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  1. Thomann is based in Germany, so no import duty due.Just wait till later in the year.🙁
  2. MrCrane

    Fret buzz on one note only.

    Is the string ok? My daughter had a similar issue on her bass and on examination, the string had been damaged where it passed over the fret in question.
  3. MrCrane

    Is this nice?!

    I might be willing to pay said collector to lock it away for a bit longer.
  4. MrCrane


    The Harley Benton Beatbass from Thomann is another decent, cheap version. (Need to budget for a decent set of flats for it though) https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_beatbass.htm
  5. MrCrane

    London Bass Guitar Show 2019

    Nah, that's Croydon.
  6. MrCrane

    Musical ancestors.....?

    An extremely distant cousin (3rd, x times removed?) was the mother of a bunch of kids with the name von Trapp who had some success as a singing group.
  7. MrCrane

    Carol Kaye

    Not quite. She taped felt over the strings as she felt this worked better when using a pick. See tip 113 http://carolkaye.com/www/education/tips101.htm and tip 100 here https://www.carolkaye.com/www/education/tips51.htm
  8. MrCrane

    Carol Kaye

    Actually, that was Russ Savakus. You might be thinking of Daydream Believer. (Nope, that was Chip Douglas)
  9. Postmodern Jukebox put up a version the other day
  10. MrCrane

    Which DI to record to computer?

    Bear in mind that the current version, the B3n does not have a DI out and the USB can't be used for recording.
  11. MrCrane

    £3000 for a body..Why?

    I'm still reeling from the "Exploding Alien Uterus" for over four grand
  12. MrCrane

    Ovnilabs - no longer doing reviews

    Is it OK if we send it by UPS?
  13. Probably bent light around itself. 🙂
  14. MrCrane

    Intonation and Tuning SNAFU

    Q.How long does it take to tune a banjo? A. Nobody knows.