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  1. Bought a GK MB800 from Ash. Communicated well. He promptly posted it, it arrived well packed, safe & sound. A pleasure to deal with, recommended. Thanks, Steve.
  2. Hi I’d like this if it’s still available? Steve
  3. I’m the seller. I was asking Lee where he is as I might be going on holiday and you never know.
  4. I’m afraid not as I’m disabled and it would be too much hassle.
  5. Price reduced 1/8/18. No further reduction will be made. Having recently bought a Berg NV115 here on the forum, I’ve finally got round to putting up my Berg 112s. I can’t really play any more never mind gig so they’ve basically sat looking pretty for the past seven years. Like most other things bass, I bought them from Bass Direct. Bergantino Model HT112ER specifications: •1 x 12" cast frame woofer w/ 80oz. magnet, vented pole piece •high intelligibility 1" tweeter •power handling - 350 watts rms •custom phase - coherent crossover with tweeter level control •frequency response: 40hz - 18khz •sensitivity: 98.5db • anechoic: 2.83v/1m •2 x 1/4" and 2 x neutrik connectors •impedance: 8 ohms •dimensions: 15 3/4"H x 18-1/2"W x 15"D •40cm x 47cm x 38cm •weight: 39lbs/17.7Kgs •Padded/fitted cover £60 •This cab works well with high power amplifiers from 300 - 500w at 8Ω Looking for £675 for the pair. Would prefer them to be sold as a pair. Reduced to £600. No further reductions will be made, this is the very lowest I will go. It’s a VERY GOOD PRICE for these fantastic cabs. I’m in Newport Pagnell, around a mile or so from M1 j14.
  6. Bought a Berg NV115 from Chris yesterday. He very kindly delivered it to my house and played my basses for a while, all the while being patient while I looked for songs on my IPad, my memory and speech not being what it was since my stroke. He, like many before him on this forum, showed me that there are good hearted people around us, many of them in the music world. Thank you Chris. Highly recommended. Steve
  7. Sorry for that Dad. I’ll know next time. 👍
  8. I wouldn’t be gigging any longer and basically would just be using it to practise at home. Just neater. What amp do you use? I have a Streamliner 900, so it ought to be plenty loud for the house!
  9. Is this still here? 🤔 I’m considering stopping my two Berg 112s for one on these.
  10. The bass is sold. See you in another seven years fellas. Thanks for all the kindness. 🙏
  11. Sure thing. I’ll pay if you buy my bass. 🤔🤣 It might be sold already, just waiting for the confirmation.
  12. No, I remember the bass well, but not who owned it! I think Steve Bird had it for a while before getting the white AC that belonged to Paul Turner. The AC that HappyJack mentions was a Antigua Five String Precision AC that I bought new from the place near Colchester area, I can’t remember the name. Come to think of it, I can’t remember much, can I. 😜
  13. Wow. Thanks for the kind messages. It’s good to be back fellas, if only for a short visit. (Hopefully!) 🤔 I realise now that I was a better player than I thought I was. Well, if enthusiasm counts, then definitely!
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