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  1. Hi John, I'n building a custom jazz bass and I'd like to order a jazz bass volume/blend/tone pre-made wiring loom on a new black bell plate but I need the right size bell plate. I have the old, scratched black bell plate that came with the very nice natural bass body and this fits with the new scratchplate I bought, and all the screw holes for both line up with the screw holes in the body. The old bell plate is 68 mm at its widest point but the replacement bell plate I bought is only 59 or 60 mm at its widest point, so it doesn't fit where it meets the scratchplate and the screw holes don't line up with the screw holes in the body. Do you use bell plates that are 68 mm at the widest point? If so, I'd like to order a new black bell plate with a jazz bass VBT loom and black knobs/white lines. If not, can you source a three ply black/white/black jazz bass scratch plate that fits with the bell plates you use? Many thanks John
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