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upside downer

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  1. upside downer

    I fancy a mandolin...

    Fretboard is a real challenge but that's half the fun of having a go at it. Lovely sounding instrument.
  2. But 30 (now 52) years of hurt never stopped me dreaming
  3. I like hearing Three Lions. Means we're still in the World Cup. I hope I hear it bursting forth from televisions, radios and jukeboxes well into Sunday evening and most of Monday too.
  4. upside downer

    Xmas songs

    A Merry Jingle by The Greedies. Has the added bonus of everyone already knowing the words 👍
  5. upside downer

    Songs you absolutely hate

    Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division. Quite like the band and this is their shining glory, apparently. Not to my ears. Whenever it's played on the radio I lunge for the off switch.
  6. upside downer

    Is There A "Correct" Way To Play

    I do try to avoid bad habits that could cause harm. There's plenty of info out there worth checking up on. Plenty of it being on here. Bravo, everyone! 👍
  7. upside downer

    Is There A "Correct" Way To Play

    This is how i play. I use a pick and get around the fretboard just fine. Technique is a little slack as i'm self taught but i'm happy with what i'm doing and none of my many bandmates over the years have ever screamed at me that i've got it all wrong, and nor have any punters stormed out of any gigs tutting, "just what is he playing at?". What works, works. Just enjoy it! My wrists are just fine. As is my eyesight 😁
  8. upside downer

    Things that annoy you...

    At the moment, the singer and the drummer. Weirdly, our guitarist is no problem 😐
  9. upside downer

    Down half a step

    We've tuned down half a step for a couple of years now and it's not an issue for either myself or the guitarist. Our singer reckons it helps him out as we play some screeching vocal stuff from the likes of Led Zep and AC/DC.
  10. upside downer

    The Brits.

    Who? WHO? I'LL TELL YOU WHO!!!!!! He's an utterly appalling waste of four minutes every time I've had the misfortune to hear one of his dirges on the radio. I am 47. I like some old music. I like some new music. Move along now.
  11. upside downer

    Things not to do in a music shop........

    Is he using a prick, sorry, pick?
  12. upside downer

    Plankspankers, a word to the wise

    We have a winner!
  13. upside downer

    Plankspankers, a word to the wise

    Anal Seepage is a band name in waiting. Any takers?
  14. upside downer

    Saying hello to the main band?

    bloodypratchat.com doesn't seem to be working 😒
  15. upside downer

    Can anyone here do this?

    I shall be using this technique at our gig on Friday to play 'Blitzkrieg Bop'. It's what Dee Dee would've wanted.