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  1. Painy

    MTD 535-24

    In case you hadn't seen this. 👍
  2. Same here funnily enough - always gets the crowd singing along.
  3. Or even the little Ashdown CTM15. There's one on ebay at the moment for £250 plus £10 postage (it's not mine by the way - if I had one I wouldn't be selling 😁).
  4. Sadly I really do need to get this shifted so price now dropped from £475 to just £450! Still includes postage and the Musicman hardcase. If anybody would rather collect then the price of postage would obviously be knocked off the asking price - looks to be about £30ish with insurance.
  5. Thanks. 👍 Yeah, I do hear people say good things about them but I found the ridiculously hot output on my old Sterling SUB made it almost unusable and it felt kind of flimsy to me (the neck stability was not great either). This on the other hand sounds and feels like the real deal and the low B is way better than it has any right to be at this price point. I really wish I could afford to keep it but needs must!
  6. My plan for this year was to use some of my gig earnings to buy myself a nice big valve amp. Instead I had to settle for spending some of my bonus from my day job on a nice small valve amp instead. In the great scheme of things I'd say that doesn't leave me too much room for complaint given some people's situations. I am missing the extra cash a little - especially as I was initially furloughed from my main job for 8 weeks and since then have only returned to work on reduced hours until the end of October. On the flip side though I've managed to offset at least a bit of that against the fact that I've not been making my usual 100 mile round trip daily commute as I'm able to work from home. Not only that but my employers seem to have decided that working from home will be the long term plan so that's a longer term saving of a few hundred quid a month in fuel and parking charges too. For me the negative impact of not playing has been far greater in terms of its effect on my mental health than it has on my bank balance as the lack of gigs has left me feeling pretty low at times. I'm hoping to put together some sort of acoustic duo soon though so I can maybe get at least a couple of gigs in here and there.
  7. Not necessarily a setup I would actually gig with - but in theory I could. Ibanez SRMS805 into an Ashdown ABM500rc Evoiii through an ABM Mini15. I could include my Budha Chakra compressor and EHX Bass Soul Food pedals too.
  8. You don't need luck. You need one of these...
  9. Same amp, just a different box. What kind of differences did you find the EH vaves made? More / less gain, more clarity, more bass? My CTM30 has the original JJs in it (and does sound amazing) but I'm curious exactly what effect I might get from changing them.
  10. There was the aguilar DB728 and the Ampeg SVT-300 too.
  11. Painy

    SoundCity 120

    He's an admin in the Ashdown Amplification Fans Facebook group. Link to his Facebook page below if it helps:- https://www.facebook.com/oli.foxen
  12. Love the colour coordination. Back in the late 90s when I bought my first 5 string I was using a Trace Elliot rig so I decided to buy a green bass to match (Yamaha RBX765a). I even went and bought green cables to go with it. 😁
  13. I decided to buy my son a Ukulele for his 3rd birthday a couple of years ago. Since then my wife and I have spent an inordinate amount of time desperately trying to keep it hidden from him! 😐 I do however have a solid body electric 5 string bass ukulele that my wife bought me for my last birthday and it is brilliant! 🙂
  14. A quick search online found this - although still not the cheapest option. It does run off AAA batteries though and looks like it has some pretty decent features. https://m.thomann.de/gb/roland_go_mixer_pro.htm
  15. PRICE REDUCTION!!! WAS £475, NOW £450!!! I'm putting up for sale my Sterling by Musicman Stingray Classic 25CA (not one of the cheaper SUB basses) with an official Musicman fitted hardcase. It's in excelled condition, plays great and sounds brilliant. The case is in slightly more used condition than the bass and is missing a badge on the side but it's completely fine with no cracks and the latches and hinges working perfectly. I'm only selling it reluctantly because I have a repair bill to pay for my car at the moment. This is the 'Classic' version so has the oval pickguard that you would normally have on the 4 string models rather than the teardrop that comes on the standard 5 strings. It also has a slab body which is still surprisingly comfortable and a narrower nut width which makes it a nice fast neck. Link here to the full specs:- https://intl.sterlingbymusicman.com/collections/basses/products/ray25-ca?variant=31853459406920 I have changed the pickguard to gold pearl but apart from that it's all original. I'm looking for £450 (NOW REDUCED FROM £475!!!) but that is including the hardcase and insured postage to UK mainland only. Just a couple of pictures at the moment but I'll add some more later on. - NOW Added! A couple of marks that I've now shown in the pictures : small crack in the lacquer on the back of the body which I hadn't actually noticed before, couple of scratches on the neck-plate and a small mark on the back of the neck which you can see but I can't actually feel it at all. As I have been asked, the weight shows on my wife's digital kitchen scales as 9lb 6oz. Also, not really looking for trades as I'm obviously looking for money towards a car repair but I might still be tempted by partial trades for items of a lesser value - as long as I end up with at least £250 my way. I don't have anything in particular in mind though so can't hurt to ask. 🙂 Any other questions just ask.
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