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  1. Can't find my allen key for the m3 grub screws to adjust bridge. If I need new, what size? Thanks in advance.
  2. Won't Get Fooled Again- the Who Alternative Ulster-SLF Only You-Yazoo I Fought The Law- The Clash Pretty Vacant -Pistols Sheriff Fatman- Carter USM Swords Of A Thousand Men-Tenpole Tudor Ressurection- Stone Roses And many more!
  3. No order; Never Mind The Bollocks- Sex Pistols Inflammable Material- Stiff Little Fingers Give Em Enough Rope- Clash Mind Bomb- The The Who's Next- Who 30 Something- Carter USM Legend- Bob Marley Californication- RHCP Misplaced Childhood- Marilion Live and Dangerous- Thin Lizzy.
  4. Got to see The The last year, only been waiting 17 years since their last gigs! Bloody good mind.
  5. Did anyone get the nod?
  6. Only ever seen ones made by Hipshot. Quite surprised no cheaper options available.
  7. I suppose if it was a car ,it would be a 2015 with delivery miles only.
  8. I keep going back to Love Will Tear Us Apart and those droned notes can be tricky, for me anyway!
  9. Twice the price for me would be £82! (The price did include a half decent gigbag too).
  10. Chatting with a mate who has an artist deal with Vintage, he told me he could get me a good deal if I want one, jokingly I said no chance, there's a good one on the Bay at the minute for nowt. Wasn't going to bid but put a £41 bid in and won it. Picked it up expecting a duffer, pleasantly surprised! He now played said instrument a few times and said if I ever want to sell it, he'll happily give more than £42 for it.
  11. Ali Mcmordie of Stiff Little Fingers for me, but hard not to mention John Entwhistle.
  12. If the real Jesus Christ were to stand up today He'd be gunned down cold by the CIA God doesn't want us all to follow God doesn't plant the bombs for Hezbollah God doesn't even go to church! Islam is rising The Christians mobilising. Armageddon Days Are Here Again. The The.
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