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  1. Standard really. The Nate Mendel was £575 RRP when i got mine after it first came out in 2012, and now they are £1199 RRP
  2. I think you’re missing my point. It’s not about ‘sounding better’. There’re are a LOT of old dudes who want to collect things that are like the good old days, with disposable income. When I worked in the music shop, the amount of people who bought Gibson J-45 or wanted a Fender strat identical to Hank Marvin’s etc was crazy, and with Gibson it was a standard model. With Fender, you’d end up selling something that (like you say) was “good enough” or could “do the job” functionally, but it wasn’t exacting enough for those types of people to get an instrument they were happy with. i’m not saying the range is something that personally I would like, it’s just something I think Fender would be better focusing on
  3. I would put money on it, that they’d get more sales through that idea and reclaim more market share from people who don’t want cheap vinteras, or expensive custom shop models but would buy a Limelight or Bravewood for £1000-2000
  4. It’s not at all close, and yes it’s cheaper… which was exactly my point. The concept I explained is assuming that the kind of person who is looking for a budget, “ball park vintage-spec” Fender would buy Vintera 🙂
  5. This is just the kind of thing we always see from Fender, trying to chase ‘new business’. What Fender don’t seem to have tried at any point (but I think would be extremely popular!) is a step further down the ‘American original’ series. Take an iconic, genuine instrument from specific eras (let’s say, a ‘63 Precision as an example), and use advances in technology to scan the dimensions, wood types, neck profile, nitro composition etc and just recreate every exacting detail. Call it “American Authentic” range or similar and price it between £1500-3000 and offer all the classic finishes options (fiesta red etc). Job done.
  6. If you can find one, Jade Pearl Metallic with rosewood board was beautiful in the flesh! I reckon it wasn’t a very common choice though, so it’ll be pretty difficult to find one
  7. Exactly the same. I saw the usual setups and thought I could go modern (and at times vintage) and it would somehow give me an edge or better sound than the ‘cliche’ setups. I’ve spent thousands doing it and just got back to an American Original Precision bass, Ampeg PF115HE and PF20T and couldn’t be happier. Could’ve saved myself a fortune and just bought that in the first place!
  8. Nope, but I’ve definitely made “main bass” purchases that were attempts to chase or find that one bass I played when I was younger and couldn’t afford that SHOULD have been my “main bass”. I really needed to just save up and buy one at the start! 🤣
  9. Nobody else finding the fact that this question is being asked by Mr Bolt-On, funny?… Just me, huh.
  10. Stole the idea from Pinterest 🤣 only way I could keep the partner happy with hanging basses on walls!
  11. Some nice stuff on here! Heres mine (L to R) CIJ Geddy Lee Signature Jazz MIJ Mustang Bass ACG Finn Type R SC https://www.instagram.com/p/BolhH1SFwcm/?utm_medium=copy_lin
  12. Awesome!!! Love it
  13. My limelight is #133 and I picked it up in 2014 (its on the left in this photo) and the relic was “light” then. Don’t think it was hugely different considering I’ve added most of the other little knocks since! https://instagram.com/p/CRldigggGeJ/
  14. Beware, the rabbit hole! 🤣 their social media pages (Facebook mainly) show off a huge range of what they’re capable of 👍
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