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  1. Happens to me sometimes, I just put it down to me being rubbish 😉 I usually glare at a guitarist and they think it was them played a bum note
  2. Was playing Exit Stage Left in the car yesterday, normally I'm a huge fan of live albums, but this one just doesn't 'do it' for me, feels flat and bland. Doing a cross thread mashup, played some of Yessongs in car today...now THAT is a live album!!!! Starship Trooper is IMMENSE!!!!
  3. The best YES album?.....the 70's..all of it, even Tales and Tormato! I have a soft spot for Talk too if I'm honest (what is it with Yes albums beginning with T???)
  4. WTF? I though Djent was in Belgium!!
  5. Interesting, what car? Gonna have to take another look at my mini now, see if that has it!
  6. I never knew there were threads on here before, blimey, I been lurking here for years, dunno how I missed those Sorry if I duplicate posted, I saw the link on BBC news today and it was the first I had heard of it, I honestly thought I as spreading the news about something new lol!
  7. wow you really have been looking into this fella, I'm impressed!
  8. Ha! You have a caravan? Man cave type thing, ie somewhere to hide?
  9. Is that Front door or trades entrance John?
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-49319760 What a clever, simple, neat little app, I love the idea that you could send a link to bandmates showing the exact door for loading in when hitting a new venue for the first time. Thoughts?
  11. Totally agree Mikel, we do 'Can't Get Enough' and I love it!
  12. just listened to this and my remix version back to back, on reflection I think I prefer the 2013 remix as being more 'immediate' it just sounds a bit livelier to me. Not much mention of Snakes and Arrows I've noticed, I think Far Cry is a cracking opening number!
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