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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Have to say, i would go with a warwick, just because you get a better fully adjustable bridge and i like the adjustable nut...every warwick i had could achieve a lovely low buzz free setup.....
  3. Cool unusual bass that is Karl...saw Warwickhunt playing one of these back in the day...very punchy and cut through the mix like a knife.
  4. Just an update folks....I have got an Aguilar ag4m pickup which I will install along with the east mmsr pre and see what we have in terms of string to string balance... when I get round to it 😁.....oh, just to say, the pickup pole pieces are all flush with the cover.
  5. Just bought an Aguilar musicman pickup from Mark...Comms were great and Mark is top chap.... well recommended..... thanks again 👍
  6. Had one of these a few years ago, lovely bass and the build quality and tone were up there with the best of them....were it not for the tighter string spacing, i would still have it.
  7. If i was ambidextrous i would be all over this like a cheap suit
  8. Can you buy the new pickup from musicman and is the cover the standard size?
  9. Cheers 40hz, going to try lowering the A and D pole pieces to lower their output, failing that, i think a nordstrand blademan may be on the cards.
  10. Just for information, I myself dislike a mid-scooped tone... I like things mid present and rarely boost the bass much above flat, so the weak g is not down to the way I eq the bass.
  11. Cheers guys, I will tackle the pole pieces....I fancy a white cover anyways 👍..... looking at the pickup on my 79, the E and G pole pieces are almost level with the cover and the A and D only slightly raised.... Ernie Ball should have left them alone lol
  12. I have a lovely 2014 stingray and unfortunately, unlike my 79 suffers from poor output on the G sting. Anyway i have read various posts about how to cure this problem, height of the pickup adjusting magnets etc......I have bought an east mmsr preamp for the bass and wondered if it is worth using the existing pickup, or buying something else, maybe nordstrand blademan?
  13. Ohh, lovely bass that is Karl.... someone is going to get a beauty....why buy new!!
  14. Seems fair to me....beware the trb is a fairly heavy bass.
  15. Yes, I do believe both cabs use a variant of the faital pro 12 pr 300
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. Well, it's nice to know the circuit fits in the cavity!.....i have a 55-01 and i am putting in nordstrand big splits along with the uni-pre 5......looks mega and it will sound mega.
  18. Had it been sunburst i would have taken the plunge!!......some relic guitars are quite frankly laughable but john's work, to me is stunning, equaling if not surpassing fender custom shop.
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