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  1. SH73

    February Compositon Challenge - GET WRITING!

    The woodland sound in the song is the actual natural sound of the Woodland in the photo. I recorded the Woodland sound on my Android phone whilst hiking there.
  2. SH73

    February Compositon Challenge - GET WRITING!

    My shift work is an obstacle too, constantly trying to catch up with sleep also having to set up everything every time I record ain't fun.
  3. SH73

    How to age maple neck?

    Thanks for your advice. That must've soaked up some ammonia.
  4. SH73

    How to age maple neck?

    can you lacquer it after it dries?
  5. SH73

    How to age maple neck?

    Cheers I think I have some left I used for gardening.
  6. SH73

    How to age maple neck?

    wipe it ammonia?
  7. I've got a new maple neck replacement. I'd like it have that vintage look. Any ideas? I saw YT videos using brown shoe polish? Nitricellulose lacquer? Any ideas BCs? Thank you
  8. Don't know what the issue is. I would tell them straight I quit. It's my life and if I'm not happy what I do, why forcing it.
  9. SH73

    Favourite bass colour

    Can't vote as I haven't got a favourite colour firva bass.However wouldn't own a brown, pink or purple for example.
  10. My right forearm seized up on stage every now and again when I used to gig.
  11. Are these any good?
  12. SH73

    Few new bits and bobs on't tinternet...

    Great stuff and glad to see another Ableton user.
  13. SH73

    A bit of praise for Amazon

    I like Amazon. Delivery, customer service are spot on. BUT what I often dont like is their packaging. I ordered a guitar nut last night, it arrived this morning. Is the A4 packaging really necessary?