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  1. Ibanez roadster in The Trooper and Lado in AH could be for the show perhaps. Steve always reverted to his old P Bass. Some websites claim he used this two basses between 82 -84/85. But in live shows he plays his blue sparkle p bass during the number of the beast tour, piece of mind tour and world slavery tour. Dave and Adrian went to ESP and GK during 86-88 and Dave is seem playing during no prayer for dying. Adrian started experimenting with Jackson in 86, and other gear I'm not going to bore you with (surely you know) Dave and Janick are mostly royal to Fender. Janick is by heart a Fender and Marshall bloke keeping pedal effects to minimum.
  2. Amplitube 4 currently on offer on IK multimedia,l also bias FX on offer
  3. 50-110 flats rotosound flats Steve Harris, for obvious reason 45-100 flats fender- for a generic p bass sound 50-105 ernie ball rounds- for rock, metal, punk and slap if I have to
  4. D'You know what I mean? No clue mate
  5. We all live in a yellow Submarine...I don't pal, all the people I know live in a house or flat, or used to live on a river boat.
  6. Lovely bass though, lighter than the sparkly royal blue, more comfortable neck. Nice colour but that badge....
  7. To sound better you need to put one foot on the monitor or wear a hat
  8. Some interesting stuff this month. There is a mixture of Morrissey, Motor Head, punk and even something that reminds me a European band entering Eurovision. Will have a listen later. I only got as far as writing lyrics this month.... Voted
  9. Isn't this played on acoustic bass?
  10. I still have the VHS but unsure what the quality is now, I remember wearing out a Sony 90 mins tape. LAD was recorded from the LP
  11. Best and rawest sounding Maiden album.......Piece of Mind, drums sound is out of this world, guitars raw and heavy, bass tone just right, vocals at its peak. Best technically sounding...7th son...the whole album sounds crystal clear. Maiden with Marshall's sounds like Maiden. But Maiden guitars played through GK sound is just beyond everything else Best Steve tone.. Please close the thread 🤟
  12. https://images.app.goo.gl/ro6K8AizQjKJUpC57 This is what inspired me to play bass. Period!
  13. He must be Jo pasrorous fan, sorry but can't be bothered to look up the spelling of someone's name who plays random notes.
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