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  1. Just bought a john east j-tone from Andy, in mint condition as described....a credit to basschat and deal with total confidence Cheers Andy
  2. Great basses!.... just look at the spec and quality build of these babies.
  3. I have used parcel force many times without issue, more than happy.
  4. For the money, great basses!.....tried one in pmt music and apart from a few niggles (dual concentric knob installed incorrectly ) played and felt great.
  5. Out of all the amps I have played through, the 751 is undoubtedly the best.
  6. Can't believe this is still here!... great basses for the money, great hardware, great build and let's face it, Cort make guitars for other manufacturers, lakland springs to mind.
  7. Cheers drax, it appears ibanez has now updated it's website and states that it does indeed come fitted with the titanium rods.
  8. Anybody tried this lovely bass?
  9. Am I right to think this is the new john east j-tone preamp....nice bass.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. I have always liked laney gear, both guitar and bass....they have had some great ideas and designs, build and finish is great At the same time, i have to feel i little sorry for them as they never seem to get a really good foot hold, certainly on the bass side of things which is a shame as their gear is equally good if not better than many of the bigger brands.
  12. come on folks, anybody tried this bass yet...how do you rate the aguilar super doubles?
  13. I have to say, i like the look of these.... 18mm spacing,yes!....always thought you get a lot for your money with the sr line in particular the premium line. just wondered if anybody has played one and more to the point, what do you think.
  14. I use an ultrasonic cleaner with methylated spirits.....does a better job than boiling your strings.
  15. Just tried one of these in guitar guitar and have to say, apart from the volume/ balance knob being installed incorrectly it is a cracking bass for the money....some great tones to be had.
  16. Just sold Scott my warwick FNA , excellent comms, fast payment....top chap folks!.....deal with total confidence !!
  17. Well !....i should have done more research, having said that, i think ibanez should have stated on their website and not just the full catalogue re...the kts rods
  18. I have a 79 stingray which i bought new... £360 if memory serves, also have a 2014 3 band ray, both great, but the 79 stays put.
  19. very nice, like the 24 fret neck and the neck joint.
  20. Strangely enough, i had a crack on one of my stingrays.....had to send them the old plate, but it was replaced free!
  21. This was my bass..a very nice bass it is too glwts.
  22. For what it would cost vs improvement you would get.....just keep what you have got.
  23. all the premier range with nordstrand pickups used to have them as far as i am aware....i may email ibanez uk for a definite answer.
  24. just an update folks....seems for 2019 ibanez have dropped the kts rods on all basses.....shame!!
  25. are you sure it has them, not mentioned on the website?.....i like the look of the sr2405 and not sure if that has them...i have a fear ibanez may have quietly dropped them
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