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  1. Bought a Sadowsky WL from Dennis , really easy transaction, the bass is in perfect condition, i am really happy with this one. Thank you Dennis
  2. For Sale Glockenklang Blue Sky, mint Condition 700 watts / 4 0hms, 350 watts / 8 ohms Class A Preamp Class D PowerAmp 5 kgs Specs: [url="http://www.glockenklang.de/en/products/bass_systems/blue"]http://www.glockenkl...ss_systems/blue[/url] sky.htm photos [url="https://picasaweb.google.com/115073310486267739772/GlockenklangBlueSky"]https://picasaweb.go...kenklangBlueSky[/url] sold with Glockenklang Bag sold with High end PowerCord sold with rack ears [attachment=194903:IMG_3520.JPG] [attachment=194904:IMG_3521.JPG] [attachment=194905:IMG_3523.JPG] 765 £ /1100 € plus shipping from France (French Alps) if you have any questions feel free to contact me Arnaud
  3. The crack is in the lacker only and yes the neck is something :-)
  4. Price drop 1400 € shipping included
  5. Dear all for sale 2009 Nordstrand Vj5 5 strings in very good condition Beautiful Flamed Neck The body is northern ash Nordstrand Preamp and Pickups [url="https://imageshack.com/i/mahmtfj"][/url] [url="https://imageshack.com/i/mk68bmj"][/url] [url="https://imageshack.com/i/n7e4r5j"][/url] The original customer for that bass requested just Passive Tone, Mids, and Bass for the EQ. The preamp does have an active treble control, however, the leads are not connected to any pot. The mid frequencies are 1kHz and 400Hz, frankly, i have never missed the active treble control 18 Volts active electronics some scratch and dings, i tried to get them all on the pics there is a crack near the neck pocket, but that's only the finish, there is no incidence on the sound or playability (see pics) very low action is possible,the neck is one of the best neck i've ever played Very big sound, with a lot of possibilities, between a jazz bass on steroids and a MM stingray The Bass will be shipped in a flightcase Can ship in Switzerland / Europe The bass is located in French Alps near Evian Price 1600 € 1320 £ shipping included Thank you for your interest All the photos are available here [url="https://picasaweb.google.com/115073310486267739772/NordstrandVj5"]https://picasaweb.go...2/NordstrandVj5[/url] feel free to ask any questions. Have a great day arnaud
  6. now, i am really ready to sell it :-) Arnaud
  7. Hello, For Sale a Markbass TTE 500 head, in perfect condition, bought new in march 2012 i am looking for a sale only [s]650£ [/s]550 £ delivered to your door This is the link to the photos [url="https://picasaweb.google.com/hybass/TTE500"]https://picasaweb.go...m/hybass/TTE500[/url] This is a link to the Markbass site [url="http://www.markbass.it/product_detail.php?id=183"]http://www.markbass....tail.php?id=183[/url] the head is located in France (French Alps) but no problem to ship to Europe. Have a nice day.
  8. [url="http://www.arcellussykes.com/transcription/ndegeocello_boyfriend.pdf"]http://www.arcellussykes.com/transcription...o_boyfriend.pdf[/url]
  9. I bought a demeter Compulator from Gillento everything was great : unit as described Great packaging sent quickly Good communication Best Arnaud
  10. still available ( i was on holiday :°)) <quote>What didn't you like about it?</quote> i like it but i need to finish my house .... <quote>Is it possible to slap and pop properly on it</quote> No issue for myself
  11. FS brand New Status T-Bass with graphite neck ordered in March 2009 Brand New with case [attachment=27599:status3.JPG] [attachment=27600:status4.JPG] [attachment=27598:status2.JPG] [attachment=27601:status5.JPG] [attachment=27597:stat1.jpg] Pics a are here [url="http://picasaweb.google.com/hybass/StatusTBass#"]http://picasaweb.google.com/hybass/StatusTBass#[/url] Book-matched quilt maple facing Alder 2-piece back High gloss lacquer Faux mother of pearl pick-guard 4-string woven graphite bolt-on neck with angled tuners J - width top-nut Dual-action truss-rod 34" scale (864mm) fingerboard with front dot markers Phenolic fingerboard, 24 frets Gold hardware Mono-rail bridge units Standard 19mm string spacing Status J-type single-coil pickups Central hum-cancelling pickup system under pick-guard Status two-band E.Q. with EQ bypass switch 2 x volume controls, treble / bass, cut / boost controls 18 volt power supply The Bass is located In France (Haute Savoie) but i will assume half the costs for sending the Bass in Europe and UK. Price 1300£ Thank you
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