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  1. Hi Basschatters Up for sale is a bit of a rarity, a Focusrite Tone Factory pre-amp. I bought it recently (curiosity) from a local professional musician who have had it for years for studio work , always kept in a stationary rack. Condition is excellent, both external as well as internal, with noise free pot meters and switches. A quite accurate and fulfilling review can be found in the link, which I generally can support. Not as transparant as my former Glockenklang Bass Art pre-amp, but nothing else really is, and there's a substantial price difference. Only selling as I'm simplifying my gear and already have two other pre-amps to play with. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/focusrite-tone-factory-preamp.625864/ Kind Regards Thomas
  2. Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor. As new, only selling as I've bought a pre-amp with a compressor included. Dial in your tone, and leave it switched on continuously, it has the ability to become a natural part of the sound. Original cardboardbox included. Photo from the net, I'll forward a photo of mine to buyer, before shipping (currently in our rehearsel room) Kind Regards Thomas
  3. Hi Basschatters Up for sale is my main instrument from the last 10 years, and only reluctant sale given the "One in - One out" principle as I'm concentrating on fretless in the future. This is one of Mike Lull's earlier creations with a sn. of 479. I guess it's around 20 years old, and brought to Denmark from Ney York by a professional danish bass player, of whom I previously bought another of these basses. For those familiar with these basses, the age can also be detected by a slightly larger head than the current models. We all love our instruments but this one is simply the best of the three M5V I have had over the years, hence the one that stayed the longst. A "pick up and play" instrument commented by all those who have admired, and wanted to try it in the time I have had it. Spec: Beautiful and rare Burgundy Mist finish with very minimal scrathes and marks. None on the front Alder body is my best guess, irrespectively that there is a bit of Ash bark/growl in the sound when recorded. Graphite reinforced Maple neck with rosewood fretboard. Frets recently polished and no signs of wear 35" scale 21 fret neck with 12" fretboard radius. String spacing neck saddle 9,5 mm and 19 mm at bridge which can be adjusted (sideways) if preferred. Weight around 4.3. kg Mike's special wounded Seymour Duncan PU's and 3 band Aguilar pre-amp with passive by pull of volume, and 2 mid frequencies (400/800) No passive tone pot. THE SPECIAL FEATURE: Instead of balance it's fitted with a rotary swith given you: Front PU alone - like an old Fender Telecaster bass with the single coil PU. Both in parallel - Everything you want with a Jazz Sound. Rear PU alone - Pure Jaco Both in series - Powerful almost Musicman type of sound This is as close to a classic vibe modern build "Working man's do all instrument" as you can get, hence why it's been my go to bass for 10 years. And as you can see from the last photo, a small guy like me, 1,82m & 75kg don't have any issues playing a 35" scale bass (Photo from our rehearsal room and not a prison cell :0)) Price including shipping to main Europe and a Mike Lull gigbag. (Will be professional packed for damage free shipping) 20/09/2019: Taste is a subjective matter, but as the yanks are sayin' "Tort goes with everything". Like the tough decision every man faces, blond or brunette? You'd be the judge on that one (spare high quality three layer pickguard from Chandler in the US for one of my previous M5V's - will be part of the package free of charge) Kind Regards Thomas
  4. I'm very pleased to leave a positive feedback for this gentlemen. Just sold an instrument to Augusto and the payment was immediate, great communication and a continued dialogue when relevant. Augusto receives my warmest recommendations as a role model member of this forum. Kindest Regards Thomas P
  5. Bump for including trade option
  6. CONSIDERED SOLD, WAITING FOR PAYMENT TO CLEAR A very rare S2000/Early Stealth all Graphite 5 string fretless neck through with fret lines. Plays and sounds absolutely perfectly but has a bit of scratches/belt buckle marks on the rear side. Pre-amp includes Volume, Balance, Bass, treble with active/passive switch. 16,5mm string spacing and a comfortable 4 kg. weight Comes with fresh strings, and two additional sets included. Original flightcase included Bought here about 10 months ago, and absolutely a wonderful bass. These Status' simply has the perfect shape for optimal ergonomics. Only selling as there (still is) no need for a fretless in the music style we play, and play far too seldom. Link to the best sound example I could find Fixed (and fair) Price including shipping. Sorry no trade. Kind Regards Thomas
  7. 14/11 2018 A bit surprised but I've managed to sell two of my other instruments within a week, so this one stays. Thanks to all for the interest! Willing to trade with a Lefay Pangton 5 string My prime workhorse bass for the last 10 years. A bass that always fits in and never let's you down. Slightly older (likely around 15 years old) version of Mike's wonderful basses. I have had 3 over the years, this one always stayed, and will if my other instruments sell. M5V Features & Specs Condition 9/10 » Alder Body with Graphite Reinforced Maple Neck » and Rosewood Fingerboard » Contoured Neck Heel » 35" Scale Length » 21 Frets » 12" Radius Fingerboard » M5V: 1 7/8" Nut Width and 2 7/8 Neck Width at Body » Bone Nut, Chrome Hardware, Hipshot Ultralite Tuners » Vintage Style Pick-Guard & Control Plate » Aguilar pre-amp with Volume, passive/active Bass/Mid (400 or 800 Hz) treble. The balance has been replaced with a 4 way swith so you get: Front PU, both in Parallel (Jazz Bass), Rear PU, both in Series (Powerful Stingray Sound) Custom Wound Seymour Duncan Basslines Single Coil Pickups » Aluminum Bridge » Full Electrostatic Shielding Weight, around 4.5 Kg. Comes in Mike Lull Gig Bag. I'Ll ensure it is safely prepared for shipping. Fixed Price, shipping included. Kind Regards Thomas
  8. Just traded my pride and joy bass for 10 years with Mike. Excellent guy in every aspect, especially as trading is very much down to trust. Mike receives my highest regards as a great member of Basschat. Buy/sell/trade with Mike without any hesitations!
  9. 5 string Instrumets of interest in a trade (random listing) Roscoe , Lakland 55' series, Status, Lefay, Marleaux, Zon, Modulus, Spector, early W. Streamer, Larkin I'm willing to add a fair amount if you have the "right" bass, but do have a good knowledge of what the various brands normally sell/trade for. Enjoy your weekend!
  10. Trade plus a bit of money your way? Regards Thomas
  11. Hi All I have had a couple of enquiries but nothing has matured into a sale/trade so let the offers keep comming. And if you have something either cheaper or more expensive we can probably work something out. Kind Regards Thomas
  12. Hi guys. Some may recall this bass been advertised in November/December last year. A buyer approached me asking if I could wat while he saved up. Hard work through many years and a bit of luck has left me in a situation if which I have more than one instrument, so I agreed only to experience the agreed date of buy being delayed again and again, and after 5 months I have lost my patience. So, this beautiful bass is still up for sale, or in reality and preferable, trade. I'm looking for a 5 string on an equal quality level i.e. new price around the 3000 £/4000€/5000$ with a darker tonal voice and strong sub mid growl. Ideally: 34" - 24 frets - D shaped neck with flat fretboard or high number curve radius (think +16 rather than old school Fender below 10) Headless, graphite neck or Wenge/Padouk, ash/mahogoni body or other hard wood, 3 band pre-amp. What springs to mind is Status or even an elder Lefay, but I open to what you may offer (sorry not Warwick Thumb) Each part cover own insured and traceable shipping. You're welcome to call me at +45 6120 9520. And If you're around Northern Germany I'd be willing to drive half a day from Denmark to meet and exchange instruments. Kind Regards Thomas Link to the old advert
  13. Quite possible one of the best looking Jazz basses out there!
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