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  1. Superb Markbass Casa head - 300w @8 ohms, 500w @4ohms. Has been little used mainly for rehearsals. Only selling because have just bought Orange Little Bass Thing & can take compressor off pedal board. Excellent condition & also comes with custom made carry bag. Full working order, can post as have original box. Bought new from Mansons in Exeter in October last year, so I am the only owner. Tech details from Markbass website: Controls: GAIN (range: -46 ÷ 23dB) EQ Controls: BASS (level ±16 dB - freq 60 Hz) TREBLE (level ±16 dB - freq 5 kHz) 5 band equalizer (disabled by footswitch) (freq 67, 184, 510, 1400, 3800 Hz - level ±16 dB) INPUTS INPUT: Impedance 500 Kohm/ Maximum Voltage 9 Vpp RETURN: Impedance 33 Kohm// Max 10Vpp OUTPUT LINE OUT: Balanced, Maximum Voltage 6 Vpp | (GND Lift - Level - Pre/Post) SEND: unbalanced, Max Voltage 20Vpp (Pre Eq) TUNER OUT: unbalanced, Max Voltage 2Vpp POWER 300W RMS @ 8 ohm, 500W RMS @ 4 ohm POWER REQUIREMENT: 100V; 120V; 230V; 240V - 50/60Hz (tension set inside the equipment) WARNING: The MARKBASS CASA is manufactured to be used in the country where they have been sold, and it is factory preset to that country’s voltage. So make sure you’re sending the correct voltage to your amp before you connect it to the AC power. DIMENSIONS WIDTH: 18.97”/ 48.2 cm HEIGHT: 8.03”/ 20.4 cm DEPTH: 10.82”/ 27.5 cm
  2. Well having watched & read though the comments about the XVive, plus my own experience I think I would be tempted to buy a more expensive unit to be sure of long-term usage. Seems to me it's a situation of 'buy cheap, replace fairly quickly. Will keep folks up to speed with the vocal side of things Geoff
  3. X-Vive appears to be a good system but have now experienced two sets which have just died & not been resurrectable. I have the XU3 microphone one which is built like a tank & have had no issues with at all. On my pedalboard I've opted for the Shure GLX-D, body pack style but neat & sits on board & has built-in tuner as well. Expensive but works really well & very flexible. Have also got a Lekato WS-50 which I use for practice & rehearsals & that seems much more robust than the XVive IMO
  4. Assume that is 'valves' not 'calves'! Certainly doesn't 'moo' I would say it sounded halfway between the two - YouTube demo's are pretty accurate.
  5. I've got one & it has a very versatile sound range. Unfortunately got it just before lockdown so have only used it in anger once & it drove my BF Super Twin really smoothly, no problems keeping up with a loud drummer. Really like the compressor on it & it does have an effect. Need more gigs to be really sure but works rally well with my Super Compact at low volume at home.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Met with Pete this lunchtime in Dorchester after cancelled trip to Bournemouth on Friday. Met halfway - fair compromise! Purchased gorgeous Sherwood Green Limelight Jazz from him. Great bass, good price & as easy a transaction as you could wish for. Communications throughout superb, a worthy member of this community, deal with confidence. Hope there was a parking space when you get home!
  8. It's a simple question, I'm not into detailed analysis of angles etc. If people are selling an instrument why don't they reply to questions?
  9. Contoured on the back, asking about the front!
  10. Lovely relicing, is it a slab body or contoured?
  11. Where abouts in South Wales are you based - I live in South Somerset so where would be a suitable place to meet?
  12. Hi Did see it but have not had time to organize getting down to see it. Will be in touch.
  13. Am really interested in the bass but need a reasonably accurate weight. Have been in touch with Mark at Limelight but he hasn't got a note of the weight. Any chance you can get hold of some scales & get a figure? Cheers
  14. Think you'll find if you treat it with gunstock wax after sanding you'll get a better finish than with lemon oil.
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