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  1. Next you’ll be telling me Fodera have moved to Runcorn and we can all buy them cheaper than a Maruszczyk.
  2. On all the standard stuff I’ve seen, the headstock decal has never included the origin like this does and the serial number on the neck heel always has the origin in black and serial numbers in silver (again, not like this). Interesting!
  3. The decal on the headstock and also the back of the neck heel look like they’ve been added (badly) to a cheaper neck. Particularly the serial number decal, which on every Japanese (mij or cij) I’ve ever seen have had black text for the origin and silver for the actual serial digits.
  4. Totally agree (and maple fingerboards on mustangs are also wrong!)
  5. Does anybody know where you can buy replacement logos for speaker cabinets (I have an Aguilar cab that got knocked and snapped the logo)? Tried searching and not having much luck.

    1. Lozz196


      Try contacting Aguilar direct, [email protected]

    2. skej21


      Thanks Lozz. I’ve tried already but just hoping for an alternative if it’s not successful!

  6. Totally agree. OP missed the important point. In the Ronaldo story, he has made a decision to challenge himself. At the point this decision has been made, his technique would already be at an advanced stage, his diet would have been designed specifically with a team of chefs and nutritionists etc, his knowledge of the risk of injury would be coupled with the advice of some of the best trainers/doctors at an established sporting business. He is an athlete but not through his own hard work. It is the combination of his desire to push himself and the support of a vast knowledge base of trained professionals. Throwing a cheap bass at an inexperienced bassist is not really the same. It'd be comparable to placing weights on the ankles of a toddler who is just learning to walk and expecting them to get the same benefit as Ronaldo.
  7. I guess that answers the questions... From the product description on the website; “We are unfortunately unable to ship this guitar internationally at this time due to CITES restrictions on rosewood. Please consider shopping at our EU store or find a dealer who may be able to ship to your location”
  8. If they produced a Valyrian Steel resonator that i could melt down, make in to a weapon and protect myself from an army of undead, i'd still think $25,000 was over-priced!
  9. Mine is 2016 and got the pickguard from WD Music!
  10. I did exactly the same with mine. White with black scratchplate is the winning combo for me!
  11. Needed a cheaper backup bass so I’ve just put an Aguilar AG4P-60 pickup and the 3TSB ‘60s Precision in the basket. Less than £450 all in is a bargain IMO. Shipping is towards end of February atm. I’m pretty intrigued to see how that Yanny fingerboard plays... if it’s decent, I think I’ll also get the fretless J!
  12. They clearly don’t know their market very well at all. Bass players are stereotyped as the quiet one at the back who never gets any groupie action... They’ve created an attention-grabbing bass design that also has a ‘G-Spot’ control. Can you imagine the pressure of all the eyes in the room being on you whilst also not being able to find the G-Spot in front of the club chairman and a bunch of bingo-hungry coffin-dodgers?! I think I’ll stick to a precision, a dark corner and 3rd place in the meat raffle, thanks!
  13. Is it something like this that you need? https://www.northwestguitars.co.uk/set-of-4-bass-guitar-string-ferrules-jazz-bass-precision-bass/
  14. This with Lollipop tuners and you’d have an outright winner! Edit: On further inspection I just noticed the jack is on the edge of the body. Switch that back to the control plate and I’d be happy! 😂
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