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  1. I have never practiced technique just learnt and played by ear.
  2. Does it comply with Ryanair s hand luggage rules?
  3. I've seen this set up at Camden shop this week, and it does look tasty, but the big question is... ..I have to borrow the quote from the fellow Basschater.. Is it good for metal?
  4. Contacted a band that is looking for a bass player on JMB. It turns out that there's no band, the guy is on his own😂
  5. With slight changes in my life I think I'm ready to gig. I've looked up some JMB adverts that are straight to the point. When I started up playing as a teen we always had issues with a drummer, it got the point that when I left ( choose another career not that I ever got paid) guitarist gigged with drum machine. Anyhoo, back to the point. Any advice from fellow BCs ? My current gear is only a 100 w practice amp and a few basses 😚 a pedal or two, so when the time arrives I'm happy to get some thing with plenty of umpf.
  6. The one and only Steve Harris. I've listened to Maiden since 1982, and got hooked instantly. When Live After Death was released I listened to it twice a day. The sound of the bass on that album was mesmerising. I'm still a fan, nearly 40 years later. Not only I own his sparkly blue signature bass but managed to meet him few years back. Rotosound flats are not just for jazz.
  7. I suppose I get the room dimensions windows, door layout to work out what's best. I still read that Yamaha monitors are bung for the buck.
  8. To me , it's getting all technical with low-cut etc. I will be getting a room dedicated to music in near future and have no intention to put some hideous room treatment foam etc on walls, therefore I'm after a good set of monitors. From internet research, Yamaha HS7 seem to be best suited for this purpose. I have been looking for budget monitors in meantime to assist mixing and mastering without constantly relying on headphones.
  9. Yes and junk mail as well. By the time they eventually sent me the link my parcel was dispatched.
  10. Are they good enough to play bass through?
  11. The point of this thread was to point out that a big music business offers matching the price as per their online site. They didn't get back to me when I filled out online price match, this is not the first time. When they did , evetually, after the second request, they said they had sent a link to match price. Three times I emailed them to say that I had not had any link. I gave up and with only few clicks not only I managed to beat the match price but got the item in less than 10 hours and saved more than price match. This is why I opt for Amazon. It's like marmite...
  12. I've realised that £100 is not enough to get a decent quality. Maybe double that would get me better monitors.
  13. I like supporting small businesses but they can't compete with big boys prices and if I can get the item for £20-£50 less I don't think twice where I spent my hard earn money. Unfortunately,lots of small businesses have disappeared over the years. For example I used to find tools in small DIY/ironmongery shops that big name companies don't sell. So now , I opt online. I still buy food in supermarkets. I saved £'s on a laptop that came straight from the manufacturer s warehouse. Don't understand why people are so negative about online shopping. It's fast and convenient. I still prefer talking to a person face to face but I have to think about savings.
  14. This. You get notifications and sometimes the same day delivery.
  15. £1.50 but you get it next day
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