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  1. The 80's thread.

    I always felt everything was OK when Howard Jones and Nick Kershaw were about.
  2. Short Scale 'Thing' (23" scale Headless 4 string)

    I'm not sure about the borders. Coat in hand
  3. Funkelele!

    Nice one. That's a bit of fun.
  4. One simple question: Why are we talking about this? Answer: Because Gene Simmons has uttered something controversial. That utterance has achieved what he wanted, people talking about Gene Simmons. NEXT...
  5. Expensive Bass

    You lot. No foresight. This is "rare" and it is "gold". This will be a good investment for the future. Easily get your money back in 100 years time when £250 will buy you a chocolate bar.
  6. Banjole? Banjalole?

    ...and lines on a fretless neck will be the only way.
  7. Banjole? Banjalole?

    Still, more kindling for the accordion fire
  8. So many basses...no time

    One question I'd ask of yourself, and there is no right or wrong answer to it, but who is making you feel guilty?
  9. Jaco only needed... what?!

    Aye, right
  10. Line 6 Helix.

    If you’re in UK try this link for Barefoot buttons. I have bought from them with great service and you avoid the extortionate shipping costs. https://thorpyfx.com/collections/barefoot-buttons
  11. It is lovely if you can find a place to park your car
  12. I live near Berwick upon Tweed on the border between Scotland and England. Not near anywhere. The town does have an ambient connection. Steve Lawson grew up here. He moved away a long time ago though in search of his audience. I don't know, but I think he found that audience.
  13. My new live album.

    Your music reminds me of a gig I saw many years ago. The piano player sat with his foot on the sustain pedal and the Soprano sax player pointed his instrument into the piano strings. Amazing sound and yes, probably worked best live.
  14. Line 6 Helix.

    I wouldn't count on that not happening. First release - Helix Floor/Rack Second release - LT Third release - HX Fourth release - ? Getting smaller all the time.
  15. Bass arrangement of Jon Hopkins' Small Memory

    Nice work. Some tough stretches on that one.