.com/model/fuzzrocious/darkestdriving#"]http://www.effectsda...darkestdriving#[/url]
  9. Sennheiser HD25 Cable Change

    Does anyone know what size screwdriver is needed to change the cable on a pair of HD25s? Looks like a torx to me but don't seem to have the right size. Had a quick look online but couldn't see anything obvious.
  10. SOLD COG Custom Dual Knightfall

    And again.
  11. Hercules double guitar stand with autograb feature. Collection from Manchester unless i can find a way of packaging it nicely, only used at home.
  12. SOLD COG Custom Dual Knightfall

  13. SOLD COG Custom Dual Knightfall