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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. That's the combination I've got and it sounds really good, compressor is great.
  3. Love mine with my BF Super Twin. Compressor really works & don't have to push it, even outdoors.
  4. No, very stable, lovely worn neck makes it a joy to play, even on long evenings!!!!!!
  5. Still really happy with mine, especially at my Super twin has now broken in a bit more. I have also put a compressor on the board at about half, always on, & run the amp compressor below half as well - perhaps a strange way of doing things but it tightens the sound up superbly. Played a couple of gigs last weekend & got lots of compliments on the sound, especially as it was outside & only a dribble through the PA.
  6. Had one, sold it & have regretted it ever since😰 Sadly a bit too rich for me now.
  7. Thank you - my thoughts are the same with your PJ.
  8. Lovely example of Mark's work - Sherwood Green Jazz bass , serial no 201. Great neck with worn back, 38mm wide. Maple board with blocks which is a more expensive neck than Mark normally uses. Weight is 3.75 kg. Currently has rounds on, sounds lovely. Fitted with reliced bridge ashtray. Previous owner had fitted it with new Babicz bridge which didn't match the relicing on the bass so has now got the original bridge fitted. Babicz not included. Only selling as I'm cutting down my gear as I wind down from gigging so not looking for any trades.
  9. Hi Peter Sorry for late reply but had rehearsal tonight!!!!!! Yes amp still available Cheers Geoff
  10. Woodinblack - have a look at the Sherwood Green one which has a 38mm nut width.
  11. Sold my BF super compact to Jeff. Very smooth transaction, money arrived quickly & communication excellent re shipping. Jeff sorted it out, courier arrived in good time to collect the parcel & good comms to let me know it had arrived safely. Highly recommended Basschatter, deal with confidence.
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