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    My best mate got a drum kit for Christmas and picked it up really quickly so decided he should start a band. Seeing as I was his best mate he asked me if I'd like to join rather than try to find somebody that could actualy play already. He suggested bass as I wouldn't have to learn to play chords so we could start playing sooner. Because he was really into Nirvana at the time he gave me a cassette copy of Unplugged in New York to learn and an old acoustic guitar with only the E and A strings on it. Within a week I'd learned the bass parts by ear (pretty accurately to be fair looking back) to about 2/3 of the album and I was hooked. So that I could be heard against his drum kit, my mate then lent me the money to buy the cheapest bass that was available in that week's Free Ads paper - a Hohner B2a for £70. I didn't have an amp so I plugged into his Goodmans twin cassette home karaoke machine which was just about audible over the drums with the volume on full but distorted horribly. My older sister then introduced us to one of her husband's friends who played guitar and sang so I had to get my first bass amp (a Laney Linebacker 30) so that the karaoke machine could be our vocal PA. We were terrible but it was a start and within a year I'd joined the band that I'm with today and have been gigging with for over 23 years!
  2. Just bought a VT Bass pedal from Nigel in the easiest of transactions. Thoroughly pleasant chap to deal with - deal with complete confidence! Thanks again!
  3. In case anybody here has the necessary skills/experience and fancies it... https://scottsbasslessons.com/director-of-operations
  4. Thought I'd revive this thread with a very short clip of this rig in action. Terrible picture quality I'm afraid so I apologise for that but hopefully still worth a quick listen (through headphones) if anyone is interested.
  5. It's Norwich Open (the Old Barclays Bank regional headquarters building).
  6. 2 private functions for us this coming weekend. Wedding gig Sunday but the one I'm looking forward to more is on Friday when we're playing for the 60th birthday of the deputy chairman of Norwich City Football Club at this charming little venue:
  7. Painy


    Is possible that your band mate may be even less keen on that scenario than you are. 😐
  8. Painy


    How about taking your accommodation with you with one of these pop up roofbox tents for your car? 😁
  9. Just had this video come up on YouTube. Looks like fun!
  10. I can ask my friend from Halflight Guitars if you like. He's primarily a guitar builder but he's done some excellent work for me on one of my basses and he's used stainless frets on all his guitars. https://www.halflightguitars.com/
  11. Here you go, fixed it for you...
  12. Don't think our guitarist has sorted it yet so I've passed a link for these to him as well. 👍
  13. If I want to give anything a relic look I just tell my kids not to touch it. 🙄
  14. Looks like the band is happy to go with these people. Thanks! 👍
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