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  1. I’m not always drawn to super fancy woods on basses but this is just stunning. I saw it on bass direct and was very tempted myself! Congratulation the new purchase 😁
  2. Great piece of kit, has made me practice more than ever since I got mine, plus I’ve used it for an electro acoustic guitar with a choir, and has served me very well. And it’s so compact! Good luck with the sale!
  3. Not in the market for another bass right now but for anyone who is, this is difficult to beat at this price, love that fretboard ...GLWTS ! 😊
  4. Anyone in the market for a 4 string bass at any price should be snapping this up! Just look at that Wenge top 😳
  5. Nothing wrong with being a little cautious, I was selling a double bass a few years ago , potential buyer said they would collect it, then said they were sending someone because they were in Australia 😂 , then things got weird, so didn’t entertain further. I’d have this if I didn’t live in a house too small 😭 good look with the sale anyway, it looks like a lovely bass at a fantastic price 👍
  6. So good! Love the grain on this one and a great price too
  7. This is stunning and only heard great things about these
  8. These are just great, got me practising more than ever and sounds fantastic. GLWTS 🙂
  9. Just lovely, the best colour in my view too (I have the black one, but would have had the sunburst if I could have found one at the time!)
  10. Thankfully the shop have now acknowledged the fault and are going to replace all the electronics (Manufacturer will send new pickup system) ....so if that happens, couldn’t ask for more really and hopefully that will be the problem solved! thanks for your input chaps 😊
  11. They do look pretty nice too 👌🏻
  12. Also Stradi in Poland do some great looking mini basses that are similar and from what I can tell from their Facebook page (which has more info than their website) the options are whatever you want. And best of all the pricing seems to be pretty fair as well given they’re made to order....check out the Instagram too...like little works of art!
  13. Interesting thanks ped, it’s driving me mad and I don’t know if this is something I should just be putting up with or is a ‘fault’ and the shop are not particularly helpful so far 😞
  14. That’s interesting thanks ped. Does the interference disappear once you’re away from the fluorescent lamp or if the lamp is switched off? in my case the interference seems to stay for a while regardless of other factors as far as I can tell what I’ve not tried is testing whether my mobile phone could be causing it. If it is a phone causing it does seem odd that it’s not widely reported issue.
  15. I’ve changed batteries, changed cables, the lot! None of which made a difference 😕
  16. I can’t say for sure, I’ve tried in different rooms in the house and it’s still there - this morning in a room where I had no other electrical items switched on. could a mobile cause interference maybe?
  17. I bought a Kala U-bass recently, new, and it’s been great mostly....a couple of weeks after I bought it, a hiss developed which sounds like low level white noise which was rather annoying especially if through headphones, which is how I use it most. A few weeks later the hiss disappeared and it was nice and quiet and back to normal (no idea why). i took it back to the shop, to ask them to see if they could find out what might be causing it. They couldn’t find anything, perhaps understandable given I took it in when there was no noticeable problem. They hypothesised (spuriously it turns out) that it was probably my amp....anyway a week later the noise comes back! And so I took it straight back to the shop for another look. I waited a few days and apparently the noise had disappeared again! Bought a new small combo (not just to test this out, I was buying it anyway!) and then while playing the hiss kicks in and really noticeable again. so annoying! The techs at the shop just don’t seem to have an idea of what it could be and I think they think I’m making it up 😕 i have returned to the shop who are sending it to Kala for a look, but the shop are saying that if Kala can’t find anything I won’t be able to return it! I see their point but it is an intermittent problem which to be honest is all the more annoying because it is so unpredictable. Has anyone had a similar issue?
  18. The lack of speaker cover on the b-social was exactly the reason I chose the pjb as it gives the option of using it outside the house if I want to. If I could have bought both I would have! But had to choose one and very pleased with the cub so far 🙂
  19. I’ve always liked these....not had chance to try one. Looks the business!
  20. The flexibility of combining with the powered cabs is pretty useful!
  21. I was looking for a smallish but good quality practice amp, mainly for my Kala U-bass, and I trawled the bass sites and discussions on here for ideas. I really liked the idea of the ashdown B-social, despite what people have said about it (in fact looking at Yamaha’s latest THR wireless offerings, which requires additional purchase of wireless gear, the high price of the b-social doesn’t look so bad now ...£465 at pmt). I was really tempted as it has loads of great features and pretty much stood alone in terms of this, perhaps until yamaha launches its latest product. However I realised I wanted something that didn’t have to have all the features under the sun...I wanted 2 inputs, reasonably small size but high quality bass sound were mainly what I wanted....ive had a blackstar ID core beam in the past which was fine for messing around on the guitar but playing a bass through sounded too ‘modelled’ and not substantial (not knocking as it was a decent product for the price) I noticed phil jones has recently released an updated bass cub released this year. I’ve heard a lot about these things and always been interested just always had other priorities. No dealers near to me to try much out so I ordered it on a whim from bass direct. It is a bit dearer than I was going to spend, but I’m glad I did. The quality is superb, very robustly made. Sounds fantastic and the U-bass sounds great through. And it’s so tiny! I still think the ashdown is an interesting prospect, I just wanted something that will travel well, and the phil jones bass cub is just so reassuringly sturdy. I’d not seen much posted anywhere about the new model, so just thought I’d share!
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