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  1. Was mine too! Lovely looking thing
  2. Was that the one that was on eBay? Had it in my watch list so you did me a favour! I think it looks great, but given the whole style the lack onboard preamp was the thing that stopped me hitting the button. Good score!
  3. Probably correct, but its one of the recent-ish made in China basses that are not in the same league as the Japanese Tokai of old.
  4. Will give that a go! Dont have meths but wonder if baby wipes would do it? Ideally don't want to wreck the coating but perhaps that's what's coming off!?
  5. It did! Mercifully the original finish was a weird kind of varnish more than paint, and was flaking already - came off fairly easily in the end!
  6. An Aria IGB something or other! The preamp is excellent...very powerful and tweakable. The new Wilkinson machine heads do the job but are a bit 'creaky' so will try some goop on them to loosen them up a bit.
  7. Hi all Bought some of these from Amazon (sold BY Amazon, not a third party). They are leaving black grot on my fingers after playing for a few seconds...suspicious? They sound and feel fine but surely this is not normal? Cheers!
  8. Okay, so not quite £60. It was up for £110 delivered from cash convertors (a seller I often follow) and I had a £50 voucher. To say it was minging was an understatement. Covid would have been the least dangerous thing lurking on the fretboard of this bad boy. Took the sander to it and hit it with some Danish oil. A new set of tuners and and strings are we are in business. Sounds phenomenal! Check out the before and after pics! Hopefully you'll be able to work out which is which!
  9. Moos3h

    Cat Burrito

    Solid fella! Met up for a smooth transaction done at super quick speed at a petrol station. Shady dealings indeed Top bloke.
  10. That is a hideously written article. Interesting subject matter but by God it was hard work!
  11. Pass, but they are 'universal' so I guess it's possible. Maybe someone here has one?
  12. Buy a foam case off Gear4Music? £45 delivered?
  13. Yeah I'm OCD about that sorta stuff, it would bother me.
  14. I know these get a lot of love here, so posting in case anyone fancies it! https://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/product/yamaha-mij-bbp34-broad-bass-sunburst-w-hard-case-2nd-hand-yyamaha101827/
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