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  1. My wife, being a big Paul Weller fan, was overjoyed when I managed to get tickets to see him play in the gardens of Warwick Castle, for our anniversary a few years back. Lovely summers evening, sat on the grass slowly getting sozzled, Weller comes on just as its getting dark, lights come up, audience gets up, 'this is gonna be great' ......50 mins later, lights go down..not another sausage......wife hugely disappointed, I never forgave him for that.......she still won't play his stuff at home now lol.
  2. Love me a bit of Tull, Ian Anderson writes some telling lyrics!
  3. Rock n Roll as mentioned, or Whole Lotta Rosie, we also throw in Summer of 69 if the girlies are in evidence!!
  4. I've had a zoom B3 for like 6 years, I use about 3 setups and the tuner........
  5. I put one of my Barefaced stickers on in the vertical position, so I ave both options going for me!
  6. The very fact that they all had different influences, and brought them all to the table, to my mind, explains precisely why Yes music is unique, and so uniquely excellent. In the 70's anyway..........
  7. Two little bo........errrrrr two Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden
  8. He was too quick for me, had to google the band name lol
  9. Steel tow.......no wait I already did that one, do I win?? How about Somewhere Down The Crazy River- Robbie Robertson
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