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  1. Well Thomann shipped me a set of strings recently and added a whole box of free fresh air with them.
  2. As some people might say in Scotland; "Aye, right". 😄
  3. I tried updating yesterday and my PC only decided to reboot on its own part way through the task. You can imagine. The Helix didn't like that at all and ended up with the dreaded "Boot error, entered update mode" and that was it. Wouldn't do a thing. "Oh my goodness" I said and went away for a bike ride to calm down. Came back much calmer and found a video from Chad Boston who, very calmly, explained how to sort it and it worked first time. The Helix lives again. Phew.
  4. I'll be interested to see what wires go on what terminals on the barrel jack. I have an East pre to fit in a Bass Collection with the same barrel jack and am left scratching my head as to what goes where.
  5. This is how to make a great bass even better.
  6. Beautiful, tasteful playing from all of you. Excellent work.
  7. Today I took the compressor out of my effects chain and the sound of the bass improved dramatically. That is all. 😮😄😴
  8. Some people might think you've done this before. Mighty impressive.
  9. The Ibanez Gerald Veasley model has a very narrow spacing for a sixer. They don't make it anymore but it might be available used.
  10. If you want to play the same shapes as on a guitar I'd go for as narrow a string spacing as possible. The Ibanez mentioned here would be good. As for strings, you could do worse than contacting Newtone strings who can advise on guages and make you up custom sets.
  11. If you're talking about the two on Reverb. The bass that's been through Jeff Babicz' hands will be of the highest quality. Whether I'd pay £3100 is another matter. The other one looks OK and he is open to offers so might be worth offering something lower. That would be you choice.
  12. But wives are too busy counting the number of shoes and handbags they have. [duck, incoming]
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