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  1. As most people will tell you the 2014 / 2015 MacBook Retinas are some of the best options before the keyboards changed in the 'Touch Bar' models! Case is in good nick, keyboard very tidy and the screen is in overall good condition with only minor marks, far better than most at this price/age. This is in good, albeit used, condition and still flies! CPU: i7 Quad Core 2.5Ghz RAM: 16Gb SSD: 512GB GRAPHICS: GT750 2GB Dedicated Only 176 battery cycles too! Comes with the charger (slightly yellowed, as they do) and box.
  2. Lovely chap, easy deal and very helpful - can't be faulted! Enjoy the bass Mike
  3. Would happily take an offer on this as I'd like it to go to a good home and I'm out of guitar hanger space!
  4. Hi all, Imminent arrival of something shiny means this is up! This is a wonderful bass with an astonishing tone - I originally bought some Dimarzios to go in this prior to it arriving and never felt the need as it sounds phenomenal. Condition for what I think is quite an old bass is overall very good - note that there is a (repaired with CA and Titebond) crack from one machinehead which is solid and does not affect anything at all. Please give it a good home! Cheers, James
  5. This is a well known issue that affects most of these when using the built-in Wi-Fi access point. Other devices in the vicinity cause issues with your tablets ability to communicate with the xr18. I use one and have an apple airport express plugged in with the airport issuing IP addresses via DHCP works brilliantly and it's rock solid.
  6. Happy to listen to trade offers? Cash sale always preferred of course! Oh and for those that fancy destroying small buildings, I also have the DXS15 sub for sale too
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Fantastic quality and sound truly amazing! Enough power for practically any application. Price is for the pair and comes with basic Citronic covers. Collection only
  9. No love for these? Shame as they are fantastic speakers and very versatile!
  10. Great condition and under a year old! Overall decent nick with only a minor scuff or two to the top where my interface has sat. Comes with just the Mac Mini but I do have some keyboards / magic trackpads lying around if you wanted to add them for extra. These things are (the) nuts - no amount of VSTs seems to cause them to sweat! £475 collected (Worcester but I’m in Swindon regularly as well as further into the South West) or I can post for £20
  11. Good overall condition with some scuffs as you’d expect from gigging. Comes with some covers (universal ones so not the snuggest fit but absolutely fine to keep the dust off!) These sound great, recently gigged our four piece with everything running through the PA and sounded fab with power to spare.
  12. Hi all, Fab machine - SUPER quick, light weight, slim and very nice looking - the screen is a beauty too! Dell Precision 5520 (Shares the same chassis as the XPS 15) Full HD screen (anti glare matte finish) I7 6820HQ CPU 16gb RAM 512gb NVME SSD Nvidia Quadro M1200 4Gb dedicated graphics Comes with genuine Dell charger.
  13. Utter bargain - barely used and ready to go Collection from Malvern/Worcester much preferred
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