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  1. The new Dan Reed Network album. Loving it. Maybe their best yet...
  2. Not trying to be funny here but you probably would have sold it by now if you would consider splitting it. Trying to sell a complete high end rig with a fairly high value really thins out your potential market. People are always up for trying a new amp or cab on here though.
  3. I had the combo version of the Peavey Bam 210. Weighed an absolute ton. But the amp part was really good. Tons of effects and amp/speaker models and I thought it was a fab bit of kit. They were really expensive new so are properly rare - I've been keeping a bit of a greedy eye on that one you've spotted for a few months now but I can't justify more amps. Be aware it may be 600 watts into 2 ohms though. And the original foot switch is even harder to find but useful.
  4. Have a bump for a much overlooked bit of kit. I have one and it's a great bit of kit..
  5. Happened to me once. First note of the first set (soundcheck was fine) with a new set of strings and the E snapped at the ball end. 20 seconds later I'm back in the song with my spare bass. Never happened before or since so must have been a QC issue. And earlier this year I had my first ever amp failure - my Handbox went pop halfway into the 1st set. A spare little Quilter BB800 always sits on top and is plugged in to the mains so it's just a speakon change and I'm good again. That one took about 30 seconds to get back in the game. My thoughts are that if you are getting paid you need some sort of backup option for all your kit - basses, amps, leads whatever. I always use 2 cabs just in case one dies. And if its a wedding you absolutely have to have plan B - as above, it's just a gig for us but it's someone elses biggest day of their life and I wouldn't want to stuff that up for them....
  6. That's a warm fuzzy feeling when that happens isn't it :-) Well done. We have a couple of dep guitarists that have worked out like that - never met them before and they were blinding on the night. They had obviously done a bit of cramming on the day and were really organised. They're like band family now.....
  7. Cracking night at one of the more local venues. Good crowd and we played well. The van with PA, drums, lights and half the backline got stuck in a crash on the M25 so was really late - cue world record set up time. We normally need to get started at about 7.30 for an 8.30ish sound check and 9.30 gig. The van finally arrived at 8.30! We were sound checked at 9.05 and just about had all the lights set up for the 9.30 start.
  8. I've never been that interested in trying them until I watched the Count Me In film with Stephen Perkins. Now I really fancy having a go at it.....
  9. I can pass on your details to him if you want to message me? Or you just post/message on his Facebook and get a phone number off him. Then sort it from there. He's Essex based.
  10. The seller is a friend of mine. A totally upstanding dude if you need a recommendation.
  11. Good luck finding one (a TT800 that is.......) 😉
  12. I would add with great friends to that list..... I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to include all of the above in my band
  13. Sorry stewblack, I don't have the time or packing to get that sorted for you. EBay is the next stop.....
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