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  1. Interviewer: Do you ever mess around with a 5-string? Steve Harris: Nah, that’s one too many, haha. In my opinion a bass player does not need five strings or more. But everyone to their own. If someone feels extra special by having more strings, that’s fine. But it’s not my cup of tea. Interviewer: Well I like to play seven-string guitars and my theory is: if I break a string I’ve still got six. Steve Harris: Well, there you go!
  2. SH73

    Frank bello

    I listened to Anthrax since late 80,s early 90's. Best trash band IMHO. Frank seems like a nice bloke but so fo others in band. Shame I haven't seen the live.
  3. SH73

    World Cup vs bass time

    I don't watch or talk football with the exception of WC 2018. When it comes to playing bass I never practice. I've been playing more guitar recently.
  4. SH73

    What midi?

    Thanks gor that Si. Checked mine it is 9.7.6. Will probably upgrade as 8 tracks is not enough. All works fine
  5. SH73

    What midi?

    Decided to get Novation launchkey 49 mk2 which arrived today. I have connected it and it reacts. Need to set it up. @Sibob I do have ableton live 9 lite already, so I don`t think I need to install the one that came with launchkey. I am, however struggling updating existing ableton l9l. When I click to check for updates in ableton live, there never seem to be update. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks
  6. SH73

    BassChat Podcast?

  7. SH73

    BassChat Podcast?

    if you go to basschat home page there's a link. click in read more
  8. SH73

    BassChat Podcast?

    I had a bit of time to listen to first 15 mins and to honestly say I had a smile on my face. Looking forward to listen to the rest. How do we know when the next one is on?
  9. SH73

    The coolest bass gadget ever ?

    surely a microfiber car wash sponge does the same job?
  10. SH73

    The coolest bass gadget ever ?

    I want to be heard not muted. Surely a diy gadget can be used for a fraction of the price.
  11. SH73

    June Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Voted. Great composition as always.
  12. SH73

    Matt Freeman Precision in White *** ON HOLD*

    The same make and model in different colour will not vary in weight significantly unless it's a DIY re build and you re spray it with 10 cans of spray paint.😉
  13. SH73

    Matt Freeman Precision in White *** ON HOLD*

    I'm surprised the bass is still here for sale. I replaced mine with SPB4s and fitted with Steve Harris sig. flats. Now has been re fitted with stock pick ups and stock strings and sounds and plays well straight out of box. No need to modify, only to set up to your linings. You will regret selling it. The quality is superb.
  14. SH73

    Matt Freeman Precision in White *** ON HOLD*

    I'm a bit confused. Don't get me wrong but the same bass is not going to weigh more/less in differenrt colour.
  15. SH73

    BassChat Podcast?

    is there a link to BC podcast?