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  1. I can make it into a 4 string in about 30 seconds if you want it!!!! 😉 Making a 4 into a 5 is a bit more complicated though......
  2. A "not trying too hard to sell it" type bumperooney! :-) its coal and tangerines for the kids for crimbo otherwise.....
  3. Just picked up a load of surplus bits from the Recycling section from Andy. A truly generous guy and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!
  4. Yeh that was another factor. The 32mm height didn't quite go under the pedalboard either but the 30mm height cheaper one was fine
  5. I think the finish is called Burnt Apple.....its pretty rare
  6. I think so and it really is a beauty - hardly a mark on it and it really sounds fabulous and so versatile. I've got my eye on a 4 string version (that i can actually play!) but i need to sell this to get the funds. Problem is that i keep thinking about persevering with it because its so nice and i'm not trying hard enough to sell it! Any trial welcome :-)
  7. 30mm according to the advert - its stuck under my pedalboard now I looked at this one too but it was bigger and did more than i really needed - its 32mm high https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Fame-DC8-Multi-Power-Supply/art-GIT0038973-000
  8. I recently grabbed one of these Fame ones and it seems pretty good so far - no noise and nice and compact. Oh and a proper kettle lead rather than an adaptor too :-) https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Fame-DC-Junior/art-GIT0040359-000?campaign=PSM_UK/kelkoo&ProgramUUID=MrLAqJarZEUAAAFobL.P7Dz7
  9. Cheers buddy - much appreciated! I never get stressed really in the band - we all know what we're doing from load in to load out and i don't tighten up when i'm playing. My gear isn't heavy either. I had a car crash about 12 years ago and the doc said i would suffer a bit when i'm older so i think its just that along with a job that requires me to be stuck in a car for the large part of a long day. I can just imagine telling the guys that they'll have to unload the van whilst i do my stretches for 30 mins :-) but i'll have a go and see what happens.
  10. I'm 55 and there isn't a single bit of me that doesn't hurt after a gig. I'm ok thru the gig but it usually starts with my lower back during pack down and escalates from there. By the time i arrive home i have to chisel myself out of the car. My thighs, shoulders and more lately my hands will be killing me. And it takes 24hrs to recover. I'm just resigned to being old and broken but will keep at it as long as i can. Getting old is poopy.......
  11. I haven't experienced very many 'bad' gigs but there are 2 that immediately come to mind. One was a new one in a bar in Hertford - the gig was fine but as soon as we finished at midnight it seemed like 300 kids came in and completely blocked any way out. We just physically couldn't get our gear out, the staff were absolutely useless and didn't help in any way. If they had just cleared a small route out we could have been done in 30 minutes. Finally got away at 2am after fighting through rugby scrums with the gear. They were trying to rebook us on the night but we declined their kind offers! The other one was a local to me pub. There were a couple of drunk and aggressive blokes in there when we arrived and they just got worse as the night went on. They were crashing around everywhere knocking punters over and spent plenty of time staring me out too. There was also a drunk girl who kept jumping up onstage and groping the guitarist while he was trying to play. I could feel my temper rising but kept it under wraps until about half an hour from the end. (the landlord just kept filling them up with more drink - he had no interest in sorting the issues out). I just stopped playing mid song, everything ground to a halt and I took the mic and announced nothing more was going to happen until the landlord had kicked the idiots out. Took about 10 more minutes to sort them out but we got there in the end. We cancelled the 4 future gigs there on the way out......
  12. We use an old GoPro Hero and a gorilla clip/mount. Copes with low light well and has built in sound compression to deal with volume fluctuation - it works pretty well for us. And it's beer proof and drop proof in its little plastic case thing. The added bonus is you can stick it pretty much anywhere - on the guitar headstock, PA speaker handles, anywhere in the venue where you can get the gorilla stand to clip to really.... And sometimes we just chuck it out into the crowd for them to go walkabout with - they usually bring it back and we've had some 'interesting' footage from that. Here's a crowd shot video from a low light and loud gig a while ago - I wouldn't trust any of this lot with an iPhone and mic.....
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