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  1. Just out of interest. If this is 150 w 4 ohm what cabs would you hook up.
  2. Cheers it's on the use CODE is on top of LBGS page. Dooh
  3. How to get the BC discount? There doesn't seem to be an option
  4. Well I'm not joining a band. Looked promising but the guitarist stopped the project. At least I know what to get if things happen in future.
  5. Agree, I'm in no rush spending money, but pre emptively wanted some advice on amp wattage. I've been to a few pub gigs and often cannot distinguish the difference between bass played in bands as all I hear is booming sound. Some with a bigger pedal board than guitar players and no difference in sound tone.
  6. Iron Maiden used to sleep in the van with their gear in.
  7. I bought a SquierMatt Freeman some years back. I replaced the pups with Seymour Duncan Spb 4. Months later I reverted to stock pups as the bass sounded better with them, at least to my ears. You can pick up a cheap Squier on e bay etc. Replace the bridge pups and tuners , still cheaper than overpriced bigger name basses.
  8. Your questions are light years ahead. But the plan is originals and rehearse in a studio. As for the gigs, it's far far away.
  9. I own a Squier jaz classic C vibe. Amazing. I replaced the stock pups with Seymour Duncan pups.
  10. My misses said You're not buying anything until you have few rehearsals 😄
  11. https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Fender-Rumble-500-2x10-Bass-Combo/X0R With this https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Fender-Rumble-2x10-Bass-Cabinet-Black-Silver/15VO?utm_medium=display&network=criteo&retargeting_or_placement=retargeting&utm_source=criteo&utm_campaign=lowerfunnel
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