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  1. For sale 2011 Fender US 60th Anniversary Telecaster Limited Edition in trans red. The guitar is in mint condition. Review of the Fender US 60th Anniversary Telecaster: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/Fender_60th_Anniversary_Telecaster_Electric_Guitar_Review Sound demo:
  2. Another reluctant sale to raise fund. A beautiful Yamaha BB2024 in very good condition. Comes with brand new Hiscox case that fits perfectly. Weighs 4kg - light weight for a BB2024.
  3. Stand to hold 5 guitars/basses. Suitable for instruments with nitrocellulose lacquer finish Collapsible Dimensions: 688 x 335 x 700 mm Weight: 4.7 kg Colour: Black I have 2 of these. 1 left. £85 each.
  4. K&M Electric Double Bass Stand as new.
  5. Need to raise fund - so another beauty up for sale 😞 Amazingly beautiful Roscoe LG3006 Custom USA. The bass is in absolutely pristine and mint condition. Comes with original hardcase. Very light for a 6 strings bass - only 4kg.
  6. Yes and thank you! Gone to a good home 🙂
  7. azumi

    Apple iWatch

    Not sure about the model/generation .. the label says "7000 Series"
  8. azumi

    Apple iWatch

    Got this lovely Apple iWatch few years ago. The watch has never been used - it is as new.
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