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  1. Oopsdabassist

    New Old Bassist would Appreciate Advice...

    The stripes are actually some industrial aluminium flashing tape that was left with a construction work colleague as a sample, and when he said he didn't want it, I blagged it to mod the Yam. looks ok, but when I get sweaty my right hand ends up all grubby!!
  2. Oopsdabassist

    Frippertronics #4

    Bravo! This is wonderful, did you score it, or are you just 'winging it'??
  3. Oopsdabassist

    New Old Bassist would Appreciate Advice...

    For the life of me I can't remember why I took a pic like this, it was def something on BC that prompted it though......
  4. Oopsdabassist

    Smoothhound classic wireless.

    It doesn't Tom, I always use a standard 3m instrument cable anyway, just in case I need to swap out mid song (its never happened!!!)
  5. Oopsdabassist

    Smoothhound classic wireless.

    Chris, the guy who makes these, is a wonderful chap and doesn't live that far from me, I can thoroughly recommend these for how good they are and after market service too!!
  6. Oopsdabassist

    Spotify: musical utopia or dystopic gatekeeper?

    Never used Spotify and personally can't see the point. If I hear something I like or read a good review, I'll just go buy the CD. I like things simple, me!
  7. Oopsdabassist

    New Old Bassist would Appreciate Advice...

    Yamaha and Ampeg as a starter kit? you are living the dream mate! I love my Yams and the 4 stringer is an old beater, but still my 'go to' bass when gigging!
  8. Oopsdabassist

    New Old Bassist would Appreciate Advice...

    Hello there! I have used both the fender rumble 15 and the 25 as home practice amps and would say either would suit your needs, the headphone jack is great because you can practice without annoying the family and the aux in means you can listen along with your own choice of mp3 I remember getting a real kick when I found I could play along to U2, With or Without You, when I first started (I was like you a late starter!) Whatever you have, remember we love to see pics of gear!!!
  9. Oopsdabassist

    Hello Bass community

  10. Oopsdabassist

    Most Basschatters Online

    Postcount is boogie...doesn't work in 'off topic'
  11. Oopsdabassist

    Most Basschatters Online

    Yes.... I'll be there!
  12. Oopsdabassist

    Sultans of swing but different

    that Leo cracks me up every time I see one of his vids...quite a character! A nice take on the song too...good find!
  13. Oopsdabassist

    How was your gig last night?

    Def a small world, Stew, the bassist from Sidewinder has depped with us a coupla times on vocals, lovely chap!
  14. Oopsdabassist

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    I once got dragged out of bed to to a 70th birthday party for a band friend, rotten case of the flu, shivering and twitching so much I was actually picked up by a band mate (never happened again!) The hall his family had had picked had the worst acoustics in the county, not that I really noticed as I spent the whole gig propped against a wall, playing root notes and hoping to die. It was a 2 hander weekend too, the following night I don't even remember getting home, and had to get my good lady to give me a lift the following day to collect my car, and my rig......left in the pub. I got paid though, so autopilot is obviously a wonderful thing!
  15. Oopsdabassist

    Any Blue Basses Out There?

    Blue...ish I guess!