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  1. Painy

    So close and yet so far!

    That's it then. I'm going to spend my whole day tomorrow avoiding anything remotely likely to cause any kind of physical injury! I think I'd have been an absolute mental and emotional wreck by the second day if I'd been in that situation.
  2. Painy

    So close and yet so far!

    Fortunately I'm on holiday this week and will be at home anyway. My wife would have signed for it anyway if I wasn't home but that would have run the risk of her seeing the total value on the invoice before I got a chance to make it vanish. 🤪 😄😄😄
  3. Painy

    So close and yet so far!

    Blimey! That's better travelled than I am!
  4. This is so frustrating! My package from Thomann has made it all the way from Germany to Norwich which is less than 30 miles from my home but because UPS don't deliver on a Saturday it's been sat there since 5:48 this morning and won't be with me until Monday. It's torture I tells ya, torture!
  5. Painy

    Pino Palladino Custom Shop P Bass

    My Squier VM P5 has been fitted with original the pickup from Dave Swift's white Sadowsky P5. My Aguilar DB112 cabs were previously owned by Paul Turner. I now sound like some bloke called Dave Turner (who Google tells me is a science fiction, fantasy and comedy author and not a bass player at all). It's all very confusing 🤪
  6. Want!!! I am however sadly unable to afford to buy this at the moment 😩. Unless of course you'd be prepared to accept a weekly payment of £1.50 over the next 634 weeks? (that actually adds up to £951 so in just a little over 12 years you could make yourself the tidy additional sum of £1 on your asking price). Just something to consider... 🤔
  7. Painy

    Feedback for 6feet7

    Just bought a bridge from John. Really couldn't have been an easier process. Top notch!
  8. Painy

    NAD Bugera Veyron BV1001M

  9. Painy

    That “should I, shouldn’t I?” thing...

    If it helps, I'm prepared to look after it for you for say a year or two - just so you can see if you'd really miss it or not. I'm nice like that. 😁
  10. Painy

    New Orange stuff?

  11. Painy

    GAS blip

    They don't necessarily all look the same...
  12. I would happily give one of my kidneys for this amp. Unfortunately Mrs Painy says no 😞.
  13. Painy

    Cheap valve drive

    Bugger! Had this in my watch list and was going to put in a last minute bid with a sniping app but completely forgot to set it!