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  1. Basic set of 4R Chrome machine heads. - Good as new condition, removed from a new bass and barely used - Come with screws and bushes. - Please see dimensions, fit into a 18mm diameter hole on headstock Ideal for a project etc. £10 posted Thanks Neil
  2. Klon Centaur Clone Overdrive Guitar Pedal -Selling this pedal as I'm not using and have some other transparent overdrives such as a Menatone red snapper clone. I bought it for experimenting. -Made in China pedal, decent build quality, please see photos. -I understand these are a good clone of the original pedal including the beefed-up PSU and MAX1044 IC to generate 18V for more headroom. -As new condition and good working order-bedroom use only. -I replaced the knobs, as the originals were cheap, tiny and horrible. Thanks Neil
  3. Hello, From personal experience I have found the cheaper (sub £300- £500) Pre-amps with tubes don't do a great deal, maybe a tube in starved plate (low voltage) adding a bit of dirt or "warmth" . Higher Voltage tube circuits are more desirable. I would like to try the Universal Audio stuff. I have a protools home setup Golden age stuff is very good (Neve inspired) and warm audio gets great reviews. https://www.goldenageproject.com/outboards-2/pre-73-mkiii/ https://warmaudio.com/microphone-preamps/ Thanks Neil
  4. Hello, Yes speakons have four connections, you only need two. I cannot see on the pics, but for speakon connections/cable red is likely to be 1+ (hot/positive +) and blue 1- (cold/negative -) On the jack from amp A (tip) is + and B (ring) to - Just ensure your amp jack connects to your speaker + and - (via speakons ) the right way round else to avoid incorrect phase. Hope that makes sense Zzzzz must sleep
  5. Bump, still here...sorry currently no trades...have toooooo much stuff Thanks
  6. Hello, SpeakON's have some benefits to jacks, obvious one being locking (won't accidentally pull out,) and current rating , the connectors are harder to short out. plus I believe SpeakONs cables can have bigger conductors, One option would be to use a Neutrik NLJ2MD-H, which is a combined SpeakON and 1/4" jack in the centre = then you could use a jack to jack or SpeakON to jack, not very retro looking though ! Thanks Neil
  7. Yamaha Attitude Standard Bass Too many basses, reluctant sale as this is a really nice bass. -Made in 1991, excellent Yamaha parts and build quality. -Very good condition throughout, a few dings and scratches consistent with age. -Plays really well, neck is exceptional (wide and flat) 45mm at nut, light lacquer on rear. Good setup and decent strings. -Hardware is heavy duty Yamaha parts -Neck extends further into body than most basses, for a more solid neck joint (see pic) -Classic PJ configuration with 3 position strat switch for pickup selection (P, J or P&J) Standard overall Volume and tone, screened painted cavities and brass grounding strips on pickups. -Colour is slightly more pink than photos show. -Come with leather 3" strap. Currently collection only from Bristol BS32 as I don't have any packing material (can maybe find some) Thank Neil
  8. Hello, Bought this a while back but never used it. Brand new condition, just been in the cupboard. Ideal for effect pedals or small keyboard. internal size = 56cm wide, 28cm high, 8.5 cm deep external size = 60cm wide, 31cm high, 10cm deep Carry handles, shoulder strap, plastic feet base, side pocket https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/11080917272912--gator-gk2110-micro-bag?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6-awgeTD4QIVzbXtCh2c2QvYEAQYBCABEgIEU_D_BwE £20 ish Delivered. Thanks Neil
  9. EMG PX Active P bass pickups/pots/kit These came with a bass I recently bought, I don't need them, as I use passive pick-ups, so they may be useful to someone, around £90 new. Good condition, the set seems fairly new and comes with original boxes, instructions, screws etc everything you can see in photos. This pickup set is currently wired as a standard P bass, It does work on the bench. However It all seems a bit noisy? = could just be it wasn't all connected or grounded properly and I don't have time to investigate. One of the + red connectors is missing outer plastic connector shell on the battery bus ( see yellow circled area). it is connected to battery bus connector OK. Any queries, please let me know. From EMG site: - P style pickup For 4-string bass Standard P milling Newly developed preamplifier with open and dynamic sound concept Incl. Solderless installation system, volume control with smooth axis, active sound control, output socket, battery clip, screw IN THE BOX PACKAGE INCLUDES EMG'S EXCLUSIVE SOLDERLESS INSTALL SYSTEM: 1 25K VOLUME POT 1 25K ACTIVE TONE POT (VLPF) 1 BATTERY BUS 1 STEREO OUTPUT JACK 2 PAIR MOUNTING SCREWS 1 PICKUP CABLE 2 CONNECT CABLES
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