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  1. Hi, lovely bass! Is it still for sale?
  2. Looks like the amp is now sold. Thanks to basschat! Still have the 6x10 cabinet for sale at £450 plus any shipping costs. cabinet has a fitted cover with it. thanks to all who enquired, sorry I didn't have more amps....
  3. Price for amp and cab would be £900. I have no objection to shipping to EU. thanks
  4. Hi, thanks for the advice. i am based in Blackpool, uk now. yes I will ship no problem. Including the speaker cab if desired. cheers
  5. Hello. Mesa boogie M6 carbine bass amplifier. Used only at home in rehearsal studio. Beautiful sounding amplifier. Excellent condition ..."...also have Mesa boogie 6x10 cabinet for sale.....
  6. Hi. I'm located in Prenton, on the Wirral (near Liverpool). Thanks for the info on the model, silly me!
  7. Hi! I'm new to this site and hope I've entered all of this correctly. I'm selling off all of the equipment I haven't used in the last 3 years or at All! Just bought too much stuff in various states of excitement and cheques dropping through the letterbox. The bass is brand new! It has never been gigged or even played at home. It has been in its case since new and is faultless. 4string. regular head. I ordered this bass bespoke for me to my specs from status. It has every extra I could think of. It cost me approx £3800. It is the most beautiful bass to play and hold, it is my dream bass. I just. Haven't had a chance to use it in my present show. Full side and front red led's which are incredibly useful on a dark stage believe me. I have owned two other status basses and loved them, hence my ordering this one. Someone will get a bargain. I'm hoping that the next page I click on here will let me upload some pics but if it doesn't I will go back and start again. You're very welcome to contact me with any questions you may have. I don't know if I can include my phone number on this so I will play it safe and not. If you message me I will send my number no problem. I hope you like this as much as me. Cheers!
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