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  1. Does anyone just use a bass & amp?

    I'm with you bro....bass to Zoom B3 to TH500 to BF 2x10...B3 is 99% on same setting and used as a tuner, never had a complaint, never felt dissatisfied, don't really care what anyone else thinks!
  2. Budget wireless system recommendations

    +1 for support from Chris, i popped in to him after a drummer related receiver incident, and he was as helpful as a helpful thing..and he makes GREAT coffee!! Go Smoothhound with no worries, you won't be disappointed!
  3. Triptych (Maude)

    Fair play sir, just the thought of a double bass makes me nervous!!
  4. I would probably see both incarnations if it were possible, but I would almost certainly enjoy ARW more due to Rick and Jon's presence!
  5. Lending equipment to a bandmate?

    Oh well played sir..and with a certain note of pride methinks!!!
  6. Receipt for second hand buy

    Crack converters surely?
  7. Yup that was a bugger for me, I had to simplify it a bit in the end, just too many notes lol...great song though
  8. Counting Chickens

    that'll be it
  9. Counting Chickens

    I got distracted by the drummers hair wafting in the breeze of her fan..why was I watching this again?
  10. David Bowies 'Earthling'.

    Yup great Album, Mr Bowie was never afraid of pushing off in directions new for him. I know what I'll be listening to in the car later.
  11. Musicianship vs Personality & Stage Appeal

    Having been in Lozz's audience a few times I can vouch for the fact that he does indeed look scary and starey!
  12. New Glam Rock covers band

    We do Fox on the Run too...Its a crackin song! It always gets the singist giggling when I do the falsetto bit...git he is!
  13. New Glam Rock covers band

    uhoh..off we go again
  14. How was your gig last night?

    The acoustic of one place we play really doesn't like me hitting 'G' on the E string....yup they have a limiter there too...luckily we plug everything into another socket, not the one marked 'for bands use only'
  15. Finished Pics! Swift Lite 2 (sorry, another electric)

    Oh man I laughed so hard at that, a worthy choice for quote of the week methinks!