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  1. Previous owner of my '83 Ibanez RB920 was Paul Ryder (Happy Mondays).... It was used on their first couple of albums, TOTP performances, videos & live - lots on youtube of it in action. Madchester funk machine! I don't have any provenance in writing, except some messages on FB, as I'm friends with Paul - asking me if I've still got the bass & if I'm looking after it
  2. nick


    Both of those are lovely ....How do they play & sound comparatively?
  3. Airlink Transformers Harlow are good... I've used them for toroidals for US to UK voltage conversions on a GK 800RB & a 400RB
  4. Thank you sir, much appreciated
  5. Hi, cheers no footswitch included... but I'm pretty competent at soldering, electronics etc so will make make one once I find schematic. It does look clean, just missing a slider...
  6. This big beautiful blue beast is in coming soon. I can't wait & neither can my back! 😂
  7. Cheers... yeah the Tokai is a slightly deeper neck profile to lots of other Jazz basses I've tried, though I can't say chunky. The Stringray is to me, chunky compared to it & taking a bit of time to adjust to it... The Jazz is quite similar to my '84 Tokai 'Harpuncher' which has a B-profile neck. My favourite type of neck to play, lovely.
  8. Just got back from a long stint working overseas...whilst away thought I'd treat myself... Now while back in the UK, stoked to be finally getting my hands on these lovelies : 2016 Stingray, 1978 Shergold Marathon, 1984 Tokai Jazz
  9. They are U.S. based. Maybe Mark Phillip's stateside counterpart?
  10. Sorry, it looks like Stevie Wonder's routed the pickup cavity with a bolster chisel on this 'Phat Jaco' humbucker version https://reverb.com/item/22325043-custom-fretless-jazz-bass-phat-jaco-two-hum-buckers
  11. These are lovely pickups. I've got a set of CS 60's in my '84 Tokai, so sweet sounding.GLWTS 😊
  12. nick


    Nice one Clarky, glad you find a replacement - looks lovely
  13. Circa 1986: 78' Fender Musicmaster & H/H V-S amp
  14. After years of using lemon oil, I've switched to Musicnomad F-One fretboard conditioner. I think it's great.
  15. My 2016 MIJ 'FSR' & '78 Mustangs
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