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  1. No matter what I do I can't get to sing in the right key, imagine dragging a shipping container on a concrete road. I gave up on autotune, well suppose my singing is what I call unique😄
  2. Does age matters? Don't think so.
  3. I'm a bedroom musician. I play what I want and when I want to, no audience needed, stress free. Don't need to rely on drummers, egoism loading/unloading.... Oh and I can pull a face (like any other musician) when I play. My only occasional enemy is GAS, so I never break margin.
  4. Strange, when I first added the item in the basket the delivery options were different. 👍
  5. Delivery fees are extortionate
  6. I've looked at this one. Is it with the daisy chain?
  7. eBay can be unfairly dictating users what to do and take robust action without thorough investigation. I have tried to sell something on e bay after about three years of inactivity. Ebay decided to restrict my account to buy only. When I looked into it they said there was an unresolved issue between a seller and buyer at an address, my ex's address. The dispute was years after we split up , between her and a buyer. I never lived there. I only had an item or two delivered there for convenience. I have raised this matter with eBay explained the circumstances but it was like banging my head against the wall. They would not listen no matter what. As for the feedback, you should be able to leave a negative feedback. At the end of the day, it's called feedback? Surely here in Basschat it would be allowed as long as it's constructive, I feel with you.
  8. Didn't quite know how to approach this, but managed to record half a song, and wrote some lyrics this morning.
  9. Security breach? Breach of data protection?
  10. Thank you but no. I struggle finding one, hating that part and the win is yours.
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