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  1. I'd love the job but I bet the salary and company perks are poor. Does Basschat give job reference?
  2. After an extensive research on headphones I still can't decide what to get. To start with , my Onkyo ED- Phon3s are falling apart after less than a year use. They don't leave house and are not very comfortable... My old Sony headphones, closed back are however very comfortable and sound well at a fraction of the price. My budget is between £100-£200. I looked up Sony MDR 2506 and 2509. Audio technica Ath M50 x Beyerdynamic dt 880 and 990 semi close back And so on. Headphones are needed for mixing, mastering, so they must be comfortable, and a good dynamic range. Any ideas please?
  3. I bought Ampeg plug in, add on to my Amplitube 4. Can't say I'm impressed.
  4. I used to have similar issues with Focusrite 1st gen. When DAW was open there was no sound on You Tube for example. Have you checked audio settings in DAW preferences?
  5. SH73

    best value DAW

    I use Ableton recording mostly metal, even though it's created for electronic music ? I mic up amps, play throughVSTs, DI , whatever I throw at it ; works. Although it has crashed on me before.
  6. Chaosanator is a new member. I confidently sold him a SPB4 pick up. Smooth transaction, good communication and welcome to Basschat.
  7. I caught the end of it. The guy with beard has the 8th album out. I thought they were amateur musicians. The other bands? Well not my cup of tea.
  8. Not many people vote. Common you can do better!
  9. I own the Steve Harris blue sparkly bass and I must say it feels like an instrument. I actually like the weight of it. I have tried the west ham logo bass but the neck seems a bit thinner imo. Yes , good old Live After Death brings back memories.
  10. I think I overeater mine from top, so it goes I'll looking. Cheers LS
  11. Nice bass btw....any tips on keeping lemon plant alive throughout the year. Mine alternate between dead and alive.
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