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  1. Thanks Udo, not looking to do too much travelling just at the moment as I'm firmly in the 'at risk' category. Be in touch when things become a bit clearer. Geoff
  2. I have a Limelight P & have swapped the pickup for a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder which gives a lot more tone & punch.
  3. Lovely instrument. What are the pickups in it ?
  4. Bought a Limelight bass from Kevin yesterday. Great bloke to deal with, guitar exactly as stated in the ad & sounded brilliant through his Markbass rig - so good, in fact, that I traded my current amp in today & bought the Casa which sounds great with my BF cab. Top man, buy or sell with confidence.
  5. I live near Langport, so not too far away
  6. Lots of YouTube vids on this subject.
  7. Like my Xvive but for the fact it doesn't like active pickups, so can't use it with my Stingray as get dreadful high-pitched whine through the cab!☹️
  8. Just collected a Barefaced Midget from Mike. Good communication & a very easy transaction. Cab in excellent condition & a very handy carry bag as well. Great bloke, deal with confidence. Therasonic450
  9. Hi Mike Always been easy [ to deal with as well!] Be in touch later in the week. Have already got a 410 & 210 but need something smaller for rehearsal & small gigs, so may have 210 available if Midget does what I hope it will do. Cheers Geoff
  10. Bought Barefaced 410 from Dave. Pictures in ad exactly mirrored by cab itself. Good communication, amp set up when I arrived so could check working OK. Would have stayed longer to chat but local parking issues prevented it. Great bloke to deal with ,no issues at all, top man Best Geoff😎
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