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  1. I am a VERY happy man right now. This is my birthday present from (the greatest) girlfriend in existence. The guys at TKS did an amazing job of turning it around quickly and it looks great. Will be trying it out once some speaker cables arrive. It's a horizontal S112 in tweed with the brown/gold cloth.
  2. [quote name='essexbasscat' timestamp='1432922756' post='2786285'] I'll get some photos up this weekend (been ridiculously busy this week). The amp is in South Essex on the outskirts of East London, about an hour and a half by train from Hammersmith. One change onto the Central LIne from Hammersmith station. [/quote] Great. I'll look forward to the photos and let you know from there.
  3. Any photos available? Also, how far away from Hammersmith are you?
  4. [quote name='sifi2112' timestamp='1406389058' post='2511134'] Thanks for the above info mate [/quote] No problem.
  5. For those looking to repair the Superdrive, I have found that The Bookyard is the best place for Apple spares: http://thebookyard.com/parts_imac_intel_24.php?cPath=34_164_175&sort=2a&filter_id=24 Also, if you haven't taken apart an iMac before, be careful when disconnecting the LCD connector. You'll need a glass suction pad to get the front glass off and Torx screwdrivers for internal screws. Full guide for this model here: https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/iMac+Intel+24-Inch+EMC+2134+and+2211+Optical+Drive+Replacement/8965
  6. Hi all, I have one of these bikes that I bought last year but won't have space for it now I have to move house. It's been used for approx. 20 hours total and comes with everything in this listing: [url="http://indoor-cycles.co.uk/acatalog/class_bike_2_indoor_cycle_info.html"]http://indoor-cycles...cycle_info.html[/url] which is where I bought it from last year. You'll need a car to come pick it up as it weighs 44kg. I live near Hammersmith in London, although could drop off within a certain radius. Sam
  7. There's a lot to choose from. I host all of my client domains through Bluehost. They're an American company but have 24/7 support and is only £3 a month if you are a new customer I think. It uses cPanel. This is the easiest platform to use for a server. I'd advise installing a Wordpress backend for your domain, buying a theme you like (see: http://themeforest.net for ideas) and adding your content. It's a much cheaper way of getting the design/build done professionally. Might be best to get someone to consult with about the creative approach and content. Hope this helps.
  8. I know this album came out a few years ago but really enjoying listening to it again. And this video of Bill Wither's "I Can't Write Left Handed" is great. Thoughts? [url="http://www.youtube.com/embed/CqQBpd31SxM"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqQBpd31SxM[/url] (Sorry, not sure how to embed YouTube videos).
  9. [quote]Unfortunately, ErnieBall/Musicman has a strict sales policy that requires all US dealers to ONLY sell NEW items in US funds, shipped to US addresses ONLY. We CAN sell USED or DISCONTINUED EB/MM product outside of the USA. [/quote] This is what I was sent by one of the guys there, August 2009.
  10. [quote name='ern500evo' timestamp='1393848814' post='2384913'] Make that, this WAS looking very promising, it's a Musicman bass I'm looking at! [/quote] Ahh, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Which one are you looking at? They may have changed their policy or make an exception.
  11. I bought a Stingray 5 from them about 4 years ago. Musicman don't allow them to ship outside of the USA so had it shipped to my friend in California who I was visiting a few weeks later and took it home on the plane. They got it to him really quickly and saved on State tax. The exchange rate for the dollar is pretty good at the moment too.
  12. Better late than never! Also a fan of Stingrays, love my 5 and don't think I'll let that go, it's a stealth black one with rosewood board. What made you switch from Ashdown amps? I haven't really tried much else to be honest.
  13. I want this but Lloyds Bank says no.
  14. Another opinion of mine: trying to 'plug' your website/Facebook/[other social media nonsense] on stage seems to me a bit silly, and sometimes the same with saying you have merch/CDs at the back. If people love your music, they'll probably want to talk to you after, buy you a pint etc. And people will know if you are 'online' or have merch through you being around after you've played. No social/electronic media will ever be better than a real-life conversation.
  15. [quote name='Coilte' timestamp='1392115548' post='2364759'] Tell that to Miles Davis ( a bit late now, I suppose). He was regarded as "Mr Cool" personified. He had little interaction with his audiences and often played an entire concert with his back to them. Granted he was one of a kind....just sayin'. [/quote] I saw Finley Quaye (remember him?) at Brixton Jam the other week and he didn't look at the audience once, no talking, no thank you and was either side-on or had his back to a packed room. Miles Davis could probably get away with it, Quaye was just arrogant with it (and high on weed). It's not so much about talking to the audience but making sure they feel a part of what you're doing musically.
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