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  1. We had some stuff made in China and there were 2 cost prices quoted. One was for a guaranteed no copies item and the other cheaper one was for a production line that was a "bit nearer to the back door of the factory"
  2. Mudpup

    How was your gig last night?

    After a flying start to the year with 2 great gigs we were waiting for the banana skin gig. And that would be Friday then......a gig that we do a few times a year in Hertfordshire that can be a bit hit or miss attendance wise - we tend to get a couple of decent ones then a run of tumbleweeders. We were expecting the January drop off and we got it. Only about 40 people in and they were either annoyingly drunk or completely disinterested and standing at the bar round the corner. We had a minor bit of excitement though - 4 songs in and the guitarist lost all volume on his amp. As we all looked round to see what had happened a load of smoke started pouring out the back!! Highly entertaining :-) A quick jiggle around and backup amp sourcing and we were off again. So we got the duffer out of the way on Friday and hit Surrey last night. A regular one that we do about 4 times a year and we love it there. Usually a decent sized crowd and last night was good. Best sound we've had there i think, got some decent useable video and one of the crowd that was there is the sister of someone who owns a pub we want to get into - she had a great night and is going to sort some dates for us. That fixed it and we're back on track happy bunnies
  3. Mudpup

    Spector sold to Korg

    sorry i didnt see it...
  4. Mudpup

    Spector sold to Korg

    It's not just the music industry - its the race to the bottom where everything revolves around buying something cheaper....whether its internet shopping or lowering manufacturing costs for increased profitability 😞
  5. Mudpup

    Spector sold to Korg

    I think i'll buy up a few Spector Euros as an investment before Korg starts cutting corners on them. I reckon "pre Korg" is going to be desirable in the future.
  6. Mudpup

    Spector sold to Korg

    Just spotted this... http://mmrmagazine.com/featured/korg-usa-inc-acquires-spector-bass-company/?fbclid=IwAR1hKBxOQ7yMjzOYzOI21XWTMp1K2uH5wfClrFjGTCOgwkpg_o3ylLn0ZuA Seems like Stuart Spector has sold up to Korg. PJ Rubal is still there for the transition period. I wonder where it'll go from there?
  7. Mudpup

    Spector fans!?!

    I had a Euro 4 LX for a few years and currently play a 50's Lacquer Precision and also a Sandberg PM4 (which is may be fairly similar to your Maruszczyk??). I had always wanted one, loved the looks and the sound that i had heard on records and it was a 50th birthday indulgent gift from the missus so i really tried to love it but ultimately it wasn't for me. The Spector could be from a different planet compared with the 2 P bass styles. I couldn't get a Precision tone from it - the Tonepump preamp and EMG pickups sound much more modern and it doesn't have the warm low mid punch that works so well in a band that the Fender P bass has. The Spector has oodles of big clean low end and sparkle but is much more hifi sounding. It didn't have the fatness of a Precision and i found it a bit sterile. It may not do the Motown thing too well in my opinion. I didn't find it as comfortable as a P bass to play either when stood up - it wasn't particularly heavy but it feels like the 1st fret is a few inches further out to your left due to the bridge being mounted inboard to the body. Everything feels a bit closer in on the P bass. And i think i prefer slightly bigger bodies too in general. Lovely quality though. I think you would be better off grabbing a used one off here - if you don't gel with it when you've gigged it a bit you can flip it back with minimal loss. At Β£1700 you're taking a risk.
  8. Mudpup

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    Have you listened to the middle bit of Stranglehold? Or did you switch off after 2 minutes? Its got a bass solo in it!!!! πŸ™‚
  9. Mudpup

    Best value strings?

    I would second the Warwick Reds suggestion.......
  10. Mudpup

    Aria- making a comeback?

    I had an 80s RSB Deluxe 2 back in the day too. Fabulous bass, really nice. All black with gold hardware. I couldn't afford an SB series one....
  11. Mudpup

    How was your gig last night?

    But he keeps climbing out......we're gonna get it tinted like a pimpmobile πŸ˜‚
  12. That’s the one, yes. And they are great guys in there. Real good attitude, service and always competitively priced.
  13. Mudpup

    How was your gig last night?

    Bless you Blue, thanks. Its a fun thing, good mates and playing everything i loved growing up. The perfect fit for me and that's a thing to be cherished..... Here's a bit more from the same night - a bit of less rocky 80's classic pop
  14. Mudpup

    How was your gig last night?

    January is always a potential tumbleweed month after all the Xmas spending and drinking so we weren't expecting much at last nights pub gig in Hertford. Its a nice pub with great staff/owners and usually a resident crowd though so we were optimistic that i would be ok if a little quiet. I got to use my new (secondhand) Zon bass for the first time at a decent volume and it was good to see how it fitted in live. We have to be a bit careful with the volume in there so used a Quilter BB800 and a single Barefaced BB2. Nice easy load in and lightweight gear is a lovely thing! Everything set flat and the amp just ticking over at 40% volume. It wasn't quiet!!! About 20 people in there at 9pm but by the time we started at 9.30 it was filling up and by 10pm it was flipping packed :-) And they danced from the start.....We had a blinder - played well, no noticeable mishtakes, great crowd, love my new bass, caught up with some old mates that i hadn't seen for a while and loads of compliments afterwards. The band even commented how well the bass fitted into the overall sound. A good start to 2019..... P.S beware of Summer of 69 played in drop D content half way thru the clip πŸ˜‰
  15. Agreed, i tried them after your recommendation and they're great value. I'll stick with them when my job lot of DR's runs out....