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  1. Fan noise is not going to be an issue as I go direct with all my recording. Thanks for the heads up on Scan computers. Will look into them.
  2. ...and as a result I'm going to make one side very happy and the other side very unhappy. Mods, as this thread has served its purpose maybe it should be locked before Harry Hill appears. 😄
  3. Hadn't thought about USB so USB 3 would be helpful. I'd go for SSD as opposed to HDD. I have a 1TB SSD in the desktop, so much faster than any HDD I've ever had even after all the time I've had it.
  4. Reminding myself of the system on the PC it is very high spec as I wanted. To get the equivalent on a Mac would nearly treble what I paid for the PC when it was built. It has run well. It is maybe halfway through its life and as I have all the software for Windows I'm leaning towards staying there. Other fora have stated that Cubase will run on Mac but it runs better on Windows. Hmm. First world problems.
  5. Thanks for all the input guys. @owen's idea of the Mac Mini has me thinking that that might be a good idea as an internet computer and move the desktop to the studio. The cost of new Macs is what made me ask as I was left wiping the water away from my eyes after seeing those prices. The used prices of Macs are looking interesting, particularly @BigRedX's buy.
  6. I'm in the process of putting together a new studio and would like to add a laptop to it. I've heard people say that music just works so well with Apple gear but there is the price tag to consider with that. How do people feel about using PC for studio work? I have Cubase on my desktop PC and that works fine but there are some issues when using digital instrument plugins. Arturia's Piano V2 has noticable latency even after changing settings. Playing Dune 3 synth sometimes brings up nasty glitchy unwanted noise. Are Macbook Pros any better and worth spending the extra money?
  7. Dominique de Piazza's 'fretless' bridge sounds the best of the lot. He was once congratulated on his intonation by John Patitucci no less. Then Piazza told him it was a fretted bass so good was the fretless sound.
  8. I know there's one or two of you on here who like a bit of ambient so here is something new. A few days ago I sat down with no plan. Plugged the bass in and pressed record. This is what came out warts and all. You'll have to forgive a few distorted peaks at about 26 minutes. Oh yes, it's quite long, as so many of us have a bit of time to spare at the moment.
  9. I love the way he uses the Ebow and the pitch effects on the opening and closing tracks. First heard him do that on Montelano, a track he did with Steve Lawson. So inventive.
  10. I'm stuck for words. 😮 Love the opening track. I really am not worthy.
  11. I know sanding is never Martin's favourite job but another fine piece of work nevertheless.
  12. I remember having a wee shot of this bass at Moffat many years ago. I'll watch with interest Robin. Take care of your health. Graham
  13. It's more than likely a Series 2000 probably from the later production runs as it has no active/passive switch or LED. There has been some alteration to the controls as well. The S2000 was never solid carbon fibre. They have an alder core with the carbon weave around that and the finish on top.
  14. Nice combination of synthetic and traditional instruments.
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