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  1. Groundwound are sometimes also known as halfround. They are roundwounds with the top surface ground down and have the appearance of flats but a sound somewhere between flats and rounds.
  2. Would have to now call it 'The Foxtrot Studio'?
  3. Could never be bothered to learn how to as the results just aren't worth it.
  4. Sorry, but am I the only one distracted by the stringing at the headstock?
  5. Could easily have been a number of episodes instead of just the one.
  6. Retrovibe Tele and specify the right bridge to achieve the spacing?
  7. I have a small amount of experience regarding PRS by way of questioning licence fees for playing music in my tattoo shop. My MP at the time was David Milliband and via him questions were asked at the Commons Mixed Media Committee. Long story short, the way their company is set up, they appear quite benevolent and all I got from this was a letter on House of Commons stationery. I do not belief they work in the best interests of musicians, but rather to maximise payments to Directors.
  8. Retrovibe is still separate from Chowny but collaborate on some models. A few tuners have showed up on their website recently.
  9. I have a friend who has an Artist Deal with Vintage has used them on a number of Festival dates/tours and rates them as highly as the F brand ones he owns, no modifications. I have a MM style one myself and can't fault it.
  10. Having read the book, quite a large part of it may not be directly Pistols related.
  11. Couple of years ago saw The The in Newcastle. Can't think of anyone else whose very musicianship left me slack jawed.
  12. Reading the topic about JJB's tone shows a pic of him in front of an amp showing his eq settings. A quick look on Google shows numerous examples of guitar starting points but almost no bass ones. Maybe bassists are a bit secretive about it? I would be interested to see peoples base settings with their genre to try and understand the differences in sound.
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