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  1. Jeff Waters (Annihilator) used to use drum machine in studio because it's economical. Now he lives in England and uses drum machine for ideas then drummer does his part.
  2. Early Maiden. I hear The trooper being played on Planet Rock often.
  3. A bit out of the context, but we used to practice in a garage. Push the car out , set up then rehearse. Small space filled with drums, two guitarists, drummer and singer. Often spectators and heavy cigarette smoke. It was loud. I remember when I rested against the workbench and touched the vice I would get an electric shock only when I touched the bass strings. Good old 80s.
  4. I saw them in Europe at an open air festival, very loud.
  5. I have been recently contacted by a local band whose bass player left. I requested a setlist and received it along with a link to their videos. As the OP says: Some songs are great and some im not a fan of. Songs that I like , the type of the music I listen , would come naturally, but the rest would be a chore. I turned down the offer politely.
  6. 1 point towards a new badge...🤭, Ok, go on then
  7. £1.69 for 60!!! All you need is to book a coach..bargain!
  8. I needed a microphone for a kick drum and Pete responded promptly. Within days we made a deal, he posted pictures of the item and swiftly posted it supplying tracking number. The item arrived within a day and was well packaged. Thanks Pete and nice to do business with you.
  9. I meant Jaco Pastrious,🤣 , wasn't he arrested for his drinking led behaviour?
  10. He used his savings to be bailed out
  11. I read Steve Harris uses fresh set every gig. I wonder what they do with the strings after one gig. Probably bin them.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Thank you for a thorough response as always. I have done all the tuning , dampening etc. The bass drums sounds great on its own but again I play with ear defenders as I would not want to go deaf. Miced up it's ok ish after I eq compress etc. But not quite what I'm after. I'll work it out. Maybe I should put the reso heads back but Toms and floor Toms sound so much better and kick drum too. it'll come .thank you sir.
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