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  1. I’ll be having this then. Rude not to!
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Amp still available and I'm back in Cornwall (Redruth so not far) on Tuesday evening?
  3. Hi all Recently purchased this and it’s an amazing machine but due to a gearbox issue on the car I am likely to need to free up some cash! Spec is: 15.4 Screen Touch Bar 16Gb RAM i7 2.2Ghz CPU 256Gb SSD Radeon 555 Graphics 11 Months Apple Care Boxed with Charger etc. Ideal for me would be a trade my way for an older 13” or 15” model with cash my way. Shout me if of interest!
  4. I’ve had a really good look, deffo nothing loose and / or signs of damage. 99.9% certain it’s mechanical inside the speaker. Low B really gives it something to think about - other cab is totally fine tho!
  5. Interesting - I LOVE the strings that came fitted to my BB735a (now sadly for sale) and had been wondering what they were so I can grab a set.
  6. I should add that there is definitely a buzz from one of the drivers too (absent from the other cab and 100% not something vibrating) even at lowish volumes so I think it’s a good excuse to try a driver upgrade!
  7. Thanks both - yes the cab is totally un-damped. Worth adding some whilst I’ve got the driver out?
  8. That looks a belter Nik! Enjoy
  9. The early ones were amazing, yet to play a new one but I think the risk of variability is greater at this end of the market - ideally play before you buy or buy from somewhere with a good returns policy if you get bad grain or other flaws?
  10. It’s now on eBay: - https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333259025545 Battery clip looks, erm ‘normal’ but I’m no expert!
  11. Hi all, Im considering changing the driver in the Little Bastard 12” cab as it struggles since I’ve moved to 5 string. I REALLY love the size of the cab so would be keen to see if I can breathe new life into it. There’s no tweeter so I do need something that can cover the ‘full range’ so may be in moon on a stick territory! Amp is 500w so each cab receives 250w ish Thinking Beyma SM212? Thanks in advance
  12. Yeah the preamp is hella powerful too - switching from this to my Cort, I have to crank the gain up a fair amount to balance the two, such is the wallop the Yamaha delivers!
  13. Price drop to £645 to get it gone ASAP. I'm up and down the M5 / A30 to Cornwall, so meet-ups inn Bristol, Exeter, Taunton, Cornwall etc. all nicely doable.
  14. Yuppo! Will be heading down Sunday night if that works for you!
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