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  1. BassBus


    While my Guitar Gently Weeps was my favourite song on that album 😎
  2. BassBus


    Brilliant basses to play. I originally bought the fretless version of fleabag's bass and was so happy with it. When I switched to five string I bought the fiver version.
  3. BassBus

    Status geeetar - yes, I know...

    You do not see these too often. Status still make guitars if you want, the Slipstream is the current model. Little known fact, Mr. green is not actually a bass player. He plays guitar.
  4. BassBus

    Line 6 Helix.

    Don't think I'll bother for now. ⛔
  5. BassBus

    An electroacoustic piece.

    Intriguing. I like the way the sounds eb and flow much as the waves wash in on the shore. Captured that feel well but also put in the synthetic feel.
  6. BassBus

    Ambient Bass Looping #8

    Thanks T-Bay. It's the Helix floor. That has more send & returns than the LT. Could still do with more though, never happy. First world problems and all that.
  7. BassBus

    Ambient Bass Looping #8

    Thanks for watching. Others have heard Pat Metheny. Both I have listened to extensively so something must have worked its way in.
  8. BassBus

    Ambient Bass Looping #8

    I got a bit carried away with the time again on this one so it's another long form turn. Mind you the bass actually sounds like a bass in parts of it. 😱 Boil the kettle, sit back and let your mind wander to somewhere else.
  9. BassBus

    Chelsea dagger part 2

    I dig it 👍 Monster sound
  10. BassBus

    Chelsea Dagger Cover

    Where have I heard that before? 😄
  11. BassBus

    Chelsea Dagger Cover

    If it's Facebook it might be to do with your privacy settings.
  12. BassBus

    Chelsea Dagger Cover

    I'd like to dig it too but it doesn't seem to think I should be able to watch it. 😊
  13. ...and all over the circuit board and in the pots as well.
  14. Just use any elfing words you want. No one gives a Moss Bros what you put. The Gareths won't do anything about it.
  15. BassBus

    Image hosting sites

    Shows how long it is since I uploaded to Photobucket. Just deleted my account. Now I'm in the market for a new host.