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  1. Me too, got it in '72 at tender age of 12, the heady days of reading the liner notes, listening to the whole album at full welly, blew my tiny mind lol!!
  2. I too have been following Lee's exploits since the start of lockdown, its a great way for me to start my day, with himself and a cup of coffee bright and early everyday. I've been following direct on YT, but thanks for taking the time to pin em up here every day!
  3. Jim Lea on Slade Alive, he plays bass like its a lead guitar!!
  4. Why does a footswitch need to be powered? just for the LEDs? will it work without power?
  5. I've been using my smoothhound with eneloop AAA from Amazon, for a couple of years now and the batteries have always been rock solid, I tend to swap em out and charge em when they get to 2 led's power ie 50%
  6. Talk Talk, there is just something about Mark Hollis' voice, and the groove, always cheers me up and gets me boogie-ing in my chair...even in the car! and yes, even right now!
  7. Love me a bit of Chickenfoot, that is a screamin' cover!!!
  8. Its fascinating to read/watch...I have absolutely no idea whats going on....but its fascinating!!!!
  9. wow, 53 songs and I've only ever done 6 of em....I feel a bit smug now!! 😋
  10. My kinda bass player...thanks dude
  11. Never heard of these before but I really liked that!!
  12. And this is why music is so subjective, I have loved the original ever since it came out, and that Disturbed version is just so damn powerful, its brilliant!......IMHO ofc
  13. Really enjoyed this one, takes me back to the 80's in a flash, great song too!
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