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  1. Cab wise I used a couple of Barefaced Big Babys with my Ashdown ABM600 and had great results so i would probably look at grabbing something from Barefaced used off the classifieds here. There's frequently Super Twins, Compacts etc kicking around. Trouser shaking stuff and easy to lug about. Or a light 2x12 4ohm neo cab from another manufacturer - Depends on the budget really....
  2. I think you're talking about an Ashdown ABM600 here. It'll do exactly that.
  3. Mudpup

    Strings...oh god not again!

    Heres the thread for the freebies with a load of user responses on there....
  4. Mudpup

    Strings...oh god not again!

    I don't really know the tech blurb but i was given a set to try a few years back and they lasted about 8 gigs for me and still sounded ok when i eventually took them off. I usually struggle to get 4 gigs out of strings - as soon as the zing is gone i change them......
  5. Mudpup

    Strings...oh god not again!

    I've had good results with Dunlop Super Brights at the cheaper end and then D'Addario NYXL's at the pricier end.
  6. Mudpup

    Cracking live albums but a bit meh in the studio

    Oh go on then.... Alter Bridge Live at the Albert Hall with the Parallax Orchestra - recorded last year and released a few months ago. A fabulous recording of an epic gig. I love the band/songs anyway but the addition of the orchestra and the amazing surroundings made for a massive night :-)
  7. Mudpup

    Cracking live albums but a bit meh in the studio

    UFO Strangers in the Night is another gem. I cant listen to the studio versions of the same songs.....
  8. Mudpup

    Fun little 30 bass comparison

    Yeh, i couldn' t decide. Would it be ones i would use regularly or just stuff i liked. The Vigier and other MTD nearly made it too :-)
  9. Theres a thing on the "other" site - have a look at this video then list your top 3 basses just for fun Heres mine - MTD Super 5 Sandberg California Dingwall Leland Sklar
  10. Free - just come and collect them. I'm near Stansted Airport/Harlow/Bishops Stortford. Big box of about 40+ issues of the Bass Guitar Magazine going back over about 15 years. Not the USA version - its the British one with better editorial and reviews (IMHO YMMV etc...) like this one below.....
  11. Make the most of it, they wont be there for long.......
  12. Mudpup

    Wireless unit on pedal board....wise??

    I think you mean first in the chain from the bass (not the amp) don't you? Bass-Wireless-Tuner-Effects-Amp
  13. FOR SALE £35 4 unit Gator GRB-4U Rack Bag Good used condition - no rips, tears or broken zips. Includes shoulder strap. Pictured with 2 single unit blanking panels which you can have for an extra £5 if you want them. Full RRP was £89 but it seems to have been discontinued and GAK have them at £59 at the moment so save yourself a wad of wonga with this wun :-) Interior Length 14 " Interior Width 19 " Interior Height 7 " Collection from near Stansted Airport/Bishops Stortford/Harlow area. May also be able to deliver Essex, Herts, Kent, London by arrangement as i travel about a bit for work.