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  1. Fenders take on the BadAss bridge. Its in used condition, no mounting screws, what you see is what you get Can post for £3.00 extra. Payment via Paypal, buyer covers fees https://i.imgur.com/daujEWD.jpg
  2. So this popped up online at a shop I check out regularly.......are the square ends on the fretboard with the overhanging fret at the neck joint legit? It also has an Allen wrench truss today not a Philips style, could this be legit?? https://www.badlandsguitars.co.uk/used-gear/used-guitars/
  3. From our eBay friend who shall not be named 😂
  4. I had a J Retro with a scratchy Treble pot, as mentioned they are fully sealed pots, I messaged John, through the John East Facebook Page, and he said send him the preamp back and he would service it and send it back, never did to be fair just put up with it. Best to message them on Facebook and ask Best of luck
  5. I know exactly who you are hinting M.D..............
  6. The guy replied to me and said "It is not fake. I may have the year wrong though as I’m not an expert and will research more. I know it was purchased and played on many hit records in the 60s and 70s. Thank you for pointing it out."
  7. This is a false as my grandma's teeth, the headstock decal is all types of wrong. Don't even get even get me started on what's going on with the stringing back and over the bridge? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1962-Fender-Precision-Bass-Made-In-USA/173789132585?hash=item2876a3b729:g:u78AAOSwuAVcYaS5
  8. £120.00 Sold via ebay John East MMSR 3 Knob 3 Band EQ The MMSR 3 Knob 3 Band has been designed with characteristics very similar to the original MM Stingray© 2 Band EQ, in order to retain the same interaction between the MM pickup and the electronics, crucial in creating the original pre EB sound colours. The Bass and Treble are stacked which allows inclusion of a Mid Sweep, along with original MM style bass and treble using a 3 knob plate. When the Mid boost/cut is centred, its effect is neutral and the EQ is purely late 70s MM style. Owned from new still have original receipt from Bass Direct, was fitted to a '91 Stingray and later to a P-Bass sounds superb and has loads of tone shaping just gone back to passive. Comes with everything pictured Web link: https://www.east-uk.com/index.php/bass/mmsr-3-knob-3-band.html
  9. Gotta agree with Karl on this one
  10. mrn1989

    Feedback for Aero71

    Marunis purchased a Stingray bass from me. Great coms, arranged his own courier swiftly and funds arrived on the day after collection Would deal with again Thanks!
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