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  1. Mine usually do too. The trick is to listen to the song on different speakers, phone, car etc (I can't be bothered) then tweak it. Also , do you mix in headphones or reference monitors? There's a you tube video how to make song sound good in small speakers.
  2. Photo reminds me bag pipes. No heavy guitars ☹️
  3. My jazz bass is in lockdown literally locked in a storage facility along with other gear
  4. Shame I couldn't vote for the best 😙 But voted anyhoo
  5. Unfortunately I don't know which reaction to click, I'd like both like and sad. I click sad but like the post.
  6. When he left did he say
  7. One of these to play Death Metal https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/ESP-LTD-TA-204-FRX-Tom-Araya-Bass-Guitar-Black-Satin/21EG
  8. True and mail put through letter box, but this thread is not about being totally sterile
  9. Mine would be the sparkle blue Steve Harris signature. It's easy to wipe down the lacquered and stainless steel surface. I'd Run to the Hills with it.
  10. If you had to pick one bass to play during self isolation , which one would you choose and why.
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