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  1. I have a Fender rumble 15, had it ages (might be a v1) you can get them used for less than £50 Fleabay /marketplace etc. I've found them to be really good, fairly rudimentary , maybe thats the appeal. They have a headphone socket, line in (RCA's) and OK three band 3eq, single 8" I think, and fairly compact. I've had loads of practice amp over the years everything from modelling to tube preamps , but somehow this one seems to get the most use a home. Dunno, worth a try if you can get once locally or cheap. Not my vid, but you get the idea.
  2. Interesting stuff, I've been looking for a used vertical 212, but they don't often come up, so maybe DIY is an option. I tried and was after the discontinued/gone Genz Benz 212T Neo which was really impressive. these have dual edge(side) porting. I can see Jeffs new Genzler brand do a similar sized NU Classic 212T in similar dimensions with bottom porting, but expensive in UK (if you could even get them) Can other speakers than Faital's be used /modelled in this design? such as Eminence DELTA 12LF 8ohm? I think I have a couple of them spare somewhere. Weight isn't a huge factor for me.. Thanks, Neil
  3. tc electronic Nether octave pedal Classic All-Analog Octave Pedal with 1 or 2 Octaves Below Original for Adding Warm Deep Bottom End Home use only for some experimentation, but now surplus to needs. Excellent condition with box and instructions. Decent sounding pedal and sounds very close to a OC2 to my ears. https://www.tcelectronic.com/product.html?modelCode=P0CQB £27 posted
  4. Generic P bass pickups, pots and knobs /cap/ jack socket from a recent Chinese bass. Pickups sound ok, 8.5K impedance. Pickup covers are removable, but have some marks and damage around screw holes, as the pickup screws on this bass were very poor quality and overtightened/ head rounded off so I had to cut off to remove. (I’ve probably got some spare better screws somewhere) Ideal for a project etc. £15 posted.
  5. Hi everyone, Classic 2 Band preamp (MM SR type) kit. = Volume, Bass and Treble. I bought a couple of these kits, but realistically I don’t need the others any time soon. I built and fitted one in a Cort bass with MM humbucker and it was a vast improvement Ideal for upgrading a poor preamp or even making a two band eq pedal uses 9V dc supply from PP3 battery. Good quality PCB and components , takes about an hour to solder up, all parts are included except wires for pots and a 1/4" stereo jack socket. Alpha pots are 1/4” type so need appropriate knobs to fit (6.35 mm and NOT 6mm).. I had to buy new knobs. Uses the classic LM4250CN op amp, and comes with a socket. PCB designed to be installed/mounted off the Bass pot, which has lugs to mount on PCB. You could also mount this is another ways such bass cavity somewhere, and cutting off the lugs on the Bass pot and soldering to it in the normal way. **This is a kit, so need to be fully soldered and assembled** £25 delivered Thanks Neil
  6. My Mark Bass LM3 failed a few weeks ago, terminally = most likely a PSU PCB fault/failure. The cost to fix it wasn’t worth it (was quoted £200) so I sold it to nice guy on FB Marketplace for £150, he was hoping to fix it, I hope he does. For me this is the worst thing about Class D amps.....😞 I’d had it new since 2011 and paid £500, so I’d had a decent run with it and no servicing and plenty of regular use from 2011- 2018 …but not in anger for used for gigs since 2018. My thinking was if it was a car, I’d be happy with that return on investment/depreciation/usage …However I’m going back to having to a 500W Mosfet output based amp (probably Ashdown ABM) as a backup, these seem to around £200 used, which is attractive. I do like the convenience and overall sound/ output of class D amps such as MB , Genz Benz, Orange etc in a band / gig context with an efficient cab and will most likely buy again another 500+W class D amp when I have the spare cash, however like all other consumer electronics, it soon becomes beyond economic sense to repair these and many manufacturers are not building in serviceability (just module swaps) into most consumer electronics, there are some exceptions. For MB I literally couldn’t find any service literature, schematics, layouts etc only guidance and personal experiences in the forums such as BC.
