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  1. BassBus

    Frippertronics #4

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. #4.1 is coming soon.
  2. BassBus

    Playing fretless bass?

    Practice on a fretted bass. 😮 If you are able to play a fretted bass with absolutely no fret buzz then you can easily translate that onto fretless. To avoid fret buzz completely you have to position your finger just behind the fret. Try it.
  3. BassBus

    Frippertronics #4

    Winging it is a good description 😁 I started with the chordal notes at the beginning and then went where it took me. Thanks for listening.
  4. BassBus

    Frippertronics #4

    Someone on Facebook was wondering if Frippertronics could be done with the Line 6 Helix. Curious, I had a look at the delays and sure enough there are a few with 4 second delays, just right for the job. Played on my Status S2 fretless with an Ebow.
  5. BassBus

    The Wood Demons - new release

    That is most excellent. I love the way you have used the guitar and Meletron. Not in there just for the sake of it. Music made with some imagination. Five stars.
  6. BassBus

    Funky groove in 7/4

    Do all the cats in your band have as good timing as the one in the video. Excellent work.
  7. BassBus

    £65 for a set up.?

    Chris McIntyre in Edinburgh is a nationally renouned luthier who charges £45 for a setup. If your guy charges £65 then that's what he feels he can charge. You made the choice to go there. The local market will always inform prices. He might have had so much work he could not cope so putting prices up can slow down that amount of work. There are always a lot of different reasons that dictate prices.
  8. BassBus

    It's plec not pick

    I never use one because lined fretless is best.
  9. BassBus

    The Les Paul Twins

  10. BassBus

    The Rush Tribute Project

    Isn't it nice to see the moderators all shouting at each other. ( duck! Incoming)
  11. BassBus


    One year ago to the day my Dad died so I thought I'd do a little tune as a tribute to him on this anniversary. Very mournful and melancholic.
  12. BassBus

    I made a Disco track!

    Lookforward to hearing the finished track. Good job. 👍
  13. BassBus

    I made a Disco track!

    Like that. If I can nit pick though. It could be even better if it had a tune over the top to give it some focus and try it a little bit faster. I tempoed that at about 105 bpm. I think most dance music works about 120 bpm. As it is though I think it sounds good. Nice arrangement.
  14. BassBus


    But the guitarists can't hear you tell them how important the bass is. They've been playing with their amps too load for too long and ruined their hearing. 🤣
  15. BassBus

    The Les Paul Twins

    opps, double post