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  1. Possible trade plus cash my way for decent tiny combo for the front room - something like a PJB maybe? Trade offers via PM only please ta
  2. Just take 2 strings off and pretend its a proper bass :-)
  3. Think there's a bloke on here selling one..... Or will be soon 😉
  4. It's that neck Harry!!!! Its special :-)
  5. Thats what i use - gigged every weekend for about the last 4 years (so about 200 gigs and then rehearsals on top of that) and its never skipped a beat. Receiver is mounted on my pedalboard and the transmitter is a robust metal unit. Discontinued a few years back so i am on the lookout for a spare just in case....
  6. When did Jeremy Clarkson start singing for The Cure????
  7. Hard work last night - pub gig and played to about 20 people inside whilst 50 people sat outside and listened from there. I don't blame them as i would prob have done the same but it makes it difficult to stay interested. Sore fingers from sweaty hands all night too.
  8. This exactly.....any other option will not be trying a Stingray - it'll be trying a Stingray copy :-)
  9. Sheryl Crows band sounded good - nice Reverend bass on the first song :-)
  10. If you have an £800 budget just go direct to getting a used American Stingray from the classifieds on here. It may be a bit scruffy but they're tough basses and it should be perfectly usable. If you get a new Sterling for £800 you'll always be wondering if its the same as a 'real' Stingray. Which it isn't..... Its close but not the same. If you buy at the right price used you can always sell it on for about the same price if you don't bond with it. But you'll have scratched your itch. Re the 2 band /3 band sound - they are quite different. There isn't actually a flat setting on the 2 band as it's a boost only preamp but the 3 band is centre detented. And that isn't necessarily a flat response. The 2 band generally has a warmer bootier sound in my experience.
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