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  1. MrCrane

    Bass for a 6 year old.

    We got an Ibanez Mikro for our daughter when she was (a small) 9 year old. 10 now and still moans about the stretching at the money end, but she's working towards Rockschool Grade 4 on it and is planning to audition for School of Rock in the West End soon. https://www.ibanez.com/usa/products/detail/gsrm20_03.html Nice bit of kit for the money.
  2. MrCrane

    Clever time signature changes.

    Tam Lin - Fairport Convention.
  3. MrCrane

    Just bought fake D'addario strings or not ?

    They should be in a sealed bag with the number on the outside.
  4. MrCrane

    Ibanez mikro

    My 10 year old daughter's got one. It's a really nice bit of kit. (The tuners could be a bit better, but they do the job.)
  5. MrCrane

    The Police

    In an outfit like that, he'd have to.
  6. MrCrane

    Classic ITV Theme Tunes

    and this one (although it was on the Beeb IIRC)
  7. MrCrane

    Classic ITV Theme Tunes

    and I'll add this one Hill Street Blues
  8. MrCrane

    Classic ITV Theme Tunes

    Albert Hall and Bill Shakespeare on trumpet in particular.
  9. Thomann is based in Germany, so no import duty due.Just wait till later in the year.🙁
  10. MrCrane

    Fret buzz on one note only.

    Is the string ok? My daughter had a similar issue on her bass and on examination, the string had been damaged where it passed over the fret in question.
  11. MrCrane

    Is this nice?!

    I might be willing to pay said collector to lock it away for a bit longer.
  12. MrCrane


    The Harley Benton Beatbass from Thomann is another decent, cheap version. (Need to budget for a decent set of flats for it though) https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_beatbass.htm
  13. MrCrane

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    Nah, that's Croydon.
  14. MrCrane

    Musical ancestors.....?

    An extremely distant cousin (3rd, x times removed?) was the mother of a bunch of kids with the name von Trapp who had some success as a singing group.
  15. MrCrane

    Carol Kaye

    Not quite. She taped felt over the strings as she felt this worked better when using a pick. See tip 113 http://carolkaye.com/www/education/tips101.htm and tip 100 here https://www.carolkaye.com/www/education/tips51.htm