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Little Dragon

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  1. Little Dragon

    No Longer Comfortable to Play Jazz Basses

    Some people play with their thumb on the middle of the neck, some play with their thumb on the top and holding the whole back of the neck. From what I have observed, the latter seem to favour a P neck.
  2. Little Dragon

    playing to tracks, and pitch / tuning

    Someone once told me you can adjust the pitch and tempo on Youtube. Burgered if I can work out how mind!
  3. Little Dragon

    I've signed up for a gig - and now heebie jeebies

    Sounds like a great idea. Shame there isn't something like that near me!
  4. Little Dragon

    Your first tune.

  5. Little Dragon

    Has anyone tried these Rebelle basses?

    Now if they put a black scratchplate on a white body....
  6. Little Dragon

    Bands Named After Song Lyrics

    Stiff Little Fingers-The Vibrators.
  7. Little Dragon

    Chowny Retrovibe Evo

    I have an Evo S I picked up lightly used and it has became my favourite bass. A mate who is in a 'named' band had a bit play on it and he is now going to have an artist deal with them. From me personally, recommended.
  8. Little Dragon

    Tina Weymouth BBC bass programme in Jan

    Each time I hear Hooky play, I'm more impressed.
  9. Little Dragon

    Bright Flatwounds ?

    Any idea about the Adagios or the Olympias? Never tried flats and they both seem good value.
  10. Little Dragon

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    I find that simple basslines show up my lack of discipline sometimes, Roxette and Cocaine spring to mind, and that is definitely something I need to continue to work on, where as some others, Sweetest Little Thing and She Sells Sanctuary, are just comfortable and still enjoyable. Like I said, I must continue to work on the discipline more.
  11. Little Dragon


    Without a 'music business', there would be no 'career' to kill. They may not like the terms being offered but that , unfortunately, is the reality of a business where people simply do not pay for music in the same way as in decades past.
  12. Little Dragon

    Please help me to identify this bass.

    Those strings though!
  13. Little Dragon

    What would happen if...

    Why not use the lineout instead? Could use both amps then.
  14. Little Dragon

    Retrovibe Evo

    Not surprised it sold to someone who already owns one.