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  1. Hi all, Purchased from Andertons last week, it's an AMAZING looking thing but sadly I now have a four figure bill for the car so it must go. It's in good condition but some light scratches to the back where a belt buckle has rubbed - unavoidable on this sort of finish. Happy to either sell or part ex for another 5 string but must be fairly lightweight with a not-ridiculous neck and have some cash my way to go towards the car repairs. Can post for £25 or collection from Worcester area (or meetup as I travel around a bit for work)
  2. I haven’t opened up the LB cab but it’s MUCH lighter than the V112 - could be a neo speaker? The two cabs sound absolutely huge together so it seems to work well!
  3. Hi all, Due to moving to 100% in-ears, I have no need for my recently-assembled rig of tiny but mighty doom! This is: Amp: TC Electronic Classic 450 head with TC Gig bag. Cab 1: Ashdown 'Little Bastard' 1 x 12" (8ohm) Cab 2: Ashdown VS112 1 x 12" (8 Ohm) 2 x Speakon Leads Ashdown replaced the speaker in the VS112 due to a buzz so it's now running the Ashdown Blueline (white cone) speaker and sounds huge. I know everyone always says this but I have no heard a better rig for the size and cost - recently gigged this at Worcester Warriors and it sounded MASSIVE - handles the low B of a five-string beautifully and so small and portable. Would rather not split, but would consider selling both speaker cables as one lot and the amp as another. I'm working in Swindon next week so could always do a meet up in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Worcester or Swindon if easier. Cheers! James
  4. Further to this, bought the Blake case from eBay. Initial thoughts: - Well-made - Delivery a touch slow but not bad, just not the typical ‘next day’ (not that this was promised - just high expectations) - Very solid - mid-way between a gig bag and foam case - Roomy - almost too much, my Cort rattles around in it a bit - Someone at the company is clearly a smoker. Quite a strong smell of second hand smoke, not very pleasant but sure it will go in time. Overall I’m pretty happy with it.
  5. I’ll be having this then. Rude not to!
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Amp still available and I'm back in Cornwall (Redruth so not far) on Tuesday evening?
  7. I’ve had a really good look, deffo nothing loose and / or signs of damage. 99.9% certain it’s mechanical inside the speaker. Low B really gives it something to think about - other cab is totally fine tho!
  8. Interesting - I LOVE the strings that came fitted to my BB735a (now sadly for sale) and had been wondering what they were so I can grab a set.
  9. I should add that there is definitely a buzz from one of the drivers too (absent from the other cab and 100% not something vibrating) even at lowish volumes so I think it’s a good excuse to try a driver upgrade!
  10. Thanks both - yes the cab is totally un-damped. Worth adding some whilst I’ve got the driver out?
  11. That looks a belter Nik! Enjoy
  12. The early ones were amazing, yet to play a new one but I think the risk of variability is greater at this end of the market - ideally play before you buy or buy from somewhere with a good returns policy if you get bad grain or other flaws?
  13. It’s now on eBay: - https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333259025545 Battery clip looks, erm ‘normal’ but I’m no expert!
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