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  1. Must admit, never had the chance to try one of these but I think they look really good. The main thing that puts me off making the effort to 1) Travel to try one or 2) Buy one unseen is the number of times I've seen Scott Whitley selling on his own signature models!
  2. I really like these too
  3. skej21


    Here's mine - A 2016 MIJ FSR Mustang.
  4. I've booked a Saturday ticket, Leland Sklar and more importantly blagged a cheap B&B (my oldest mate's spare room who lives nearby!), so if anyone wants to meet up etc, count me in (instagram @mattpotterbass, just drop me a message) !
  5. Love it. I’ve been close to pulling the trigger on the LPB one a few times recently! Enjoy!!
  6. I really hope this is being put back in to production, or better, the basis for a new amplifier! 


  7. Tried a few of these in the shop and they are awesome basses. Must admit I spotted the ad and was a little tempted
  8. Actually, I now need two! 😂
  9. I've been waiting a while for a Jaguar or Mustang style configurator... this could be dangerous!
  10. Thanks (i think?! based on your usual post style! 😂)
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