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  1. I don't believe we've met then, my name's James
  2. I'd recommend avoiding eBay, I'd go with here, Facebook Marketplace (but listed cash on collection only) and for the stuff that's more 'specialist' talk to Mark at Bassdirect for a consignment sale?
  3. Was ideally after a trade but just did a bad thing so now a sale much preferred
  4. Apologies if we have had a thread like this lately but I felt the need to give some love to a few bass (/guitar) shops who have really impressed me with recent purchases. 1) Bass Direct - as ever, helpful and speedy replies to queries and the most laid back and trusting in-shop experience to try whatever takes my eye. 2) Promenade music - quick response to FB messages with pics and weights of a couple of basses, including an honest admission that one of them was a back-breaker 3) Fair deal music - again super-quick FB response to a request for pics and a better deal than I would have got if buying from them via Amazon (product was not listed on their site). Well done to everyone in the MI industry that’s delivering this sort of quality service - I can’t imagine it’s easy with all of us stuck at home with no gigs and nothing to do but (browser) window-shop!
  5. I’d say that’s largely the new string effect. They’ll dull down pretty quickly and become more consistent. Shame though, as I LOVE the sound of new strings!
  6. Moos3h

    Ghost Rider

    It literally gets NO better than this. Basschat at it's finest! I rather rashly bought something from Anthony with absolutely no idea how to get it to 300 or so miles across the country to me. He could not have been more helpful, packed it all up - videos before during and after and it's here in super-fast time. Absolutely fantastic - thank you so much mate!
  7. Had some requests for further pics as the lighting was a bit flat on the last ones.
  8. Yeah the build quality on this is the best I’ve seen Fender do, very, very tidy indeed.
  9. Haha - yeah I’ve become super fussy as I had so long away from playing, then got back into some g*itar playing which has meant EVERYTHING bass wise feels huge!
  10. I think these were a 2019 special run so only a couple of years and very, very lightly used!
  11. Hi all, Was looking for trades, but did a bad thing today....oops! Now just a sale I think please Rough measurements are around 4Kg so a good light (for a 5!) weight and 45/46mm (my tape measure is rubbish) nut width. These are phenomenal - beautifully put together, I mean this thing is CLEAN...balance well too! High mass bridge (string through), lightweight tuners and usa vintage (passive) pickups it's a fab spec. Fretwork is very good too. Still got the promotional sticker/covering on the scratchplate. Plenty of pics but let me know if you want pics of anything in particular. Thanks in advance, James
  12. Good question! I don’t have any scales but a pure estimate would be around the 4.5 mark?
  13. Hi all, I have finally given in - the neck is too wide for my ridiculously small hands Wonderful sounding, looking and playing instrument hand made by Rob Williams (back when he was Woodworm). Originally had a Gotoh bridge which I'll include but I swapped it to a Schaller 3D bridge to be able to adjust the string spacing. EMG pickup and wiring and all rather beautiful. Comes with a Mansons-branded Hiscox. I can post for £35
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