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  1. well then, you're nearly there
  2. yes, another one later in the year would be ace.
  3. I sort of agree. My mate had a squier p bass with those knobs, and it does make them look cheap, which is actually quite annoying.
  4. They do make some USA models which use non Allen key pole pieces in the pickups. Not sure what prompted them to make this version though.
  5. Or do you mean the back of the neck? As I've bought a couple of older basses that have had the gloss finish taken off the back of the neck for ease of movement around the neck.
  6. If you go for a retrovibe stingray preamp and an alnico pickup over a ceramic, you'll get 95% of the way to a stingray tone. It's why Fleas newest fender signature bass is a MM pickup with a 2 band eq. That combination gives that tone.
  7. This was a brilliant day. I'd love to do one again this year. Maybe email updates for it as I nearly missed that one. My gear has also changed in the meantime, because of course it has in the past year.
  8. @NancyJohnson thanks man. We've looked into a lot of that, and it's basically what we're going to do, buy gear over there and ship pedal boards. @Skinnyman good idea. I thought I'd try here first as I don't post much at all on talk bass.
  9. I'd also say a poor solder joint, or a faulty jack. Without offending your current amp tech, i'd take it to someone who has more experience with amps.
  10. I'm a +1 on the side that heads bounce. I had my all valve SVT head fall a metre onto the floor while in use at a gig. I didnt notice until a few mates came on stage to pick it up. It had gone into safe mode so no sound came out. After turning it off and on again, it carried on flawlessly. I had it checked out, and nothing was damaged, bar the speaker cable. I'm utterly amazed, that was 3 years ago and its still fine.
  11. i'd also check the Fan that Stevel mentioned, as i've had a fan cooled amp in the past that cut out once it got warm, and the amp tech that fixed it said it was the fan being clogged. Being on so long and then causing an issue does point to a temperature issue.
  12. Just a couple of questions which could help pinpoint the problem: -When was it last serviced? -Has it ever had the capacitors or valves replaced? Old capacitors do degrade and cause issues, especially the power capacitors.
  13. Low adhesive masking tape is your friend, as well as some boring old string for bridge alignment. Put the tape on your body, covering the area where the bridge will go, then use pencil to mark out the position of the bridge when its exactly the scale of your bass from the nut (34", etc) as well as when its central. Use a bass you currently have strung and intonated as a guide for bridge placement.
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