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  1. Thanks Stew! These cabs are phenomenal too - I did a massive amount of shopping around and tried everything I could to be certain they were what I wanted as they were replacing Yamaha DXR15 - big shoes to fill and they did it admirably!
  2. Due to me taking a bit of a musical pause, I have our band PA for sale. To say this is a fab setup is a real understatement - there's never been a gig this hasn't coped admirably with and the sounds are fantastic. Speakers - PAIR of LD Systems ICOA 12A Active Speakers - these have an SPL of 126dB and 300wRMS. They are punchy, clear and very very well defined indeed - bass, guitar, keys and vocals sound fantastic through them Behringer xAir XR12 - 4 x XLR inputs, 8 1/4" jack inputs, 2 Aux, 2 Main output WiFi enabled stagebox/mixer. These things are phenomenal, but the one downside is the built in WiFi is weak (this affects all of these models) so I am including an external Apple AirPort Extreme which I used with 100% reliability too. I'll include a tool case to house it all in. Also comes with 2 x Gorilla stands and a few XLRs so you literally have EVERYTHING you could need. Pictures coming once it stops raining but I cannot rate this setup enough and it represents amazing value. Collection / meet-up from near Worcester / Cheltenham area!
  3. Thanks Matt - I’d entertain an offer too do could be even MORE of a bargain!
  4. Hi all For sale due to having a bit of a musical break. Fantastic bass - only gigged once and used for a handful of rehearsals. Full details / spec here: https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/TRBX_605FM.html Unfortunately I’ve no box so it’s collection only but I’ll throw in a really nice Protection Racket gig bag.
  5. Ideally I’d sooner not, as I don’t have a case but I guess I could at your cost/risk? We’d need to maybe look at getting a case for it - PM me if you wanted to discuss?
  6. More info from the original build sheet - hope this helps!
  7. Hi all Usual story - too much spending so this is up for sale! I got this from Philly here who bought it from someone else on here, who got it from Bass Direct. It truly is a wonderful bass - lightweight (chambered body), fantastic Delano pickups and 3 band, decent hardware and lovely balance too which is not easy to achieve with a chambered body (3.85kg, amazing for a 5er!)
  8. Happy to listen to an offer to find this very capable machine a new home to a BCer!
  9. As most people will tell you the 2014 / 2015 MacBook Retinas are some of the best options before the keyboards changed in the 'Touch Bar' models! Case is in good nick, keyboard very tidy and the screen is in overall good condition with only minor marks, far better than most at this price/age. This is in good, albeit used, condition and still flies! CPU: i7 Quad Core 2.5Ghz RAM: 16Gb SSD: 512GB GRAPHICS: GT750 2GB Dedicated Only 176 battery cycles too! Comes with the charger (slightly yellowed, as they do) and box.
  10. Lovely chap, easy deal and very helpful - can't be faulted! Enjoy the bass Mike
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