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  1. How many of you and are you coming along to this ? Check this out any of you guys over the border..... http://basschat.co.uk/topic/273035-moffat-bass-bash-9/ This is great bass bash, great little venue. Alan from AC Guitars has organised an intimate session this year with the massive Bass presence of Dave Swift (Jools Hollands bass player) Also got several other guests on the list - check the web link out - Colin from Cocos basement is another attendee - top player and great laugh. Events like this take a lot of organising and every year has got better and better. Always lots of bassChat and Finnbass regulars come along, and lots stay over for the full weekend. Dave
  2. The mid range driver is an eminence neo closed back mid range unit [url="http://www.eminence.com/speakers/speaker-detail/?model=Alphalite_6CBMR"]http://www.eminence.com/speakers/speaker-detail/?model=Alphalite_6CBMR[/url]
  3. Unfortunately, its not as simple as making one cab, as the only way to remotely get things to be cost effective is to make things in absolute minimum batches of 10 units per time So essentially I have to commit to making a batch of 10 just to sell 1, and its a massive financial undertaking of many thousands of pounds. Dave
  4. Nice to see the cab has new home and still looking good :-) I spent a lot of time building PA and Bass cabs over the last 20+ years before EAD. Massive horn loaded cabs, front loaded cabs, lots of Bill Fitz cabs.....I have forgotten more cab builds than most people can remember...but I think that's just down to not taking the right tablets at bed time....or the adhesive.....yes I think its all down to the adhesive..... Its something that I have always enjoyed doing ( cab building , not adhesive). The Foundation range EAD 212 came into life after several previous incarnations of similar cabs I had built and designed, but this was my first time making them as a going concern using full production techniques. Very proud of the cabs, but the cost of production was frankly prohibitive - every element of production costs went higher and higher Timing was also an enemy ....directly after placing the order for the first batch of cabs a few years ago to be manufactured (all CNC and very high quality birch ply construction) the market for Neo drivers doubled overnight, very frustrating. Put simply the cost of manufacturing cabs, to a standard that I wanted to put them out at was not practical to do so - and although I have enjoyed building and designing cabs for years in the past, this was not something that was going to be practical to do so when I also run my own main Business providing architectural / engineering services. I have always been astounded at how badly some cabs had been built, and frankly far more astounded at what people accepted as the holy grail of cabs without question, but hey, what do we know, we are only bass players..... Nothing is perfect, but some things are so off the mark on quality of finish, form and function that I am lost for words, and in fact lost all faith in trying to even attempt to understand now. There are some great guys building and providing cabs out there:- Richard and Mike produce some ace cabs based upon the fearful range, and Mikes magical ply is like nothing I have ever come across before or since.... [url="http://www.speakerbuilder.co.uk/about-fEARful"]http://www.speakerbuilder.co.uk/about-fEARful[/url] Myself and John East had been looking at doing something with the smaller EAD 112 but again, time restraints and simple cost of manufacture are very much against small scale production. I loved the Little EAD tilt back cabs, but only made the two units for myself as test ideas. Both cabs got sold to some pals of mine a few years ago. I have just renewed the EAD web site domain for another few years, just in case I have a massive change of heart, but its not likely. To be honest, I am now spending far too much time playing with kit cars and hardly playing bass at all now. The [url="http://www.moffatbassbash.co.uk/"]Moffatt bass bash [/url]is probably the only thing that has me remotely fired up as a bass interest these days, and that's primarily as its just a great laugh and great company. Always good to see loads of different cabs in one place. Dave
  5. I am having to call it a day with this great Genesis Tribute band so an opening for the bass player is now on the cards. The band is North West based - Wigan / St Helens area and want a bass player also based in the North West I am working upto 3 months notice with them so the band can honour all the gigs and make a transitional change seamless. It’s been a very tough choice, but my work commitments with running my own business have pushed me into this decision as I simply can’t afford the time that this band requires. I can’t express how frustrating a decision this has been.... It’s a great band, great set of players and a top laugh. The gigs tend to be small theatres or 02 Academy gigs, so it’s a far step up from playing the dog and duck, but its also a lot more time consuming for the same reasons (you cant just rock up at a theatre at 7.30 and bang a few speakers on sticks....) The band has a great PA set-up and superb lighting show and are fully self contained. Typically 1-2 gigs per month, a couple of weekend shows a year with hotel stopovers. The band currently want to try and grow to larger shows and hopefully this will all work out for them. Check out the bands web site for info and contact the bind directly through the web site [URL="http://www.mama-genesis.co.uk/"]http://www.mama-genesis.co.uk/[/URL] For the right person this is a dream of a gig. I use a set of bass pedals as well and these will up for grabs once my part in this great band comes to an end..... Sad thing is I cant see myself gigging again after hanging up my bass on this gig...still time will tell on that front... [IMG]https://scontent-a-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/t1.0-9/1394037_10202063568928364_1618408280_n.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]https://scontent-b-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/t1.0-9/1385400_10202063571368425_1977216529_n.jpg[/IMG] Dave
  6. To be precise its just two night...but hey...its a tour Its with the Genesis Tribute band I work with First night is Friday 23rd at 'The Ferry' in Glasgow Sat 24th at Kinross - great little venue and a nice hotel stay over Details on the tinterweb [URL="http://www.mama-genesis.co.uk/"]http://www.mama-genesis.co.uk/[/URL] For anybody into Genesis (Collins [i]and [/i]Gabriel era) its a must see show Dave
  7. I would come along Matt assuming the date is clear from the gig list. Nice weekend away would be cool :-) Dave
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Come and introduce yourself if you do !
  10. Toneknob - John sends hugs n kisses your way fella ! I really enjoy using the bass pedals (had several sets for different bands in the past), just on the lookout for a twin neck bass/guitar at the moment as well to try and get the authentic Rutherford thing going on...of course I will have to learn how to play guitar first, but why should I let that stop me buying a new toy Really enjoyed the gig although it was odd having to break the set up so the camera guys could change there Tapes/magic hamsters or whatever they used... And here is a bit of 'In The Cage / Afterglow' taken on a mobile phone.....This is an epic genesis track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmlfEu809rU
  11. Cheers Alain :-) great to catch up with you again pal ! It was a top fun , but a very hectic weekend. Its a great band to be part of. Top players and top attitudes but we are all just weekend warriors. Dave
  12. Cheers for that. Yep, Told him to go on NW bands as well as me posting on the bass forums for him.
  13. Drummer pal of mine is on the hunt for a new band, said I would post on here for him:- Based in Chorley near Preston (North West of England) 40yr old experienced drummer looking for a band. Any Genre considered but would prefer rock, own gear (kit, mics, lights & smoke machine) and transport. Lots of live experience. Email - [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] Iain's a nice guy and decent drummer as well !
  14. Quick bump for my mates band. Thy are still looking.
  15. This is pal of mines band who is looking for a new bass player. Great set of guys. They are based in the Preston area of the North West. Told them I would post an add on the forums for them:- [QUOTE]New Hard Rock/Metal covers band needs Bassist to complete line-up.We're mid 30's 40's plenty of gigging experience, up for a laugh, but keen to focus on putting out some good work. Rehearsals midweek in the Preston Area Looking to gig a couple of times a month. Big 4 stuff, maybe not slayer! Plus Pantera, Motorhead, Maiden, Rob Zombie etc Looking forward to rocking out hard. Need someone with good skills, who's also keen on backing vocals! Must have own gear and transport. Call James on 07557 289087[/QUOTE] I cant really help with any responses so if you have any questions please phone / text James on the number above Thanks, Dave
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