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  1. ^^^^ I have NO idea what this means, in my defence its been a long day and I have had beer.....
  2. Read it, and felt the need to comment, just annoyed I missed it at the time
  3. Curtsy? Bow? falling over? I'm guessing all three, plus a smidgeon of cool bass move!!!
  4. Got an interesting very rare purple burst Fender P if ya interested Karl.........😉
  5. I remember following the build thread at the time, lovely stuff. Good luck with this Luke.
  6. We are just learning that one to add to our set, oddly I had never heard it before....shows just how much attention I pay to adverts I guess.......
  7. Aww fanks THATS what I wanted I never realised it was that simple!
  8. House Of The King from focus 3 was also used as the them tune for a TV series back in the day, can't remember what it was, but Miriam Stoppard was on it.
  9. Bugger, I only clicked on the 1st link, never noticed it was a pic, people have done it though, so I know its possible.....
  10. Ye Gods that's a cutie! 18v active you say, are the pickups very hot?
  11. On a totally unrelated side note, how do you manage to embed a youtube video paused at the correct moment? I've tried a number of times and it never works.
  12. Me too mate, but I reckon my 'years ago' were further back than yours lol! Went into White Hart a few years back, they still had the throne chair at the back, but the fireplace was gone...WTF??? I should never have gone in
  13. 7?????? we struggled with 5 😂 It was a wet night as I recall, and people walking past, being wet and hearing music would come in by that door, then half the pub couldn't see us until the door shut!!
  14. I've played the New Inn....'cosy' ain't it? Great atmosphere though.
  15. Blimey Lozz, I never realised just how punishing your band schedule was, I feel for ye bud, but rest assured a man of your calibre won't be bandless for long, its just a case of finding the right balance. Congrats for getting to where you are now, and good luck for the future.
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