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  1. Jimmy Nail really should make some more music. He has a great voice.
  2. Really enjoying these daily updates. Starts to get even more impressive now you're in the Arena.
  3. Puredeadbrilliant, as they say in a city in the west of Scotland.
  4. It was a 301 but has a new face and gubbins. It growls like you wouldn’t believe with a set of D’Addario Chromes on.
  5. Why do you need so many of the same bass? You can only play one at a time. (says he with ** basses 😄)
  6. I've had very good results with D'Addario Chromes flats. They have every bit of the brightness of the old Status strings. They do a 40-95 set which might suit you. I used to use the Status strings a lot but wouldn't go back now. https://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/strings-c1/string-sets-c865/bass-guitar-c34/daddario-ecb80-4-string-flatwound-chromes-40-95-long-scale-bass-strings-p1189
  7. Recently purchased what appears to be an SB315 from 2000. One of the cheapest basses I've bought but one of the best. A very fine bass indeed. It's had a deep clean, scrubbed the finger board and oiled it, new strings and a setup. Plays beautifully now. Interesting to read an earlier comment that said preamps were not always the best. This is very underpowered so that will probably be up for renewal. Earlier poster said he had a Bartolini in on of his. Fancy that for this. Here's some pics together with my refurbished SB301 which has been shown here before.
  8. I know people like to criticise lead singers but that's a bit extreme. 😄 Love the tone of the bass.
  9. Congratulations on being played on't wireless. That'll give a bit of an ego boost in your recovery. I've been following your stuff on Bandcamp for some time. I love the sounds you make. Haven't heard anything else like it and highly individual. Keep up the good work.
  10. I'd love to put that into 'Dave's World of Fun Stuff' for a setup. Just to hear his comments. 😄
  11. Just play authentic and there will be no problem.
  12. Just been watching a documentary about the Small Faces on YouTube and was struck by the sound of Ronnie Lane's bass. So full sounding and luscious. Kenny Jones spoke very highly of his ability and how much he enjoyed playing with him. Some fantastic songs too. That is all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgzwrSxeh3A
  13. You might not like Jaco's music directly but you will listen to and love some bass players who have been influenced by him. He has that broad an influence.
  14. Brilliant. Tighter than a tight thing and the spirit of 1977 lives 👍
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