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  1. Definitely that great Ampeg sound in a light package. A pro-level Class D amp pushing 500 watts into 4 ohms. I’ve owned this fantastic amp for over 4 years and it has never let me down. For clarity, this is the US version with a 240v selector, it works exactly as it should over here! In good condition with a couple of very light scuffs on the lid if that’s important! Happy to deliver within sensible radius of BH1 and to conduct our business through the letterbox ...
  2. Whoa - send us a pic when you can!
  3. Thanks for letting me know - you still digging the 12B/6T??
  4. Rats - now I got to figure out how to move it!
  5. This is my Phil Jones D200 micro bass amp. It’s an amazing little class D amp, weighs nothing yet packs a real 150W into anything up to, I think, 16 ohms. Featuring an industry-leading limiter, the sound (like all PJB) is very natural and transparent. In great condition (gigged once only). Comes with padded carry bag and original box. Happy to deliver locally.
  6. Fantastic little cabs these - we all know that you just can’t beat them for size versus output with incredible fidelity even down to the low B. Hugely portable with a massive sound. I’ve only had it for a short while (gigged once) and loved it so much that I started to plan for a second one when along came a Barefaced cab at a price that I couldn’t refuse. As new condition with PJB cover, paperwork and original box. Will courier at cost, happy to provide local ish delivery.
  7. Nobody likes a nice pair more than I ... finances dictate a singleton though I’m afraid. Understand if it can’t be done.
  8. Either of the cabs still available perchance??
  9. A fantastic power amp with loads of headroom - recently purchased and used with a fly rig pre - used a couple of times ... change of circumstances and now it’s way too much for my modest needs! Great condition, with thrown-in Speakon bridged cable (for 1500w into 4ohms)
  10. NOW SOLD. Open to offers! So here is my Phil Jones rig - I lusted after something like this for years, only to eventually find that it’s waaaay more than I can actually use. If you know bass amplification, you’ll know about PJ ... it’s all true, this rig is amazing with potential for 1200 watts of pure, transparent power and it’s easy to transport - well, easier than an SVT 8x10 anyways. Condition is great, each cab comes with a cover. Sorry, really don’t want to split them up. Based in Bournemouth, happy to travel a reasonable distance to hand over.
  11. Price drop - now £550 for the pair. I have two of these brilliant cabs - one with Eminence Delta drivers and one with Legend CA1059’s. These are built like the proverbial and are both hugely loud (600w) and fairly heavy, but modified (by me) to vertical standing with wheels and a handle for easier transportation and tilting on stage. One (Legends) is in good condition, the other has a few scuffs and tears. Reluctant sale but moving to 12’s.
  12. So here (again) is my beautiful Broadkaster bass. I have owned it since new - maybe 10 years, and have gigged with it just once. (Looks great on stage!) Other than the odd photo session, it has been sitting in it’s case, so I would give the condition a 9.99/10. I have just realised that the scratchplate is missing - I took it off as soon as I bought it. I know it is in storage, I still have it and it will take a while to locate it.... will need a little patience on behalf of the successful bidder! Following is the Gretsch blurb ... For the Discriminating Bassist The G6119B Broadkaster hollowbody electric bass is modeled after several successful Gretsch basses of the 1960's, for bassists who demand instruments to match the sound and quality of the Gretsch electric guitars. Gretsch G6119B Broadkaster Bass at a Glance: Single cutaway hollowbody, based on the Tennessee Rose. 2 bass Filtertron pickps. Extremely fast, responsive neck. Broadkaster Bass-ics Styled after the Tennessee Rose, the Broadkaster has two FilterTron bass series pickups and full round tone that comes from a hollowbody instrument. With an extremely fast, responsive neck, this bass is a favorite among discriminating bassists. In original Gretsch fitted case. Shipping UK only - as ever, happy to quickly answer any questions and/or take specific pics, just ask!
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