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  1. Hydrogen drums is free, relatively easy to get going with. Plenty of youtube videos to help and you can download different drumkits. Pretty good for a beginner. https://sourceforge.net/projects/hydrogen/ Looperman is loops and samples with a wide range of drums and many other sounds. It's also free and great for those simple beats. https://www.looperman.com/
  2. Good evening, composition chums, here's my first attempt of the year. I've taken on board some of the earlier comments in the thread, namely that the tune doesn't have to have any bass or be musical at all. Sat there staring at this fake elephant for far too long without any inspiration so just chucked some randomness at a single chord and hoped for the best. Instruments included on this catastrophe include an unbranded electric guitar with only three strings, a persian setar, my trusty electric saz and drums fashioned from large, upturned glue tubs. Add a smidge of some metal objects for cymbals, an elephant sample and a vocal that leaves a lot to be desired and you have my usual unmethodical approach to this monthly musical mash-up. All recorded in Wavepad and Audacity for that raw (i.e. cheap) feel!
  3. A fine band who didn't get the kudos they deserved.
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