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    Part time engineer, part time bassist, full time idiot

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    Concrete Cow land
  1. How was your gig last night?

    Video proof required or it never happened!!!
  2. Modern tech is so wonderful, I have a USB stick with over 200 albums on it for the car
  3. Collection in person

    North Bucks, so I guess I was meaning England mate.
  4. I never quite got this 'playlist' thing to be honest, so I guess my answer is ' all of em', upwards of 500 albums. I come from an era playing vinyl, where it was too much hassle to skip a track, so I got used to listening to all the tracks, and over the years, some of the songs I would like to have skipped have become firm favourites.
  5. Collection in person

    And always up for a long chat as well eh Karl? Almost all my buying and selling has been done face to face. A trip out and putting a face to a weird internet name is more than half the fun for me, plus you 100% know the item is delivered safely! OFC I live near the middle so this method works, and i appreciate not everyone is as lucky.
  6. Buying advice

    2 posts huh? well 1st things first, welcome to best bass forum on t'internet! As for the bass, well that colour would tempt me greatly I gotta admit. I cant comment on the pre amp as I'm mainly a passive man, but I'm sure someone will be along soon to give proper advice. All I can say is, if YOU like it..that's good enough!
  7. plectrums

    Very welcome, and you can call me oopsy! lol
  8. Hello from Watford

    And indeed another Hemelite here too, plus also an ex Watford College boy, well the old Water Lane site back the the 80's anyway, now demolished to make way for that bypass thang. Welcome aboard, post long and often!!
  9. plectrums

    I use these and I love em! rubber insert, I never drop one!! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Plectrum-Dava-Grip-Tip-Pack/dp/B00154OJOI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1515251022&sr=8-1&keywords=dava+picks
  10. Carolina Leicester, new

    Welcome along fella, plenty to see and comment on here, post long and often!
  11. Your Favourite Album of 2017

    Gotta be Steven Wilson, To the Bone for me, a bit more upbeat thean Hand.Cannot.Erase. and all the better for that I think.
  12. Trusted Couriers?

    And where is it going to?
  13. I quite like that...its almost a shame I don't 'do' ebay
  14. Trusted Couriers?

    Well I'm Cambridge...ish...where is it going from?
  15. December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    Absolutely cracking cover, my band does it too, nice choice fleabag!!!