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  1. Oopsdabassist

    Umm.... Hello

    hey there...helluva resumé! Welcome..post long and often
  2. Oopsdabassist

    Disco Duck broken

    Its on over here sometime today, Mrs Oops just asked me to record it!
  3. Oopsdabassist

    What makes this song great?

    dayamn that was SO good.... tnx for sharing dude!
  4. Oopsdabassist

    How was your gig last night?

    We were asked to cover a gig as previous band pulled out at last minute..obviously didn't realise the footy was on. had a bash at 3 lions but the drummer sulked (he's a Scot lol) Given the short notice we played a great set to a small but very appreciative crowd in the garden of the pub, plenty of leftovers from the hog roast too so we all got doggy bags (well in my case moggy bag lol)
  5. Oopsdabassist

    The Pain of a Paisely Pink P-bass

    ooh can't wait! tell us more!
  6. Oopsdabassist

    Latest 'Yes' live album

    Yup mostly written in the Buggles era at same time as Drama but never used until later
  7. Oopsdabassist

    Real summer music

    Loving that Ozric tentacles track, just ordered the CD off Amazon on the back of that! I love live albums me
  8. Oopsdabassist

    Latest 'Yes' live album

    As much as I loved Chris Squire's input into Yes, ARW is the real deal nowadays IMO, I'll almost certainly get the live album, Live stuff I've seen on youtube show them to be re-invigorated and as others have said, Lee Pomeroy is excellent!
  9. Oopsdabassist

    Sterling by Music Man Sub Ray 4 Bass Black - Reduced

    that link you posted looks like a replacement pot rather than a simple resistor addon..Any chance of a pic of your one..pretty please?
  10. Oopsdabassist

    Did you ever see a tortoise this colour?

    more like radish!
  11. Oopsdabassist


    Well at least its a bass! Got that bit right!!!
  12. Oopsdabassist

    Passive Tone Control - Open, Closed or Both?

    All over the shop, but like Lozz I have set the tone and Vol knobs so I can see the grub screw hole and give me a visual on how they're set
  13. Oopsdabassist

    Sterling by Music Man Sub Ray 4 Bass Black - Reduced

    ooh, do us a favour? take a pic for me? Should be able to work out what the size of the resistor is from that. Cheers!!