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  1. Music shop fails

    You'll miss them when the interweb has killed them all off........no nipping in to solve last minute emergencies
  2. Gig bag recommendations please.

    Gator ProGo user here and very happy with it...... Great protection, a raincover, tons of storage and not too heavy And it has a one piece handle (i hate the two piece velcro together type ones :-)) https://www.thomann.de/gb/gator_g_pg_bass_guitar_bag.htm
  3. For Sale / Trade - Withdrawn

    Wow! Just classy....
  4. Looking for band advice.

    You're keeping an idiot in the band because it means you can play 2 particular songs????? I've seen bands play both of those songs perfectly well without a keyboard player btw. Dump the geetard - they're 10 a penny usually and its only a matter of time before someone goes pop if you keep him, just look for someone more suitable. Dump the egotist keys bloke - you need to actually fit in the pub in the first place The other guitarist makes all the decisions - there's nothing like a democracy in a band. And that isnt........He needs to take your feelings into account. Do the new thing.......
  5. Softening your opinion towards the nice blokes

    Those Twitter responses are brilliant 😂
  6. Rig help

    As above, it’s an Ashdown you need. I’ve had a couple and they’ll do exactly that fat plummy and a bit of grit sound. If you want a bit more definition and mid then go for the ABM600, it’s less whumpy than the 500.
  7. USA Fender Jazz... Or is it?

    It’s a bit odd that the central string spacing looks out of bonk (too wide) but the ferrule spacing looks too narrow. I tend to agree with Fretmeister above, it would be niggling me forever that I haven’t got what I think I bought. The low price points towards something not being quite right and I would walk away from it.
  8. Wind the P pickup down and get the J pickup a bit higher - that'll help a bit
  9. Wow, i've never seen one of those before and what a great colour!!! Really unusual :-)
  10. Supersonic, Oasis documentary

    I can't stand them.......but it's a great watch and I enjoyed it. Theres a quote in there from someone saying the Gallagher brothers are the last of the great 'rock stars' and i think that's probably correct. Smashing stuff up, fighting and being generally hard work etc is proper rock and roll
  11. Gig Gear bag = what do you use

    I use a double bass drum pedal bag which i stole off our drummer - everything except bass, amp and cabs go in it. Padded and easily carryable. The one i have has a few extra pockets on the outside and i can fit my Pedaltrain Metro 16 board in it as a bonus. Sort of like these below.... https://www.thomann.de/gb/foot_pedal_cases.html?oa=pra https://www.thomann.de/gb/millenium_doppelpedaltasche.htm https://www.amazon.co.uk/Protechtor-Percussion-10-inch-Double-Pedal/dp/B0002GFPAM/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1516097746&sr=8-3&keywords=double+bass+drum+pedal+bag https://www.gear4music.com/Drums-and-Percussion/Tama-PowerPad-Double-Pedal-Bag/1GVY?origin=product-ads&utm_campaign=PLA+Shop+-+Tama&utm_medium=vertical_search&network=google&adgroup=All+Products.+Tama&merchant_id=1279443&product_id=68542d1&product_country=GB&product_partition_id=96390696131&gclid=CjwKCAiA4vbSBRBNEiwAMorER1hYLirVArYOxHWDdvLDccJsodpUZn7Hhhwt1fgEJkXRTfq2fEdBuhoC5MYQAvD_BwE
  12. I think he's gone mug fishing......
  13. Alter Bridge are doing it for me at the moment - the albums (old skool, see....) just seen to get better the more i listen to them.
  14. Second last picture shows the curved body and the bridge pictures show it too. Its def spalted maple. I've played a couple of those and i seem to remember they weren't quite as curved as a Euro. Looks real to me. Its got a few lumps out of it and I've seen them go for £1500 in good nick so £1000 is a good deal if you don't want a minter.
  15. How many this year?

    Age 53 weekend warrior in a 4 piece rock covers band. Pubs and clubs mainly with a minimum of £250, most at £300 and a few at £400. Full time 50hrs a week job, tolerant and supportive wife, kids, dog. 53 gigs confirmed for 2018 and about 6 more waiting in the wings if we can fit them in. Might need some deps this year......