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  1. A jazz bass with the tone rolled off a little! (Joking!! *runs for cover*)
  2. Thanks for being so clear in your explanation and making it clearer.
  3. This is the construction style of my pickups on my Sire P7 V I’m personally still struggling to see how you guys are reading “yes, the pickups got covers” and not seeing that they are confirming what you asked? The only outcomes are “no, they are sealed” and “yes, they have got covers”!
  4. I might be cynical but having worked in a music store and having had dealings with Andertons, this has “here’s a stock answer that tells you not to do it so it saves us any backlash when you try it and it goes wrong” written all over it. Andertons are generally pretty clueless about bass so I wouldn’t take their advice as the basis for your decision (especially when the manufacturer has confirmed the opposite/truth!) IME, I bought a Sire P7 V earlier this year from Andertons and the pickup covers come off and could be replaced (although I haven’t taken the time to see if they are ‘standard’ size) Also, it might be helpful to know that whilst the Sire P7 V split coil pickup is ‘shorter’ than a standard replacement set (like Aguilar etc), the routing in the bass is larger to accommodate any upgrades, you’d just have to get the pick guard hole made larger to match the pickup.
  5. Confirmed my suspicions... all that OC-2 character has just been killed off with the "fixed" tracking
  6. Might be the ‘tone’ but by “fixing” the tracking, it will kill the character that bass players love!
  7. I’m not so sure! The other Wazacraft pedals have the same basic control layout. Logic would dictate that an OC-2w would only have OCT1, OCT2 and Direct Level controls (possibly with a custom switch to engage a modification - ideally it would be the mod to rectify the volume drop!). If you were looking for a ‘new’ OC-2, and ended up using this new OC-5 purely for the ‘OC-2’ circuit, you’d be wasting half the functionality of the pedal and you’d have to make do with using two much smaller controls to do it. Personally, I think this looks more like an upgraded OC-3 to capture fans of polyphonic octave pedals like POG etc, with the addition of the OC-2 circuit to try and drag some bass players along for the ride. I agree with @iamtheelvy - A true OC-2w would be a far more attractive proposition!
  8. Great player, great bass, great music!
  9. It was Neil Golding who emailed me about the refund. I can show you the emails via PM if you need them or they’d be helpful, just drop me a message 🙂
  10. Maybe mark didn’t get any of the first 300 that included the mute?
  11. This is the point i was making Based on the direct US price of $799, you'd expect the RRP to be £1000-1150 to cover everyone's margin and costs etc. Really impressed that it is so reasonable, landed in the UK!
  12. Interesting that it’s $799 (£636) shipped in the US but £850 special offer, normally £899 in the UK. Normally a premium added on for imports but this is basically just what you would pay if you were getting it here yourself!
  13. Maybe it’s worth noting that Ibanez is only distributed in the UK (by Headstock Distribution) and they only import certain models that Ibanez release in to the UK, so you always find differences between what Ibanez promote and what is available in the UK.
  14. I used to love these but now, I think I actually prefer the Acinoynx!
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