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  1. Supreme artistry. The neck itself is amazing.
  2. I'd say put the board up to the pickup if you like a ramp under your fingers. If you don't then keep it to the end of the neck and leave the space under the strings.
  3. You could also consider speaking to Newtone Strings who might be able to make you some custom strings to your own spec. https://newtonestrings.com/
  4. Can anyone suggest the best suppliers of veneer to fill fret slots. Either maple or I wouldn't mind dark ebony or black died veneer.
  5. I had been looking into fret saws so with your comment on the fingerboard I think that's the way to go. Thanks.
  6. As there are so many of you who have a lot of knowledge about the construction of instruments someone might be able to help me. I have an LTD B205 fretless which has plastic fret inserts in the slots. I recently dressed the fingerboard with a radius sanding block and that transformed the bass from a mediocre fretless to one that produces the most mind blowing fretless sound, for me anyway. However, it appears that a lot of the plastic inserts are not stuck in properly and have started to rise up out of the board. What would be the best way to take them out altogether? I have the idea in my head of placing a towel over the neck and applying gentle heat with an iron and gently lifting them out. Is that sensible? I'd be grateful for any advice. Ta for now.
  7. What are the pickups on this bass please thank you.
  8. Just looked them up and saw your bass on the Facebook page. Very pretty job on a very pretty looking bass.
  9. Thanks to all of you who have replied that gives me a few builders to approach. Cheers.
  10. Can any of you knowledgable people tell me if there are any of the custom pickup builders who might be able to build full humbucking soapbar pickups for me in non standard sized casings. I have an old Status S2000 fiver which has hum-cancelling pickups so not full humbuckers. Status replacements are the same and their humbuckers will not fit in the routings. Any advice would be helpful.
  11. Well Thomann shipped me a set of strings recently and added a whole box of free fresh air with them.
  12. As some people might say in Scotland; "Aye, right". 😄
  13. I tried updating yesterday and my PC only decided to reboot on its own part way through the task. You can imagine. The Helix didn't like that at all and ended up with the dreaded "Boot error, entered update mode" and that was it. Wouldn't do a thing. "Oh my goodness" I said and went away for a bike ride to calm down. Came back much calmer and found a video from Chad Boston who, very calmly, explained how to sort it and it worked first time. The Helix lives again. Phew.
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