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  1. I traded a bass with Mustafa. He is a great guy to deal with. Even arranged shipping for me. Experienced and knowledgeable. And a great bass player as well.
  2. That is the hottest thing I have seen for a while. Where do you find all these nice basses Azumi?
  3. If this were fretless, I don't know what I would do with this:)
  4. I had a trade with Andrew. Everything went super smooth. The bass is awesome and even in a better situation than it was described. Very open and honest communication. Do not hesitate to have a deal with Andrew. Top notch guy.
  5. This is the feedback thread for khazol
  6. I know Burak for a long time. I have bought/sold/traded basses with him a lot. He is a top notch guy. Nothing can go wrong with him! And has a very good selection of boutique basses. I had the chance to play this one as well. Hell of a bass! And very cheap as too. As far as I remember he custom ordered this one. Glwts.
  7. My old bass. I seriously regret letting it go. Any trades Mustafa?
  8. How does the long upper bout effect the reach to the lower frets? It is quite a unique shape. I wonder how it sits on the strap?
  9. Superb deal here. These are awesome basses. I have an LG-3000 with the soapbars. Every bass comes and goes but she always stays with me.
  10. khazol


    Very nice tone. Mustafa is an awesome guy to deal with too. I recently got a Jerry Drozd from him. Everything went very smoothly.
  11. Interested in a Roscoe LG-3000 or a STR LS549?
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