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  1. I think a 600w valve power section might be a tad much to be fair. 😲 I suspect it's basically the EVO iii just made into the same format as the Geezer Head of Doom and the Shavo signature amps and possibly with a few tweeks. Perhaps @Ashdown Engineering can shed some more light though. 🙂
  2. Just spotted this on Facebook.
  3. Up for sale a used 5 string set of Ernie Ball Cobalt flats. These have been cut to suit a 34"scale Fender with a 4+1 headstock. They've been on the bass for a few months and have been played in but were only used for a couple of songs at each gig so mostly just noodling at home. These are great strings but as much as I like them, rounds are what's really needed for my band so somebody else might as well make use of them. Happy to post at buyers expense.
  4. I like my action extremely low (on my main p-bass, a. 88mm pick doesn't fall out from under the G string at the 12th fret). As much as I like the way the low action feels, I actually set it that low specifically for the tone (along with fresh steel Dunlop Superbrights) - bright, zingy, aggressive and gritty. I find it brings out that zing nicely but plucking too heavily can choke the note if you're not careful so you do have to be quite controlled with it. That said, my p-bass with flats is set with a much higher action (about 2.5mm ish though so still not too high) as I'm obviously aiming for a very different sound with that one. Too low and its all clicky clacky (and not necessarily in a nice Steve Harris kind of way either if the flats are well worn in).
  5. Just received a Tri-Logic preamp pedal clone from Paul. Nice easy transaction with good coms throughout and a great little pedal. Thanks mate! Richard.
  6. I've always liked to have a main bass for the 95% of the set that I play with fingers and then a second bass with a longer strap as I find it more comfortable for the couple of songs that I'll play with a pick. Generally I've aimed for the second to have enough similarity to the main one that it also makes a good backup in the event of a broken string or some other failure. Notable pairings over the years have been: A pair of Aria Pro II Magna Series (one in black and one in blue and the last 4 strings that I've ever owned). Yamaha TRB5-II and Yamaha RBX765A. Warwick Streamer Stage 1 and Warwick Corvette Standard Active. More recently though I decided to take a different approach of having 3 different basses to give me a choice of sounds and put together my 'holy trinity' of a P, a J and a Ray. As much as I loved the idea in theory though, I just ended up using the P for almost everything, the J with a longer strap for use with a pick (but never really being satisfied with the sound because I actually wanted it to sound more like the P) and the Ray just sitting there looking pretty. After all that though I did at least establish that the Precision is my favourite bass that I've owned over the years so it has stayed. Just the last couple of weeks I've done a couple of trades and - for now at least 😉 - am as happy as I've ever been. I now have the tried and tested matching pair once again that has always worked for me in the past but also have also kept a third bass in the equation for something more modern and completely different. My main bass - Squier VM P5 with added chrome covers, Nordstrand NP5V pickup and Dan Armstrong Yellow Humper active circuit. My pick/backup bass - Squier VM P5 with Aguilar AG5P-60. My modem alternative - Ibanez SRMS805-DTW.
  7. That's a good point. Probably best that you deliver it in person then really. 😉
  8. If you don't know what to do with it but don't want to sell your CTM100 then you'd obviously be more than welcome to lend it to me and I can look after it for you. It honestly wouldn't be any trouble at all. 😁
  9. I have no words. 😐 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F324008736773
  10. With this picture underneath it. 😁
  11. Good point. Having played 5s exclusively (apart from a brief dalliance with a 6 a few years ago) for the last 20 years, my right hand technique has evolved so my hands now automatically drops about an inch towards the bridge when I'm plucking the B string. I worked on this mainly to counteract the floppier nature of a lot of B strings but it will obviously give a more defined sound too.
  12. I find the B is pretty good on my P5 - actually better than the B on the Fender Modern Player jazz (humbuckers with coil taps) that I have just parted with. Admittedly it does have a Nordstrand NP5V in it which from what has been said here might be a factor. However, the Jazz actually made way for another P5 which came with an Aguilar AG5P-60 and the B on that sounds just as clear as on my first one.
  13. We'll be loading in up 4 full flights of external stairs on Friday. 🙄 On the plus side there is at least parking but my 58kg ABM610 will still be left at home for that one.
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