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  1. Mechanical heavy metal, MECHANICA
  2. This, 9/10 I play guitar, so much fun and endless possibilities, well at least for me. Good luck and keep 🤟
  3. I might move downloaded files on a dedicated external drive to free up space.
  4. Happy new year BCrs. I decided to kick off my " music production" this year with the most neglected part in my IT arsenal i.e. file management etc. I tend to lump everything on my SSD drive, software, plug ins, tracks, user library the whole lot, leaving my HDD empty. My plan is to use my internal SSD for DAW software and plug ins. Then dedicate my internal HDD for tracks audio recording. Have an external SSD for samples and sound libraries and have a fourth external SSD for back up. I'm sure this topic has been discussed previously but I can't find a link. How do you organize your files etc. There are so many articles on this subject. Lastly, my download files folder takes up lots of GB. So , after let's say I install a particular software is it safe to delete the installer. Some websites say yes some have different views. in my case I use a dedicated gaming laptop with only 250gb SSD and a 1tb HDD. My DAW is Ableton. I found good articles on Ableton site , but would be interested to hear/ share how you folks manage you IT stuff.
  5. Is the photo any good for a metal inspiration?
  6. About 5 years ago I rerecorded a song we wrote in first band, almost 4 decades ago. I play all the parts, drums created with Ableton live. The instruments are played played better and it sounds better in new version. I suppose back then we did not have DAW.
  7. I agree, but working full time with other commitments, i am not as flexible with time.
  8. Well gents, I ordered a gaming chair, should the comfort disappoint me I will swap it for Marcus IKEA chair.thanks everyone for advice
  9. Can I get away without measuring the rooms accoustics? The omnidirectional mic I found online is inexpensive but the found the process complicated.
  10. On my days off, sit in my garden behind locked gates, absorbing sun rays, admiring my new plants/flowers, tree blossom and sipping my home brewed beer.
  11. Thanks for replying. 6 months 8 hours still comfy, sounds good
  12. Over the hills and far away - Gary Moore
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