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  1. I'd happily take either of these - although, assuming we're talking about the original artists playing in the current era, Burn would be with Glenn Hughes for the vocals (Coverdale's voice is shot).Having seen GH perform this live a couple of weeks ago, I'd have given my left b*ll*ck for the chance to get up and play. If I was allowed to resurrect Keith Moon though then The Real Me would be the one. I got to see The Who play it live back when I'd just started playing myself back in the 90s with Zak Starkey on drums and John Entwistle's playing completely blew my tiny teenage mind!
  2. We're based in Norfolk but gigs also spread into Suffolk.
  3. Thank you very much! It's a lot of fun to play (helped immensely by the fact that I play with some fantastic musicians) and always goes down surprisingly well considering it's not Sex on Fire or Mr Brightside. 😁
  4. How about one of these? Only holds 6 but at this time of year it could double as a Christmas tree. 😁
  5. Yeah, it's manageable enough with the tilt back casters and I can just about lift it into the boot of my car okay without giving myself a hernia (it's a big boot). The Mini Cabs are for less accessible venues. We're playing a hotel after Christmas where we have to load in up four flights of external fire escape stairs so they're getting a run out for that one. If we play really big venues then I can run the whole lot together.
  6. ABM 6x10, ABM Mini 4x8 and ABM Mini 15.
  7. I got my ABM head a couple of years ago in a trade on a whim (it's the chrome fronted rack mount version - I guess I'm a bit of a magpie). I'd had an Ashdown head about 15 years ago that developed a fault which the store I bought it from failed to get sorted so I just gave up on it. If I'd have know at the time about the level of customer service that I'd have got by taking it directly to Ashdown if have saved myself a lot of money going through other amps over the years. Anyway, my current ABM head was a revelation - powerful, punchy and I don't know about anyone else's but mine is 100% wool free. I recently got myself some Ashdown cabs to go with the head and a little Five Fifteen AAA head as a backup and honestly can't see myself using any other make of amp in future.
  8. Thanks! Well if a homemade case is good enough for him then it's good enough for me. 😁
  9. The staccato low notes felt like sledgehammer blows to my back! I loved it! 😁
  10. Finally got to take this to a gig for the first time last night (we'd had to cancel all our gigs through November because our singer developed an abcess on his tonsil). I also decided to try a little experiment running my big rig and my little rig together. Anyway, I posted up a picture on Facebook and got a share by none other than Mr Mark Gooday himself. 🙂
  11. 23 and a half years ago a group of school friends decided to form a band and had about half a dozen rehearsals in the singer/rhythm guitarist's garage. One week, the bass player phoned to say he couldn't make it that evening for rehearsal. The lead guitarist had found out only a couple of weeks before that I played bass as I had bought a little practice combo from him at school so he phoned me to ask if I wanted to stand in for the practice that night. I happily agreed to the chance to have a jam with some mates and came along. It was soon pretty obvious to them that I was a much more advanced player than their guy and they asked me to join permanently on the spot. I happily agreed and they assured me they would break it to the other guy the next day at school and then we'd get together again in the evening. Unfortunately he was off school the next day but word got to him through the school grape vine anyway before any of them had a chance to speak to him. That evening we got together again anyway and were just setting up when there was a knock on the garage door. It was the other guy's mum come to have a go at everyone! She went absolutely mental at them for being mean to her boy and they were so scared that they denied completely that they were going to kick him out and told her they wanted both of us in the band! We played our first three gigs with two bass players. After which I said enough was enough and that if they wanted to keep me but wouldn't tell him he was out then I would do it for them. I arranged to meet him at the local park and broke the news that it wasn't working with two bass players and he was the one to go. He actually took it really well. Turns out he was far less bothered about being out of the band than his mum had been as he was much more interested in learning to play acoustic guitar than in playing bass anyway. 1500 gigs, 5 drummers, 1 rhythm guitarist and 6 lead vocalists later and we're still going strong. 😁
  12. I have the early stages of arthritis in both hands and it certainly manifests itself in the way that you're describing - and as DoubleOhStephen points out, the fact it is becoming more regular at the time of year that it's getting colder is also a clue. That said, when it's at its worst my knuckles can become visibly swollen. I wouldn't presume to be able to diagnose any condition but it sounds like a trip to the doctor's may be worth while. As far as dealing with it goes, it's just Ibuprofen for the pain/swelling and then I find that a few minutes using these finger exercisor things gets my fingers moving more freely again
  13. One of the TC Bg250 combos would be right on the money. 250w so plenty loud enough, a range of speaker sizes to choose from depending how compact you want it to be, very lightweight, comfortably under budget new but well under half your budget used.
  14. If anyone wants this just let me have your address and I'll pop it in the post for you. It's not a genuine aguilar badge but it does look pretty good.
  15. Thanks for the info. It was only £25 and I was planning to leave it at our rehearsal space as our drummer has an electric kit there so doesn't need to be too loud. I leave an old cab there and normally just take my head along with me but its a 4ohm cab so looks like it wouldn't work with this head anyway.
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