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  1. Just bought a very expensive isntrument from Goran. Couldn't ask for a more honest, committed and kind person to buy from. Goran gets my absolute best recommendations.
  2. Hi Omar. What's the string spacing at the bridge?
  3. Mustafunk always has some interesting basses for sale, and great guy to deal with as we have bought, sold and traded basses a couple of times.
  4. Thanks Guys! Sincerely appreciated.
  5. Hi Jo. No problem at all. And yes, there seem's to have been a number of these basses being equipped with Pope pre-amps in the past. And yes, there's been quite some interest, so let's see who becomes a happy new owner :0)
  6. Sorry forgot about the saddle. From center of B string to center of G string there's just short of 39mm. Width of neck at saddle is approx. 50 mm.
  7. HI No it's not a Pope pre-amp, it's a Seymour Duncan as I wrote in the add. https://www.seymourduncan.com/single-product/active-bass-preamp-3-band-for-passive But that shouldn't set us apart, as I can remove it, and install a Pope if you want, and you can cover the diff. in price. alternatively, I can remove it, wire the bass as passive with volume/volume/tone, alternatively Volume/tone plus a 4 way switch (Neck PU/Parallel/Bridge PU/Series. I've had that on Jazz basses before which to me makes them extremely universal, as you have 4 basic sounds to tweak. It can even be added together with a pre-amp. Size, don't have any standard jazz to compare with, but I'd say it's sligthly smaller just by looking at it. Fretboard radius, just checked with the radius gauges I use for setting up instruments, and it's somewhere around 16". Do I actually need to sell this bass to buy a new? No, I'm 54, worked my a.. off for way too many years, even been away from home/wife/kids for too long it's a gift they are still around. I'm just humble to the fact, that I don't play professional, I like trying various instruments, and as written above, practice makes you a good player, not 10 high-end basses lined up just to show off :0) Above with the best intentions! Thomas
  8. Hi. String spacing IS adjustable given it`s an ABM bridge, and B string is all you can ask for. Funny you mention it, but it was actually one of the first things I noticed when I got it. Absolutely as coherent as on any of the 35” scale basses I`ve had in the past.
  9. Thanks guys. Yes, sure is a very nice bass, and only up for sale as I try to keep my invested budget into basses under control. One in, one out, as having multiple instruments wont make me a better player.
  10. Very nice modern 5 string Jazz Bass in nearly mint condition. As good as they get from the likes of Sadowsky, Lull, Alleva Coppolo etc. 2011 US built, Ash body with maple neck and birdeye maple fretboard with pearl block inlays 34", 19mm string spacing, 3.9 kg, PU's in 70'ties position Seymour Duncan PU's and 18V 3 band pre-amp with pull at volume for slap sound, which can be pre-adjusted by two small pots in the control cavity. Condition is extremly clean with literally no marks to body or neck, as well as fretboard and frets in excellent condition. Extremely low action is possible. You can really dial in the distinguish Paul Turner sound he has in the live performances with Jamiroquai since he started playing Stenback basses. This one does the same, cost 1/3 and not with a 4 year waiting list. Bass will come in a brand new Gator case strung with a fresh set of Dunlop Super Bright. Only selling to fund a very expensive instrument, hence trade is not of interest unless it's a 5 string Alembic Mark King (plus money) or a 5 string Warrior Dran Michael Asking for a resonable 2200 € plus shipping. Regards Thomas [email protected] +45 61209520 Whats App.
  11. Hi Guys Thank you very much for your suggestions and input. There was a Yamaha 5000A for sale locally at a resonable price, but it got sold before I had a chance to move on it. How about an Adamovic Dark. Any experiences with such one? Kind Regards Thomas
  12. Hi all I`ve had the previlege of owning a couple of very well built basses (Ken Smith/Lefay/Status/Jerzy Drozd) which had body shaping and neck profiles making them extremely comfortable to play, but all with a rather modern sound. Also when strung with heavy gauge nickel strings. And even with a good 3-band EQ, dialing in more bass, or reducing mid/treble, the sound either becomes uneven or drowns in the mix. So my question is, what 5 string bass should I look for, with the ergonomics of a Status/Lefay but with a rather classic big/round yet clear sound without being too harsh? I do like the sound of an Alder body, but it doesn`t really seem to be favored among luthiers making such instruments. Regards Thomas
  13. Wonderful bass. Such a shame it's not a 5 string. Would be a perfect match to my own FClef. Good luck with the sale!
  14. Well spotted mate! Yes off course, ash body with maple neck and maple fretboard. Thanks
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