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  1. This is lovely, very surprised it is still here
  2. I’m not always drawn to super fancy woods on basses but this is just stunning. I saw it on bass direct and was very tempted myself! Congratulation the new purchase 😁
  3. Great piece of kit, has made me practice more than ever since I got mine, plus I’ve used it for an electro acoustic guitar with a choir, and has served me very well. And it’s so compact! Good luck with the sale!
  4. Not in the market for another bass right now but for anyone who is, this is difficult to beat at this price, love that fretboard ...GLWTS ! 😊
  5. Anyone in the market for a 4 string bass at any price should be snapping this up! Just look at that Wenge top 😳
  6. Nothing wrong with being a little cautious, I was selling a double bass a few years ago , potential buyer said they would collect it, then said they were sending someone because they were in Australia 😂 , then things got weird, so didn’t entertain further. I’d have this if I didn’t live in a house too small 😭 good look with the sale anyway, it looks like a lovely bass at a fantastic price 👍
  7. So good! Love the grain on this one and a great price too
  8. This is stunning and only heard great things about these
  9. These are just great, got me practising more than ever and sounds fantastic. GLWTS 🙂
  10. Just lovely, the best colour in my view too (I have the black one, but would have had the sunburst if I could have found one at the time!)
  11. Thankfully the shop have now acknowledged the fault and are going to replace all the electronics (Manufacturer will send new pickup system) ....so if that happens, couldn’t ask for more really and hopefully that will be the problem solved! thanks for your input chaps 😊
  12. They do look pretty nice too 👌🏻
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