  7. Hello, FYI : The Gorilla “Tube crunch” circuit can be interesting, and has a bit of nostalgia attached to it. I remember them in the early 90s being mostly cranked to max...hmm Apparently the Tube crunch can be a nice sounding fuzz circuit and people have made this circuit into a stomp box, etc and doesn’t use clipping diodes instead it overdrives the op-amp.The tube crunch circuit is in most of the Gorilla amps, TC35/TC65/TC110 etc. “The Gorilla amps were solid-state combo amps aimed at the budget market. They were not terribly well-regarded in their day, but they caught the eye of Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age who cranked them for their unique overdrive tone” https://aionfx.com/project/positron-preamp-drive/ http://www.prowessamplifiers.com/schematics/misc/Gorilla_TC35-Gorilla_TC35_Circa_Mid_1980s.html http://dirtboxlayouts.blogspot.com/2020/06/gorilla-tc-35-tube-cruncher-aion.html https://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/index.php?topic=98122.0 Thanks, Neil 🙂
  8. SOLD Squier P bass body -Early 2000s, Solid wood most probably made of agathis Decent condition, a few dings and scrapes, has been used a fair bit Standard Fender neck pocket, I used this with both USA and Japan P bass necks and they fitted nice and snug Comes with original bridge/ bridge wire and some straplocks Thanks Neil £50+p&p
  9. Crate 1x15” bass speaker cab 250W 4 Ohm : Cheap 1x15" option This was a Crate BT220 combo, but the amp terminally failed, so this is converted to a standalone 1x15” with rear 1/4” jack socket. Speaker is a SLM Electronics 86-013-04 250W, 4 Ohm as used in Crate and Ampeg cabs/combos 60cm wide x 60 cm high x 40cm deep Rear ported cab with side handles, front grill and rubber feet. Used , but good working order. Collection only Bristol BS32 near M4/M5 junction
  10. Hi everyone, I pickup up an Ashdown ABM 115 locally with a dead speaker recently, the cab is solid ply , not too heavy and decent condition and I want to put a replacement/upgrade in it. Any recommendations? weight isn't an issue for me... Dimensions are 660mm (H) x 420mm x (D) x 600mm (W) minus a bit bit for the internal handles, which are recessed ply. It has two rear ports 75mm diameter x 100mm long. The SICA speaker is open circuit and has totally lost it pistonic function, it just mechanically grinds…but not in a good way...😬 I’ve looked on lots of bass forums and these SICA speakers often come up as failed in cabs, are they underpowered? weak to physical impact? ( I think this cab was somehow knocked over from upright to face down) or ? Thanks in advance Neil
  11. Yes, I’ve had some amusement from his ‘creations’ on eBay over the years. His trademark these days seems to be telebass headstock and custom 'mounted..' tuners….it looks the one of them has been cut down with an angle grinder here🙄
  12. Thanks for all the interest, SOLD pending payment etc. Yes I have the feeling its probably just a big PCB inside with lots of surface mount components and no easy replaceable fuses like larger/older amps. The preamp sounds good, disappointed the power amp has failed... maybe a common issue. Cheers Neil
  13. Hi, one of the photos on the ad shows the rear panel. Its all screwed together with tiny torx head screws.. Who knows what lurks inside. Thanks Neil
  14. TC electronics BG250 amp , speaker output not working. Spares / repair or just use as preamp/headphone amp. This came out of TC electronics BG 2x8” combo. I’m selling the cab as standalone elsewhere. https://www.tcelectronic.com/de/product.html?modelCode=P0D78 All works OK as a preamp/headphone amp, but nothing from the speaker output. I’m guessing something on the class D is blown (could be fixable) maybe an internal /pcb SMT mount fuse if you are very lucky. I’ve been using a headphone amp and it sounds good. I think the toneprint has a compressor uploaded, but it’s pretty subtle through headphones - but is doing something, £20 + postage Thanks Neil
  15. I bought these brand new from ebay, but they are dead, and the seller has refunded me. They work and are cut for a p bass, but give low output on all strings, I've never experienced a whole dead set as new, really odd. Might be of use to someone before they go in the bin. A few quid for postage. Have a "Handmade" sticker..... Hmmm Thanks Neil
  16. Caline CP-60 “ Wine Sellar” Driver DI. Similar to the joyo Dr J Sparrow (but without groundlift) and Tech 21 SansAmp BDDI clone I guess. I have both of those so did some comparisons, I don’t need three similar pedals, so this one is up for sale. http://www.calinemusic.com/products/effectpedal/197.html Decent budget DI/Preamp with XLR DI out with DRIVE and HARMONICS controls. DRIVE only really works from 3 o'clock through to 5 o’clock which is a widely commented in user reviews but if a clean tone is dialled in with MIX (Blend) it is a perfectly usable subtle overdrive. Brand new, home use only. Comes boxed with rubber feet not fitted. Doesn’t have a internal battery connection , so external DC PSU only. I waited a while for postage on this direct from China, couldn’t find a supplier in UK. £30 posted , paypal friends /family no fees preferred. Thanks Neil
  17. ....Wow 😮 Stumbled on this archive by John K, whilst looking at some potential bass overdrives, some real interesting stuff, plus lots of soundsamples. This guy really is a masterbuilder, loads of interesting stuff here👍 http://johnkvintageguitars.homestead.com/Overdrive-Pedals.html http://johnkvintageguitars.homestead.com/index.html
  18. Thanks for all the interest, No trades please...too many basses 😉 Neil
  19. Tokai Jazz Sound Bass Daphne Blueish, possibly a TJB44 model? which I believe is a 2017-2018 model. Very good condition (but please see comments below) . Home use only Please see last few stock photos for colour as difficult to photograph (sorry rubbish photos) 40mm nut width, more of a p bass neck size. Lovely matching headstock, glossy back of neck. Recent setup (£56) and new Warwick 45-105 red strings so plays very well. I understand the original ceramic pickups were changed to Alnico pickups and new pots / shielded cavities done by the previous owner. There is some unevenness in pickup cavities/scratchplate (see pic with arrows) probably not from the factory - most likely this was done to fit new pickups. Small paint chip in truss rod access. Made in China model, comes with a basic gig bag and strap. Pickups are OK, but not super high output. The machine heads and bridge are functional, but overall these and generally the quality of the bass is not as high as the Tokai Japan models (I've had a few) . I think this is worth stating. I have packing materials, so can ship at buyers expense or collect Bristol BS32. Thanks, Neil.
  20. Marshall B25 MKII 25W bass combo. Good working condition, sounds fine with no issues. Please see pics for condition, generally is good with a few dings and marks, (one painted/touched up ding on front) -25W -10 inch speaker -Two inputs , headphone socket. -41cm (high) x 36cm (wide) x 21cm (deep) -10Kg I have some packing material, so can post this.
  21. Hello, Yes still have these, they've been in the shed a while, hopefully haven't evaporated in the heat. Please send me your address and I will get them to you. Thanks Neil
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