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  1. I've got a couple of wooden necked status and i agree that this is a great instrument for the price
  2. In my opinion if there is one factor that decides if a bass is a p or a j its the bodyshape, that seems to be the way it works for most manufacturers, eg. Warwick make corvettes or streamers with different pickup configurations.
  3. You could maybe get a 2nd hand status stealth with your budget and it would match your username too.
  4. I think for a bedroom player its fine to have one bass, if moneys not an issue its fine to have more too. If you are a gigging player I think you should have two (or more) not necessarily to take two to gigs but there are those rare times you pick up a bass and it doesn't work, if this happened half an hour before you had to leave for a gig there could be trouble. Personally I have a fair bit more than two basses.
  5. Definitely a low action helps and light strings, especially for the pops. Trying to slap and pop on a bass with a high action and heavy strings is really making it hard for yourself. A pickup near the bridge helps too. That said you don't have to slap , you can play the songs with a different style if you want.
  6. I do like slap, but I don't want every song to be slap or anything. Most of the music I listen to doesn't feature slap but some of it does. Most of the music I play doesn't contain slap but some of it does. Also I do like Primus, both the slapped songs and the unslapped songs. In fact I think its great that we have a totally different workable technique and sound that we can choose to use if we like, few other instruments do in my opinion.
  7. Hi Ivan I'm not completely clear what you want but if I understand correctly you do not have problems with volume but rather you want a fuller low end and a more detailed top end. If this is right I'd say you should think about a big baby 2, I'd probably sell the SM as the BB2 should be an improvement all round unless you need the volume of 2 cabs.
  8. I'd start with Indie Cindy personally, I'd say it ranks with the older stuff. The later two albums are good but not quite up there - IMO of course
  9. I've got tape and cd versions of surfer rosa and bossanova by the Pixies, i got the tapes from a second hand shop and later got the cds when i saw them very cheap in hmv. I've often found tapes to get pretty unreliable as times go by so thats why really. Ive also got rank by the smiths on 12" and 10" vinyl, I saw the 10" version a few years agoin a second hand shop years after i got the 12" and as i had never seen or heard of the 10" version i thought i should get it despite not using the record player much anymore.
  10. I don't need a 5 string, I could play any gig with a 4 , or probably even a 3 string. (Two strings would make octave parts a bit too challenging I think) . However I have 2 five strings, one strung b to g for the lower range and one e to c for chords. This is better for the bands I use them for, a four would do but wouldn't be ideal. I could use a 6 string instead of 2 fives but I've found them a bit heavy and I'm not too keen on the look. So ultimately I don't think you exactly need more than 4, but it may well be better to have 5 or 6.
  11. Sure a good bass into a good amp (presumably a speaker too) is all you need, unless your in a band which requires some effects pedals in which case it isn't. However in most cases it is.
  12. Nice bass, the electronics look like a version of the kubicki x factor preamp, with that third multi position knob. If I remember correctly Hamm was well known for playing a Kubicki, who were a company with connections to fender.
  13. I usually do take a spare bass, I take my hohner b2a as it takes up very little space. To me convenience is relevant, I dont take a spare cab for example as that would be very inconvenient but the hohner stick bass in its little air rifle sized gig bag takes up very little room.
  14. I personally like slap and quite enjoy playing it. Although playing slap live is something i do very rarely because the kind of music I usually play doesnt really involve any. I dont agree that slap is just for showing off, although it is often used for that reason. Id say this is a good example of slap working with the song as opposed to just showing off
  15. I really like this guys stuff. my faves are the BobMarley/Billy Idol and the Bee Gees/ Deep purple tracks
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