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  1. Beautiful, tasteful playing from all of you. Excellent work.
  2. Today I took the compressor out of my effects chain and the sound of the bass improved dramatically. That is all. 😮😄😴
  3. Some people might think you've done this before. Mighty impressive.
  4. The Ibanez Gerald Veasley model has a very narrow spacing for a sixer. They don't make it anymore but it might be available used.
  5. If you want to play the same shapes as on a guitar I'd go for as narrow a string spacing as possible. The Ibanez mentioned here would be good. As for strings, you could do worse than contacting Newtone strings who can advise on guages and make you up custom sets.
  6. If you're talking about the two on Reverb. The bass that's been through Jeff Babicz' hands will be of the highest quality. Whether I'd pay £3100 is another matter. The other one looks OK and he is open to offers so might be worth offering something lower. That would be you choice.
  7. But wives are too busy counting the number of shoes and handbags they have. [duck, incoming]
  8. But I'm too old to bend down and count my toes 😄
  9. Well, I've run out of fingers to count them but what I do know is I have far to many and not nearly enough. 😉
  10. I wonder if it was a dead spot. Graphite produces them as well as wood. I have a dead spot on the open D on my S2. I can understand how that would drive some people crazy but in a way I quite like it.
  11. If you're referring to the Status pickups the coils were parallel with each other as in a humbucker not as in a split coil.
  12. That's easy to explain. The early Status basses had hum cancelling pickups. Essentially only one coil produced sound the other being there to cancel out any hum. Streamlines have full humbuckers with both coils producing tone.
  13. I haven't been able to find any info online. There are pictures of Mr. Steinberger holding said instrument in Jim Reilly's biography of the man. There's going to be a new guitar too.
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