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  1. Hey Edwn. Thanks for pointing that out. Yes it’s, I’ll add another photo which clearly shows the lines.
  2. Due to personal circumstances I've decided to stop playing and I’m selling all my bass gear. Here I have my Genz Benz ShuttleMax 9.2 bass amplifier. It’s a lightweight, powerful amp and sounds great when used with my Vanderkley 112EXT (also for sale, see separate advert). It comes complete with footswitch (used once), manual, original packaging, etc. It has been gigged and has very minor scratches on the top (see photo) so I can’t say it’s in mint condition, but it is in great condition and has been very well looked after. I’ve added a link below for all the specifications: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Genz_Benz_Shuttle_Max_9.2.html
  3. Anyone looking for a powerful, small, lightweight cab? Due to personal circumstances I've decided to stop playing and I’m selling all my gear. This Vanderkley 112EXT was bought to go with my Genz Benz Shuttle Max head (also available, see separate advert). These cabs are awesome - if you've never heard or tried them out, you need to! They’re also incredibly light too and can be easily carried in one hand, gigging with this cab is so easy as all my kit could be carried into the venue in one hit! Although it’s been gigged on a regular basis, there’s no signs of wear and tear and is in excellent condition. It comes complete with cover. They retail at £600, I'm looking for £425 ono. For further info here’s the link to the Vanderkley website. http://www.vanderkleyamp.nl/products/cabinets/112ext/
  4. Due to personal circumstances I've decided to stop playing. I’m selling all my gear. I bought this from new at the end of the 1990's. Leicestershire Luthiers de-fretted and optimised the set up approx 3 years ago. It's a gorgeous bass and needs to be played! It comes with original gig bag and I'm sure I have the unused tool kit that it came with somewhere in the house! There are minor marks, which I've shown in the photos, the headstock being the most noticeable, but I'm sure it could be easily removed. The tiny dings on the body are barely noticeable at all. It’s been gigged occasionally, but mainly home use only. Any questions, please don't hesitate to message. Thanks for looking! .
  5. Due to personal circumstances I've decided to stop playing. I’m selling all my gear. I’ve been dithering about this and m probably going to regret it, as I love this bass - it’s been my “go to” guitar since I got it in 2015. However as I can’t see myself gigging for the foreseeable future and I need to invest some money into my new art business, it’s the right thing to do at the moment. I believe this blue pearl Stingray was part of a limited series which is no longer available. It has a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard and it's the original (and best!) 2 band EQ model, with bass and treble boosted this bass has that unmistakeable classic Stingray punch and zing! It’s been gigged on a regular basis but has been very well looked after. There are a few minor surface scratches to the back, plus a small mark - shown in the photo, but other than that it looks like new. Serial number is E75076. The neon strings look great, but as they don’t sound so good I’ll restring with DR Sunbeams. Comes with the original Music Man padded gig bag.
  6. Hi. Has anyone experienced a problem with the above amp where the power is on (power lights on) but can't get any sound? I played a gig last night and experienced this. I switched it off and back on, and it then worked properly. I've had this amp almost 2 years and this has never happened before. The guitarist said his amp was altering in volume by itself, so I'm wondering if it was something to do with the electrics at the venue. The stage lights, main pa, etc, all appeared to be working properly.
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