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  1. I bought an ovation magnum about 10 years ago off a cool hippyish guy. He demo'd it by first selecting just the neck pickup (huge quad coil right at the neck) turning down the tone knob fully and then turning the bottom half of his trace 12 band graphic up full and the top half completely down and thrashing the low notes. He then selected just the bridge pick up (placed right at the bridge )turned tone fully up, set the lower half of the graphic to the bottom and dimed the top half. He then thrashed the highest notes on the bass. It sounded like an earthquake followed by an accident in a glass factory. actually an awesome bass.
  2. Although I usually use an amp with basic compression (eden wt400) I'm not really bothered much. At home it doesn't really matter to me and at a gig the soundman will virtually always compress the bass anyway.
  3. I am a Simonon fan but I would say Bruce Foxton was better although some may not consider him to quite be punk.
  4. I agree, the la fey /alembic were just examples of boutique basses that in my eyes are a bit more daring appearance wise and a bit less full on coffee table than say a fodera or a ken smith.
  5. I'd say hes got the action set pretty low but not extreme. I would imagine the fret noise would be pretty mild/not noticable in a full band context. Probably a good comprimise between slap and fingerstyle.
  6. I would hope yes , however if I wanted to buy a super expensive bass I would probably go for a la fey or maybe alembic over a fodera
  7. I've listened to the clip and it's a good sound. One thing I'd like to add is that when you are playing the bass yourself you'll hear the physical sound of the bass being hit because you're really close to it when you hear someone else playing it or a recording these sounds are much quieter or non existent making the sound smoother. I'd say the clip has compression on it and possibly other post production too. Also there is a drum pattern so you're hearing a mix (although a pretty simple one).
  8. I suspect its not just the action but the only way to really find out is to lower the action and see what changes. It may be just that you prefer the slap sound if the yamaha to the fender. You could try backing off the volume on the front pickup to maybe 50 -80 percent. To be honest I still suspect your speaker may be holding you back a bit, maybe the yamaha has more output at a frequency around the highest point of your speakers output and is less compromised by the lack of a hf speaker. Sometimes we presume that something more expensive or famous (like a fender ) will be better for us than what we have (your yamaha) and that's not necessarily true. My advice would be 1 change the action on the fender 2 try the fender with the front pickup rolled down 3 try your basses through some kind of full range system ( a freinds tweetered cab, P.A system, hi fi or similar) to make sure it's not limited by the current speaker system. If after this you still prefer the yamaha then you probably just prefer the yamaha.
  9. Hi Majid, the action could be affecting the sound of the pops although I would doubt that's the whole of the issue. Even so it sounds like you'd be better off lowering the action on the fender
  10. I've not used a jazz bass for a while, but for slapping the lower the better on any bass. Some people including me set the action on a bass intended to be used primarily for slap so low that when played finger style it is sub optimal - the odd buzz or scrape noise coming through occasionally. Generally I would say set it as low as you can get away with for playing fingers style or pick or whatever your "standard" playing style is. Lower is almost always better for slap but it will usually be a compromise because you probably want it higher for fingerstyle.
  11. One possibility which I think shoulderpet touched on earlier is that the treble control on the amp works at too high frequency for the speaker but the treble control on the yamaha bass is working at a frequency more appropriate to the speaker. In which case a pre amp or eq pedal would help. Does the treble control on the amp have an easily noticeable effect on the sound of either bass?
  12. Is the action maybe higher on the jazz than on the yamaha, string height is pretty important for slap
  13. If you can get the high end you want with the yamaha then yes the speaker can't be the whole story. How have you got the controls set on the jazz bass?
  14. That sounds pretty likely to me, I've got a bf 110 cab which has a quoted hf of 6khz if I remember correctly (which is fairly high for a cab with just a woofer/bass cab speaker), the slap (or rather pop) sound is OK ish but not as clear or bright as a cab with a hf speaker, certainly nowhere near as hi fi as my acme low b cab.
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