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  1. BAM200 now appears to be available at Thomman. Not due at Gear 4music until August.
  2. Yours are not the pampered pixies of a guitar princess.....
  3. John Entwhistle Wilco Johnson Ginger Baker George Michael.
  4. I use Dunlop Nylon Glow. Plenty of grip on textured bit and easier to find!
  5. In a pub watching a band last night and they covered Town Called Malice. I could hear the bass wasn't as the record but no one seemed to notice. Foxton put some tricky to imitate bass lines in to Jam songs and I've never heard Down In The Tubestation done as per but everyone seems to enjoy them anyway.
  6. On the back of an Ashdown EB180 combo it says 'min 4 ohm' and has 2 jack sockets, one with the combos speaker plugged in to it. To add an extra cab, should that be 4ohm or an 8ohm to give about 4ohm in parallel? Thanks in advance.
  7. One of the reviews actually said that the E and A string appear thicker than the D and G!
  8. Seems like it's expected delivery date at Gear4Music has moved back to August!
  9. Thanks a lot. Bought it used so no manual.
  10. I have a Behringer BXR-1800H I was thinking of putting in my practice room. (Pedal, compressor etc.) and it is named as Class D, does that mean it is ok to use without connecting a cab to it and just using headphones?
  11. Some people play with their thumb on the middle of the neck, some play with their thumb on the top and holding the whole back of the neck. From what I have observed, the latter seem to favour a P neck.
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