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  1. Bubblegum-blowing, bass bombshell Candy Del Mar from the late 80s/early 90s line-up of The Cramps. Blimey, Charlie......
  2. Voted. A particularly strong collection this month and so difficult to narrow it down to a top three. Well done, you creative types 👍
  3. Finally finished it, all recorded with Wavepad and Audacity. Used a drum sample from Looperman which I treated and twisted into shape, violin bass, Epiphone Gibson Special through a Roland Micro Cube and a Zoom 504 effects pedal. Used DADGAD tuning and got a nice wonky sound in places. A bit of menace, a sliver of light then back to peril. Dedicated to Pauline from Birmingham.
  4. Was mucking about with DADGAD last night so I think I'm going with that. Your tuning sounds far more sinister!
  5. I feel your pain, I've got no vocal quality so I'm always trying to disguise the lack of tone etc by using effects. I do much the same with the tune too because my playing's not up to much either 😄
  6. I need a helluva lot to vote to put me out of my misery 😄
  7. The wife and I are off out tonight by our back gate to watch someone up the street playing 'Happy Birthday' on a trumpet for an old fella. And, what with it being local, we'll get home in good time.
  8. Certainly is a racket. That's why I love the Ramones, anyway.
  9. Voted. Tough choice, that was a very enjoyable 30-odd minutes of tunesmithery 👍
  10. It's so sad to see that 'The Human Riff' seems barely able to even strum along anymore.
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