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  1. Wow, i thought i was the only one that remembered Judie Tzuke... great artist!
  2. Great song and great bass playing! Reminds me of The Cure / Simon Gallup, great job, wish you luck!
  3. Nothing (IMO) comes close to Yamaha Mk 1 tones but at the price that your hand needs to navigate a considerably wider fretboard.
  4. I would advise against modifying any Yamaha Mk 1s. They are so well built and constructed that changing the fingerboard will decrease the value and probably the playability. Just save up for a JP 1 if you want ebony or be happy with a rosewood. All Yamaha MK 1s have fender style string spacing, if you don't like that then you won't like Yamahas, take a look at the Ibanez Prestige series . all made in Japan and have tight string spacing for smaller hands.
  5. My Advice is get a JP MK 1 34" scale. It was good enough for JP to record on most if not all Chick Corea's albums on GPR label as well as most of his solo albums. I think the 35" is just no good for a 6 string because the tension of the high C string is too taught / tight. Some folk complain about floppy B strings but again, thousands of albums were recorded and are still recorded with 5 strings with a 34" scale and sound great & unless you have Stanley Clarkes hand size then i'd stick to 34 (btw Stanley actually plays a 30" scale bass)
  6. Another snippet of the Jaydee in actions... sorry about the knee in the video frame
  7. Whole heartedly agree! I'm just a horder
  8. Whenever I've had 1 bass I seem to play it a lot more and am generally happier with it... now I have 7 basses and hardly play
  9. Wow that's light! There was one in the bass gallery last year I had my eye on but it was 10Ibs ... bit to heavy for me
  10. I actually agree, Jaydee for sure should charge more, just after i get my Supernatural pearl series 2 ordered
  11. I love this bass, especially the red one, prefer it to the new white one. I wonder if Status would stick that bridge on a S2 classic instead of the mono rails?
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