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  1. I have used BF cabs for many years and never found anything better. However I took an amp in for repair recently and he asked me what cabs I use, I told him and he said that he is not a fan of them as they build their crossover circuits on a piece of plywood rather than a prober circuit board thus risking a fire hazzard. Can anyone confirm this or indeed had any problems with fire or burning ??? Ta
  2. A question Ive always asked my self over the last 50 years of playing, and as I am at that point now after having my amp malfunction and damage my cab. What are the advantages of buying the same make of cab as your amp, or is it better to buy a high quality amp and a high quality cab from different manufacturers ? I have been looking at the Darkglass gear, looks good and sounds good, any comments?
  3. Does anyone know where I can get an Ultra jazz bass scratchplate. They are slightly different to the standard one and also only have 9 holes. Cant find any replacement anywhere !
  4. Does anyone know if you can get a replacement scratchplate for the Fender Ultra Jazz Bass yet please ??
  5. Thanks guys, Ive endeed up with the 4 string owing to advancing years !
  6. Thanks guy I am obviuosly not alone. What annoyed me most was that they accused me of trying to keep the bass without paying for it. They have now agreed a refund but I am still waiting!!
  7. Does anyone know the difference in weight between the 4 string and the 5 string please ?
  8. Has anyone had any experience with a company called DV247.com ? I made an order for a bass on 1st July after being promised it would be with me within 5 days despite coming from their German warehouse, being a trusting guy I believed them. After 12 days I once again checked the tracking site which showed bass was delivered that day at 11.52am, which it was not. They now seem to be dragging their feet as regards a replacement or a refund. Really not happy with this service after spending such a high amount. Any advice or comments ?
  9. Done that and fitted flat wound strings, still picks up every little noise !
  10. I have an Ibanez SRMS805 which is a 5 string multi scale, fan fretted bass. I have an issue with the sensitivity of the pickups. They seem to pick up the slightest noise from the fretboard, finger finger movement and even the strings hitting the frets. I am by no means a heavy player and none of my other Ibanez , or any other basses do this. It is fitted with Bartolini pickups. I have heard that pickups can become super sensitive, is this what has happened to mine and what is the cure please ?
  11. TC Electronics have the worse customer service I have ever encountered. That said I also need a set of these knobs, three have just snapped in half ! Andersons do them but are out of stock, any ideas, I think its a 5mm shaft.
  12. I have a SR1300 4 string I would swop with you. Can send pics if youre interested, 2016 model immaculate condition and same wood/finsih as yours.
  13. Neutrik great company to deal with, customer service second to none. Give them a ring they will sort it for you.
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