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  1. Based on the popular Hatsune Miku singing synthesizer software, the Korg Miku Stomp features eleven lyric patterns for synth guitar modulation. https://youtu.be/XDUUQ4Bpre0 The pedal is also compatible with an iPhone app for downloading an extended library of lyric patterns and your own lyrics! Very unique pedal that is tons of fun to play with Selling this pedal as I am not using it at present, my needs are more low key with pedals nowadays. The pedal is in original box with paperwork and original unused supplied batteries. Price includes delivery.
  2. I am selling my Eastwood Pocket bass, its in new condition, ill health and favourite basses means that this was rarely out if its case. I went through a phase of thinking that I needed to buy a bass for all eventualities, this was to be more noodling sofa bass, in reality I play only in the Magic Kingdom/Man Cave/Spare Room, the Nate Mendel is my goto. This bass comes with the Eastwood hardcase that you dont get when buying the bass from Eastwood, its an added extra. Price would be £500 collected, courier could be arranged if needed. The thought to list this bass is a work based flash of genius, I will take some pictures tonight, but its essentially as new condition. FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS Body: Mahogany Colours: Black, Sunburst Pickups: Humbucker Neck, Piezo Bridge Controls: 1 Volume 1 Pickup Blend Bridge: Compensated Wood Bridge with Piezo pickup Neck: Bolt-on Maple Finger Board: Pao Ferro Scale Length: 26.5" scale Width at the Nut: 1 1/2" Hardware: Gotoh style Style Nickel/Chrome Strings: #45-#105 Short Scale
  3. The cab is 50 cm high, 47cm wide and 34cm deep. It’s approx. 17kg
  4. I recently got hold of a Westone rail bass, very light, will stick it on the scales tonight to get the weight.
  5. I am selling my wood fronted Ashdown B-Social Combo. It comes complete with all paperwork, accessories and box. These are retailing for over £500, close to £600. Its a great set up for home use, decent bass reproduction but it can be used with electrical guitar also, guitar and bass can jam at same time. Only used by me at home for bass, the apptek functionality and the wireless functionality are unused. The right side cone has a soft crease at its centre, seen in the pictures. I have found tips online for pulling the crease out but as it doesn't affect the sound or usability at all I am happy to leave as is, its barely noticeable visually. I have checked online and its apparently a simple fix, but as its causing no problems I have decided to leave as is. I had this up for sale previously but got let down, decided to keep it but having just bought an Ashdown LB30 and Barefaced One10 this has to go. £15 delivered by signed for insured courier The B-Social Bass Amplification and Entertainment System is a powerful 75W stereo bass amp with wireless connectivity and USB DAW connectivity. The B-Social brings Ashdown sound quality and innovative connectivity to your desktop studio. Wireless Jamming The B-Social's got Bluetooth connectivity and a transmitter that lets your bass connect wirelessly to the amp for cable free jamming. Bluetooth connectivity also enables audio streaming from any compatible music player. Adding a new social dimension to the amp, the B-Social includes a second input so the bassist can play along with another bass player or guitarist - electric or acoustic. Being able to plug into a single amp with a friend or band mate makes B-Social a great tool for collaborative writing and recording. Record your session Recording is made simple via the built-in USB audio interface, compatible with all major DAWs on both PC and Mac platforms. The stereo output features a button to enable latency-free monitoring when in use with a DAW. Rounding out the feature set is a Line In, Line Out, and a Headphone Out for silent practice. Plenty of features Unlocking further tonal possibilities, the App-Tek socket allows you to access the ever-growing range of amp sim and effects apps available on Smartphones and devices, including Ashdown's very own ABM Pre App. Rounding out the feature set is a Line In, Line Out, and a Headphone Out for silent practice Here's what Ashdown say about the B-Social After speaking with hundreds of our bass players around the world, the desire for a home practice amp that sounds great and looks just as good was apparent. With B-Social we wanted to develop a home amp that would give bassists all the features they need to practice, jam and record, with a single product. Reviews Acoustic Magazine - 'A ground-breaking, totally portable and compact, well-built unit jam-packed with features and tech for whole host of uses' - 5 Stars
  6. I received this cabinet along with the Ashdown LB30 head as part of a cabinet and head purchase from the GuitarGuitar Pre-owned section. I have subsequently bought a Barefaced One10 to replace the cabinet in what will be a home setup, as a result the Ashdown cabinet is up for sale. Its a 8ohm 250w cabinet, previous owner has removed the feet at somepoint. Its in very good conditionjust a slight mark to the right of the cabinet. Price includes delivery.
  7. Now that I have got the Barefaced in the AAA 115T is surplus to requirements. The bundle of cab and head cost me £399 pre-owned, how much is the cab worth in that bundle? Unsure what to list it for, the feet have been removed by the previous owner.
  8. I fixed it, bought a Barefaced One10 instead. putting the Ashdown cab up for sale this weekend.
  9. I bought the few Stomp a few months ago, registered it and bought the Helix Native plugin for garageband. I don't play in a band and find myself playing through the computer when at home so was wondering if I sold the Stomp do I retain ownership of the plugin. I assume I wouldn't but wasn't sure if the plugin is registered to te hardware in some way.
  10. Thanks for the input, I am warming to the idea of buying new cloth. The current wooden frame pops out should be able to unpick the existing staples and then fold and staple the new. Thanks
  11. I recently took delivery of a secondhand Ashdown AAA 115T cab with an Ashdown LittleBastard Head. The cloth on the cab is black, I would like the cloth to be silver to match the silver face of the little bastard head. Would it be possible to do this with a cloth spray paint or would you recommend buying new cloth and recovering? Looking for a finish somewhat like this:
  12. Fair enough, I have met somebody from Reading down in Brentwood on the M25 before if that helps? If not I have enough material that I can package for delivery.
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