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  1. skej21

    EHX Big Muff

    So I own a number of effects (around 100 😬) and in particular, a few of the EHX Big Muff variants; Triangle reissue, Rams Head reissue, Op Amp, Nano Bass, Bass Big Muff and the Green Russian reissue. Due to masses of Covid boredom, I decided to try and put together some YouTube videos showing off the capabilities of each, ending in a video which will pit all six against each other. There dont seem to be a lot of videos showing these types of pedals with bass specifically, so thought I’d share, as it might be helpful to someone thinking of purchasing? Due to my slow/new video editing skills, I’m planning to do one a week until all are finished. Hope they’re useful!
  2. Because we can’t treat it like normal flu. With normal flu, we vaccinate the elderly to protect them against it annually. That vaccine is effective, and is also given to those caring for the vulnerable. That means transmission is a lot lower and risk is lower (hence why a small number experience severe of fatal symptoms). Until there’s a similar vaccine for Covid, we can’t deal with it in the same way. Accepting deaths because we don’t try to protect the vulnerable in the absence in of a vaccine, IMO isn’t the same.
  3. It’s funny how quickly people were willing to sign up to closing the borders over fears of immigrants, but a deadly global pandemic and we wait almost a year 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. The one positive is the amount of hearing damage incurred at guitar shows will be significantly reduced 🤣
  5. I think the cliche response is something like “chance would be a fine thing”?
  6. My favourite when I worked in the shop was a bloke who literally smashed the headstock off another guitar (accidentally) when trying it out, went off to have lunch and think, and then came back with “it’s ex demo, so what’s the best price you can give me?” 🤣
  7. We all know it goes on, but never really give it much thought. We turn a blind eye and pretend it’s not happening. It’s almost taboo to mention... yesterday I broke that rule and seem to have created a significant divide between myself and a very good friend (who is also a bassist), by muttering three small words... “I played that!” My friend had just bought a new MIM Fender Player series precision bass that had been sat in our local music store for a while. It’s in excellent condition and he finally bit the bullet and bought it, before bombarding me with pics and messages about how it was the bass of his dreams and that he was ‘in love’ Once I muttered ‘I played that... it was a really nice bass’ it seems like he is treating me like the guy his partner cheated with. Even though 6/7 other locals players commented saying the same thing. Surely he realised that other people have touched it!? That it gets passed around a lot in a shop. Even strangers! Anyone else been on the receiving end of this? Anyone else feel it’s justified? Just trying to understand the mindset 🤣
  8. It’s also a pretty bad attitude to have to just bung it on a website with a poor description and make no effort to improve its condition to improve the chances of the sale. You’d have thought they’d offer some expertise and say “maybe if you did X, Y and Z you’d have a better chance of it moving” (ie getting a nicer fit on the neck etc)
  9. I have them in my Geddy Lee jazz and they sound amazing!
  10. New bucket list bass ordered. Potential 4-6 month wait until it arrives but hopefully worth it! Fender American Original ‘60s Precision in LPB. 

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    2. skej21


      Nice! I think I’ll be going mint ‘guard at some point 🙂

    3. LukeFRC


      it should be done. If it's a vintage reissue It's a bit odd that the your Fender comes with tort. I blame tallkbass and their love of tort on everything!

    4. skej21


      @LukeFRC I too enjoy the tort guard 🤣

  11. Yup, Fender acquired Charvel in 2002!
  12. This is different enough to really stand out but also quite tame. I really like it!
  13. The Lambo Green 5 string... https://www.charvel.com/gear/shape/san-dimas-bass/pro-mod-san-dimas-bass-jj-v/2965079518 Yup!
  14. Yeah but I just always think of that as in the Road Worn series. Same with the JMJ signature. Just Road Worn series spec with some more specific features and a player’s name 🙂
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