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  1. Don't think i can change that - theres no switches or buttons on it. And wouldn't that mean the other pedals won't work either?
  2. Any help/suggestions gratefully received please :-) Today i got around to buying a new power supply to get rid of some slight noise on my pedalboard today. I've done nothing other than switch from a Diago Micropower with a daisy chain to a Fame DC Junior isolated one. But my Korg Pitchblack tuner wont work from it - it runs fine from batteries but not from the new supply. All other pedals working perfectly. I've tried the obvious stuff like running a functioning pedal from the same output and it works fine. I've tried running the Korg from a different output and it still doesn't work. The new Fame power supply gives out 2500ma in total from 5 outputs - so 500ma each effectively -plenty for what i am using. My pedals are a Zoom MS60B at 500ma, Tech21 VT Bass DI at 100ma, Seymour Duncan Studio Bass at 21ma and a Sony wireless receiver and of course the Pitchblack. Any ideas????
  3. They're not supposed to have a Jazz neck - its just a less chunky Precision neck. On of the nicest necks i've ever played and a great bass.
  4. I'm fortunate to be in the same scenario. Fab drummer who I really gel with, guitarist who seems to be able to play pretty much anything and isn't a volume freak and a singist that we've had to retrain a bit but now learns his bits before rehearsals rather than during them. And playing songs I love in venues I like. Doesn't get much better at the moment - apart from acquiring a roadie and a helicopter I guess 😊
  5. I was looking at a new car on eBay last week. This particular one was listed with an opening bid of £4000 but was worth about £9000 in my estimations. I contacted the seller to see what the reserve price was before I put a bid on - he came back with "£7200 but I won't let it go for less than £9000 and I'm not sure if I'll sell it anyway" Eejit..... If it hits reserve he'll be bailing out of the sale it seems....
  6. I had one. For a week and then returned it. Sounded great at home with loads of stuff to twiddle with but i used it at a gig at volume and it was just too complicated for me. I couldn't get a core sound from it that i liked quickly even though i thought i had familiarised myself with its operation beforehand. And i couldn't see the knobs easily on a dark stage which further confused the issue.
  7. A rack case is what you need for a Fafner. I'm pretty sure its a 3u one. I use a Gator rack bag like this for my TD650 because i find they're a bit more car interior friendly than the ABS style cases. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gator-3U-Rack-Bag-Construction/dp/B0002D020S/ref=sr_1_1?crid=BDEBTAO3ARI7&keywords=gator+3u+rack+bag&qid=1567715355&s=gateway&sprefix=gator+3u%2Caps%2C247&sr=8-1
  8. Hasn't got an On/Off switch either - nobody's noticed that yet as everyones getting hung up on XLR stuff as per most Quilter threads (pulls up a chair and grabs the biscuits....) and yes it's $249 so will be around £799 at todays rates https://www.bassgearmag.com/bassic-review-quilter-labs-interbass-pedalboard-preamp-amp/
  9. Dave just bought my Thunderfunk. Top bloke, dead easy to deal with 😊 Enjoy the amp!!!!
  10. Yep frequently at sweaty gigs. The only ones that last for me are HiBeams and Dunlop Superbrights. I've been buying Warwick Reds for the summer too cos they're cheap and I can replace them without worrying about the cost
  11. This looks interesting...... https://www.quilterlabs.com/index.php/product/interbass
  12. I acquired this in an exchange on this veritable forum a short while ago as a 5 string experiment. Alas I have far too few fingers and it's not worked out for me - I'm sticking to 4 strings!! So, she's up for sale or an exchange for a 4 string G&L L2000 if anyone has one kicking around. Year 2000 USA model and in fab condition (tiniest bit of buckle rash and a weeny dink on the headstock). Comes with new strings and original hard case. No issues and sounds amazing! I'm based near Harlow/Bishop's Stortford and can travel to Herts/Kent/London for work so pretty flexible for delivery/demo Pm me with swaps or questions please and thanks for looking 😊 (Harry, hope it's OK to use your pics - I'm in France at the moment!)
  13. Well done mate! All the good advice and positivity on this thread was great to watch. And that's a pretty big stage to break your duck on with nowhere to hide for you. Crammed little pubs full of strangers miles away are much easier on the nerves. When's the next one??? 😉
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