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  1. I don't need a 5 string, I could play any gig with a 4 , or probably even a 3 string. (Two strings would make octave parts a bit too challenging I think) . However I have 2 five strings, one strung b to g for the lower range and one e to c for chords. This is better for the bands I use them for, a four would do but wouldn't be ideal. I could use a 6 string instead of 2 fives but I've found them a bit heavy and I'm not too keen on the look. So ultimately I don't think you exactly need more than 4, but it may well be better to have 5 or 6.
  2. Sure a good bass into a good amp (presumably a speaker too) is all you need, unless your in a band which requires some effects pedals in which case it isn't. However in most cases it is.
  3. Nice bass, the electronics look like a version of the kubicki x factor preamp, with that third multi position knob. If I remember correctly Hamm was well known for playing a Kubicki, who were a company with connections to fender.
  4. I usually do take a spare bass, I take my hohner b2a as it takes up very little space. To me convenience is relevant, I dont take a spare cab for example as that would be very inconvenient but the hohner stick bass in its little air rifle sized gig bag takes up very little room.
  5. I personally like slap and quite enjoy playing it. Although playing slap live is something i do very rarely because the kind of music I usually play doesnt really involve any. I dont agree that slap is just for showing off, although it is often used for that reason. Id say this is a good example of slap working with the song as opposed to just showing off
  6. I really like this guys stuff. my faves are the BobMarley/Billy Idol and the Bee Gees/ Deep purple tracks
  7. 01 Ever played a gig sitting down? Yes, just one it was an acoustic gig 02 Ever gigged on a different instrument? Yes , drums 03 Ever shared a stage with a musical hero of yours? KInd of, Ive played in the band for Derrick Morgan and Stranger Cole, my band have also suppoerted Lee "Scratch" Perry who's definately one of my musical heroes if that counts 04 Any fan ever had a tatoo of your band's logo? Not that i know of 05 Ever signed an autograph in a dressing room? Yes 06 Ever cried on stage? No 07 Ever worn a hat on stage? Not for more than 1 song 08 Ever gigged with a band you hadn't met before the gig? No, not the whole band anyway 09 Ever been in a relationship with a fellow band member? Yes 10 Ever played in different bands on the same day? Yes 11 Ever had anything thrown at you while playing? No 12 Ever crashed on the way to the gig? No 13 Ever left a band over the choice of set list? No 14 Ever slept in the venue despite it not being a hotel? Yes 15 Ever been supported by a band clearly better than you? No, at least from my point of view 16 Ever played a gig suffering from some debilitating medical condition? No 17 Ever been in a band where the guitarist was your favourite bandmate? Yes 18 Ever played in the grounds of a stately home? no 19 Ever injured yourself on stage? No 20 Ever been told that your bass isn't loud enough? Yes, and that its too loud, sometimes at the same gig
  8. Really don't like the modern single cuts or relics, luckily I don't think I've ever seen both together. Not keen on front LEDs either. Sooner or later someone will make a modern single cut relic with front LEDs.
  9. Kubicki X factor, I think it counts as a headstock? Shaped like a Japanese Katana sword.
  10. Im not surprised the eden seemed better, but i think it would also sound better than most other class ab solid state amps too, i think their very good amps.
  11. Ive had very mixed results with various combinations, but i found that a trace v6 into an acme lowb2 can produce a beautiful clean guitar sound
  12. Ive used eden WT amps for a few years (wt400 and metro) and i like them alot, probably my fave solid state amps. I think they have a good warm core sound and very comprehensive eq. I used an e series combo at a gig a couple of weeks ago (a fifteen with what looked like a whizzer cone) and it seemed pretty good too.
  13. I think tone, i dont necesarily need to be able to play particularly difficult parts but want the bass to sound as good as it can.
  14. I have owned a v6 and a va350 (precursor to hexavalve, with a series 5 11 band graphic as opposed to the hexas 12 band) which seems very similar to a hexavalve at the same time and directly compared them. Both sounded great and i dont think they were heavy for 300 watt odd valve amps. I would say that the v6 (which i still gig with sometimes) had a better core tone but the big graphic eq was much more practical live than the tonestack on the vtype. The v type had a particularly warm and natural sounding bottom end, but it was less controllable in troublesome rooms. I think the va 350/hexa valve would give the best compromise of sound quality and practical eq but the v6 is imo the sweetest sounding amp ive used, this includes all the big ampeg and mesa valve heads.
  15. Tdw

    12" Tones

    manufacturers often put 2x10 speakers in a smaller box than a 1x15, this is probably why 15 loaded cabs generally sound bassier and fuller than 2x10s. I think the ratio of "total speakerage" to "box size" is a better rough guide than speaker size itself. Also if people expect a bassy 1x 15 and middy/toppy 2 x10 its probably in the manufacturers interest to conform to these expectations somewhat.
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