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  1. I'm a bass player predominantly, well I used to be back in days. Now I own more guitars than basses. I don't play in any band. I don't smoke or hand my money to pub landlords, so technically I invest.
  2. Silver and Gold- ASAP ( Adrian Smith and project)
  3. Various birds singing in my garden, with rays of sun on my face pleasantly warming, beer and crisps.
  4. SH73


    I've Who used one uses at home loopers? NOT LIVE! lockdown, lockdown
  5. I have seen a UPS driver before outside our and neighbour's house looking confused. The street is clearly marked so are the houses. He had a parcel in his hand ,he then took a picture of the neighbour's house and left. I came out in attempt to ask if he was looking for and address, as I opened the door he's gone. Neither me or my neighbour expected a delivery that day. Royal mail is no different, I waited all morning for a parcel, they put a note through the door without ringing the bell or knocking the door. I phoned their head office as soon as Pat was driving off. They delivered......the following day. Back to Thomann topic, I bought stuff from them on a couple of occasion and the delivery and service was just like clockwork. Shame as they have now probably lost UK customer base.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. I have been eyeing up an instrument at Thomann that would save me £60 or more in comparison to UK prices. BUT looking at this thread, I'd be spending hours on the phone, paying extra for custom clearance and so on. So not really worth the hassle.
  8. I have never been disappointed to see Maiden. About two years ago I went to see Testament at Koko in Camden. Annihilator and some other band were opening for them. I was a bit disappointed with Testament, the bass player had some technical issues and was making it obvious. Well at least I noticed. But Annihilator was just amazing , so underrated and Jeff Waters is one of the most committed musicians. I used to listen to them in my early teens then somehow I have forgotten about them. The bass player is awesome, his playing and stage presentation combined is something other players lack. Think he is from Cambridge. I was slightly disappointed (not really) with Steve Vai when he blew his amp during a gig🤟 to this day I'm not sure if it was part of the show as I never bothered googling it.
  9. I didn't go and see my least favourite artist Oasis because I knew I'd be disappointed
  10. Sorted https://images.app.goo.gl/GZP6bhhXLGpoWMee9
  11. I only did home recording. SM57 1 meter away off the speaker, just off the centre cone. Amp was set loud. Great result
  12. I'd rather not respond to this comment as living in my cave has not adequately developed my Vokabulaary.
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