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  1. Excluding all the private secondhand purchases / trades, my buying record has been: 4 basses purchased online untried. 9 purchased from the shop where I tried them out. One tried in a shop first and then purchased online. This however was when I AB'd two different basses in a shop and did actually buy one of them from there. I then decided to buy the other a few months later but just happened to order it online as there was a good deal available at the time. I do prefer to support actual shops where possible. Even buying from the bigger stores like Anderton's, PMT (and of course Dawson's) that do have an online presence as well, still helps to keep shop staff employed. As far as how successful my purchases have been through either route, there's not really much in it. Of the basses that I currently own (and I am very happy with all of them) one was bought online untried, one from the shop where I tried it out and the other two were secondhand and bought privately.
  2. I ordered a power attenuator on Friday the 15th and it arrived at 11:30AM on Tuesday the 19th. Really can't complain about that for over a weekend!
  3. Just received a compressor pedal from Jamie. Nice easy transaction and a decent bloke to deal with. Cheers mate! 👍
  4. Do it!!! What's the worst that could happen? 😈
  5. Jason wasn't recording with Sadowskys until the Load/Reload stuff. I believe most of ...And Justice For All was recorded using a Spector.
  6. Fair enough. I guess I'll just have to risk Mrs Painy's wrath by setting it all up in the house and trying it out! 😁
  7. Question for @Bill Fitzmaurice (or anyone else that can work it out for me): If I am using an all valve amp (so the watts will stay the same even if the impedance changes) and ignoring any variables that might come into the equation from mixing driver sizes - What would be the effect on volume (in terms of both dB and perceived volume) if I have one cab where the total speaker surface area is 1480 inches sq. and I then add a second cab which has a speaker surface area of 1180 inches sq?
  8. And my final instalment - this cheep Sonicake Volume / Wah!
  9. Great player who always looks like he's thoroughly enjoying himself. I find the banter that goes on between him and Hadrien Feraud in some of their YouTube videos quite amusing too.
  10. Just get yourself a couple of these and you can run 8 8ohm cabs off of one 4ohm minimum head! 😁 Each pair of 8 ohm cabs in parallel will give you 4 pairs at 4 ohms each. Use each cab-merger to connect 2 pairs of cabs in series giving you 2 banks of 4 cabs each at 8 ohms total. Simple! 🙂
  11. Can we have an update please vis a vis Wezley eating said raspberry? This is Bwian and his other half Corrino. They are sadly no longer with us although their offspring are hopefully still about somewhere. I don't think I ever gave them a raspberry. 🤔
  12. Just stick a 'Blend' label on that knob. 😁
  13. It's my second one. Stupid to have sold the first one seeing as I didn't particularly need the money, I was just trying something else at the time. This time, if I do ever decide to stop using it for any reason, I'll just put it in a drawer somewhere ready for when I see sense and decide to use it again! 😁
  14. My latest setup. Wee Lush FX ABC pedal allows me to keep all 3 basses that I use live plugged in and switch between them for a faster change over. The VT Bass, Leeds and "Phthonus" (Tri-Logic Bass Preamp clone kit) are each then effectively presets for each of the 3 basses.
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