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  1. Well I think you were very lucky to have gotten away with that! If I was the proprietor of a musical instrument retail establishment there is no way I would have tolerated morris dancing on the premises I can tell you!
  2. Design your own Flyrig?

    448 mm long , 90mm deep , 55mm high ( at the highest point ) Apparently it's pretty much how Ritchie Kotzen originally came up with the idea. He built his main existing pedals into a single, crude enclosure that was easier to take onto a flight with him.
  3. Design your own Flyrig?

    I was toying with the idea of re-housing my BDI21 in a more sturdy case when I spotted this on eBay and it got me thinking. If I was to build my own Flyrig in one of these by re-housing existing pedals into it what would it look like? I reckon I'd have my snark pedal tuner at the front, then a Spectracomp (tiny and versatile), my MXR M80 for the Pre-amp section with a bit of grit, my EBS Octabass and then finally my Joyo Roll boost at the end for a simple Clean volume boost. I've not bothered to work out if they would all fit properly as it's only for a bit of fun but what (commercially available) pedals would you put in yours?
  4. Anyone feeling flush?

    Looks to me like a supreme level of skilled craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail was needed to create that instrument. Shame really then that to me it also looks bleedin orrible! A bit like if you'd gotten Leonardo Davinci to paint you a picture of a Ann Widdecombe in a string bikini.
  5. Singing bass players

    The very lovely Yolanda Charles. Pete Vuckovic (3 Colours Red) Mark Hoppus. Peter Steele. This chap is also a fairly decent bass player too by all accounts:
  6. Feedback for Al Krow

    Just received the Hookers Green Bass Machine which I bought from Bas. Very cool little pedal and Bas was genuinely an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout. Thanks buddy!
  7. What is it with headstock design?

    This though I just don't understand at all.
  8. What is it with headstock design?

    The headstock shape is generally a big part of what identifies the brand (it's where the logo is normally located too) so needs to be as individual as possible (assuming it's not actually trying to look as much as possible like another brand without actually getting sued for it). There are only so many shapes that are practical in terms of holding the tuners in a suitable position before you have to start adding weird sticky-out bits purely in order to be different.
  9. Can anyone here do this?

    I don't have the necessary culinary skill to produce Michelin star worthy snail porridge. With enough proper training and enough practice it's conceivable though that I could produce it to that standard eventually. However the thought of eating snail porridge actually makes me feel a bit nauseous regardless of the amount of skill that making it would demonstrate so I don't think I'll bother. In fact I think the time would probably be much better spent getting the hang of cooking a wide variety of simpler but also more palatable and nutritionally balanced meals. Bobby Vega on the other hand is awesome AND musical!
  10. If only it were that it's far away but you can see how tiny it is from the curly lead plugged into it. This guy really is rocking out and head banging in his leather trousers while playing through an amp the size of a box of Swan Vestas.
  11. Behringer BDI21

    I got one off here a couple of weeks ago and I've been really impressed too. I'm actually thinking of getting a couple more and running all 3 alongside each other on my board. I use 3 different basses at gigs so I would be able to set the eq and volume for each bass for when I'm switching between them. Kinda like a poor man's Programmable Bass Driver.
  12. Flats on a T-Bird?

    Yeah I do worry if it might be a step too far. On the other hand I do like the idea of spending a couple of pounds extra on a set of flats to begin with but then making them a family heirloom to be passed down to future generations .
  13. Flats on a T-Bird?

    That would be great if you can. Thanks Dave
  14. Flats on a T-Bird?

    I'm just wondering if anyone here uses flats on a Thunderbird? It's actually a 2013 Gibson EB5 that I'm thinking of putting flats on but it sounds very much like a T-Bird which I figured are a bit more commonplace so thought I'd be more likely to get a response. Basically my sound is normally very bright and aggressive (fresh Dunlop Steel Superbrights on a precision and a jazz) but I got this because I wanted a contrasting sound and it is naturally much darker. I put my normal Superbrights on it initially but the bass doesn't really seem to produce the zingy highs anyway so I'm wondering if I should just embrace the dark side altogether with this bass and chuck some flats on it so I get a more complete contrast with my other basses. I just wondered how other people had got on if they'd tried it?