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  1. Having read the book, quite a large part of it may not be directly Pistols related.
  2. Couple of years ago saw The The in Newcastle. Can't think of anyone else whose very musicianship left me slack jawed.
  3. Reading the topic about JJB's tone shows a pic of him in front of an amp showing his eq settings. A quick look on Google shows numerous examples of guitar starting points but almost no bass ones. Maybe bassists are a bit secretive about it? I would be interested to see peoples base settings with their genre to try and understand the differences in sound.
  4. ^^ I looked at that myself and wondered if it was referring to tone.
  5. I already own 2 Retrovibes, not fair to go showing me more. (And the Vantage is a nice looking item too).
  6. While reading. (gloating) about his removal from the label, it stated that he is still going to release his cover of the Jam's, That's Entertainment. I hope to never hear that.
  7. Johnny Cash with Hurt and The Clash with I Fought The Law.
  8. Possibly try shaving foam as shouldn't over wet it then blot dry?
  9. I recently fixed the CD player I keep at work which had similar problems by taking the disc holder out of a personal player I found in the shed by levering it off and putting that on the spindle until the spindle was level with the disc holder. One of the three legs that hold the disc had broken off on the old one. So far so good up until being locked down again!
  10. No mention of untrimmed strings at the headstock, ready to poke an eye out?
  11. That string retainer on the A is interesting.
  12. If they were available in a plain colour, I would!
  13. Distance Between Us- Sophie Ellis Bexter Shake the Disease- Depeche Mode Fever- Peggy Lee Pub With No Beer, (from Monday.....)- Dubliners.
  14. Best quality components to increase sustain then compressor pedal or mutes to limit err......sustain?
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