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  1. chrisgriff

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    Regarding trading up to a bb2024/5, I first got a bb1024x, love it still and remains a firm fixture for me. I was lucky enough to have some extra cash to get a BB2024x ....and although there is a large uplift in cost, the refinements are quite marked difference that give it a great feel and you feel the quality and workmanship when played. The similar pickups and hardware only tell half the story.....my bb2024x is considerably lighter than my 1024x (the lighter weight makes it much more comfortable), the neck a touch thinner making it even more playable for me, and the finish is just fantastic. Not forgetting that the sustain is unreal! Just comparing the specs won't tell you the real differences. I wanted to buy the P34 but in the end opted for the 2024x over the P34 because of how great the former played and felt, and as they were no longer being made I didn't want to miss out on the chnace to own one. But as most of thread probably agrees, all the yamaha BBs offer something fantastic regardless of which one!
  2. Apologies, sold elsewhere (to my bass tutor lol). I was surprised I got such little interest on here until now, I forgot I had the ad still here! ill remove the ad. Thanks for your interest though:-)
  3. Grab a bargain for a lightweight US made cab, now £180
  4. Price drop £200 collected
  5. Bump
  6. chrisgriff

    Feedback for CygnusX2112

    I sold a fender combo to Patrick, great comma, fast payment, what a pleasure !
  7. Thanks! It really does give you this feeling lol:
  8. *Price drop to £675* had some interesting trade offers, local sale also of interest to me. Try outs welcome
  9. Collection or local meet only. Offers considered
  10. Pics
  11. Bump ....I'll have some pics tonight