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  1. I saw The Nightingales in Norwich on Tuesday, very good well worth going to see on this tour if you get the chance.
  2. Ross brought my Spark amp, really easy to deal with. Prompt payment confirmation of delivery supplied. Trade with confidence where Ross is concerned!
  3. So this is the SY-300 in a new form factor, unsure where this sits in the Boss Synth range?
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Would the Boss SY300 be an option? Can be picked up for £300-£350 second hand.
  6. The Empress Zoia looks interesting, £450 though 😬
  7. This was a lock down project purchase last year, however other than 5 minutes on taking delivery I have never used it and don't think I will be using it as not playing much of anything at the moment. Decent review here: https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/guitars/mahalo-mlg1-lap-steel-569791 The lapsteel comes with a SHUBB SP2 Tonebar which retails at over £20 and didnt come with the lapsteel originally.. The Mahalo MLG1 Lap Steel has a rendered surfboard shaped Basswood body. A raised chrome bridge and top nut are connected by heavy gauge strings. A single P-90 style single coil pickup wired to a volume and tone control. The Mahalo can be used on the lap or on the three telescopic legs, it also comes with a padded gigbag. Specifications Surfboard-shaped Basswood body Diecast chrome tuning heads Single-coil soap-bar pickup 1-Volume, 1-Tone control Chrome bridge Gloss finish Includes gig bag MLGS50 Stand (with bag) The price includes delivery.
  8. George bought my Ashdown B-Social combo, great to deal with, quick payment and easy to get hold of. Happy to deal with George again
  9. I brought this earlier in the year direct from Ashdown and got them to add the custom grille. Looks great and offers some protection to the cones. I bought this to keep myself entertained during lockdown but haven’t really used it as I continue to practice with headphones and on the odd occasions through my Little bastard. My music streaming is taken care of by other means also. The combo is great, sounds tiptop, much bigger than its dimensions. Comes with a wireless receiver for wireless play and Bluetooth music streaming. Also has two inputs and can be used for guitar and bass. it comes with the box and packaging as well as rechargeable wireless transmitter and power cable, usb cable and 3.5mm cable. No instructions but they are available online. This will be sent by 24hr insured courier. Hopefully get to you in time for Christmas.
  10. Is the Hooky bass a proper limited edition? The original talk was that it was available in small numbers but heard nothing since. won’t get away with this purchase so close to the 25th, Just hope it’s still around in the new year!
  11. Phil purchased my Helix Stomp. Great guy to deal with, quick payment, thank you
  12. I have the Ashdown B-Social which is quite the bag of tricks for home practice. Dual input for play along, wireless transmitter, bluetooth, audio interface and more
  13. No, not at the moment looking for something that can be a jack of all trades at neighbour friendly levels Now I am working from home a lot more (surprise surprise) my desk cannot be overrunun with bass gear.as it has been. Just thinking that a sound bar might get me close. Will have a look around. cheers
  14. Should be working but just wondered if it would be possible or worthwhile to use an active tv soundbar with a multi effects unit. I have a helix stomp that I would like to use in a desktop configuration,, was considering active monitors but dont quite have the room, I was wondering if a soundbar sat below my computer monitor would be a viable option?
  15. Great unit still for sale, does so much, its a headphone amp, multitrack recorder, live recorder, multi-effetcs unit and drum machine.
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