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  1. I would be tempted to apply an expression pedal block to both channels which controls volume. You can then use snapshots to switch the volume blocks on or off at your pleasure. That way you only need one pedal to do everything. On the other hand that is taking up another two effects blocks which you say you are going to run out of.
  2. Nicely done. Big job with all the editing but turned out well.
  3. This kind of approach could so easily be a lot of sounds just thrown together. You have clearly put a lot of thought into the construction of the piece. It works well.
  4. Thought I'd share this with you. An Ebow on a fretless bass through lots of effects. Somehow it doesn't really sound like a fretless bass.
  5. Here's someone who might fit in well.
  6. I would say that intonation matters just as much on fretless as fretted. Chris McIntyre, renowned luthier, advised me to intonate a fretless with something small like a slim allen key. Pick the open string or harmonic then use the allen key directly over the twelfth position and pres it onto the board. That makes it as accurate as possible. Works really well for me.
  7. Liked that a lot. Nicely written and a good mix.
  8. As none of you have any taste I have to get up to the control room and press the ekshploder button.
  9. This is only the beginning of the end of the name luthiers that first appeared in the 1980s. As I understand it Rob Green will not allow the Status name to continue when he retires. The Spector name is at least continuing under new ownership with Mr. Spector as a consultant. All the big name luthiers will be heading towards retirement now.
  10. Rob has been away all last week so will have a good bit of catching up to do when back tomorrow.
  11. I have just had a call from Dawn at Status to explain the situation detailed above. This has been a misunderstanding on my part and no fault of either Mr. or Mrs. Green. I had jumped to the wrong conclusion and reacted badly. These things unfortunately happen on the internet and it's an example of a situation that should be talked about before you react.
  12. Perfect. Thanks for all that.
  13. How did you buff it at the end?
  14. Is that really nail varnish? It's a much smaller patch of clear lacquer I have to replace but essentially the same job. Nice job.
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