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  1. SH73

    HEADS UP!! FREE Steven Slate Drums 5

    Finally had some time to try it out but now there's no sound when I tap laptop keys ir midi keys. It worked initially with laptop keys when it was downloaded. Bizarre....
  2. SH73

    HEADS UP!! FREE Steven Slate Drums 5

    Downloaded and giving it a go. Seems to work. So far only listened through laptop speakers. I'll connect my midi keys and headphones later and report back. Anyone found SSD5 useful yet?
  3. cheers. maybe next time
  4. Any music shops in Grenwich London?
  5. SH73

    Anyone been to Prague....

    Watch out for pickpocketers.
  6. SH73

    Recording software for laptop

    Some audio interface and other products come with free DAW. Fosusrite inerface comes with free Ableton live lite. It is predominantly used by DJs or electronic music production but I have no issues recording metal ie guitars or bass either via plug in, DI or mic'd. or combination. As with anything else. It takes time to learn it but soon you discover its vast functionalities. Simple to use with plug ins. Free version is limited to 8 tracks but it's enough to start out. There is an option to upgrade to standard or suite version with unlimited tracks and extensive libraries.
  7. A rubbish player can have all the fancy gear but sound awful. An exceptionally good player can make sound a cheap/basic gear jaw dropping.
  8. SH73

    Daily Mail and John Deacon

    Not sure, best Google it. But agreed, it sounds like p bass with dead flats played with plectrum.
  9. SH73

    Duffer's guide to writing lyrics....

    Most words in songs nowadays are recycled lyrics They are not so much novelty, but more like gimmicks If you struggle to compose originalism Forget it, and opt for plagiarism. 1.to make it work in pop music, just add some 'ooh uuh' 2. for rap music, just add 'yo' or 'mother#%#@' 3. for metal 'yeah' ..if you're Metallica fan '##** yeah' 4.for classical don't add lyrics at all 5. for blues add ' b b b b babyyy" 6. jazz add any words and notes , it will work 7. death metal, wait till you have a bad chest infection or vomiting bug then just go straight into recording it.
  10. SH73


    i don't like fireworks
  11. SH73

    Daily Mail and John Deacon

    So simple but such a great bass line John Deacon is a legend
  12. That looks very tasty. Thanks for the info. What's the retail cost of these?
  13. unsure. Think they're made from polyester fabric.
  14. Cheers chaps. I have a read on these.
  15. I'm struggling to buy a reasonably priced rosewood strat neck replacement as all suppliers are out of stock. Something to do with rosewood restrictions etc. However I found plenty necks with artificial rosewood. Are these any good? I'm sure ine of my guitar has got it as the fretboard feels artificial but also feels great to play.