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  1. Can't you just become a supporting member on the Talkbass site? Doesn't that allow you to retail/promote on there?
  2. Mudpup

    Hartke LH1000

    Yep - great clean amps and a bargain too
  3. Just this......(haven't picked my bass up in months now)
  4. I had an ABM500 Evo 3 a few years back and also an ABM600 Evo 4 a little more recently. The Evo 4 is a very different beast. I found it much more preferable to the older version - you could make it sound a lot tighter, the eq is more versatile and the power amp is much improved. Hugely hefty sounding but able to cut and sparkle as well. I found the old one a bit of a one trick pony and could never get it to cut in a mix - it just sounded woolly and undefined to me. The ABM600 Evo 4 is the only amp i've ever had that i regretted selling and i can see me having one again someday....
  5. Our guitarist is on a different planet to me abilitywise - he's bordering on a prodigy i think whilst i am sort of ok and luckily have a great drummer which tightens up the back end of the band. He can literally hear a song once and then nail it effortlessly without breaking sweat. He's had a noodle on my gear and although he's technically superb he still sounds like a guitar player playing bass rather than a bass player according to the rest of the gang. He's incapable of sitting in the pocket and doing what the song needs on bass because he can't help throwing noodles in 😂
  6. I was a manager for Our Price Records for about 8 years back in the late 80's and those Quad amps were standard kit in all the stores. Fabulous amps and totally reliable - they were on for about 10 hours every day for 6 days a week and i never heard of one dying in any of the stores that i worked in.
  7. Audience of less than 6 - check No dancing - check No singing - check I think we'll qualify for 80% of our regular gigs :-)
  8. It's the same in the bicycle trade too. I work for an importer/distributor and products that are usually about a 3 month lead time are being quoted at 9/10 months now. One of our popular bikes that now retails between £5500 and £8500 is totally sold out until next August. And we ordered 30% more than we sold last year... madness! We did 8 months worth of business in a 3 week period earlier this year. The warehouse is the size of 8 football pitches and it was almost empty at one point. With everyone being stuck at home for the summer musical instruments, home recording gear, home office equipment and bikes went mad. Limited factory capacity due to shutdowns and more recent problems getting things shipped gives you the perfect storm.
  9. That'll have a disastrous resale value if you had to move it on at some point....
  10. Can you get a class D head that uses a Powersoft module? The OP is going to be restricted by what is currently available in head format.
  11. The Quilter really isn't as limited as you may think although it is a tiny bit treble shy unless you increase the scoop on the Contour. You have to understand what the 2 tone controls do - it'll take 5 minutes if you clear the idea of bass, mid and treble controls from your mind. Think of them as shape controls instead. The Depth control either lowers or boosts the bass depending on which way you turn it so thats pretty standard. The Contour increases a mid scoop if you turn it to the left and a treble cut if you turn it to the right. If you want to boost treble - turn up the scoop with the Contour, back off the bass with the Depth and add volume to taste. If you want more mids you need to cut the bass with the Depth, increase the treble cut with the Contour and increase volume to taste. That makes it sound complicated but it really isn't. My perfect gig settings tend to be 2 clicks left on the Contour and 1 click increase on the Depth (it has clicky knobs btw). It's naturally a very clean amp - it won't do overdrive but it will do crystal clear if you run the gain under 3 and goose the master. If you run the gain at around midday (5) upwards it really fattens up but without softening (more than any other class D i've used so far anyway). And its bonkers loud.
  12. And whilst i'm having a posting frenzy i'm rather proud to announce that i've finally cracked Get The Funk Out by Extreme this afternoon. I suddenly nailed a key bit i had been stuck on after pottering about with it for a few months and everything just fell into place.
  13. I've just started having a go at this one - we're cobbling a mash up together along with Calling all the Heroes by It Bites. Notewise it's not an issue but the stamina required for the rhythm is killing me after months of playing downtime.
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