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  1. Totally agree. In a similar way to the OP, I attempted to add an additional revenue stream to make up for the absence of gigs. I posted a few videos (demos of effects pedals only, no talking or standard “hey guys” YouTube wittering) and it hardly got any interest or views. However, this gets loads of attention and clicks (also, YouTube views dislikes and likes as similar levels of engagement, so they aren’t even a negative!). It’s the self-perpetuating YouTube culture unfortunately!
  2. “How I turned my £30 P Bass Copy into a Pro Instrument”... 30,000 hours of practice? 🤣
  3. Sure thing! https://www.instagram.com/p/CGPS7dOAeJw/?igshid=1hqx0f3pmvrdi https://www.instagram.com/p/CCi0zf9gigE/?igshid=7j6y9358ig2y
  4. I always found that, if a bass was meant to be used for its acoustic qualities, it would need a soundboard similar in size to an upright. I’m yet to hear an “acoustic bass” that doesn’t sound like a cardboard box with rubber bands on...
  5. Dunlop flush Mount strap locks on the mustang to reduce the length at the bottom strap button and it’d be snug as a bug in a rug!
  6. skej21

    EHX Big Muff

    Must agree though, the mix is the crucial bit. Obviously in a demo, it’s hard to translate the truth, whilst also not letting it throw off the mix. Personally, in terms of mixing generally it’s the Rams head and Green Russian I find are the easiest to manage. They’re the ones I’ll be keeping too. Rams Head in particular is really nice and easy to handle when mixing with other effects 🙂
  7. skej21

    EHX Big Muff

    Yeah, to be fair I have a video dedicated to each (Nano and BBM) where the switch wasn’t engaged, so it’s there if you want it. Lesson learnt because a few people complained. I could redo it quite quickly with the switch off in the comparison, but I’d rather just learn the lesson and move on. Might redo it some time 🙂
  8. skej21

    EHX Big Muff

    Last two in the series - I also added duplicate videos without the drum tracks for any one eager (sad?) as me to really hear the subtle differences. I still think Green Russian setting six with a pick from the shootout might be the holy grail?!
  9. skej21

    EHX Big Muff

    Next up, the Bass Big Muff - pretty honky to my ears and plays nicely with octave pedals!
  10. skej21

    EHX Big Muff

    It’ll be interesting to see what you all think of this one. The addition of the Op Amp really differentiates this from the other traditional Muff sounds!
  11. Written record aside, I did speak to Bass Direct once on the phone and was basically made fun of for wanting something too “mainstream” - at the time I’d been working in a non-specialist music retailer and knew what I wanted (just couldn’t get it through the shop I worked in!) and was spoken too like I was buying my first bass from Argos for £20 and that I wouldn’t know quality if it slapped me in the face. From then on, I thought trying an email might make things a little more business-like but then got no response... I’m all for supporting independent stores and bass specialist stores but equally, you’d hope they would try and meet you half way and support you if and when something doesn’t work out!
  12. I think you’re right. The fact it’s a fairly big independent store has its downsides and when that is combined with their attitude (which is publicly known to be very clearly polarised) probably results in similarly polarised customer experience! As a customer who has had issues, it’s also not a nice feeling to be ignored and then hear loads of people saying how great and responsive they are to sales enquiries.
  13. I’ve used them three times. Twice for strings because I couldn’t get them elsewhere (and they turned up looking like they’d lived in someone’s gig bag for 10 years), and a set of hipshot lollipop tuners (one of which was opened, had a massive scratch down the middle and was covered in fingerprints). Tried to email them on all occasions (after delivery was received) and got no reply. I did also try to call to ask about buying a bass that was on their website at one point and was basically told I was an idiot because the bass was a predictable and old fashioned, and wouldn’t something with an on-board preamp and wonky frets be loads better? Needless to say, I’ve found alternatives.
  14. skej21

    EHX Big Muff

    Hi all Next up: Green Russian Reissue! Setting Six on this is 🔥🔥🔥
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