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  1. And this is a man who doesn't know what he's doing?
  2. Lovely playing. I enjoyed that a lot..
  3. That's not an S3000 you have. The S3000 was only ever built as a headless instrument and never had that body shape.
  4. For those who would like to spend 36 minutes letting their mind wander this is another longform improvisation. At the heart of the effects as always is the Helix Floor. #ambient,#ambientbass,#ambientmusic,#spaceambient,#andyothling,#perryfrank,#line6,#line6helix,#strymonstrymonbigsky,#bigsky, #reverb,#delay,#pitch,#pitchfork,#pog,#electroharmonix,#kmi,#keithmcmillen,#softstepii,#midi,#cubasis,#ambientbassimprovisation, #ambientimprovisation,#improvisation,#fripp,#robertfripp,#soundscape,#ambientsoundscape
  5. Impressive as always Andy. Looks like a Sandberg Custom Thinline from the front. Beautiful.
  6. It's not applied to any pedal or switch. I tried changing each pan block to the stereo width block and the same problem occurred. Je ne comprend pas.
  7. Small problem with pan blocks. I have just set up a new patch on Helix floor which I want in stereo. At the end of each line I have a pan block. Top one set to hard right, bottom one set to hard left. Press save then change patch. Come back to new patch and both pan blocks are set to hard left. Puzzled. anyone any idea what I might be doing wrong?
  8. Have a look at the Keith McMillen Soft Step 2. Works through MIDI and you would need the small expander box too. Ten foot switches. It is much more than a simple patch selector as you can program all the cc changes for feedback, decay and any other parameter you want. Might be a bit complicated for what you need though but worth looking into.
  9. Fan noise is not going to be an issue as I go direct with all my recording. Thanks for the heads up on Scan computers. Will look into them.
  10. ...and as a result I'm going to make one side very happy and the other side very unhappy. Mods, as this thread has served its purpose maybe it should be locked before Harry Hill appears. 😄
  11. Hadn't thought about USB so USB 3 would be helpful. I'd go for SSD as opposed to HDD. I have a 1TB SSD in the desktop, so much faster than any HDD I've ever had even after all the time I've had it.
  12. Reminding myself of the system on the PC it is very high spec as I wanted. To get the equivalent on a Mac would nearly treble what I paid for the PC when it was built. It has run well. It is maybe halfway through its life and as I have all the software for Windows I'm leaning towards staying there. Other fora have stated that Cubase will run on Mac but it runs better on Windows. Hmm. First world problems.
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