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  1. 8 piece Floyd tribute Pink Floydian need a new Bass player/shared vocalist, Email us : [email protected]
  2. We have filled the role now, Rob messaged me Stuart on FB but we had already sorted out[url="http://basschat.co.uk/user/12256-paul-5/"] paul_5[/url] who is an awsome player. Got our first gig with him this weekend
  3. Cheers Stuart hopefully we can get this wrapped up quickly. We have a couple of deps covering at the moment so we have a couple of weeks to get someone installed
  4. preferably with vocals but without if needs be. established classic rock covers band on the NW cuircut gigs in throughout next year. We are also working on a seperate project of an 80s tribute band for clubs, holiday camps and functions We have our own rehearsal unit and storage (our own unit and not a room shared in a building) We also have 3 PA rigs which are HK pro rig for smaller venues Logic Systems/JBL rig 5k for medium venues Logic Systems Ethos Line array 20k for big venues or outdoor We have a full lighting rig and also a smaller LED rig for small pubs and a Large VW band van wu use quality gear and are all experienced ex pros with bags of ability a great sense of humour, we don't take ourselves too seriously but we like to make sure the music is bang on the money note for note We are looking for someone with ability, goiod gear, own transport and the ability to learn stuff quickly contacts us on here for more info
  5. I'm still using the same 3" basic leather straps I bought 25 years ago, they have served me well 3 nights a week since then. They have aged toi a nice soft durable feel. They are so worn in both sides look like polished leather now. I wouldn't pay more than a tenner for a leather strap myself. Purple trading company on ebay do them nice and cheap. No pading or stitching to worry about just a thick lump of leather
  6. Cheers Dave. Looking forward to giving this a good thrashing :-)
  7. [quote name='Ancient Mariner' timestamp='1339856093' post='1695470'] I do remember these guitars when they were new and whilst they were OK, just like a mid-range Washburn is now, that's pretty much where they were in terms of quality. Nostalgia is nice, but lets not push our luck too hard. [/quote] Not nostalgia for me I own two of them. And the washburns i.e eagle, falcon, raven series were excellent instruments. these guitars were finished to an extremly high quality and certainly better than anything Gibson was producing during the 80s. the woods, electronics and overall finish of the Westones are certainly far above the expression "ok"
  8. Went up to Wakefield and bought an SWR off Chris, a top bloke you could me a more honest reliable and generous guy to deal with, he even gave me directions for a quicker way home Cheers Christhe amp is great
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