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  1. Another big Thumbs up for @TimAl he's done a couple for me now, the SUB just a couple of weeks back. Lovely chap, and very quick, even given the current climate,.
  2. AC/DC......I really must learn that bit....cracked me up!! If that was the serious moonlight tour, yep I was there..horrendous sunburn lol Ditto, didn't know anything about Guy or Icehouse at the time!
  3. Wait what? I thought today was 31st......damn I've been had! Curse you corona virus for making all the days seem the same *shakes fist*
  4. Wow.......watch this space I guess.......
  5. That is a cracking tune, been a staple in our set list for night on 10 years, along with Midnight Blues by Gary Moore
  6. Boogie with Stewblack? Led Zep wasn't it?
  7. The coloured bands on resistors are a code giving you their rating, that one is 10,000 ohm resistance, with a tolerance of plus or minus 5%. If you are serious about having a go yourself, when I did mine I ended up buying a pack of 10 or so, I can have a root around and see if I can find the rest and bung one in the post.
  8. Mine is too and the output was scary hot, I did the mod but not sure I used that one shown. It plays much better now. Edited to add picture of mod, its a 10K resistor +-5% soldered between the earth connection and the 'cold' wire from the pickup where it connects to the volume pot. Thanks to Hobbayne for the pic, he got his one modded for him a coupla years back and I just copied from his pics.
  9. Careful...Neil Murray is on here! 😁 I play a simplified version in my band, nobody notices trust me.
  10. fitting my new gig.ink pickguard to a Sterling SUB...I must admit I well chuffed.....or at least I was till my better half called it a 'corona virus' plate 😏
  11. Intro to Sweet Emotion, for some reason I just couldn't get that drone note pulsing like it should, that band has folded now and I'm in no hurry to be in the spotlight again!
  12. I was there for the Deep Purple, I remember Meatloaf came on with his broken leg plastered up to his nuts, and he went off in a huff after about 15 mins cos of the amount of mickey taking......apart from that...nada...not a sausage, other than Purples set. You say UFO were there, I'll take your word for it...I wonder who else was on the bill?
  13. Thanks for explaining that...I was stumped!!
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