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  1. To be fair it’s been the same for years. Dunlop/MXR release pedals at NAMM, set a preorder date way too close to NAMM and then fail to meet the date. I went through exactly the same thing with the Dirty Donny swollen pickle and a couple of other NAMM releases from Dunlop/MXR.
  2. I think you might have misunderstood. He used in-store vouchers (not cash) to pre-order a pedal that has been delayed (as pre-order items often do, due to production schedule delays). The vouchers were then used to buy alternatives as store credit is rarely given back as cash and Thunderpaws was also quite happy with this. I doubt GG we’re at fault in any way, it’s their supplier who has delayed the product shipment.
  3. Followed my order up for it today and was told that it’s on the first UK shipment due to land mid-April. The UK distributors of Dunlop/MXR are always slow at getting NAMM product shipments so I expected the march estimated delivery date to get knocked back a few times. Time will tell!
  4. Boss OC-2 Serial Database - Please add yours

    Here are my two... Octaver is Japanese and s/n 171300, the Octave is Taiwan and s/n ZA02357. Both in Newcastle!
  5. Ibanez U.K. Are rubbish

    It’s also probably worth mentioning that because Ibanez is distributed in the UK by Headstock Distribution, they don’t have access to all Ibanez models. So what Ibanez present at NAMM might be the range that will be distributed in the US territory but Headstock might not be able to distribute the same models here in the UK.
  6. PRS SE Kingfisher, anyone tried one?

    Kestrel bass, I think. At the time I was working in a music store and we tried to join the hype that they whipped up just before the release by ordering models for the store. Got told they were coming for months and then never turned up so we cancelled the order. In between, a few models got out and experienced similar wiring issues and poor reviews. Seems like an after-thought from PRS really, which is such a shame because the guitars were always great!
  7. Feedback for KiOgon

    Contacted John about a loom. Great service and had the loom incredibly quickly. Easy to fit and works great. Thanks again!
  8. Slap bass - no longer mainstream?

    Slap is certainly not dead. Depends where you look, as it seems pretty main stream on YouTube, where every other video seems to be a product demo consisting mostly of slap!
  9. 30 years ago today Jaco passed away

    [quote name='LZD56' timestamp='1506070913' post='3376209'] Interesting feature yesterday in No Treble including a rare live performance of Shadows & Light with Joni Mitchell, featuring a much more laid back Jaco. http://www.notreble.com/buzz/2017/09/21/jaco-pastorius-30-years-later/ [/quote] You can buy shadows and light live on DVD/Bluray :-)
  10. Pseudonyms

    I had to use one because Kevin Dean was already taken...
  11. £70 or nearest offer, above £70

    Why put '£70 ONO' if you then get offered £65 & £100 and accept £100. Any idiot can tell you that £65 is nearer to £70 than £100 is to £70!
  12. Is TAB really that evil?

    For me, you should view every weakness as an opportunity. The biggest weakness of TAB is the lack of information you get. The best thing about this is that in order to get the same end result as reading the dots to a tune, you have to use your ears to help you fill the gaps. It's a great chance to mix-up your ear training!
  13. Trace Elliot combo was the first amp I had. I used to hate how heavy it was and always thought my bass was the reason for awful tone I was getting until I bought a couple of new basses and pedals, played through other rigs and realised it was the combo. Got rid of it ASAP and never looked back. I've tried a couple of bits of TE since (as a mix of GAS and curiosity got the better of me) and I wondered if my opinion may have changed now I've been playing longer and have a better understanding and experience with gear. Nope. Still think they're not my cup of tea and my back and ears are much happier with my current class D rig!
  14. Joe Hubbard Bass Guitar Online Resource

    Fantastic content Joe. I still think you have the best online bass tuition resource going! Thanks for the insight and the motivation :-)
  15. Delivery date for the new TE Elf head

    [quote name='Merton' timestamp='1498980841' post='3328293'] I guess they use it to gauge audience/consumer reaction. Imagine doing it the way you suggest with hundreds of amps built and ready to ship only for it to be met with complete indifference? What they should at least do is have all the prototyping and production issues ironed out so that it's just a case of hitting the switch and getting a production order for 50/100/200 whatever.... [/quote] That's what I was suggesting. Doing the focus group work ahead of time with heir retailers (to judge the market without releasing) and then release to the public at NAMM... or maybe just use NAMM as the testing point it's supposed to be without everybody sharing every detail with the public who then want to buy something they can't get! For me, it's like putting loads of money into a movie and releasing lots of trailers and then bypassing cinema to release it on BluRay 6 months later.