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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. They're not getting any younger
  3. My bass hibernates most of the summer as I tend to be spending most of time outdoors/outside. But it's not the bass it's my hands feel colder in winter despite heating being turned on.
  4. Ask for a deposit for for the bass is worth, and both sign a contract. If the bass is stolen.....or extensive damaged.....at least it's covered.
  5. Gets harder to vote each month but voted regardless. I don't tend to play much during the sunny/warm months as I use garden as means of escapism.
  6. My favourite Maiden cover. From this To this The bas line and guitar intro it's simply astonishing
  7. Not my cup of tea,but he changed appearance
  8. In 2007 I was 9 years absent from bass playing and music. Then started playing again around 2010, never really practised as I learned the Maiden bass lines I wanted to play. No need to impress anyone really, it's good enough for my own music.
  9. He would have formed G4 with Satriani, Vai and Malmsteen
  10. Totally agree, doesn't need much creativity to compose either. Have you ever listened to the quality on the monthly Basschat challenge?
  11. I've seen this a while ago, and it's very true. There are also similarities in between metal/rock songs or metal and pop. E.g. the start of the guitar solo by Adrian Smith in The Gangland from The Number of The Beast, is similar to The Final Countdown by Europe. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner- Iron Maiden intro is similar to that of It's a Sin by Pet Shop Boys.
  12. I have seldom been a victim of GAS, but could do with a bigger music room. The drums take up space and I could do with one more bass to satisfy my finger tips.
  13. I understand that, there was a note. But if I'm in the area to kill time I wanted to have a wander around the shop to see what the fuss was all about and it would be a degree of awkwardness if I said " I'm not buying, just looking around". I think there are more window shoppers nowadays than buyers. And for ' have to press the doorbell" I choose to go elsewhere in future.
  14. Well, I went to Bass Gallery three years ago. A nice sunny day had some time to kill to. Had to press the doorbell to be allowed in and for someone to come to shop floor. I think it was Bass Gallery, apologies if I have it wrong. But , not again thank you. All that walking for nothing. Felt very unwelcoming , needing to press the doorbell!?
  15. I got one if these works well
  16. I can't make a decision for a tight 3rd place, will have to torture my ears again. Voted
  17. This is what happens when people jump on a Bandwagon aka mother's days, Christmas, Easter.... I wanted a few things before , stuck in the wanted and boom
  18. I need my frets, everything else 👍
  19. Cocktails of drugs in system+ enlarged heart= death
  20. I only saw Motorhead once in 1996, I still remember the gig, bloody loud!
  21. Been a fan since 80's never saw them, I feel like a child at Christmas. ..C A U G H T. I N. T H E M O S H
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