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  1. here you go.....delivery on Monday https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Warwick-42300-Red-Label-Medium-Light-Bass-Strings-40-130-5-String/NEM https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Warwick-42301-Red-Label-Medium-Bass-Strings-45-135-5-String/NEL
  2. Just had our gig on Saturday June 1st scratched by the venue.....to be fair they've offered an alternative though. Some football match happening that everyone's suddenly got interested in apparently 😉 Anyone due out that night may want to check with the venue.......
  3. My thinking is that we spend hours travelling, setting up and tearing down so 5 or 10 minutes making sure no-one comes up after the gig and says they couldn't hear the vox or the guitar was too quiet is time very well spent. We have a no widdling policy and are very conscious the punters are probably trying to have a chat and a drink before the band starts so we try to have minimal disruption for them.
  4. Great to hear its beginning to work out again for you Blue - it just takes a few positive things to turn it around when everything drops off and it happens to all of us at some point. Stick with it buddy..... Re levels - yes we always do a 5 minute soundcheck with me stood out front for a listen. Check the kick sound, quick spin round all the drums with the bass, check both vocal levels in monitors then add in the mains, mix the 2 guitars in and then just a spin through the verse and chorus of Rosalie to check the lot. We never change it so it stays a consistent reference point. Literally takes 5 minutes and everyone knows exactly what to do.
  5. Think it may have been me...... A couple of Ashdown ABM cabs with those drivers in (you were fixing your car outside at the time!) Great cabs and speakers! Sold them on but shouldn't have........
  6. Just a quick heads up.... Flare Audio are doing a 2 for the price of 1 discount at the moment on their Isolate range of earplugs - 2 sets for £25 My guitarist uses them and really rates them - I normally use Earpeace plugs but for this price i'm going to have a punt on the Flares Heres the link https://www.flareaudio.com/
  7. Mophie 16gb Space Pack for iPhone 5 and 5s Rechargeable power bank hard case including 16gb of extra memory Great condition and hardly used Postage is £5 Thanks for looking
  8. For sale SOLD Fender FB620 bass gig bag. Mint condition, 6 weeks old and hasn't left the house. I just picked up a Gator ProGo so this is now surplus to requirements. 20mm padding, backpack straps, lots of storage, a funky little bit inside to stop the strap button wearing through and a comfy single handle. Overall a brilliant bit of kit. Stingray not included 😉 Collection ideally from near Stansted Airport although I do travel around London, Kent, Essex and Herts for work and could possibly meet/deliver.
  9. Mick gallantly fought his way through the traffic nightmare that is Harlow to grab a box of old porno bass magazines that Mrs Pup was trying to throw away. They have now safely been rehomed in Hatfield i believe. Top bloke, recommended 😊
  10. Brian bought my DOD Milkbox pedal. All really smooth and no issues at all Cheers buddy!!!!
  11. Someone must want these sort of bump! The wife's threatening to just throw them!!
  12. Just the Milkbox left now (although someone has dibs on it for a day or so) Pedaltrain and Korg tuner both sold
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