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  1. Sold my bass to Larko. A great person to deal with - clear and fast communication. Top buyer - deal with absolute confidence!
  2. Thanks for the kind words Peter 😊 I'm keeping my Yamaha BB2024. Anyway I have another Fender Custom Shop jazz with rosewood I'm going to put on sale soon. 60's jazz though, not 70's. PM me if you are interested.
  3. 2018 Fender Custom Shop '72 Jazz Bass, Closet Classic. Beautiful light relic and super light for a Fender Jazz bass - only 3.75kg. The bass has never been gigged and only used at home - so like new. Comes with certificate, case candies and original hard case.
  4. 1 piece quater-sawn neck. More photos uploaded.
  5. For sale, this beautiful masterpiece by Jens Ritter. The bass is in mint condition. Comes with original Ritter hard case and all the paperwork. Awesome sound and light weight - only 3.3.kg! This is what Jens Ritter have to say about his Cora bases : "The idea behind the Cora was to reinterpret the traditional Fender Jazz Bass sound; to add some dynamic, freshness and elegance and mix it with the typical RITTER Style. The result is a well balanced straightforward bass with a muscular "Marcus Miller Tone". Link to the bass on Ritter website: https://ritter-instruments.com/item_info.php?i=582 Shipping is not included in the price. Demo sound:
  6. @Bassaio Photo of the back added. No scratches. The bass is in perfect working condition. I can ship to Italy but with insurance.
  7. For sale, beautiful Fodera Monarch in mint condition. Comes with an original hard case and all the paperwork.
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