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  1. khazol


    Heavily reliced?
  2. khazol


    Is she roadworn?
  3. Is this Sandberg's neck more difficult to play than a Fender jazz?
  4. Is this the famous E series?
  5. What is the nut width? Which city in Netherlands are you located?
  6. I bought it from you. Traded it for a P bass. Bought it back. Then sold it. Bought it back again somd it back again, bought it, sold it ... 23 times. Lost track of it since.
  7. How did the sound change because of the movement of the bridge? Did you loose the mids?
  8. The pickup placement looks like 60s style. But you also have inlays. It is a mix I guess. Very beatiful bass. GLWTS.
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