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  1. I'm with you on that, I absolutely HATED having a Jazz with 2 volumes, if I had kept it long enough a Kiogon loom with vol and blend would have been a must have!!
  2. Never knew he played with Gary Moore. Excellent!
  3. Thats a tee I would wear, especially around guitarists!! many happy returns bud!
  4. I really liked that, agree the middle feels like it needs some lyrics, and good job on the consultancy Stew, bass was very ...present!
  5. Yup I get some great sonic ideas at home noodling, but as soon as I try em in a band setting it all goes to pot. I've been trying for ages to get a good synth sound for the intro to 'Dakota' but nothing seems to work To be fair I only have a Zoom B3 so maybe I was aiming a little too high!
  6. I'm the same, haven't found my space in a band with any kind of heavy distortion. C'est la vie!
  7. Oops..late again, Merry Buffday chap, hope the intimate dinner was nice! Very thoughtful of Bluejay to buy you a box to stand on, I never knew you were that short!! 😋
  8. Yup, arms are very adjustable and I do play while sitting in it, but I end up kinda perched on the edge of the seat
  9. I've had a Secretlabs Titan chair for about a year now, and you can dig about 'plastic' leather all you like, I have not once 'sat in a pool of sweat', and believe me I have spent some considerable time in the chair due to Covid crap. yes they ain't cheap but they ARE worth every penny, the only reason I didn't post earlier was because the OP wanted a chair without arms.
  10. that's a very unusual strap button...I like it!!
  11. Just watched it with my early morning coffee and I have to say I was blown away, IT is brilliant!
  12. No lyrics on this one from me, but personally, extremely melancholic. When our youngest was born, she had a very difficult birth and almost died, when I finally left the hospital this was on the tape player in the car, and its haunted me ever since. shamelessly leaking fluid right now, still hurts.
  13. My wife, being a big Paul Weller fan, was overjoyed when I managed to get tickets to see him play in the gardens of Warwick Castle, for our anniversary a few years back. Lovely summers evening, sat on the grass slowly getting sozzled, Weller comes on just as its getting dark, lights come up, audience gets up, 'this is gonna be great' ......50 mins later, lights go down..not another sausage......wife hugely disappointed, I never forgave him for that.......she still won't play his stuff at home now lol.
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