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  1. upside downer

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    All those unimaginative lines played by the chap from Coldplay. I can't be bothered to look up his name in much the same way that he can't be bothered to make his playing more interesting. See also Snow Patrol.
  2. upside downer

    First gig played, where and when.

    1991. 25th Sept - passed driving test. 26th Sept - moved in with girlfriend. 27th Sept - first gig playing at The Oakley Arms, Rushden with The Fly Agarics supporting Derik's Experiment. Played for around half an hour, mostly our own tunes. I knew root notes and not much else. Didn't matter, loved it. I now hate driving on our clogged-up roads and the girlfriend and I parted about ten years after. Still love playing bass.
  3. First saw this lot in 2017. You can't whack a bit of Turkish psychedelic folk-rock.
  4. upside downer

    Madness NYE

    Nor do I. That's why I'm glad it was an 80s back catalogue of quality hits by Madness instead.
  5. upside downer

    Bros Doc

    I've just watched it, comedy gold. Some unintentionally hilarious lines that Guest would kill for. Pseudo-intellectual twaddle from the hard-of-thinking twins. Ken was well out of it. Think my favourite part was the almost total absence of any Bros songs. "Luckily, there were bubbles" "You can't play conkers in England". "I can live with that" 😂
  6. upside downer

    Tom Waits

    I do love putting this on the jukebox in various pubs and clubs - you can imagine some of the reactions and comments!
  7. upside downer

    Tom Waits

    Love this. Great bassline, too.
  8. upside downer

    Bros Doc

    Thought it was going to be an unjustly earnest look at their success. Now I know it's full of schadenfreude I'll watch it on Catch Up.
  9. upside downer

    Bands you think were better before they got big

    Many will say Public Image Ltd never bettered their first two albums, `Public Image` and `Metal Box`, the latter is stunning. Maybe a slide down in quality since, although 1986s 'Album' is great, features Steve Vai and Ginger Baker. The revolving door of members started with various drummers on `Metal Box`. They've now had around 40 odd members. The current line-up are bloody fantastic live, mind you.
  10. upside downer

    Stanley Clarke Interview

    Stanley Clarke is being interviewed on BBC 6music today (30th Oct) on The Radcliffe & Maconie Show. Programme starts at 1pm.
  11. upside downer

    What Killed Rock & Roll?

    Well said, sir. Love a bit of microtonal King Gizzard.
  12. upside downer

    What Killed Rock & Roll?

    He stated he wanted to destroy rock n roll circa 1976, long before any buttery buffoonery.
  13. upside downer

    What Killed Rock & Roll?

    What killed Rock & Roll? Damned if I'm going to sit through half hour of some American chaps whining about its demise. I'm off to listen to some Turkish psychedelic folk rock. I hope I don't have to make a video about 'What killed Turkish psychedelic folk rock?' in the near future.
  14. upside downer


    This is as mad as a box of frogs.
  15. upside downer

    I fancy a mandolin...

    Fretboard is a real challenge but that's half the fun of having a go at it. Lovely sounding instrument.