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  1. Thomas P

    Feedback for Acebassmusic

    Just traded my pride and joy bass for 10 years with Mike. Excellent guy in every aspect, especially as trading is very much down to trust. Mike receives my highest regards as a great member of Basschat. Buy/sell/trade with Mike without any hesitations!
  2. Thomas P

    Traded, please remove

    5 string Instrumets of interest in a trade (random listing) Roscoe , Lakland 55' series, Status, Lefay, Marleaux, Zon, Modulus, Spector, early W. Streamer, Larkin I'm willing to add a fair amount if you have the "right" bass, but do have a good knowledge of what the various brands normally sell/trade for. Enjoy your weekend!
  3. Thomas P

    Modulus Quantum 5

    Trade plus a bit of money your way? Regards Thomas
  4. Thomas P

    Traded, please remove

    Sunday bump
  5. Thomas P

    Traded, please remove

    Hi All I have had a couple of enquiries but nothing has matured into a sale/trade so let the offers keep comming. And if you have something either cheaper or more expensive we can probably work something out. Kind Regards Thomas
  6. Thomas P

    Traded, please remove

    Hi guys. Some may recall this bass been advertised in November/December last year. A buyer approached me asking if I could wat while he saved up. Hard work through many years and a bit of luck has left me in a situation if which I have more than one instrument, so I agreed only to experience the agreed date of buy being delayed again and again, and after 5 months I have lost my patience. So, this beautiful bass is still up for sale, or in reality and preferable, trade. I'm looking for a 5 string on an equal quality level i.e. new price around the 3000 £/4000€/5000$ with a darker tonal voice and strong sub mid growl. Ideally: 34" - 24 frets - D shaped neck with flat fretboard or high number curve radius (think +16 rather than old school Fender below 10) Headless, graphite neck or Wenge/Padouk, ash/mahogoni body or other hard wood, 3 band pre-amp. What springs to mind is Status or even an elder Lefay, but I open to what you may offer (sorry not Warwick Thumb) Each part cover own insured and traceable shipping. You're welcome to call me at +45 6120 9520. And If you're around Northern Germany I'd be willing to drive half a day from Denmark to meet and exchange instruments. Kind Regards Thomas Link to the old advert
  7. Thomas P

    SOLD : Sadowsky NYC Will Lee 5 Custom Shoreline Gold USA

    Quite possible one of the best looking Jazz basses out there!
  8. Thomas P

    Mike Lull M5V - SOLD TO OVI!

    Bumping. And to let others know that trading is an option. Especially for something with a strong growl and darker sounding characteristic (think Fretless and Pino rather than Jaco) Enjoy your weekend guys. Thomas
  9. Thomas P

    SOLD Glockenklang BAC -

    Could very well be the case, also as it seems I have misjudged the resell value as another BC member is willing to let his go for quite a bit less than what I thouht they traded for. We'll see. So what to do with the Aguilar DB659 I've used for the last 5 years? Decisions, decisions, decisions...... ;0) Thomas
  10. Thomas P

    Mike Lull M5V - SOLD TO OVI!

    And now with fresh polished frets.
  11. Thomas P

    SOLD Glockenklang BAC -

    Just played through it for a couple of hours this afternoon. Clean is really not the best word to describe it, transparant is. Never heard so many variations comming through just by the playing technique of your right hand as well as the slightest twist of a tonecontrol on my bass. truely a reference class pre-amp.
  12. Off to Germany in the near future. Thanks to all for the interest! The most beautiful Mike Lull M5V ever? Well, you'll be the judge of that. A pain to do decent photo's off given the clear coat always causing refelections, but I've tried my best. My pride and joy for the last 10 years, M5V sn 964. 35" scale, 5A quited maple in honeyburst on light swamp ash body with a maple neck with Bird Eye maple fretboard. Seymour Duncan PU's and Bartolini 3 band pre-amp with 3 way shift for middle frequency. Passive/active switch as well. No tonecontrol in passive mode. The details from Mike: M4V / M5V Features & Specs » Alder, Swamp Ash or Mahogany Body » Graphite Reinforced Maple Neck » Maple or Rosewood Fingerboard » Contoured Neck Heel » 34" Scale Length (34" or 35" for M5V) » 21 Frets » 12" Radius Fingerboard » M5V: 1 7/8" Nut Width and 2 7/8 Neck Width at Body » Bone Nut » Chrome Hardware » Hipshot Ultralite Tuners » Vintage Style Pick-Guard & Control Plate » Aguilar or Bartolini Active Tone Circuits » M5V: Custom Wound Seymour Duncan Basslines Single Coil Pickups (Also available in Hum Canceling) » Aluminum Bridge » Full Electrostatic Shielding Overall good/excellent condition with a few marks at the lower edge of the body, and on top of the head (like 90% of all basses) Weight not above 4 kg and balances perfectly. Sound? Clean as a whistle as you'd expect from an instrument with these wood options and hardware. I've added a couple of photo's showing how it looks with a mat black pickguard that I had specially made for it, Which is useful for for those who prefer a more narrow distance between body and bottom of the D/G string when popping. The pickguard, given its perfect fit, doesn't require to be fixed butkeeps itself in place among other as it sits underneath the slight overhang of the fretboard. Comes with an original Lull Bag. Shipped from Denmark at buyers expensive. Don't hesitate to contact me for additional info. Brgds Thomas
  13. 550£ Located in Denmark Glockenklang Bass Art Classic pre-amp. Won't be needing this myself and rather than just laying around I'm open to offers. Just received as part of payment for a bass I just sold. Glockenklang is well known to us all as reference equipment, and from having tested it today I understand why. Not sure I've ever heard so much of my instruments as through this pre-amp. Clean yet not sterile, just an open window to your instrument with an immediate effect by the slightest turn of a tone knob. General good condition, the usual few marks from having been installed in a rack. Potemeters cleaned by me, hence no noise when rotated. Only thing I can think of is that the volume knob sits a bit further out on the pot shaft than the others, but it is perfectly fixed and rotates as it should without noise. Regards Thomas
  14. Hi guysMalcolm Foster played with Simple Minds among other on their"Good news from the next world" album and subsequent tour.The song "The band played on" track 6 on the album, has a verycharacteristic powerful growling bass sound that always inspired me.Digging through Youtube I've found and old live recording in which heplays a headless bass with this same characteristic sound.It does look very much like a Lefay Pangton with its quite unique shape.So, is it a wenge body, padouk neck bass that I'm hearing, as that's what theold Pangtons were made of? And, if someone has a 5 string bass for sale that has this characteristic growl, I'd be interested. Regards Thomas
  15. Thomas P

    SOLD Mike Lull M5V burst/tort/RW REDUCED TO £1400

    Come on bass chatters, how can you lowball this bass? I owned this bass for a while before selling it to Chris B about a year ago. It got it from a professional danish bassplayer, Christian Bak, who's photo's are the ones still in use. It it hadn't been for the fact that I already own two other Lull M5V's it would be back with me now. 1200 £ is 400 to 600 £ under the trading value for an instrument in the Sadowsky, Tino Tedesco, Alleva Coppolo club of world class modern Jazz Basses. Bargain of the Century!