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  1. I used a Westfield copy in my rock/pop covers band for around three years and it did the job absolutely fine. It dealt with the heavier numbers really well and they're so light which is a bonus for those of us with back pain. Slight intonation issue up the dusty end at first but got that sorted. Staying in tune was never a problem.
  2. Here in Northamptonshire it's about the same for pub gigs. I'm not currently playing live so I don't know if there's any post-covid restructuring of the price scale by wily landlords trying to bash down the cash due to bands being desperate to get out there and play again.
  3. I've been more offended* by the barrage of tripe that has come out of shows like The X-Factor, American Idol or Britain's Got Another Identikit Pretty Boy Warbler over the last 20 years than any of the acts mentioned here so far. *offended as in 'felt ennui through repetitiveness' due to other TV shows/TV adverts/shops etc insisting that an anodyne tune by some chancer off of one of these Cowell-approved televisual banalities has to be playing loudly and intrusively whenever and wherever.
  4. Great version and a runaway winner, congrats! 👏
  5. Your words of wisdom certainly do 👍
  6. Here's a question - can I 'sample' myself (oo-er, missus) using snippets of my previous compositional efforts? My idea is to recycle segments into unrecognisable sounds from what they were before. It fits in with the theme of everything previous, everything now and everything to be but is it in the spirit of the challenge? Does it count as being recorded this month if the tune consists of re-recordings? Am I over-thinking this? My main concern, as always, is will it sound any good 🤪
  7. Puts me back on track every time I hear it. May the road rise with you.
  8. The difference is the top picture does not have Tony Manero from 'Saturday Night Fever' walking along the touchline.
  9. Think we've done something similar before - left the voting thread going but released the picture for January's Comp early. Makes sense!
  10. Dunno. The label was printed by Stubz Label Printing Ltd.
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