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  1. Just on this point, by vintage style wire, i assume you mean the waxy cloth covered wire? If so, its designed to be pushed back to expose the wire to be soldered, and is sometimes referred to as "push back wire". While i know you've finished the bass, which looks excellent and very smartly done, at least you know for the future. As a side note, i use the vintage cloth wire as much as i can, as i'm a sucker for neat and tidy vintage wiring.
  2. Where are you based, what's the original fretboard style (maple or rosewood), and would you consider a straight trade for a 90's mij jazz bass 1975 reissue, block and bound maple neck?
  3. For sale, from my sabre preamp making days, enough components to make 5-6 sabre preamps and 3-4 stingray preamps. I cant remember the exact quantity. I'll send you the wiring diagram needed for it, and you'll need some veroboard and wire to make them.
  4. So, it's been a few years, and I'm too busy these days to make these anymore. But before I stopped making them, I bought all the parts needed for a second batch of around 5 sabre preamps and 3 or so stingray preamps. I think I spent around £120 on the parts for this. These include: all the required pots, jacks, 9v battery clips, all caps, chips, and resistors. Basically, as I dont have time to make these, in just going to sell the stock I have of parts to make them, (including two finished sabre boards). I could bundle them into kits, but I dont have the time to sort through them all to do it. If you're interested in buying the lot off me, send me a PM. I'd like £70 for them, which includes posting. To appease the moderators, I'll stick an ad in the for sale section for them.
  5. Here are a few pics of a Fenderbird that Taka, the bass player from Feeder made. Pics from his instagram account, @rebirthcustomguitars. I love its look as im a big fan of the Gibson Thunderbird II basses, and the original Fender precision basses.
  6. well then, you're nearly there
  7. yes, another one later in the year would be ace.
  8. I sort of agree. My mate had a squier p bass with those knobs, and it does make them look cheap, which is actually quite annoying.
  9. They do make some USA models which use non Allen key pole pieces in the pickups. Not sure what prompted them to make this version though.
  10. Or do you mean the back of the neck? As I've bought a couple of older basses that have had the gloss finish taken off the back of the neck for ease of movement around the neck.
  11. If you go for a retrovibe stingray preamp and an alnico pickup over a ceramic, you'll get 95% of the way to a stingray tone. It's why Fleas newest fender signature bass is a MM pickup with a 2 band eq. That combination gives that tone.
  12. This was a brilliant day. I'd love to do one again this year. Maybe email updates for it as I nearly missed that one. My gear has also changed in the meantime, because of course it has in the past year.
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