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  1. SH73

    Dead roundwounds

    Dead rounds just dont sound right. I dont mind dead falts.
  2. SH73

    Luthiery is not yet dead

    I wonder what it sound like in clean or dirty mode.
  3. I enjoy playing Maiden songs on my sparkly blue bass more
  4. SH73

    Luthiery is not yet dead

    How much does it weigh?
  5. SH73

    advice for my Youtube channel

    I think you should invest in some lights Better camera Get rid off the creaky chair More interesting background More enthusiasm
  6. Worth checking local cash converters or cash converters website. Gumtree, Schpock I've set an alert notification on Schpock
  7. SH73

    Fame at last

    Very motivational. I wish I followed through on my dreams. @dlloyd @SpondonBassed
  8. SH73

    Steve Harris Bass pickups

    My Steve Harris bass had it's original spb1 replaced with spb4. I fitted the spb1 in another bass but it didn't sound as good as the stock pup. The spb4 has significantly higher and noticeable output.... spb1 sounds nearer to classic p bass sound.....at least to ny ears
  9. SH73

    July Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Voted, was a difficult and very close one to pick 3.
  10. SH73

    Best computer for audio recording/production

    I'm in no way a PC expert but sounds like a plan. I find my 250g ssd too low of a capacity as I share it with other stuff. SSD seem to be cheaper than it was 2 years ago.
  11. SH73

    Best computer for audio recording/production

    I did enjoy the BC podcast. Perhaps you could expand in the next edition on suitable PC / laptops on music production and how to build a simple PC tower for dummies. I think it would benefit us BCs 😉
  12. SH73

    Best computer for audio recording/production

    I replaced my hard drive in my laptop with SSD and it fires up in seconds. Still my DAW often freezes whilst recirding etc.Unfortunately, both HDD and SSD have their pros and cons.I read that it's easier to recover data from HDD. HDD is also cheaper £= capacity but SSD quicker. I look forward to other BCs suggestions as I think I raised a similiar thread but never got a definitive answer which I will be highly unlikely to as most things are horses of courses. I also run Ableton live 9 lite with Focusrite Scarlet but use the same laptop for other non music tasks. As far as apple is concerned it's overpriced. You get more non apple for the same cash.
  13. SH73

    How do you clean strings?

    Nor just any flats Steve Harris rotos😉
  14. SH73

    Talk to me about the blues.....

    Gary Moore .....full stop.
  15. Have you tried to play it audacity slowing down?