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  1. I'm a Quality Assurance Consultant working for the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).
  2. We use yamaha DBR12 active speakers for stage monitoring. Those little 100w powered wedges have never cut it in our experience. I think there's a bit of a gap in the market between them and a full pro setup with dedicated monitor mixer etc. The yamahas have all the power and clarity you could possibly want as they're actually designed for use as FOH speakers rather than monitors. We're lucky though to have our own FOH sound engineer who also looks after the monitors so the lack of controls (other than volume) at the stage end isn't so much of an issue for us.
  3. Would anybody be able to tell me the distance between the screw hole centres on a chrome pickup cover for a P bass? I want to know if I'll be able to fit one onto one of my basses with a non standard size pickup before I order it.
  4. Painy


    Well it's a single acoustic style bridge saddle so the rubber strings allow you to position adjust the steering spacing quote easily between about 15mm (on the left) and 18mm (on the right). It does seem to sit naturally in the middle at about 16.5mm though.
  5. Painy


    It does indeed have a truss rod so could be a plan! 🤔😁
  6. Painy


    It was £175 delivered but customs handling charge and Vat was another £21.
  7. Painy


    New Bass Ukulele Day!!! 😎 For my birthday this year (which was actually the 2nd of January delivery from China combined with hold ups at customs has delayed this a bit) my lovely wife has generously bought me this wee beasty. It's a Musoo MiNi 5 string solid body electric bass ukulele that she purchased through Amazon. She actually ordered the bolt on version but they had run out of stock so the supplier offered a free upgrade to the neck through model (about £50 difference) - thank you very much! I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. I even took it to work with me this morning to play in the car on my lunch break (with a headphone amp plugged into the car stereo). It's not without its flaws as you might expect from a budget, Chinese made instrument (the fret ends were literally like razor blades before I filed them down - five minutes of playing after I first unpacked it and my left hand was like raw hamburger 😣). After sorting that though I'm actually very impressed. Lovely smooth satin finish on the neck, a comfortable profile and the intonation is surprisingly spot on too. It's very quiet acoustically (which is actually an advantage as it doesn't annoy my wife too much) but sounds really good plugged in and there's a decent range of tones to be had from the 3 band eq.
  8. I think a 600w valve power section might be a tad much to be fair. 😲 I suspect it's basically the EVO iii just made into the same format as the Geezer Head of Doom and the Shavo signature amps and possibly with a few tweeks. Perhaps @Ashdown Engineering can shed some more light though. 🙂
  9. Just spotted this on Facebook.
  10. Up for sale a used 5 string set of Ernie Ball Cobalt flats. These have been cut to suit a 34"scale Fender with a 4+1 headstock. They've been on the bass for a few months and have been played in but were only used for a couple of songs at each gig so mostly just noodling at home. These are great strings but as much as I like them, rounds are what's really needed for my band so somebody else might as well make use of them. Happy to post at buyers expense.
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