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  1. Im not surprised the eden seemed better, but i think it would also sound better than most other class ab solid state amps too, i think their very good amps.
  2. Ive had very mixed results with various combinations, but i found that a trace v6 into an acme lowb2 can produce a beautiful clean guitar sound
  3. Ive used eden WT amps for a few years (wt400 and metro) and i like them alot, probably my fave solid state amps. I think they have a good warm core sound and very comprehensive eq. I used an e series combo at a gig a couple of weeks ago (a fifteen with what looked like a whizzer cone) and it seemed pretty good too.
  4. I think tone, i dont necesarily need to be able to play particularly difficult parts but want the bass to sound as good as it can.
  5. I have owned a v6 and a va350 (precursor to hexavalve, with a series 5 11 band graphic as opposed to the hexas 12 band) which seems very similar to a hexavalve at the same time and directly compared them. Both sounded great and i dont think they were heavy for 300 watt odd valve amps. I would say that the v6 (which i still gig with sometimes) had a better core tone but the big graphic eq was much more practical live than the tonestack on the vtype. The v type had a particularly warm and natural sounding bottom end, but it was less controllable in troublesome rooms. I think the va 350/hexa valve would give the best compromise of sound quality and practical eq but the v6 is imo the sweetest sounding amp ive used, this includes all the big ampeg and mesa valve heads.
  6. Tdw

    12" Tones

    manufacturers often put 2x10 speakers in a smaller box than a 1x15, this is probably why 15 loaded cabs generally sound bassier and fuller than 2x10s. I think the ratio of "total speakerage" to "box size" is a better rough guide than speaker size itself. Also if people expect a bassy 1x 15 and middy/toppy 2 x10 its probably in the manufacturers interest to conform to these expectations somewhat.
  7. I think although most basses are perfectly playable some are more "built to play" than others, playing a rickenxxxker is like night and day compared with playing a kubicki, in my opinion anyway. although of course some of this may be down to individual style and body shape.
  8. i usually use a Laptop and Native instruments usb audio interface into a hifi amp and floor standing hifi speakers, a mix of old and new really, it sounds great.
  9. Personally i am fine with neo speakers and find the weight a big plus. Not been impressed with class d amps though and i don't feel my eden wt 400 is heavy or large enough to cause any problem.
  10. [quote name='Bill Fitzmaurice' timestamp='1449692945' post='2926097'] There's no such thing as throw, at least not where bass cabs are concerned. All lose volume at the same rate, 6dB per doubling of distance when room reflections are not present. Variations in that rate are due to room reflections, not the speaker. Line sources behave differently, but we don't use line sources for bass. A vertical stack of tens or twelves will have some line source properties, but only in the upper midrange. [/quote] yes throw isn't really a thing, hence the inverted commas. I was just trying to answer the question without opening up another subject.
  11. [quote name='taunton-hobbit' timestamp='1449678823' post='2925912'] TDW (#13)....I recall that Bose did something similar in the 80's...a lot of little (5"?) speakers in a box on a pole, with a controller. Someone help me out here-I can't recall what the thing was called? [/quote] Yes, I'm sure Bose and others have done similar things, i suppose the advantage of multiple smaller speakers is that you can make the enclosures in more shapes, for example a horizontal tv soundbar can be conveniently long and narrow with multiple small speakers. [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1449676017' post='2925878'] right, ok I get that and I understand about 2 x 10" nearly being the same area as a 1 x 15" ("1 x12" being more I think) and all things being equal like speaker throw being long enough a 2 x 10" or 12" will give as much grunt, but it's a lot easier (and cheaper) to get grunt out a 15" speaker than 2 x 10" speakers because the loudest frequency the speaker gives out will be lower in a 15" speaker, or of course, I could be talking a load of bollocks [/quote] Not necessarily, a 1 x 15 may or may not be louder at a low frequency compared to a 2 x10. Also i think the "throw" is mainly due to differences in dispersal which will be different for 1x 15 and a 2 x 10 ( and different between a vertical or horizontal 2 x 10). however a 1 x15 should (all things being even) be slightly (at least technically) louder and cheaper.
  12. [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1449668122' post='2925760'] must admit I don't get this speaker size doesn't effect depth argument, if that was the case we could all have 1" speakers couldn't we? I've always found a 15" has more grunt than a 10", limited experience granted [/quote] We could have 1" speakers. If you put loads of 1" speakers in a 1 x 15 sized box it would work fine justb like a 1 x 15, but its much cheaper and simpler to just put a single 15" in there.
  13. You could try recording your bass into a computer or mixer or some other device directly from the heads di/line out, not using the cab at all. If you play it back through a half decent stereo or PA it should give you a fair idea of what your amp sounds like while taking the cab out of the equation.
  14. Expensive but the Kubicki x factor is light, ergonomic and awesome.
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