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  1. Does any kind person have the bass part for this?? Cheers
  2. this is one of my pet hates...unacceptable on a modern bass with cnc this and lazer alignment that....some of the lakland basses suffered from this, and that includes the usa models.
  3. anyone else want to chime in....ps, don't want a dfa switch (haha)
  4. I owned this at one time, one of a pair and have to say, fabulous cab!!!
  5. ebenezer

    Modulus sold

    think some had a lane poor pickup fitted
  6. Well, i have now got the bass playing well!...after a re-cut nut, fret dress and truss-rod adjustment but i have to say, i am not keen on the tone of the pre. with the bass having aguilar super doubles, the obvious route would be the OBP 3 but i would be up for other suggestions....keeping in mind, 5 pots and 2 mini switches.
  7. bit of a pickup guru in his time, sadly no longer with us...based in Teeside and apparently made Chris Rea's pickups for his guitars.
  8. I also had the passive shark 5 string, very well made and having the graphite rods in the neck, very stable and kept it's tune really well.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys, sounds like a good purchase to me....just for info, cab is a genzbenz NX2 212. which i am very happy with.
  10. Thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these and just wondered what you think of them?.....i like the updated 9 band graphic!!....would you say the 600 watts are loud and hefty watts, I have used a markbass little mark 2 for some years now, but fancy a change, plus the ashdown looks far more rock and roll than the LM2 haha cheers folks
  11. I have one of these cabs, and can attest to the quality.....all plywood construction, well braced and fitted with cast frame faital-pro drivers....very happy with mine and at 47lbs in weight a big thumbs up.
  12. Looks like a step back to me....poorer quality non string through bridge, lost the trussrod wheel adjustment (having said that, some apparently seized/snapped so maybe no bad thing.....not my bag!.....not at that price anyway.
  13. yes, mine is 9.2lbs in weight.....all seem to be 9-9.5 lbs.... it had a less than stella set-up when i bought it...way too much neck relief and the strings could be better. Had to send the first one back as one of the neck screws had splintered through to the front of the bass!!!... Anyways, had the bass setup by twincam of this very forum....the nut needed work, as the B and G string slots were too high, also needed a fret level and polish....now the bass plays very nicely!!....
  14. Had one of these back in the day....superb sound but boy was it heavy.
  15. love the new lighter weight stingrays, however, listening to the clips/reviews on youtube i much prefer the tone of the old models there seems more definition in the lower end and sound crisper all round...all subjective though....one mans meat and all that!! sorry, one person's meat.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. Sold my Lakland DJ5 to Alain and have to say, it was a pleasure...very good Comms and a top chap all round.. thoroughly recommended
  18. I have a john east j-tone pre up for sale, complete with original box, instructions and plug in tone caps.....bought for my D Lakin jazz but never fitted it as like the passive sound .....price includes uk shipping
  19. very nice!!...one of the early ones with single truss-rod so quite rare ....lovely build quality!! i have an early trb5 slapcut which is going nowhere.
  20. I have the genz benz neox 212....loaded with faital neo 12s and have to say, it is a great cab, only 47lbs in weight, great output and only paid £275 for it on this very forum.....highly recommended....oh, and 4 ohms
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