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  1. skej21

    Mustang Bass dimensions (for gig bags)

    Sorry, totally missed that first time through!
  2. skej21

    Mustang Bass dimensions (for gig bags)

    Any good (might be too pricey?) http://www.harvest-guitar.com/en/Bass-Bag-Short-Scale-oxid/
  3. skej21

    5th string gauge, B-G vs E-C?

    I had an Ibanez SR600 and changed from B-G to E-C and didn’t need to do any work to the nut. I switched the strings to Dunlop Superbrights 30-130 (donating the low B to a friend). Gauges were 30, 45, 65, 85, 105 and works no problem.
  4. skej21

    Ibanez tmb600,anyone tried?

    I recently got the TMB-100 for travelling (Id rather chuck that in the hold, it’s easily replaced!) and those dodgy gigs where drinks are flying etc. I have to say it’s a really impressive little bass. I’m already starting to think of it becoming a project bass, maybe having a Capri orange nitro refin and upgrading the pickups but overall it’s tonally versatile and looks quite smart too! I imagine the 600 will be really nice. Ibanez quality is always really decent once you get to the level (like the SR500/600 range are fantastic value for money too!)
  5. skej21

    Geddy Lee NBD - Pickguard Help

    My CIJ Geddy Lee is a shadow of its former self. It now has lollipop tuners, concentric tone knobs and Aguilar AG4J-HC pickups... I’m not welcome in some places ‘round town!
  6. skej21

    Geddy Lee NBD - Pickguard Help

    A MIM Argos 😉
  7. skej21

    Geddy Lee NBD - Pickguard Help

    Sunburst plus white = Argos lol. Plus, the heel access truss rod space looks silly with just wood underneath. Stick with black!
  8. skej21

    A bass for less than $60!

    I don’t know because I’ve never bought one but that’s about the only legit reason I can think of! I’m with you, seems like a bit of a waste of time tbh
  9. skej21

    A bass for less than $60!

    Because they’re great for practicing fretwork and refinishing etc on without caring if you mess it up?
  10. Finally got mine today. Giving it a run out tomorrow!
  11. skej21

    PEDAL CLEAROUT - Price Drops

    No worries!
  12. skej21

    PEDAL CLEAROUT - Price Drops

    You’ve stated Iron Ether in the listing but no price in the post. Could you PM details if you’re selling?
  13. My latest solo looping video. Hope you all like it!
  14. To be fair it’s been the same for years. Dunlop/MXR release pedals at NAMM, set a preorder date way too close to NAMM and then fail to meet the date. I went through exactly the same thing with the Dirty Donny swollen pickle and a couple of other NAMM releases from Dunlop/MXR.
  15. I think you might have misunderstood. He used in-store vouchers (not cash) to pre-order a pedal that has been delayed (as pre-order items often do, due to production schedule delays). The vouchers were then used to buy alternatives as store credit is rarely given back as cash and Thunderpaws was also quite happy with this. I doubt GG we’re at fault in any way, it’s their supplier who has delayed the product shipment.