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  1. Came here just after reading the 'live is better' thread and 1st thing I see is 'video killed the radio star' live. That was fookin brilliant, the ending blew me away, I can't imagine having to learn that. Love this thread, as I did last time around, cant wait for more!
  2. That is a VERY good way of looking at this I think, for me, without any doubt, they were:- Seven Seas Of Rye Virginia Plain Silvia* 3 tunes that so jarred me out of just listening to what my parents liked, and made me want to explore that big wide world of music. *To be fair though this was on my dads copy of Focus 3 (so it was technically a song my parent liked)
  3. I'll try and get as close as I can, every time. Sometimes however, my best is nowhere near good enough, Neil Murray's stonking bassline in Whitesnake's 'Fool For Your Lovin' is way beyond my means, but the song always goes down well with my simplified version.
  4. Shush Nightclub In Wantage, lovely venue, great crowd, and they have a full video setup on tap, looking forward to some multicam footage in the near future!
  5. A teensy bit more info required on this methinks! 🤣
  6. First Concert - Slade, Rainbow Theatre 1973...I think Last Concert - The Pink Floyd experience, back end of 2019, the backing singer who also played the sax solo's was magnificent! Best Concert - 6 of the Best (Genesis with Peter Gabriel) MK Bowl 1982, the wettest I have ever been, but also the happiest, we were 3 rows from the front......unforgettable Worst Concert - Cheap Trick, so loud it was just a continuous drone of noise Loudest Concert - Level 42 at the old Empire pool Wembley, we were near the back too, but at least we could still make out the songs (see above) Seen the most - Probably Curved Air, or The Enid, we do love a bit of prog! Most Surprising - Joan Armatrading doing a solo show in a School in Northampton about 3 years ago, my wife is a big fan, I just went along for the ride, she was spellbinding! Next Concert - Well I'm playing at The Shush in Wantage next week...does that count? Wish I could have seen - Yes in their heyday, being a Hemel lad I was amazed when I found out they played at the Decorum in 1975, and I missed it!
  7. Saw Stone Broken open for Cheap Trick at the Forum, Kentish Town a couple of years back, They were very down to earth, sound was awesome and I really enjoyed their set, When cheap trick came on, I got the feeling the sound man just maxxed the sliders and went for a curry, cos the sound was fooking awful, waaaay too loud, and I saw more punters outside the venue having a beer than inside, ok I'm not really a Cheap Trick fan and it was the 1st time I had seen them, but it wasn't a good initiation!!
  8. We've been having a play with band mule app, works for android and apple.
  9. I saw 2001 at the Rex, was way back in......1969? Was that you screaming above my head?
  10. Girding my loins and preparing, hope the updates work though, cos the lack of condensed view is driving me crackers!!!
  11. Was gonna say...sitting down on the job....bad form old fruit. Excuse accepted in this instance 😋
  12. Aaaargh! bluddy guitards and 'their sound' our current lead diva has the most complicated board I've ever seen, and all he ever does is bend down and twiddle, sometimes in the middle of songs!!
  13. God help us...Gumtree? https://www.gumtree.com/search?search_category=all&q=musical instruments
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