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  1. Good condition bar a few minor dents and dings but certainly nothing to be worried about. Works great, i7, 8Gb of RAM and 256Gb mean it’s a very capable machine indeed. 250 ish battery cycles so battery is in good health too! Can post for £25 (Special delivery)
  2. Thanks Stew, great to meet you too! In the unlikely event the band hangs together long enough to try it, I shall let you know ;)
  3. Oooh I would have that back in a heartbeat if budget allowed
  4. Glad you like it mate! And no, the journey was bloody awful thanks to the A38 *and* the A380 being shut...swines! Back now so all done for another week hehe. Enjoy
  5. Sorry @Bassislife16 - @Rich has just beaten you to it. Thanks all
  6. Battered, bruised and beautiful! Had had a neck crack repaired and the active preamp bypassed. Holds tune, plays well and sounds massive - that pickup is a brute. New strings. Oh and truss rod works! Come and have it and chuck £20 in a charity pot of your choice, next time you are passing one? Something Cancer Research-related would be excellent. Collection only from Worcester in the Midlands.
  7. Afraid not mate. We are about 2 hrs from there if it helps (holiday out your way a lot!)
  8. Pass I’m afraid - I would imagine they are but can’t really find much info online
  9. £60 then. Come and get it or I'll gather the strength to throw it in the sea* Cheers, James *I probably won't really, but urgently need this gone.
  10. Meant to add if you can send me a hard case to ship it in then I’m happy to post at your cost/risk etc?
  11. Stuff it, £600 with free Westone and if it doesn’t sell this weekend I’ll throw it in a cupboard and forget about it (or try to!)
  12. Thanks Freddy, sure I’ll be back to it in no time but I’m enjoying the ‘life laundry’ element of clearing out quite a lot - feels good!
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