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  1. So I bought this a few months ago to supplement my PJB cab for one outdoor gig ... been using it ever since. In good condition with an RS cover. Great and crazy light 200w 8 ohm cab. Just looking for what I paid for it. Collection from Bournemouth or meet up for gas!
  2. It is! I read somewhere that it could be rewired to 4 but beyond me!
  3. So here’s my Phil Jones C8. There’s loads on the net about these pudgy little monsters ... 800w from 8 5” speakers (8 ohm) - unbelievable! I’ve only owned this cab for a few months .. exactly two post-lockdown gigs and it’s been brilliant - even had compliments! There is a graze in the tolex on the bottom where it hit the kerb on the last gig, otherwise it’s in immaculate condition. The only reason for selling is that a new project requires upsizing (for visuals!) ... Collection only please from BH1 or happy to meet up somewhere by arrangement, pay for gas!
  4. Dumb question here - the Little Orange Bass Thing has two speaker connections ... do I connect an 8ohm speaker cab to each of those for the total 4ohm load or do I daisychain the two cabs ... or either??
  5. Gigged with mine too at the weekend! Despite being outside and playing into an 8ohm cab didn’t need to go past 3!
  6. Here’s my OB1500 .... an epic piece of kit! I bought it here on BC maybe 6 months ago and, of course, other than a handful of rehearsals, have had very few opportunities to use it since. Long story short, I’m now downsizing everything, (bought a Little Orange bass Thing) so sadly, this is now a bit surplus. Given the weight of it, collection only please. Happy to meet somewhere mutually agreed for gas!
  7. Thanks Dan - much appreciated! I have been using a PJB flightcase in rehearsals for a while and do love the sound ... just not quite enough for gigs. I have been looking for a Super Flightcase but can’t find one anywhere in the UK. so thought the C8 might do it powered by my Little Orange Bass Thing 500. Could be that I also go the 2xC4 route! Thanks again for taking the time.
  8. Anyone have any experience of these cabs? Thinking of taking the plunge!
  9. Love mine! Did an outdoor gig with it running my Barefaced Super Twin and didn’t push it past 3 ... hopefully this pic will help with feet spacing!
  10. Hey - that’s a nice looking rig and could be what I’m looking for ..... still available??
  11. So here is my SuperTwin - in great condition and I am the second owner of this amazing cab. I haven’t pushed this at all and I know the previous owner didn’t either. The cover does have a few specks on it, but otherwise in great shape. The only reason I’m looking to rehome her is that I’m downsizing even further! don’t want to ship her so collection only I’m afraid or happy to meet up safely somewhere mutually agreeable!
  12. Here’s my Ampeg stage amp. It’s a monster - 1000 watts of Ampeg tone. Right now, that’s about 900 watts more than I actually need. For those that know, it’s a revision C. (That’s a good thing!) Housed in a Chord 2U flight bag with a handy pocket on the top. It’s reasonably heavy so prefer not to post/courier. Collection in Bournemouth Dorset or will meet somewhere mutually agreed for the cost of the gas. Will courier at buyers cost and risk!
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