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  1. Thanks for the advice, tried a couple of more cables, tried to brush and blow the sockets. Dropped ash down an email directly too
  2. Hello All, After a long while I decided to plug into the LB30 for a change instead of using headphones. When I power on I just get a an electrical interference sound, tried multiple cables and different sockets. the sound is not so pronounced if I disable the bass shift on the eq. All valve are 🔥. Any ideas if this Would this be a head or cab issue? thanks IMG_5830.MOV IMG_5828.MOV
  3. I snagged this one: https://guitarvillage.co.uk/products/squier-classic-vibe-50s-precision-bass-2-tone-sunburst
  4. Added pictures of the innards of the bass as requested in support of its original state
  5. Musik Produktiv have the Ashdown BSocial lite for £180 - https://reverb.com/item/6883349-ashdown-b-social-lite-bl Its quite a discount, only used the larger B-social which I liked, have had no direct experience with the lite version.
  6. If sending without a case I have ore than enough bubble wrap to cover the bass several times over along with other packaging materials. This will be housed in a modified/cutdown bike box mummified to within an inch of its life in gaffa tape. As bombproof as you can get with bubble wrap, cardboard and gaffa tape
  7. Reduced to £500 collected without case, £525 with case. £35 courier for delivery
  8. £925 for straight sale.
  9. Thanks Andy, really appreciate the information.
  10. The one on mine is a separate component, so an after market change then.
  11. Thanks T-Bay, agreed things can/will change over that time, I certainly have! I was just wondering whether its worth bringing up with the seller? It was sold as original but isn't. Cheers
  12. I ended up buying this bass and currently have it listed For sale on the forum. this was listed on reverb as being original, but I have received a message saying the string retainer Just below is not a Gibson part. i hadn’t noticed the retainer when I got it and it has spent most time in its case. anybody recognise this as a Gibson original addition?
  13. You can see in the pictures what looks like a string retainer underneath the bridge, I hadnt noticed this when I first bought it. This appears to be a common type of modification made to improve intonation.
  14. Bass is also on ebay, as mentioned part trades also considered with cash my way
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