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  1. That is a thing of beauty. I like the look of the neck profile as well. 👍👍👍
  2. For what you are talking about I'd go to Alan too. He's able to offer a lot more flexibility. I feel the same about the switches on my Finn. Never use them. They offer series/parallel/single coil. I like the fatter tone of the parallel so that's where they stay. If all you want is a fat mid why not think about a Uni Pre preamp. Not the filters of the EQ01 but plenty of sweep in the mid territory and control over set frequencies for treble and bass. IIRC the MC pickups are best paired with the filter preamp, as Wal do with theirs. The MC pickups are individual pickups per string.
  3. BassBus

    Mod Duo

    Dealt with.
  4. Amazing what you can do with cut and paste these days. However it was made it works really well. 👍
  5. It's not just guitars. I was sitting in our local tyre centre having the tyres on the car changed and a bloke I know came in and asked them to check his tyre pressures. He's a retired teacher as well so not stupid. I took the opportunity to learn from the aforementioned YouTube videos and now I find a real sense of achievement when I've set a bass up and it feels just right. There are a lot of people who just don't feel that confident at touching a bass and that's fine. The problem is that some 'techs' can't really produce a good result either and I'm sure a lot of us have had experience of that.
  6. probably into the dressing room to explain to her what the song was all about 😄
  7. I think this is the first looped piece I have recorded with Loopy HD and the KMI Soft Step 2. Great things to use together. Each individual track can also be recorded separately in Cubasis on the iPad allowing easy mixing. Anyway, more laid back ambience for your delectation.
  8. It wasn't intended as a plug, honest Gov. 😄 Oh well, if you insist... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4vFv6-gg4sDK0K8YK770sA?view_as=subscriber That'll be an even bigger audience that's not really interested. Now back on topic.
  9. Definitely not alone. I reached that point about 6 years ago. Even the practicing became a chore so I chucked it all in. Wasn't a popular move among all my band and session compatriots but it had to be done. Now I make my own music and put it on YouTube and have another audience that aren't that interested 😄 Well there are nearly 300 people who are interested enough to have subscribed and that's great. Never looked back though.
  10. Hats off to him. He can certainly turn a tune on a bass.
  11. The string length between the nut and the twelfth fret is fixed but you are moving the saddle backwards and forwards to set the intonation so that changes the length between the twelfth fret and the bridge saddle.
  12. I would be tempted to apply an expression pedal block to both channels which controls volume. You can then use snapshots to switch the volume blocks on or off at your pleasure. That way you only need one pedal to do everything. On the other hand that is taking up another two effects blocks which you say you are going to run out of.
  13. Nicely done. Big job with all the editing but turned out well.
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